The One Week Prayer Challenge

Posted By on December 9, 2019

It’s a commitment I’m asking
you to make to yourself for one week. I’m hoping it lasts for more than one week but let’s at least try this
for one week every day. I will endeavor, you
see what it says there, I will endeavor to pray every
day this week and beyond. How? You see a bunch of options there, we talked about them in
our Way to Pray series but I’m suggesting this one last option. Interceding on behalf of
others for their good. For leaders, family, friends and enemies. That’s gonna be our focus this week. Intercessory prayer. Praying outside of myself,
praying for others. When, when am I gonna do this? Can you make a commitment
of at least what you think is most likely and write it down? When? In the morning, in the
afternoon, just before bed. First thing when I wake up. On my lunch break. Write down what you think is
a reasonable goal for you. Can you write it down now? Some of you are writing away and some of you are just sweet as pie, just looking up at me, just
nodding, mm-hmm, yes I can. Okay, so then write it down. Mm-hmm. No I mean like write it. Like with a pen and write, yes yes. Even just look down,
pretend you’re writing. It’d make me feel better,
make me feel better?. Okay, practical application. We’re all about practical application. So, when are you gonna do it
and then also you see where. Write in where, where
do you think is a goal, remember you can change this. You’re only making this promise between you and yourself
and God, so where. In the kitchen, the living
room, in my cubicle at work. Or when I go for a walk. Write down what is most
likely commitment of where, even if you end up changing it, and then for how long, how many minutes. What if I start with 30 minutes, is 30 minutes something you could do. Some of you say aw, I could pray an hour. Many of us are saying 30 minutes! Okay how about 25, could you do 25? Okay how about 20. Sound familiar? Okay, how about 10. What if there are just 10
righteous minutes in your day? Could you pray for 10 minutes? And you say okay, yes, 10
minutes, I’ll pray for 10. Great. Make it a goal and pray
for the people around you and allow this to help
shape you in loving ways.

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