The Muslims: Life is a Test [English Islamic Cartoon for Children (no music)]

Posted By on January 5, 2020

They’re Huda and Hani, Mommy and Daddy and together they are the Muslim family Hani is a seven-year-old Muslim boy who always tries his best, but he can be a bit absent-minded Hani’s in class taking his quiz. He forgot to study last night for it. Instead, he read a new library book “I don’t know the answer to any of these!” Hani says. “Did we even learn this?” Suddenly the room transforms and Hani’s quiz has become a giant quiz monster “Hani” Roars the quiz monster. “What’s the definition of an ecosystem?” Hani rushes the quiz monster and yells out “I don’t know!” While he strikes at the monster the quiz monster puts up a barrier and Hani is sent flying back “A carnivore is, ‘A’ a consumer which only eats plants. ‘B’ a producer ‘C’ a meat-eating consumer or ‘D’ none of the above.” Hani yells out. “I don’t know. I don’t know I don’t know but I have not given up so long as it’s a multiple choice problem I have a chance.” Hani puts on his blindfold and rushes towards the quiz monster using his ultimate attack “Eeny meeny miny Moe!” The bell rings marking the end of school Hani’s walking home with his sister Huda. Huda is looking at Hani and can tell something is wrong. “What’s Wrong Hani?” Huda asks. Hani yells out in fright. “Where did you come from?” “What do you mean? I’ve been here all this time Hani.” Says Huda. “I’m sorry. Huda,” says Hani. “I’m just so tired. I fought Huda.” “You did what!?” Exclaims Huda. “I fought so hard.” Hani shows his failed quiz “Mom is gonna punish you” “Exactly when she finds out she’s gonna be so upset. I’m doomed Huda.” Huda looks nervous. She doesn’t know what to do. She puts her hand on Hani’s head and says, “Hey. So what’s that phrase mom always says at times like this?” Hani quickly remembers “Allah says in the Quran that he does not give a person more than he can handle.” Hani looks up at Huda surprised and happy. “Thank You Huda, please don’t tell mom, okay.” Hani says. “I’ll tell her myself insha Allah.” “Okay Hani.” Huda replies. “insha’Allah” Hani and Huda enter their house both with the right foot and say, “Assalaamu Alaykum!” Mom comes to the front door covered in paint and carrying a paintbrush, “Wa alaykum asalaam kids. How was school?” mom exclaims. “Good good. W-w-w-hy why do you a-a-a-a ask?” Hani stammers “Mommy, Hani failed his quiz!” Huda shouts out. Hani yells, “Huda I told you not to tell mom!” Huda says, “Oops, I forgot.” Hani gets angry and growls. “Hudaaaaa” Hani gets up and moves towards her but before he gets far a large shadow looms over him He looks up to see his mom with a vicious smile on her face. “This isn’t good” Hani thinks suddenly dad saves Hani, “Assalaamu Alaykum everyone!” “Wa alaykum asalaam dad!” scream the kids as they run to their father Mom calms down since she knows dad will deal with this. Dad asks Hani. “So what’s this about a failed test?” Hani swallows hard and says, “Well it’s a quiz actually.” Dad stares deep into Hani’s eyes. Hani explains as best as he can and dad just listened silently finally dad says “Hahaha, so I see you forgot there was a test” Hani laughs nervously dad says, “Hani If you always try your best and do it for Allah’s sake, you can never fail he will direct your path to what is best By Allah’s will anything is possible your most amazing dreams can come true You can even change the whole world. But if you don’t even try then you’ll have no hope to succeed And if you find that it’s hard never give up success doesn’t come overnight just keep trying and the results will come inshallah Put your trust in Allah and Allah will always help you and by Allah’s will mom and I will always help you too.” “Jazakallah khayran!” exclaims Hani. “I’ll try my best and do well on the next quiz inshaallah” “Jazana wa iyakum.” Says dad while giving him a big thumbs up. Hani decides to study as often as he can for the next quiz Rather than play with his toys or casually read a book after school He decides to focus on studying hard the night before the quiz. He falls asleep quickly feeling relaxed from studying so hard. This time Hani is well equipped for his battle with the quiz monster. “Today, it is I, who will overcome you quiz monster.” “Hayaaah” Yells Hani. Later that day Hani and Huda arrive home from school Mom and dad are excited to hear the results and mom says, “How did you do?” Hani gives them a confident smile as he takes out his quiz and says “I studied the wrong subject.” Suddenly Hani’s parents morph into the quiz monster as it laughs out, “Muhahaha” And grabs him. Hani is being squeezed and can’t move. He can hear his mom yelling Hani wakes up “Where’s the quiz monster?” Hani yells out. Hani’s blankets are wrapped around him He looks around his room, but can’t find the quiz monster anywhere “Hani wake up or you’ll be late for school. Don’t forget you have your quiz today.” Mom yells from downstairs “Inshallah mom. I’m getting ready now.” Hani tells his mom Hani realizes it was all just a dream. He quickly checks his planner to make sure he studied the correct subject He sees that he did and sighs in relief. Hani is always trying his best, but he can be a bit absent-minded. Hani looks at the screen and says “Alhamdulilah! Not this time!” This episode was made possible by the grace of allah subhana wa ta’ala and the support of these awesome people Please make duaa that Allah blesses their efforts and guides them to what is best in this world and the next Thank you for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, please comment like share and subscribe Be sure to watch the other episodes we have on this channel if you’re interested in helping us make more content You can support us through the donation links in the description below Jazakomallahu khayra

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  1. mashAllah brother amazing stuff, I like that you used 1 voice for all characters, 🏆🏆🏆☝️☝️☝️

  2. This was amazing! May Allah bless you abundantly, Ameen! Had me smiling throughout, and the joke at the end made me laugh of loud. Good job!

  3. Asalaamu alaikum brother. Quality material, I will make due that Allah will grant you success.
    I want to ask you a question, if you would be kind enough to answer: how long does it take for you to produce a cartoon of this length? Just the animation side, and not including the time it takes to write the the story or the voice recording.

    Hope you are well. And best of luck with this series.


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