The Main Difference Between Christianity And Buddhism

Posted By on September 21, 2019

You know when people say I think they may look different on the outside, but basically religions
are the same on the inside. No! No! Jesus teaches us what it means to know God and Buddha says there is no God. Buddha is not an evangelistic atheist, he is more of just a non-theist. God just has no room and no
place within his philosophy. But everything tumbles
in a different direction. The dominoes tip in a different
direction because of that. So because there’s a God, he can interrupt the karmic cycle and give us grace. He can interrupt the
system and he can offer us this gift of grace that is
God doing for us, as a gift everything that all religions are trying, but failing to accomplish.

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  1. Simple Logic!

    If the creator god can do everything! Then we ask creator god to create a stone even creator god can not lift!

    If God say can’t, then it proves that he is not an all mighty creator!

    If he creates! Then we ask him to lift! He can’t because he has created something even he cannot lift! If god lift, then he can’t do the first task! it proves that he is not an all mighty creator!

    Cause and effect theory

    Effects get created due to causes and effects exist as far as causes exist and effects get changed when causes get changed and effects get disappear/end/destroy when causes get disappear/end/destroy.

    Ex: Tree’s shadow due to sun light

    Imagine the Sun rises and there is a big tree and you can see the shadow of the tree.

    Effect is Shadow, then causes for the shadow is tree and sunlight

    When sun moves then shadow also change

    If you cut the tree or sun goes down then what has happened to the shadow?

    When causes are not there then there are no effects, effects are created due to causes.

    See, no creator! LOL

    Then What is world? (As per the Buddhism)

    For the start we should know that there are two truths in this world!

    Conventional truth (agreed on some conditions or define)

    Ultimate truth (true sense of the term it’s the ultimate truth)

    These two truths apply everything you and I experience in this world!

    Ex : Think about a handkerchief

    What is a handkerchief?

    It’s a square type cloth nicely saw boarders. It not so big and its fit to your pocket. It is not small that you can cover your face. This can be the general definition for the handkerchief.

    Actually, it’s a piece of cotton cloth! Then cotton cloth made of what? Its made with cotton strings.

    Then there is no handkerchief, its only cotton stings!

    Then cotton strings made with what? Its made with cotton wool.

    Then there is no handkerchief, its only cotton wool.

    Likewise, according to modern science, you can think of “there is no handkerchief, its made with only neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla ……

    In Buddhism it explains as far as we go deep we can only experience hardiness, heat, liquidness and space.

    to understanding purpose, we will stop in modern science discovery as above

    if you expand the world or if you can see the smallest thing you can see this world as collection of neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla ……

    That’s the ultimate truth experience.

    Assume we want to buy a handkerchief.

    Since handkerchief ultimate truth is neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla …… , we ask show owner neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla …… !

    Are we going to get a handkerchief? Not at all. We need to ask for a handkerchief.

    Then you need to define the handkerchief by saying “handkerchief”, then shop owner understand what is handkerchief and give it to you.

    How? because you and shop owner both define the handkerchief in a same way.

    That is Conventional truth experience (agreed on some conditions or define by someone)

    Ultimate truth is something else but after born to this world we are learning to define what we experience by using our tools (eyes – vision, nose-smell, ear- hear sound, tongue-taste, skin- feel) human body sensory

    We create our world! It’s an illusion since it’s Conventional but not the Ultimate truth of existence.

  2. Áve María, grátia pléna, Dóminus técum.
    Benedícta tū in muliéribus, et benedíctus frúctus véntris túi, Iésus.
    Sáncta María, Máter Déi, óra pro nóbis peccatóribus, nunc et in hóra mórtis nóstrae.

  3. Christianity is a book of lies. Everyone of us reincarnates many lives in order for spiritual growth. Christianity doesn't explain many of life sufferings in a logical manner. Go and study more Buddhist texts (that is not created by westerners) before sprouting nonsense!

  4. Actually number 7 on your boars is not so accurate. The division between monks and laity in most branches of Mahayana Buddhism is at the same degree as the difference between a pastor/priest and laity in Christianity. The monk(as the priest) is mostly someone who studied extensively on the subject of faith and spirituality and acts as a teacher for the community, instructing them on the ways of their respective religion.

  5. The Bible is a allegory and parable about the Brain and the mind.
    The two witnesses are your glands in your brains. The 12 tribes are the cranial nerves. They run through 12 gates. The 24 elders are the parts where they split in two. The ark is your head. The cheribum is the Cerebrum. The spine is the snake. His voice is your consciousness. You must lift him up by rising the Christo fluid from the Solar Plexus where there are 12 nerves to your Brain through the rod that Aaron Carried by doing this you will release amygdal which is why almonds are called brain food, anyways this amygdala oil crosses pineal gland which secretes melatonin causing you to be healthy and full of life.

    Jesus says make eye single and body fills with light.

    Look I sorry religion and people lie and are controlling.

    But Jesus and Buddha both tell you seek within.

  6. There are a lot more similarities than non similarities, the teachings of Jesus and the teachings of Buddha are very similar

  7. Buddhism Doesn't mean that we don't believe God. We believe that there's a creator above all and as a human being we focuses on doing good things here on Earth. Buddhism is the way of life


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