The importance of belief

Posted By on June 12, 2019

hi thank you for joining me again and today and that's so what I'd like to talk about and today is beliefs and just how important belief is your some important belief is in all aspects of our lives whether that's your day-to-day and living or of course within your business with them they whatever that is easy to do belief is absolutely everything and you may be well aware of something called limiting beliefs and that's a psychological town and we're all because we're in human form of course we all have some sort of limiting beliefs did you know the frustrating thing is is if we can't actually see that within ourself some other people can tell us and we often don't see it that Acamas or hear it but we all have limiting beliefs and the people that I've noticed who make the biggest changes in life and the ones who can really look at themselves and look where they are limiting themselves take that on board not blame other people or blame circumstances and really move to the to the very next level and move to where they need to be so belief is absolutely everything and what is belief and you know one of the best things in her photo is my court judge moment of it it told me that a belief is only a thought that you keep thanking me right now belief easy for me the spell belief is only but you keep thinking so every kind of doesn't take much brainpower does it so be thank you belief is only a thought that I keep thinking then how do I change my beliefs I just need to think about something else for long enough so what's one of the things that stops people changing and actually moving forward in life is because they don't believe that they can do you know people don't believe that they can earn six figures yeah people don't believe that they can have a sort of impact that they want they don't believe they can be a certain kind of person in their life it always been a warrior I come from a long line of warriors you know that's just who I am I mean nonsense really so belief is only a thought that we keep thinking so how do we change that you just think so this is why repetition so key probably having some other videos up in terms of change making change what is it well belief is one of the key areas of change so how do you change you need to believe how do you believe you keep telling yourself a different story so it's simple if you want to believe in a different way if you want to start to be that different person then right at home 50 times a day walk around thinking about it get into that space of who you are into that belief of who you are become that person start to walk think act and talk definitely you don't have to do a lot of course–but start to be that different person start to believe that you are something better because if you remember back two years ago a little age of course watch this but if you're old enough to the union of twenties thirties or forties now or older if you may have a bike the teenage years you've never not believe that you can do but you can do now they're different things that you've done then perhaps that the fruits of physical progress of X you've done perhaps the work that you've done of course any of our own Marines that are watching this that you and I did you know you probably didn't believe that completely beforehand but what do you do he kept on thinking about you kept on getting into that stage he kept on being that person he kept on repeating that positive thought then the belief changed because you kept on thinking about it it really is that simple why don't people change because that's a bit boring probably look to either getting run independent it's a little bit boring thinking about and doing the same thing over normal again you have to pay the price if you want to be successful at any successful person if you want to be successful you have to pay the price and continue to work and change your belief so all that helps and say how greedy

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