The Left Ruins Everything

Posted By on August 25, 2019

If what I am about to tell you is true, almost
everything we most treasure – freedom, beauty, reason, the family, economic well-being, and
even goodness – is in jeopardy. Who or what poses this threat? The answer is the most powerful ideology of
the last hundred years: leftism. Not liberalism; leftism – or, if you prefer,
“progressivism.” Leftism destroys everything it touches. Here are a just a few examples: 1. The universities
Perhaps the most obvious example – one that many liberals acknowledge – is the left’s
near destruction of most universities as places of learning. In the words of Harvard professor Steven Pinker
– an atheist and a liberal – because of the left, “universities are becoming laughing
stocks of intolerance.” At almost every university – and now high
schools and even elementary schools – students are taught to shut down – not debate – those
who differ with them. And to rely on feelings rather than reason. 2. The arts
Throughout history, the primary purpose of art was to elevate people – through beauty,
artistic excellence, and emotional depth. To the left, the primary purpose of art, sculpture,
and music is to shock. That’s why so much contemporary art is meaningless,
and involves the scatological, meaning urine and feces. Yes, urine and feces. To give one of countless examples, in 2016,
the Guggenheim Museum in New York featured a pure-gold working toilet, which visitors
were invited to use. The name of the exhibit was “America” – so
one could literally relieve oneself on America. 3. Literature
The English department at the University of Pennsylvania replaced the portrait of the
greatest English-language writer who ever lived, William Shakespeare, with a picture
of a black lesbian poet. Why? Because he was a white European male. Leftist professors have replaced the pursuit
of excellence with the pursuit of diversity. 4. Late-night television
In America, late-night television shows were completely apolitical. The hosts believed their role was to entertain
viewers and offer them relief and laughter after a difficult day. No longer. You cannot watch late-night television if
you just want to be entertained. Late-night TV is now left-night TV. 5. Religion The left has ruined much of mainstream Protestantism
and Catholicism, and non-Orthodox Judaism, which are now little more than left-wing organizations
with religious symbols. In many churches and synagogues, one is more
likely to hear the clergy talk about political issues than about any other subject, including
even the Bible. 6. Free Speech
If there was anything virtually every American considered a bedrock value, it was freedom
of speech. Yet, the left is destroying even this unique
American achievement. Almost half of America’s young people say
they believe in free speech – but not for “hate speech.” Yet, the whole point of free speech is that
it allows people to express any political or social position, including what any one
of us considers “hate speech.” And “hate speech” now means “any position
the left differs with.” 7. Race
America has become the least racist multi-racial society in world history. On a daily basis, Americans of every race
and ethnicity get along superbly. But the left constantly poisons young minds
with angry diatribes about “systemic racism,” “micro aggressions,” and “white privilege.” 8. The Boy Scouts
The left is destroying the Boy Scouts. They’re not even the Boy Scouts anymore; they’re
just the Scouts. The left forced them to admit girls. Here’s the thing about the left: it only destroys. It doesn’t build. The Boy Scouts have helped shape tens of millions
of boys into independent, strong, good men. So where is the left-wing version of the Boy
Scouts? It doesn’t exist. There is none. 9. Male-female
In some ways scariest of all, the left is committed to ending male and female as distinct
categories. Children are increasingly raised not to think
of themselves as a boy or a girl. Teachers are told not to refer to their students
as “boys” or “girls,” just “students.” In New York City, parents do not have to check
off male or female on their newborn’s birth certificate. They can check off “x.” All this imposed gender confusion can only
end up producing confused people and a confused society. So why does the left engage in so much destruction? Because it thinks America is essentially a
bad country. But America is only bad compared to Utopia. And the left is utopian. I’m Dennis Prager.

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. The left are just the new hippies on steroids, give it ten years and they'll end up in an insurance office feeding the capitalist machine (sadly).

    Can we talk about famines ?

  2. Don't worry Mr. Prager, once the left wing nut sacks force civil war, REAL Americans are going to eliminate the left PERMANENTLY from America…..and it is coming very fast.


  4. Thank you Prager U for telling us the truth!!! DAMN the Left's agenda to RUIN this country our parents and grandparents built!!

  5. This is everywhere on all tv shows all movies. People are being programmed constantly and most have no idea. Kids have phones and tablets before they can walk do they have no chance of not being affected. Stop this people protect your children.

  6. How did the 10% of the pussies in this country get what they want and why isnt the alpha males doing anything about it?

  7. I agree with everything you said sir except your last line. They hate this country's government but they luvve their vision of what they want this country to become. Free Ride for them and enslavement for the rest of us. Ooh they salivate for it!

  8. We have a coming civil war. The left knows theyre done and have to pull out all the stops now. Protect yourself. Protect your neighbours

  9. "Who or what poses this threat?" …… Jews. This is NOT a hateful or racist statement, this is a fact. And it's easy for all to see.

  10. Well when the right goes to far, you get the holocaust and Nazis. When the left goes to far you get a complete breakdown of culture. (Which that same culture is the exact thing that built the Modern World). Which is probably why the world has such stagnation today. The people who benefit the most from the left going to far are big multinational corporations. (Globalists)

  11. Don't like the USA? Leave… you have that option. But that'll never happen, even though once again for 2020 many celebrities will threaten to move to another country if Trump wins. Whenever they do that all it does is encourages me to vote for him.

  12. Looney liberal communist/socialist democrat leftists and they are looney.

    The crappy ideology I see these idiots, devoid of reality, pushing these days is some looney level Twilight Zone shit.

  13. How about a quick review of some of the joy Lefties have brought the world, starting with the biggest mass murderers of the last 100 years. Our list of star Lefty killers includes Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, and given a chance to see the real records, we can add the Kim family of NK. Lets hear it for Lefty Utopias!!! This is what the Left wants. We should stop them…

  14. What about Buzzfeed, they literally encourage men to be feminine. Even if a man has a beard or some muscle, he automatically gets called a macho.

  15. It’s strange how “the left ruins everything” when we have, on average, a higher IQ than the right and run some of the best countries in the world to live in (I.e the Scandinavian countries)

  16. Btw. A number of Prager U vids are age restricted by YouTube. Conveniently keeping them out of our schools. More evidence of leftist authoritarianism.

  17. I used to know a guy, (well actually it was a friend of a friend) he was raised and was not referred to as a man, or a woman
    And he felt that he had no identity. He apparently kill himself for that.
    I don’t know the guy, I don’t even know his name, but this video reminded me of him. And to think that kids are raised like this scares me.

  18. The left is blamed for everything… lol. What a joke. The scary thing is people actually believe what PragerEWE says.

    If you have to lie and misrepresentate your opposition's position, there must be something wrong with your position.

    What happened to the conservative principle of Personal Responsibility? Conservatives are at fault for any of societies ills?

    I personally think it's neither sides fault for society's ills in general. The left actually tries to address them, the right does nothing.

  19. How is the left forcing anything? We've had a republican president for a while now. Seem to me that they're just given whatever they want. No way left could force the right.

  20. Do not be fooled by this man that is creating a smoke screen, leftist are liberals, socialist, and what most don't tell you is that these are communist at heart!

  21. Men only spaces were spaces where older men taught younger men/boys how to be/become men. This included how to be a good husband/father/provider/protector of women and children. One of the greatest disservices that feminism did for women and children (and there have been many) is to destroy these spaces, particularly as they've destroyed the family and boys can no longer rely on good male role models to guide them. We have seen a rise, not a fall, in male domestic violence since the destruction of men only spaces. If I had my way, the men only bars at Working Men's Clubs would re-open once again.

  22. What could be more Anti-Christ than what is happening to day. The ones who believe hope they won't live to see it. To late it is all ready here. Like two planets colliding it is a lengthy and violent process. "I have not come to save the world, but to divide it"Know who said
    that well it wasn't Donald Trump

  23. OK let's go and I'm on Prager's side most of the time but: the left did not "destroy" Boy Scouts, in fact Scouts BSA is struggling to stay alive. Allowing girls into BSA, allowing girls into REAL SCOUTING as opposed to cookie salesmanship, was a great move. It was also a necessary move because BSA is eclipsed by Fortnite and online stuff that runs against Scout principles. I can't wait to see young women earning the Eagle Scout badge, just as young men have for many decades. Scouts BSA and Girl Scouts are not complementary, they are in competition with each other and thankfully BSA is taking a more reasonable business model.

  24. An excellent video, however the mot important part doesn't start until 5:20. The single biggest problem with the left is that it hates the United States, plain and simple.

  25. America will always be a home for freedom fighters and soldiers as I believe. Any American who loves their country knows our god-given rights MUST be fought for. All of them, America is a country of multi-ethnic peoples who came together to form a country WE ARE NOT socialists, bad people, or leftists, WE ARE soldiers, dreamers, scientists, innovators, trailblazers, etc.

  26. I am not really fond of a two party system in general and think that a no party government would work because they would be able to accomplish more with no parties and would get more done without parties as well as save money on expenses for parties that are complete shit.

  27. Myth nr 14357 from THE wanking Prager! Just compear Warzawa with THE lovly Ruhr district ! Its almost like compearing Mireck with Tera Joy. Two winners in cup!


  29. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over FDR. I can’t hear you over the millions of Americans who received healthcare because of the ACA!

  30. The least racist? Weird when americans come to my country they often say they experience less racism here… But maybe that's just the language barrier :-))

  31. macron is worried because farm producers from France are complaining against free trade deal with Brazil

    that's it, nothing more.

  32. The left is a bunch of nazis. Universities probably have homework assignments to downvote Prager and other conservative videos.

  33. All this guy did is just grab a bunch of stereotypes of blue-haired college kids and said "da left did this!! >:(("

  34. Would like to point out that "white privelige" is a Nazi/Fascist concept, NOT the left's. Also, I'm not really here to hear an old white conservative man talk about how the left has ruined late-night talk shows. It's actually stupid at this point

  35. Would like to point out that "white privelige" is a Nazi/Fascist concept, NOT the left's. Also, I'm not really here to hear an old white conservative man talk about how the left has ruined late-night talk shows. It's actually stupid at this point

  36. I agree completely the left has done nothing but destroyed Look at California San Francisco the s h i t Bowl of the world it's the only place that you can get a map to show you the most concentration of feces and they're proud of it human excrement all over the place hypodermic syringes laying all over the sidewalks people sleeping on the streets this is San Francisco this is what people are proud of this is what the left does California Los Angeles Orange County that whole area over there they closed 13 emergency rooms because they can no longer afford to keep them open why because the illegal aliens are coming over and having their babies they're in the emergency rooms so they can come American citizens and they don't have the money to keep them open why because of all the illegal aliens doing this stuff the the tax base is drying up cuz the middle class is moving out because they keep over taxing the middle class and they let the rich get away with it out there and the majority of the rich are the far left I'm pretty soon is not going to be anybody out there that he's going to be able to tax except the far left and watch How soon they run out of there California is a place people used to like to be now they're running away from it by the droves hundreds of thousands of people are leaving each year because the left has ruined California don't let them come to your state and ruin it

  37. And yet Mr. Prager, you went before congress and asked the left to help you keep the freedom of speech in tech media. Are you saying that if they help you by "touching" the issue they will destroy it? That's a contradiction. It would be wiser to hedge your claims and see both sides of the issue. There are multiple examples of the conservative right doing exactly what you claim is only the left – 2018 Congress and the current 2019 senate are living examples. It is not left or right that destroys. It is those seeking or maintaining their power that destroys debate and rationality. I am sorely disappointed by argument that does not pass the test of academic objectiviity. In Christ's love.

  38. The cleassical blame game. It's what the right does best, since Vietnam..
    LOL : Leaked GOP Memo Shows Republicans Try To Blame The Left For Mass Shootings


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