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Posted By on October 18, 2019

You have within you a remarkable force which
can transform you and any circumstance you are in. Jesus named it: the kingdom of heaven. But because we are trapped in the outlook
of the present age, the conditions of contemporary life and thought have virtually cut us off
from this vital, inner connection. I know from many hundreds of conversations
with people from all walks of life, that most folk are searching for something. This something is an elusive quality that
they cannot seem to grasp. They catch a glimmer of it, then like a breath of fresh air, it
is gone. And they are left questioning, wondering, and sometimes empty. Rabindranath Tagore suggests we can regain
that elusive inner kingdom. He said, I asked the tree,
Speak to me of God, And it blossomed. What richness of thought is in that. We are
always asking but we are not always seeing the answers which God provides. What do you
think? I’m David Bell for and the
Practical Theology Channel. Thanks for watching.

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