The Keyword Mnemonic Technique Explained

Posted By on May 5, 2019

here's a quick demonstration that I think will show you how powerful the keyword technique can be do you know what the word back an alien means it's an unusual word and actually I hope that you aren't familiar with it beckon alien means drunkenness now you could say that there were a lot of beckon alien parties during spring break my goal here is to show you how the key word technique works to help you remember things now the first step is to look for smaller more concrete words inside of larger more abstract words you're especially interested in these concrete and easily visualizable words so what do you see inside of the word back an alien well here's what I see I see Bach right as in that composer I see alien as in the little green guy's anal as in well you know and finally I hear the name Lianne at the end of the word which sounds like a girl's name you might see some other things now here's what I could do to memorize what this word means I have to create a memorable image which connects this complex word back an alien to a simple unusual possibly funny possibly gross image now here's what I came up with for example if I go with Bach the composer I could imagine Bach sitting at his piano obviously drunk perhaps with a beer in his hand maybe throwing up on the piano I could use the alien part and I could imagine a little green drunk alien finally if I go with the namely an and if I knew someone named Lee Ann I could imagine Lee Ann being really really drunk and again I could use vomiting because throwing up is a kind of a memorable disgusting thing and disgust works really well when you're trying to remember stuff so what do you think if you created one of these images would that help you remember what bacchanalian means I'll bet it would in fact I challenge you to ask yourself tomorrow what this word means and I guarantee you you'll know what it means okay so what does this have to do with memorizing a script because a monologue or our complex dialogue are a lot harder to memorize than the definition of just one word well don't worry we'll get to that the key for now is to realize that your most powerful tool for memorizing a script is your creativity and your imagination and I'll guess that as an actor creativity and imagination are two of your strengths we'll use those strengths and you'll see a lot more examples of the key word technique in this app

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  1. Or, "back an alien". Your from space alien buddy isn't used to earth's alcohol so he's beyond hammered. So you're giving him support to walk; backing him up.

    Great technique and thanks for the new word.


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