The Nature of Belief – Excerpt Feb 26

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okay so what exactly is belief in other words what do you mean by believing your thoughts who is doing the believing are there mechanisms that exist then between the ego thoughts and consciousness yeah believe a belief is a very subtle energy and and I'll do my best to try to to try to bridge this because especially if you've had experience with non-dual inquiry and he may even see in my video there is no person who's who is it that's believing and it isn't easy to put it into put into words melt in mind I'll do my best knowing perfectly well I'm about to fail there's an energy of belief that simply holds something to be true that sense of this is true acts kind of like a magnet it's the essence of what they like to call the law of attraction when I believe something to be true thoughts that are like it's feelings that are like it's sensations that are like it begin to collect around it ok so this belief forms as a pattern within the nervous system we then project on it the sense of self and we come up with a believer the reality is there is a belief that there's no believer or you could say the belief and the believer are one you could say the dreamer is the dream is is the dream a friend of mine rota wrote some lyrics to some music of mine it is the most beautiful line she said if it's true that it's all a dream who wakes up when it ends if you look at it from the Hindu tradition the dreamer is God the one being is dreaming himself/herself it is that yeah the Brahma that is dreaming up the universe to experience itself as many now that I don't want to go into all of it because I don't want to lay a bunch of thought a thought on the I belief forms within the system as an attachment to a certain set of things certain set of patterns of behavior all right remember when you're growing up as a child very definite patterns of behavior get put into place because those are the ones that are most successful it dealing with your environment and getting your needs met it's very very fundamental now you there's nobody there in terms of a person or character or entity that is creating that that is choosing this or that behavior it's happening very organically the result of nature itself later on on top of all of these patterns of activity we project the sense of a person its consciousness that is projecting that sense it's the flashlight boom I'm looking at this for some reason it thinks this is all I have now if we really fold it to the depth we see that it thinks is itself just a thought and you see that pure awareness even that the idea of a belief and a believer is appearing in front of pure awareness which does not have a belief which does not have an attachment which is not dreaming so the dreamer the guy in the dream and the dream are the same and the entire thing is happening on the screen of pure awareness it's okay for our language to refer to bleeding I use the term a belief because it because it's it shows a level a more subtle level of energy because when I believe something it literally begins to transform perception so that belief gets substantiated is true the nervous system filters out any whatever contradicts it and amplifies what confirms it it's how we form perceptions but we can probe that even more deeply to see that even that is being perceived by pure absolute awareness so the sense of I it do I dare go here okay the first born of pure self-aware beingness being of awareness the first born is the sense I am prior to that there's not even the sense of I am just are the i am the sense of I am emerges that sense with the sense of I am the universe is created everything is created in that instance call that the Big Bang or you could call that the seven days of creation doesn't really matter it is the eye when it emerges as the first manifestation of the come of the totally unmanifest that I has the capability of identifying with what it sees if you really look at that identification and see what its essence is love it's simply loving what it is that it is experiencing but the entire time the entire thing is happening on this on the perfect undisturbed disturbed screen of para weariness and this is not hard to get to do it right now just look if not everything I've said every idea you've had every impulse every into ish everything being perceived by something which is itself completely impersonal the ultimate subject cannot be anybody's object and everything including the subtlest sense of I even the subtlest space is perceived so the perceiver is impersonal and yet that is where you are sitting right now that is who's looking at this screen and hearing this voice there's only a thought that says that pure awareness is an individual consciousness it's this form is going through these things it has beliefs but that's just all appearing that's just the thoughts going on none of that's for real the awareness remains pure awareness untouched uninfluenced the galaxy can explode space is completely unaffected the only reason this whole process is difficult is because who you really are that pure awareness is not an object it cannot be perceived it is you know it because you are it you are aware of being aware which is awareness aware of itself you

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