The Church’s Youth programs reorganized

Posted By on October 10, 2019

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints are reacting to changes to the youth programs of the
Church. The news came as members all around the world gathered for the 189th
annual conference. Newsline reporter Eliza
Fellows attended the conference this weekend, and she has the details. People ages 11-18 will see major
changes on how their classes are run and who leads them. “These adjustments will help
bishops and their counselors focus on their core responsibilities to the youth
and primary children.” Sister Bonnie H. Cordon, the president of the Young
Women’s program, announced a brand new Young Women’s theme and new class
organizations. “Stay close to them, but don’t take over. The Spirit will guide
you as you guide them.” She emphasized the practice of calling class presidencies
among the young women and giving them more opportunities for leadership. Aaronic
Priesthood quorum changes were detailed in the Saturday afternoon session by
Elder Quentin L. Cook of the twelve apostles. Young men presidencies are now
discontinued so local bishops can more directly lead and mentor youth. “Place the
power and duties of the Aaronic Priesthood at the center of every young
man’s personal life and goals.” Both young men and young women will now attend a
youth conference that’s led by the bishop of their ward. It was also
announced that the youth budgets will be evenly distributed between the young men
and young women’s programs. “I think the biggest difference will be
that the youth will have more personal one-on-one time with the bishopric
and able to work through their problems and be able to accomplish the things
that they’re facing and the challenges that they’re facing.” “I think the new changes to Young Women’s are so cool. I think they were inspired by God to President Nelson.” “And I know it’s neat because I know other youth will be our power in our church.” Reporting from the Conference Center from Newsline, I’m Eliza Fellows. Thanks, Eliza.

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