The problem with religious people

Posted By on August 21, 2019

it’s because of my lack of taqwa. He
pointed the finger at who…? Himself . Imam Raza (a.s) says آو ھلاللہ علیہ
Allah inspired his heart at that moment at that moment where he criticized himself. Being critical of yourself my dear
brothers and sisters. People when they become religious unfortunately they have
a tendency to do What? I start wearing the hijab. I start praying, I get my you
know my Aqeeq ring, I start going to the Masjid, I don’t miss Jumma, I go to
Dua Kumail, I start praying Salat ul Lail, I do all of these things. What do I start
to do unfortunately. I start to judge other people. I start to feel that I’m
superior to them. I start to criticize those who are less religious than I am.
I shift my focus away from tazkiyatun nafs to what….? tazkiyatun ghair. I try
to purify other people. I focus on other people. There’s a beautiful hadith from Imam Ali ibn Musa Raza Salwatulah Alaih للَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى مُحَمَّدٍ وآلِ مُحَمَّدٍ where he says
ان رجولن من بنی اسرائل there was a man from Bani Isra’il
عبداللہ اربعین سنہ
He worshiped Allah devoted himself to ibada for 40 years
ولم یکبل من but 40 years of ibada was not accepted. He was worshipping, doing all of these rituals for 40 years and he saw there was no there’s no
improvement you know some of us we’ve been praying for 10, 15, 20 years coming
to majalis 10, 15, 20, 30 years and were the same people were 30 years ago there’s no improvement Imam Raza says: When he saw that there was no improvement that he’s not progressing. He blamed himself. He took
responsibility says this is my fault. it’s because of my sins. it’s because of
my lack of taqwa. He pointed the finger at who…. ? himself. Imam Raza “Alaihi salaam” says:
آو ھلاللہ علیہ Allah inspired his heart at that moment at that moment, where he criticized himself آو ھلاللہ علیہ ذموکا نفسق افضل من عبدۃ اربعین سنہ
this moment will you criticize your Nafs, will you criticized
yourself. This feeling this moment of self-examination was better than the 40
years of ibadah. if ibadah is not making you more humble, it’s not ibadah. if
you’re a religious person but your focus on what fulan (Someone Else) is doing and why this
girl, this sister is wearing makeup. If that’s what you’re only focused on
that’s not real Uboodiyyah because someone who is fixated on correcting and
perfecting himself they’re too busy to look and search for the shortcomings of

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  2. We should do aml bin maroof nain munqar
    So its our religious duty to spread Islam
    Dont think u r superior but u have to stop what's wrong u have to stand against cruelty and all the bad things in society that's what Imam Hussain (as) thought us. Islam is not just praying and fasting its a way of living constitution law
    Dont try to cover Islam in dirty western cloth

  3. i really thought i was going to disagree with what the speaker was going to say but actually the heart of the message is true. if you so do much ibadaat but you show no progress what ibadaat have you really done?

  4. True, but then what about amr bil maaroof and nai anil munqar, if we make ourselves so busy in improving then when we will be doing above mentioned two points ? If possible please co-relate, hope to get an answer. Thanks, iltemase dua.


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