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Posted By on October 19, 2019

I’m David Bell for This episode of theology in 120 seconds, more
or less, looks at the crucial role of Christian experience. Some Christians use four words as a quick
reference to describe their faith: Scripture, tradition, reason and the fourth, experience.
The Methodists package that up as the Wesleyan quadrilateral, named after the founder of
their movement, John Wesley. It’s that final word � experience � that
has a wealth of meaning. For John Wesley it meant to know, to feel, to understand with
the head, and the heart. He also meant it to mean to explore, to test all things. This is crucial. This testing is how all the
other elements define Christian reality, how they come together. This fourth element is
to feel the truth of things through the depths of experience. When, and only when, you can feel a truth,
do you know what it means. Then you understand it from both the inside out and the outside
in. Now while churches fade in influence in the
secular west, the validity of Christian experience continues to burn as brightly as ever. Learn
more about it in Through the Year with John Wesley via the link below. Subscribe, like and share in YouTube and thank
you indeed for watching.

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