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hello and welcome to another episode of from Protestant to Catholic today I'm gonna do a quick overview over the daily Roman Missal now this book you want to make sure it's for the ordinary Mass and that the extraordinary Mass extraordinary Mass will have like 1962 on it 62 sorry about that 1962 this one says according to Roman Missal third edition in case you can't read that this book is a MacGyver book of Catholic faith teaching you about the mass but also giving you a decent rounded overview of how you're to live your Catholic life let me go ahead and open up and give you at least a little bit of an idea of some of the images you'll see and here we just do go through the table of contents start off and the second part here or this third part this lower part the order of mass I keep this white ribbon they do give you plenty of ribbons so let me look yet plenty of ribbons it tells you how the mass starts and each page it'll go through an order that the mass follows now it doesn't mean that they're gonna do every single thing every time but the order of mass tells you how mass works now it tells you how mass works but they're gonna be reading scripture well that's where the proper of time comes in from basically page one to seven 1723 you have basically these things let me try to find one here fifth week of easter year b which if it was 2018 it's 2019 in this video but the first reading that they would read is Acts chapter 9 verses 26 to 31 then they would do a song where they would sing but they're not just singing a song to singing Psalms chapter 22 then they'll come into a second reading which is first John 3:18 chapter 3 verses 18 through 24 then they'll sing hallelujah but then they'll say something in the middle they're not just making a random state minutes John chapter 15 verses parts of verses 4 & 5 then double do to gospel I was reading with John chapter 15 verses 1 through 8 then at the end of this that's when the person will kind of speak a little bit so that's a proper time but let's say one day like this is a day to dirt dedicating to a certain Saint well here's the proper of Saints and you'll see January to December here so you can you have many ribbons to keep up so you can keep up with that as well so they might do out of ordinary time or you know the other part or they might do off of a sink which you know is like look apparent to the 1800s April 24th Saint Fidelis priest and martyr and it'll give you a little bit of information about their life and to collect in the first readings Colossians 2 Psalm is Psalms 34 the statement in the middle of the Alleluia is john 13 and then the gospel is john 17 now you notice this one only had one reading and a gospel where the other one had two readings on sundays they'll do two readings but on weekdays they'll generally only do one of one reading now from there you have like the Commons ritual masses masses and prayers for various needs and occasions vote of masses masses for the the dead you know obviously the ritual masters is for the marriage you know for decent marriages for different events in time of war civil disturbance so different masters for different needs say if they felt the need came up you would have the information but this book just isn't about mass and the next page devotions and prayers how to be a better Catholic universal call to holiness to sacraments give so the Holy Spirit's Beatitudes Christian prayer it gives you a bit of theology and it gives you a rundown of basically how did you should try to live your life to be holy they don't teach you basic prayers and it gives you a lot of prayers on what to pray you have your morning prayers you have your midday prayers and your evening prayers prayers for the Pope Psalm chapter fifty this is your preparation for mass before mass I will do two before mass of st. Thomas Aquinas and the aftermath of st. Thomas Aquinas no right or wrong here as far as I'm concerned you know just use it you know Eucharistic Adoration have you ever gone to church and the people like you're looking at either you know priests whoever's the preacher is and you just they're disturbing you uh I don't know how to say it's like you can't worship your mind they keep your mind keeps wandering off because you're looking at people Eucharistic Adoration at least the way I've taken it it's such a wonderful thing because you look at what represents Jesus you look at you know where they're holding the bread because that you know is to be the body of Christ so quit looking at the people go through the mass you know listen to what they're saying but when you look look at Jesus and remembered the whole reason you're there you're there to worship God guides to a good confession devotions to the bust eternity devotions to our Lord Jesus Christ motion to the Holy Spirit to the Virgin Mary st. Joseph different it gives you different things like the devotions to the Virgin Mary we'll teach you how to pray the rosary de novia is in here the Immaculate Conception this teaches so much you know and that seems to come to an end of it but I might be given this al underwhelming amount of attention because it you know theological virtues there is so much in this book and you can see this is a massive massive book but this isn't a kind of book that you sit and read this is the kind of book that you use this is the kind of book where you find the morning prayers and you have your ribbon there and you watch that the green one and there it is in the morning prayer oh jesus thirty Michael Heart of Mary I offer you my prayers works joys and sufferings of this day for all intentions of your Sacred Heart and union with the Holy Sacrifice of the mass throughout the world and Thanksgiving for your favors and reparation for my sins for the intentions of all my relatives and friends and in particular for the intentions of the Holy Father amen you know something to pray when you wake up in the morning deep it becomes a way of life and it teaches you a way of life and you know if you're just wanting to go to church on Sunday and that's the end of your spirituality that's fine but if you want to keep going deeper and deeper and deeper in God then this book is invaluable to you because you think you've gone deep enough and this will show you you got a whole ocean to reach but this is the daily Roman Missal and this is the first book I would definitely encourage you to get because this dives you straight in to a Catholic way of life may peace be with you god bless have a good day thank you for watching

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