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Hey hi everyone this is the insiders guide to sem rush and I'm Krista Tubman and thank you again for joining me this is my second episode and we're going to be showcasing the PPC Keyword tool and the ads builder but before we get into that I always like to highlight any new features or updates in the tool that I think are pretty cool and also we're constantly updating so we want to keep everyone you know up-to-date and knowledgeable about the software and the one different update that I want to highlight today is an update in the social media poster so something that's new that we just deployed is that we will show you when so Europe just for the Facebook page in your social media poster what what time is the best of post so before you're about to publish any of your Facebook posts online you will see and let me show you the screen shot okay great so what this is showing you right now is basically if you when you're about to post anything on Facebook you know exactly when are your fans online as well as what is the best time because that's a huge indicator you know when you want to post on social media you need to understand what is the best time you want to get that traffic and you want to be you want to make sure that your fans are online so I wanted to show this we're not going to go over this tool today but we will in the next couple weeks don't worry but this is just a new update I wanted to let everyone know about so let's begin with our PPC keyword tool and now I'm going to alright hi so now we're gonna go to our PPC keyword tool and let's go back into SEM rush okay awesome so what we are looking at here is in the project section so I started a project focusing on coals and inside of the project here our PPC Keyword tool and the reason why I wanted to go through this is because a lot of our users forget that SEM rush has paid search you know different tools that will help you out with optimizing organizing and making it a lot like stress free in general and that's what it will do for our PPC specialists helping you manage those campaigns making it stress-free and as we all know there are so many common mistakes that PPC marketers can make and those top three are bidding on keywords that are too competitive failing to add negative keywords and also just being too broad with your targeting so that is what the PPC Keyword tool will help you avoid so when I begin I'm gonna start my Cole's campaign for my PPC keyword tool and when you're gonna first begin this you're gonna decide how you want to import those keywords so we have a lot of different choices always add SEM rush you can manually upload the keywords upload them from a file that you already have directly from your AdWords editor or you could simply use the keywords from SEM rush that we already have which is great and those keyword reports are coming from your phrase match related keywords report domain report organically and paid and also even Google related questions which that is new so for this example since we're focusing on Coles I was thinking why not focus on women's shoes I was looking around for some new shoes I got a lot of Kohl's cash so I need to figure out what different shoe I want to buy lately new year new me you know that workout phase is happening so for the first example I'm gonna choose a Nike women's running shoes and let's see what 20 me good okay those look pretty good you know cheap running shoes I guess that's five and a half or I don't find one I'll take out that one these look good I don't think I could ever get free Nikes that would be pretty cool if Nikes watching um okay so I'm gonna add those in there and if I want to add more keywords to this list you simply just delete the previous word you inserted and it tells me there's 15 up top here so you'll always know what number you're at I also wanted to add shoes for women because not only sneakers does coal sell I bet they sell all different types of shoes you know flats heels Sperrys tennis shoes whatever cuz I feel like people would type that in as well and the last the last keyword group I wanted to add in is some type of sale because if I'm working for a department store in their marketing department I want to know what's going on online with my sales that I'm running you know the different campaigns and if they're actually you know running that traffic and they are being targeted and if it's something I could eventually actually use in my AdWords campaigns so I'm gonna do shoe sales so just type in shoe sales and and we can go down and see what we added so all different types of shoe sales here I can always edit and delete them like so with that X right there and I'll keep all those keywords they look good okay so now after I added in the keywords I wanted to maintain and manage I can choose my location so I'm gonna choose the United States the national level you can choose region or city however it's still gonna be the national level when we're collecting the data it's not going to be local level the reason why we even give you the specification to take it down to that level is because when you upload this and you want to export it it will show that you chose a local level so that will be collected in that data however it's not going to have the same data you know on the local level it'll still be national so now I started my campaign and as soon as you dive in here it's gonna give you a little bit more detail about what the PPC keyword tool does and you actually start your little tutorial right here and it kind of guides you through so very helpful SEM rush always has you know different areas to help you out with learning more about us as well as you know helpful resources so that's always up top here so now all of my keywords are inside so there on the right hand side all together and it's letting me know that this is the default campaign the one I just made so when I first dive in after I uploaded my keywords now I really want to determine what are those ad groups going to be inside of my campaign so for me since I'm focusing on shoes for women I'm going to specify them in three different ad groups today so I'm gonna do shoe sales as one and I'm going to do Nike a lot of Nike shoes and then I'm gonna change this one it's the default then I'm gonna change this one to shoes for women okay so now all three are in there my default campaign I'm gonna name that because it's the overall campaign of what I'm running so I'm gonna put in women's shoes Oh wrong fun some people like the spell shoes that way I don't so just kidding okay all right all set up so now we have everything inside and now we can determine where I want to distribute those different keywords and my ad groups and now I can filter them but before I even start filtering we are gonna make it a lot easier on your end and we can go up here to the right hand side and remove duplicates so before I even start distributing those keywords I want to get rid of the duplicates and clean it out so I'm gonna hit that and it's going to ask me if I would like to remove my duplicates by any order or a strict word order so it's honestly it's the own you know PPC specialists it's their own judgment call what they want to rank by and what they want to keep track of but for me for this example I want to get rid of any order not just the strict one word order so after I choose that and I select all of them I'm gonna remove selected so now it tells me how many duplicates were removed from my list and I can finally start moving over and selecting even by actions the different keywords in those ad groups so very simply you know you can select the keywords you want so I'm gonna filter them by Nike because I have a section for Nike and I want to specify all of them inside of that ad group so I'm gonna take all the keywords that include Nike and select them at the top and I could move them right here with the actions as well move to group or you could simply drag and click so now they're all in there so that's really cool I like that option a lot of people don't know you can do that so you can always drag and click or you could use the actions tab now that I've separated Nike I'm going to decide all the sales keywords did my default campaign go back to it and filter it by sales or is your sale so all those includes sale taking them plugging them in and also okay so they're all in there all the sales ok ok good so now going back the rest that I have out is just shoes for women so now I can take all of those keywords shoes for women and transfer them right there perfect so now everything is where I want it and they're all together in those different ad groups and specified by what I wanted you know to keep track of them and to make it easier for me to manage so now that I set that up easily SEM rush added an area that gives you recommendations off the bat just to fix and remove so by clicking on that it lets me know for my campaign right now for women's shoes I have some cross-group negatives and I could remove empty groups that are involved in the campaign so I'll first click on cross group negatives and it's telling me that they found two negative keywords in one campaign so I definitely want to add that in so now that I did that I could remove any empty groups so remove the empty one for me and I will go back to all my keywords and go through and filter each one and making sure that you know if there are any recommendations at the top everything is filled out correctly and taken care of so it seems like everything is good now that I set that all up and it is sorted out the way I want and my PPC keyword tool I can understand and monitor and just keep track and make it a lot stress-free for me to know the volume the CPC as well as the competition density every day I can go back in here and make sure you know is it very competitive that keyword you know this group this campaign what I like to rank for it should I start bidding for it and besides just looking at the ranking distributions the vault the CPC also allows you to change it to you know any other type of you know USD euro you know any type of you know different kind of CPC that you like as well as it's just uploading but it will tell you shortly you know what is the volume and cost per click and that competitive density will always be the same throughout the tool so it's just letting you know how competitive is that keyword from a 0 to 1 and 1 is the highest amount of competition so it's showing you that in Adwords because that's where all of our paid search data is coming from just Google and it's letting you know with the one that it's very competitive it's just uploading and taking some time but yes so now that I finished this I also can show you I have the same one but I just had it from yesterday so once it does upload this is what it will look like so letting you know that average cost-per-click and that competitive density so keeping track of all of that very nice and organized so now that all of this is set up for me you have your choice of always adding in more keywords if you want you can manually upload them again from SEM rush even your position tracking tool you can upload keywords which is great because those are the ones that you're monitoring and they're the ones that you're very concerned with so why not add them in here because you could rank for them in paid search and keep track of that and also the last portion is just if you'd like you can always export that data very easily and you can specify it but would I buy whatever campaigns you have started and if you want the keywords and the negative keywords you could also specify that so very helpful and something that I see a lot of users overlook so the PPC campaign the PPC keyword tool same thing you know very useful to use you know you want to definitely utilize this and the second portion today because we're doing two tools that I think go hand-in-hand is the ad builder so the ad builder is is brand new a couple months old I still think that's brand new for SEM rush because you know you're constantly adding more tools which is great for the user so we finally have an area in the projects that you can edit and publish and figure out not only what you want to have for a text ad or display but also you can research your competitors at the same time and see what they're using what keywords that are triggering their ads to pop up so you know exactly what is so for this example it was still Coles so why not choose Macy's in the first section in the ad builder you can research depending on text or display ads what you want to focus on so here we're showing you all the ads right now going on on Google just solely for Macy's calm and we can look at all those keywords that trigger those ads to pop up so that is a lot you know just 8590 keywords but yes you can go through all of them fun mattresses I couldn't even think of 3000 keywords but but who knows you know also same with display so it just looks like this you can hover over the ads time seen last seen how many days it's been running pretty cool and what I want to begin my actual campaign and my ad that I want to create inside SEM rush this is where it begins so I decide if I want to do display or text and the cool thing about the ads builder is that we already import from the PPC Keyword tool the campaigns you started so it does so it makes it a lot easier for you if you already set it up previous you can see you know where you want to target and also where you want to begin in the different campaigns so very helpful so for the first one I will just start a new campaign for women's shoes you can upload the file again or you can start it manually and this is what it would look like when I want to start that new ad really nice you know easy to use and here's the fun part when I can add in my competitors and guess what we can do we can take that little plus plus sign button and it will add it as a template to the new ad that I'm starting now this form so it makes it a lot easier on my part when I'm figuring out new ads that I want to start besides starting from scratch I can literally see my competitors are doing but also just taking their template and simply deleting when it's their name you know sprucing it up Eddie a little bit so it makes it so much easier on your end as a PPC specialist and making that day-to-day you know a little bit easier for you and also you know we want to be there for you your best friend SEM rush or Chrisitan so that is the ad builder and the PPC keyword tool so the display side looks the same as well very nice and just more about the tool okay so I'm going to go back into the PPC Keyword tool and I see that we have some questions one moment okay hi guys so I see that we have some questions and the first one someone asked if are there any tools in SEM rush that integrate with the PPC Keyword tool and yes so the first one that we went over is the ads builder so the ads builder will directly like I showed you put plug in those different campaigns that you started previous so if you did start your PPC cave campaign before you'll definitely see those campaigns inside so it'll be very easy to see and the second tool that integrates with the PPC Keyword tool a lot of tools is the keyword magic tool and that would be inside the keyword analyzer inside the PPC Keyword tool and I can show you that because I am kind of obsessed I really like our PV CRM keyword magic tool and I think that our users sometimes overlook the keyword magic tool just because people forget that it's even there the keyboard analytics section so for example I could type in iPhone 8 and now it's giving me all those keywords over here in the subtopics showing me you know what else is out there that's related broad match longtail keywords and say I want to add them and this is where the keyword analyzer comes into play now I can show you where you can simply send them to your PPC Keyword tool so now that I went inside to the keyword analyzer I can send them right there so very helpful and you can also send your keywords to the position tracking tool from this tool so even more helpful on that end now I'm going to go back ok ok and the next question was inside it says um how will I know in the PPC Keyword tool if it's very if it's a very competitive keyword and how will I know off of that so that's e om is the competitive density and it will tell you if it's a ranking distribution is higher or lower so it's 0 to 1 how its ranking and 1 is the highest amount of competition so that's how to let you know and one would be very competitive ok and the next question says so you want someone said hello how about creating single keyword ad groups let me go back in okay so inside it gives you the option when you are importing if you want to import by just single keyword ad groups so you would simply just type it in here or you could upload a file as well depending on what you want and also creating groups keyword one group that makes it even easier on your end so once you select that in the grouping option it just sets it aside for you so very easy very simple and it's right there when you're uploading the keywords and it gives you the option for manually by a file or you know your position tracking tool any way of importing so right there very helpful okay love this PPC keyword tool very nice and helpful on that and okay so a great question someone asked if can I submit the ads directly to their AdWords account so good question so you cannot connect the you cannot connect directly to your AdWords account however it's very easy to export the data so that's something that's very nice with SEM rush I know that we can't directly integrate or you know send it directly to it but once you export the data and upload the excel to your Adwords and then adsense account it directly formats inside so it's a lot easier and it's already formatted for you do you just have to export it on your own end but it's very nice that we do have that okay and someone just asked in hello hey guys thanks for attending they want to know I I want to know which ad copy of my competitor is the best performing for a particular keyword okay good idea this would be in another section of SEM rush okay so when you want to know what is the best performing ad that they're currently running for a keyword what I would do is I would go into the domain analytics up top here and just type in let's say Macy's so now it's gonna give me all the options of what I want to look at so down here it's showing me an overview so I just want to see the paid search so I'm gonna go to advertising research and I'm gonna go down to ad copies because that is the ad that I want to look at for the domain and you choose what database of course you want to look at and from the ad copies list we're showing you the keywords in descending order so by you know obviously what has the most keywords that are triggering that ad copy to pop up so you can display and see all of those different keywords involved so that is how you will know however you can also add advanced filters so if you want to specify it by the ad title or ad copy to include or exclude it because I doubt anyone wants to go through fifty thousand a hub you know add copies on their own and scroll through you can always filter it out as well as you can go back to the advertising research and go into the positions report and type in at the top the keyword that you were concerned with that you want to know is it outperforming is it working for them or you could select by any of the ranking distributions like the traffic percentage because that's gonna let you know the share amount of traffic driven to the website from the keyword so it does make sense you know that ad is driving the most traffic to their website currently so it is a lot of their brand terms and then finally Michael Kors so you can always see what is the ad what is the keyword so there's many different ways and SEM rush you could figure out and investigate what are your competitors using and what is driving them the most traffic you know what are those keywords we love that competitive insight here and why not take advantage of it cuz we're here for you SEM Raj is always there like your new best friend so I'm going to end this one today guys this was great thank you so much for attending on the next insiders guy that we're going to go over is going to focus on the on-page SEO checker so opposite of paid search yeah we're gonna optimize guys so it's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm excited and thank you so much and have a great rest of your Tuesday

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