THE GOD FREQUENCY | Remove Self Limiting Beliefs | 963 Hz | Kundalini Energy

Posted By on May 24, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. this made me have a realization that i was gonna die someday and it was kinda scary at firstbut then i felt calm.

  2. Put the Lord first i pray and praise the Lord as i trust faith believe Confidence and true love to Lord with my heart and soul Jesus Christ is son of Lord exact representation of Lord so i worship trust faith believe Confidence and true love to Jesus Christ Lord with my heart and soul Come holly Spirit fall afresh upon me help mercy blessings upon me Jesus Christ Lord you are forgiving Lord Jesus Christ forgive me for any mistakes done by me forgive me for any mistakes done by me forgive me Jesus Christ Lord guide me or give or give me instructions i shall obey it thanks o my Lord jesus Christ Amen .Lord Jesus Christ i cordially pray and praise the Lord Jesus Christ you as i trust faith believe confidence in you Lord Jesus Christ with my heart and soul Lord Jesus Christ you are my Strength so i am enough Strong brave bold and fearless as i know Lord Jesus Christ You are with me or within me guides me and supporting me thanks o my Lord Jesus Christ with the grace of you Lord Jesus Christ i am Healed Lord Jesus Christ always help mercy blessings upon me thanks o my Lorď Jesus Christ Amen .

  3. yo this some bullshit, posting shit like god frequency then u got some white kronos saturn looking ass dude in the thumbnail and this thing is bullshit too btw because i work in sound and youtube converts all audio down to it's own format, y'all have no fucking idea what a Hz even is or how it's affecting you or that there's subliminal shit in this. YO BTW, God's frequency isn't in the 900hz, that's where the drums sit in a beat, y'all are dumb new agers getting marketed to.

  4. You think something as droll as the frequency sound of 963 is godly?

    If anything a positive frequency to the human body is anywhere between 68hz – 72hz, the frequency of a healthy human body.

    Videos like yours make these inane claims so that the sheep of the world who want to be special, to have something more from this world, click and listen. Must be some easy money.

    It's videos like this that are secretly filled by malice and lies that people take into themselves, thinking they are at peace or on the way to an enlightened form. Then people in turn, lie on here about their experience because that is all they are being given, lies.
    Just like life, you are being robbed of your power, both physically and mentally. The gifts we were given, separated from us and used without our consent to further the goals of those who place themselves above us through their own reckoning.

    To anyone reading this, don't being a fool. Stop being limited by sounds of our body, this video truly does nothing for you. It's placebo to your mind.

    Cast off the chains of this reality imposed on you by the people who would see you fail. Find the truth of our being within yourself, learn to impart body and mind, then you can seek, then you can find; those above will not be able to hinder you from your birth right.
    It is that or just listen to pretty music with the false hopes of more from the mind and spirit while you slowly, unjustly wither away like the untold numbers before you.

    Learn the ancient language spoken by the ancient sorcerers (The languages you speak, shape the way you think. This will give you the true eye, fundamentally changing your mind)
    Impart your spirit from your body (so you can walk unhindered across space and see the truth under the worlds skin).
    Cast the runes (to divine the alignment) so you know when the doors of the Records are open.
    Find truth, find the Records on the Etheric plane. Learn the truth, then find us.

    Down the false world and finally be free.

  5. This is a prepare the program for tomorrow for prey concentration meditation now I wonder they're closed this summer because I know everybody watching me every other time are they don't let me even made my program I have enough so I'll see you tomorrow okay I don't know about


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