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hey guys bear goes here if you're new to the channel consider subscribing also hit the bell notification for all future videos if you enjoyed this video show support and hit that like button hello everyone so great that you're okay to play God said oh I'm gonna be Hades I'm gonna say Hades is sick looking so is Poseidon this is your only free god slash and click again if you're sure you want to continue with this god confirmed don't want haiti recited no hades hello there young god and welcome to golf simulator society was like the goddess all the water showing everything in your weight getting experience you can destroy basically everything trees chickens skyscrapers and it said by santos and even pixie good here's your pouch 'as sure you can destroy chickens barns cows basically everything see except the rocks wait so as hades I'm assuming we're supposed to be destroying crap did anybody else choose anything other than Hades I chose Artemis what is Artemis supposed to do normative Souls destroy everything wow you sit your backpack feels like really fast by the way oh my Hellfire is glorious this thing is Opie wait what are you Tyler I'm Ares he's the God of War yeah destroy all the chickens I'm just throwing all the pumpkins literally destroyed that chicken oh yeah I destroyed that pumpkin I'm gonna destroy this cow make sure to turn in your quests is it an auto quest thing I'll talk to the quest NPC my new job is to this story – oh I accidentally just went to Atlantis Oh God where's the what did you leave the server no it's the quest NPC yeah at the starter area to the right and you see me yeah whoa right there okay it was like right in front of me quests get quest destroy two objects got it it's – missed so when you've got that 50th out of 50 above your head where you should turn oh sorry over here okay using your hellfire on a chicken yeah cuz your money's in the bottom left corner the zero 20 or whatever your backpack is that's a nice about the next pouch oh I see so once you hit level 4 you can go to the PvP area yeah I gotta buy another pouch pouch I have uh yeah we're gonna purchase this one all right where do you buy new pouches right now the quest holy crap the amount it's like lightning bolts at work can you say we can PvP too huh yeah at level four wait why are we getting bigger are we supposed to be giving birth or mighty shows you you completed the quest there would be like a little little menu button on the left it'll have like a little one on it okay destroying this hey Bill I have to destroy two vehicles yeah take that hey I'm someone I'm 100 out of 100 there we go now it's letting me so so you said the the quest Tyler's on the left side on the menu yeah I just walked up to him he gave me a new quest it never told me I finished it yeah so say I didn't see that either I also very well because we're playing different gods well consider it done yeah mine was five farmlands objects I was gonna say you'll know it's done when you can claim your reward I just keep going up to me getting new class my buildings I now have the average couch my new quest is just destroyed nine objects in the Atlantis field area I don't know where that is isn't that where you went before I lit the street crap I can't even use anything out here Breanna you can double jump – yeah wait what is this fight joining yeah I joined it – I can't join it the chats in the way there we go I'm clicking join but it's not doing anything say anything no no maybe it's cuz we're not high enough level I'm not even able to destroy anything over here a minimum of three players to begin oh there we go okay so it gives you better players of any combat level oh we're gonna get destroyed Oh we're gonna get you over it out here we're like too low level for this we're in the PvP thing fighting a little thing that came up see it it was like literally on your screen like you couldn't miss it it was like a little thing you can click on I think I think you just want to tell me all your secrets maybe I mean you know there's that too I'm just assuring everybody right now like they cannot handle the powers of my ability I don't need I'm just kidding like we're gives you like that little tender I fell in the lava you're not dead though yeah I am now I'm getting hurt yeah I just had a reason there is stuff too we did destroy one vehicle destroy two objects in the Atlantis area yeah you literally can't destroy anything here in the alien we're at these little like rock tower looking things you have to yeah we're oh it's me and Amy left are you guys still fighting yeah God versus God battle oh geez I just saw you for me Brianna I'm out here fighting this weird like coral things you don't think you can chill that no I don't know I win did you really I got 1,100 Titan shards but she had me do I had like six health bet or like six health left so just Troy nine objects in the Atlanta area now why am I like the only Aries nobody like Aries I don't think so I guess stupid there's a whole lot of Zeus's ouches offers holy crap the stuff in here for roblox or roebucks is expensive i need to go back to the overworld and collect my quest gods you guys can buy more gods by the way also if you guys ever want to buy like a different god 340 purchase okay got a new pack and there's pets also you guys can buy – I got a starter pet what is this one 200 coins purchase oh I don't have 200 187 you maybe spent all my money on a new pack huh how much is the yeah you stupid cow take that yeah you like that you like that cow supposed to be in Atlantis but I like destroying these cows bases yeah go back – OH – hold on I have to kill six things in here Tyler you do not understand the powers you are meddling with listen I keep killing you why are you hurting me yeah wait what no that was all they do go to your inventory ah easy clap get good this guy just gave me a bunch of pets good job Brianna easy clap get good Tyler not even hurting you yeah slowly but surely BAM now look at all my pets you have pets yeah some guy gave me a bunch of pets look at him I'm like in the middle of dueling and being treated doggy the dev what's his name he's trying to meet she's training me now too I was like I don't have anything he's like I know I've been at like 39 HP for like the last now that everyone a lot of PvP it's just an all-out ward will level they have to be before did the pets help you in PvP no but they gain your essence I don't know if you get essence at PvP gotcha oh there's another thing where you gonna put on your pets out go to menu and then good pups whip whip alright not letting me join okay now I've got some super uber pets we have a shame passes me yeah all right there he is the only Aries oh I'm coming over here oh I just got one shotted yeah that's by me no bite doggie the DOS these little 27 oh he's just a strong people I guess I just got destroyed as well oh thanks for the pass dog in the Devon thanks for melting my face hole honestly but any rate guys we're gonna wrap up another rOBLOX video this was God's simulator if you guys enjoyed it let us know in the comments below also if you guys plan on buying any sort of robots for anything the source make sure you guys insert the fgn crew codes we get a small kickback and sends a little survey do roblox to let us know what kind of support you guys are throwing out though so thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed it we'll see you guys next time bye bye

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  1. It makes me so happy to see you guys almost got 1 million subscribers! I’ve been here for so long and your channel grew and grew by every video and Tyler and Brianna are growing up so fast! 😭😢

  2. Damn I remember watching your roblox videos back when the videos all had the same thumbnail. Time flies when you’re having fun don’t take your childhood for granted kids. 🙂

  3. Why does your channels feel so different I remember world of zoo .and your old intro with the flames


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