The Dark Knight – Theological Analysis | The Battle for Gotham’s Soul

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madness as you know is like gravity all
it takes is a little push the Joker he represents the boiling voice of the
accuser and just how far those accusations can push us over let’s dive
deep into the dark night let’s put a smile on that face welcome to Durbania I’m Durban and this
is my theological analysis for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight this
is probably one of my favorite movies ever I love The Dark Knight Batman is so
awesome he’s got some of the best movies he’s got some of the best stories
Christopher Nolan Christian Bale did that guy justice well maybe Christian
Bale’s voice throughout the Dark Knight was not quite my favorite but you know
putting that aside who cares man Heath Ledger really stole this thing
what did you think of the Dark Knight let’s talk about that in the comments
you didn’t think I’d risk losing the battle for Gotham’s soul in a fistfight
with you you need an ace in the hole mine’s
Harvey The Dark Knight presents a fascinating picture to me it’s very
symbolic because what you have is the soul of Gotham City and the film is
about the battle for that soul you have the Joker
the accuser hi and you have Batman The Advocate Batman is fighting for the good
of the soul of Gotham City while Joker is the accuser looking to accuse the
soul of Gotham City to break it to destroy it as he himself says he is an
agent of chaos and he wants to show that this this rule of law this established
order it’s nothing but a great big joke schemers trying to control their little
worlds I try to show the schemers how pathetic their attempts to control
things really are and I think Batman hit the nail on the head when he said to the
Joker what were you trying to deep down everyone’s exactly as you I
think that’s what the Joker wanted to do so if Batman represents the advocate and
if the Joker represents the accuser I think Harvey Dent is the picture of the
soul of Gotham City now take a look at the job of the accuser here’s what the
accuser does when Harvey has lost his girl Rachel when Harvey’s face has all
been burnt up and he becomes two-face this is where temptation really happens
now look deep down in our souls we all have that battle that struggle for dark
and light that’s why in Harvey’s past an internal affairs
he’s got the nickname Harvey two-face because he’s got that white knight side
of him but he’s also got a very dark streak in him we see the dark streak
come out in that scene where the Joker makes the attempt on the mayor of
Gotham’s life where he makes the attempt on Gordon’s life and when that happens
what what does Harvey didn’t do he captures the dude that has the tag that
says Rachel dolls on it because it’s the name of the Joker’s next target and
because that’s the love of his life he’s freaking out so he captures the guy
takes him to this alley puts a gun to his head flipping his coin head you live
tails you die that is the freaking dark side the two-face side and Batman The
Advocate shows up in that scene and says you can’t do things this way this is not
who you are you represent the soul of Gotham you
have to remain in the light and that’s the Advocate leading him back into the
light reminding him of who he’s meant to be so that he could fully step into his
destiny but when Harvey is sitting in that hospital bed the job of the accuser
then is to tempt him to make the light look so bad and to make the darkness
look so good you were a schemer you had plans
and look where that got you he is tempting Harvey to step down from that
place of authority that Harvey is at he’s tempting Harvey to step down from
the light and step in the darkness because after all he was in the light he
was trying to do things the right way and the Joker still blew up Rachel what
did all the schemers and their plans do to save your girl maybe you belong where
I am because if you step down to where I am you can take care of that pain when
you step down to where I am you could do what seems right to you and take care of
this the way you want to away that’s bad oh and you know the thing about path it’s bear and it works
he gets tempted from the light into the dark and Harvey Dent falls so the
accuser makes the dark look good and the light looks bad and then the moment
Harvey steps into the dark condemns him for it their spirits will break when
they see the evil that he’s done till their spirit breaks completely until
they get a good look at the real Harvey Dent
oh isn’t that evil so good and doesn’t it look so delicious step down into it
you stepped into it you evil thing I mean that’s what the accuser does timpz
and then condemns for the yielding to the temptation
I took Gotham’s White Knight and I brought him down and so when I look at
that and I look at this picture it concludes with Batman taking on the
guilt of Harvey Dent and when Batman takes on the guilt of Harvey Dent it
stops the spirits of Gotham from breaking when he takes on the guilt
because he can do it because he can take it when he takes on Harvey’s guilt
Harvey remains the white knight to Gotham City nothing less Knight
to me that’s a very messianic picture because in the battle for our souls we
have an advocate and we have an accuser and that accuser wants to tempt us from
the light into the dark making the dark look so enticing when we sin when we
fall when we yield and go into the darkness
the accuser bin comes and just rips into us and condemns us for falling period
but we have an advocate and first John chapter 2 it says this but if anyone
does sin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ the righteous one
and he himself is the atoning sacrifice for our sins and not only for our sins
but for the whole world it’s amazing to think about that Jesus took on that role
of taking our guilt but you see Batman all he did was take Harvey’s guilt Jesus
became our guilt he became the curse and Galatians chapter 3 it says he became
the curse so that we can be set free from the curse so he literally became
our guilt and in his death our guilt was paid for it it was dealt with it’s done
in his resurrection we get a brand-new life in other words we stand in front of
God innocent period some when we let him in
our lives we truly do become something brand-new that stands in front of God
completely guiltless when you watch the dark night what do you think of this
movie what picture do you see in it let’s talk about that in the comments
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  1. Love these videos! But personally I think Tim Burton's first 2 Batman movies (along with Aquaman and Wonder Woman) are better than this trilogy.

  2. I really enjoy the Dark Knight, but I have to admit I do prefer Batman Begins. I really like the real world/dark tone of the Dark Knight, but I sadly think Warner Bros learnt the wrong lesson from it. I'd love to see a future DCEU Batman film make a villain just as compelling as the Dark Knight's Joker or Two-Face, maybe Deathstroke or Penguin, to show juxtaposition between what Bruce Wayne became over what he could've become, either as a Batman that resembled Deathstroke or a Bruce Wayne that resembled Penguin.

  3. I can’t wait for your glass review a lot of people did not like the ending but I thought it was an amazing ending also I liked glass better then split and unbreakable

  4. So I love these videos man! Keep it up! One reason being I love Jesus, but also my friend and I used to go and see a lot of movies together. And we would always try to see if there was ever any spiritual significance in the stories and so I still do that now. But I say all that because I find it interesting that most all great films, with great stories, have a good deal of spiritual significance in them. It's just cool to me to see stories clearly inspired by the bible, create classic modern films! 👍🤘

  5. Hmm what should I do for my next theological analysis video? Wait, what about the best movie ever! lol
    BTW, hope you do one for the Dark Knight Rises. I don't usually like looking at things as allegorical, but DKR has some pretty stunning similarities to – well, certain theological stories.

  6. Gotta feel for the creators of this film. They put their heart and soul into creating one of the greatest films in cinematic history, and lost to Slumdog Millionaire for Best Picture because the Oscars have a bias against comic films. :/

  7. Wow,great video.The two boats proving Joker wrong stood out to me last time I watched it.You should cover Mask of the Phantasm,maybe talk about living with pain or dealing with deception.Id love to see you do that.

  8. The Dark Knight is my favourite film of all time. Masterpiece. Also keep up the great work. Your channel deserves more attention and I'm sure it will get there if you keep producing content like this.


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