The Life of John Kensit – Founder of the Protestant Truth Society & Martyr For Jesus Christ

Posted By on July 12, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. It is disgraceful that you attack the true Church with your vile comments. One of my customers has been passing on to me copies of "The Reformer". I do politely accept them, but I post them to the Jesuit Fathers so that they would properly educate the so called secretaries of the Protestant Alliance in charity and virtue. I detest that Italian apostate who writes for the Reformer. How much do they pay him? It would not be long that the Jesuit Fathers would educate him to keep his mouth shut and stop his blasphemies.I have also listened to that pouting pompous preacher, on YouTube the Gen.Secretary, schoolboys should stay at school and not be allowed to blaspheme against the holiness of the Catholic Church. Have you Protestants sunken so low as to allow a self conceited Protestant and a foreign apostate to defend your cause? I pity your lot…What a couple of pedantic preachers you have…and you are too…


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