The Church Of What's Happening Now: #685 - Duff McKagan

when I was about 19 1983 around there one of my buddies uh dad was fucked up he was like a degenerate gambler type drunk type and he I guess his father had gone to Atlantic City and came back out off the bus in Union City and he went into the fucking bus station of the cab place complaining talking shit and they threw him out they spit slapped him or whatever so my friend it was a sweetheart of a guy came to the bar we were hanging out he goes guys I'm gonna pinch my father got beat up I want to go down and avenge his fuckin beatin get in the fucking car and I buy drinks later he was like a bartender so he was gonna take care of us so myself ferny Pelican like two carloads of people go down we pull up and he gets our first nice or the orchestrator he's the Steven Seagal I just came down here to have backup I'm going in there first because I'm going in there give me the fucking bat so he takes a bat now this place the the desks of the cab company and all this shit I guess it was a cab company that the guy bit slapped him was facing the Sun so they would put like a sheet on the window and the glass so you really couldn't see inside what was going on it was like tinted windows we could tell it there was people in there so my friend John take stab at me he knows I'll be back and he walks in and we could see that he goes in and he swings the bat one time and the guy smacks him takes the bathroom and hits him on the head with the fucking his the guy comes out holding his head you know and then we are like half laughing shit like what the fuck happened and my buddy asked me goes what happened to you who are you Mickey Mantle because he was holding onto his hand anyway I thought it was funny when it happened was 30 years ago gives a fuck greetings on podcast Ville you bad motherfuckers the Church of what's happened now is brought to you by time is money baby stop wasting your precious time going to the post office when you can send letters and packages right from your desk 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was pregnant with but Lily when my Susan was pregnant with May so they we had to pregnant you know wives together and and had little babies so his oldest daughter is Susan's yeah Lily is 18 the one he was bringing on stage and singing with her and saying I that's his second oldest daughter no shit yeah so you knew those guys that was he really a cook at one of those places herself Sam change that Roy's bait house it's actually raised boathouse raised bold and color yeah Royce bait and then there was what was the other one that just sold Sam and shit like that Ivers Ivers yeah I was just killer yeah I mean that's how you like if you were a punk rock kid or whatever in Seattle you did construction and you were cook you were in the back so he started as a dishwasher because we had blue hair we had whatever we weren't presentable to the be a waiter a busboy you had to work back pan the line and so all of us probably are great cooks to this day you know and you knew him you knew the guys from Alice in Chains gym guys Alice chase guys I met later cuz they were down in Tacoma mainly like when they were starting up I left in 84 I'd heard about Allison change starting up I did meet them when I moved to LA in 84 and when those bass started to get big Pearl Jam Alice Soundgarden I was like the Seattle welcoming committee you know so the first time Alice came and played in LA I play at godless agent played well then they came to my house afterwards for like three days Pearl Jam guys as well so I knew yeah of course I I mean Seattle you've lived in Seattle yes and and you lived there back in the 90s it was very kind of provincial you know very close-knit music community it was that way in the 80s in Seattle was kind of way off the beaten track especially in the eighties you know before the internet and all of that punk bands would come through Black Flag came to do a of course from Vancouver BC but we were way up there and people thought we lived in teepees and you know whatever in the eighties and that made this really close-knit music community we were always sharing ideas and sharing equipment and garages to rehearse in their basements or whatever and you know it rains there so you spend your time in basements honing your craft and creating weird music that you know the rent no it's the rest of the countries into DC had their scene with Minor Threat in Bad Brains la had their scene San Francisco had their scene Seattle had his scene but nobody else knew about it until it kind of broke in 88 not even know Seattle existed the SuperSonics playoffs in like 79 when I was a young I was there I went to one game with that Jack Sikma Jack Sikma just going in the Hall of Fame my favorite player was downtown Freddie fucking brown come on drinking a brown bag at the end of the bench he shit what the coach would put him in like Freddie brown with down 8 go do your thing he was built chubby 5 foot like 9 they've had him at 6 1 I was alive Dan it was like 5 foot 9 yeah my Dennis Johnson Dennis Johnson you had the wizard his brother Gus Williams no man Oh Ray William was his brother he was playing in New York Seattle when I was a kid that's how I first got attention to Seattle yeah yeah I was like that that place is fucking nuts and I'd watch downtown Freddie Brannon who did they lost to the bullets no we want do you beat the bullets that's what it was okay we might have lost a year before okay some thought we wondered that was our only championship until the Seahawks won the Super Bowl that was our only like Seattle championship was the 79 superstar is in that Stadium the Seahawks like the loudest Stadium in the NFL or something they're kind of designed it Seattle is loud do you know like rock concerts and everything it's always been like this and I think that's built out of like because we are so far up there that we wanted to make sure like bands knew that we appreciated them and the same as is with like sports like the Sonic's games or the loudest and then they kind of took this loudness of Seattle and constructed this football stadium where the seats come doesn't make good radio but I'm making Abby's a steep v-shape it just comes straight down to the field so it feels like the fans are on top of you and and it's sonically super loud it was weird because that will brought my attention to Seattle I liked how they played basketball so I'm like I'm gonna have to go up there mm-hmm I have to go up there just cuz of the basketball good team in 95 Oh kid now I'm a fucking kid you know I'm uh 13 12 when they first went 77 down where it's a men's yeah we're opening you saw him being a kid playing basketball I would write down Gus Williams just move and go to the basketball court I shit you know there was no Cameron those days on your phone and playing right down the moon I'd write down the move oh I'd watch amazing and I put like a number to it the whole thing and then I looked at when I got into comedy in 91 the best logo in comedy was Seattle like somebody had put may put time into this fucking logo and it's like the towers the twin there's something dug the sky whatever the fuck it is specially the Space Needle it was like a face on top of the needle and they bent over I'm like you know what man I've always wanted to go to see how this will be it for comedy and then bubble the music yeah yeah then once the fucking music I was living in Denver and I'm like I gotta get to Seattle I mean I this is the weirdest story I'm gonna hit the Seattle I hit the Seattle and I made a fuckin grown in Michigan she goes I'm going to Seattle and I was like you know fucking honest I mean I was like come get me in Boulder yes she sure fucking Wow and and picked me up and both we went to Seattle and by the time I got up there you know Soundgarden was huge yeah you guys were the kings all right 95 you guys want top of fucking well yeah I mean and that's what's crazy like by the time all that Seattle music came out fucking constant roses just you yeah Mike one of my all-time favorite videos is sweet child of mine MTV didn't really have a lot of videos that year and sweet child of mine who was on MTV 2 times an hour every fucking hour and I mean I was gonna get locked up that August I was going away to prison and that's all I did all something was work go home and watch MTV and even when I got locked up I took that cassette him with me nice of Appetite for Destruction what a fucking what a life you've had so you got a GED like me what made you quit high school in the tenth grade I was playing music I mean back then you did do-it-yourself punk rock tours I was in a band that started like going up and down the coast and going other places school wasn't really like you know 8:30 to 3 o'clock school wasn't conducive with me having a job cuz you have to have a job if you want to be in a band you got a bike gear you got a Brent you know whatever you got to do so I was the last eight kids to I think by that time my mom she saw that I was when I said I'm gonna leave school I I was gonna go to alternative school right but didn't have a lot of those when we were growing up they had Nova and this place called Nova so I I got into Nova and I didn't really go I that's when I just I kind of became a lifer in music when once I left like the high school was when I said okay well you've made this big movie better be all in you know you can't just quit school and be some loser dude so I really went all-in on I was playing drums then I was playing guitar then I'm based in I was trying to figure out which I was gonna was gonna be my one wasn't was I gonna be a drummer about the same time I'm about sixteen years old heroin came into the Seattle this is 80 what 81 late 81 early 82 and it really kind of this brown tar heroin came in to Seattle and kind of took out everybody out playing with it didn't hit me I done drugs and stuff earlier like really young age like middle school you probably did too it's our age group 12 that's well right we moved onto acid acid sixth grade yeah yeah mescaline members the cannabinol can never know we had everything and in Seattle we could pick mushrooms on the way home from school you know but we knew how to discern liberty caps from every other mushroom by the time you're 13 years old you're expert on like mushrooms and so by the time I was 16 I kind of went straight edge I'd had like a really bad acid trip I had a really bad mushroom trip I'm like okay I'm done I started having panic attacks then I thought it was from all the psychedelics so I I wasn't like going to AAA meetings I just stopped everything and it was just so into music and that's what I that was my drug about the same time heroin came in and it took out like guys my band this band we just like we were poised to make that next move we toured with Black Flag we toured Dead Kennedys which is you're on your way up in that day and age right my my roommate that I had a house with he got strung out 18 my girlfriend got strung out and at 19 I was at this this point so it's 1984 and a friend of mine was strung out he said man if you don't leave now and you gotta go somewhere you gotta get out of here you're like our hope you know you know my little group of friends and my car I didn't think would make it it was a 71 maverick slant six engine I bought for 300 bucks like okay New York's 2,500 miles away or whatever it was la is 1200 I've been to LA I played so I said it south I moved to LA no how long would you do the first couple of months in LA I mean I was busy I got a job first at Black Angus first day I was here like on the way I drove in submariner was I drove up drove into down over the grapevine got into Northridge the 405 right got northwards I see lights I must be in LA I didn't really know the layout of LA I'd only played like the Cafe de granted in Hollywood and and some other you know so I'm here and I pull off way out there and get a job at the Black Angus I'm in LA I could I had resume I was cook you know I had a good resume with I got a job right there I've been driving for whatever 20 hours but when you're 19 you can do anything so I got a job after that shift I worked right then you started yeah yeah got a job what are you gonna do I'll give me some time no you stuck okay I got a job I only had like 260 bucks so I didn't have enough to get an apartment I knew there would be a little swing time in there so after that shift a guy and older cook they confront line cook I said how far is Hollywood he asked me if I give him a ride home may I give you write him was Hollywood premiere he said Hollywood man that's like 25 miles okay so he gave me directions and I went to Hollywood that night slept in my car for the first couple weeks like washed up work you know finally was able to get apartment it's the cheap place behind the Chinese Theatre the Olympics had just left LA the Summer Olympics of 80 Couric's yeah so what I didn't know you know now I have all this this this great leisure of of retrospect right this great knowledge of retrospect the 84 Olympics what the LAPD and had done it cleaned out LA you ever heard about this day yes I was here I would I came before the over here I came and I my uncle said he'd get me a job with the phone company okay the Olympic now comedy was not on my radar right nothing entertainment was not on my radar I like movies shit like that but there was no way it was on my radar and I came I think I stayed a week and then we got into a beef he said I don't think you really want to stay for the job and I left but then I was here and I saw I was just in shock I had come to LA a lot when I was a kid to visit my uncle my mom would send me the Disneyland SeaWorld and all that shit but when you live on the East Coast your impression of him is beaches and blondes and bitches and next thing you know I'm saying fucking I'm in Glendale with it looks worse than Newark New Jersey right and I'm like what the fuck is this is a pipe dream right there's a beach but there's all this other land that looks like a bomb fucking hit it you know yeah so what our disagreement I got the fuck out of here but I didn't I would have to go around on him buses and I saw how filthy it was like I got I went to Halle one day with him you gotta pick up music or something and I looked around on Hollywood no Mike this is fucking Hollywood but yeah it was just awful yeah so what the I guess what the it's well known now but the cops came in and they they cleaned out Holly wouldn't cleaned out the place where people for the Olympics would be they want to make La look great and so that they I guess they shipped like homeless people that the Arizona or Orange County got the hookers out got the drug dealers out cleaned it up for that whatever it is two months that the Olympics are here and that unbeknownst to me I moved right after the Olympics September 14th and the cops just left and so everything came back into Hollywood is like the Wild West and I got but the good side of that was rent was super cheap nobody wanted to live there and so I got an apartment for I mean wasn't cheap to me 200 bucks a month was a lot of money but I had my own place was cockroach infested there was the you know the police helicopters all night long like just you know it'd be right next to my apartment everything whatever's going down I hear people running by my window you know there's bars on the windows it's culture shock from Seattle for sure but that first so I got a job yes what I did there was a news called the recycler which was Yuki and everything from you know washing machines and lawnmowers cars it's still around this is it might be still around it comes in like little magazine things as you're walking out Hollywood you can open it up and write and they had musicians wanted musician things in the back and I went through this like what am I gonna do and there was a guy named slash influent needed a bass player I had a bass that had a don't think I had I meant add a little amp and it influences our Aerosmith and fear and Alice Cooper I'm like that's right up my alley punk rock was the hardcore kind of come in and taking punk rock out of what it originally was which was this kind of open thing where everybody was invited into this more restrictive uniformed thing by eighty-four punk rock was turned into this other thing well documented so I looked at this Aerosmith fear Alice Cooper the guy's name was slash and I thought my name is Duff you know I'm he's a punk rock guy now look them to make whatever's next ours and I went met slash and Steven Adler down at the Cantor's restaurant they had a bottle of vodka and we just talked about music I'd blue hair they had this long hair and it was that again was kind of culture shock I'm sure I was me walking in with like this I had this my pride I still have this black and red like John shaft pimp long leather jacket and blue hair it had Anarchy AAA on the back of the second you know classic and so I think we probably shocked each other but we all talked to sing language as far as music went and I went to slash served me back to his house that night he blocks away his mom's house he'd played guitar and I'm like you're not old enough to play like this like I've never seen anybody play like he plays like he does now he played like that then how old was he that with nineteen she you all kids yeah and a you know again I told you before we started this like slash mom was really like cool and generous with me and I mean I didn't feel like a young kid she saw me as a you know a boy alone in LA up to me had toured punk rock tour has done all this stuff I was ready for what is Evers next but she was remained in my life and my wife and kids I had to come later on in their lives too but then I met Izzy things happened pretty quick you know is he moved into the shitty apartment building across the street for mine I saw this guy looks like Johnny Thunders he's got like the long pimp jacket – he's at the phone booth and we talked and because I'm starting this band me and my friend is this singer Axl and I'd seen slash had taken me to see this gig at the troubadour or Axl as the singer of early version of Elly guns and I saw this guy come out and he was like Henry wrong you know he was that intense him real and like I backed up a few steps like one of those guys and I loved I still to this day I love the people guys are girls that scare me somewhat you know where I take a couple steps back because that I love that intensity Iggy had that you know Henry Rollins had that Bad Brains had that Axl has that anyhow long story short we started playing all five of us together within maybe four months of me being here so now it's 85 it's 85 I think our first gig ever was a June of 85 I could be completely wrong someone's gonna call and say he's totally wrong but I think it was June any type of this of that five now at this time Motley Crue's was ripping it up a monic said strip well different world that was like they were huge all those family crew rat mmm all those tiny atoms were ripping it up at that time yeah they were a few years older than us right I think we really thought whatever we were gonna do was gonna be completely different we were gonna start something new and there was that was wasn't much of an age difference but was we had called it kind of come up in a different time than they had or they have even the five years difference of AIDS was huge huge so we definitely were being our own thing like we weren't paying attention to Motley Crue or or or rat or anything that was going on on the Sunset Strip which if you came here in 84 you saw the posters and uh you know like it was it was weird you know the kind of almost corporate rock rock bands you know to to us it seemed that way they had money to make posters and all this like elaborate stage show and and we were really more edgy and connected I think to the street cuz that that's where we lived you know we had a we eventually got a place together behind the Guitar Center it was just a room wasn't a garages it was psych-out it was a storage space it's still there it's still there still though I lived on Gardner okay you might move to Gardner 96 eight that's the first I mean that was hookers in front of the building and you know I was fucking this guy was a trader or gardener gardener guard got it there right other done garden yeah gardener curse on yeah but our Sierra Bonita yeah and Vista yeah those are the stream then get out compadre across yeah yeah which up my wife and I we were we were visiting shooter we'll get into shooter in a minute I'm sure but shooter was producing shooter and Brandi Carlo or producing Tanya Tucker record at sunset sound so they they invited Susan I to come by come and meet Tanya and check out this song so we go down this only a couple months ago so we're down there we have a good time my wife's drinking tequila with Tanya Tucker it's just amazing you know Tanya whatever force that woman is and Susan and I leave it like let's get something it's going to el compadre haven't been there since the eighties no let's go and we get there they're ballet parking now yes you know this yes I would find it it's finance that's why I don't stop no more yeah cuz they have valet parking Aaron you know it was a fucking wild wild west totally you go in the bathroom is coke on the floor fucking they would close I love my coke there yeah it's a crazy place but I I used to stop there Mondays and I get the chicken burrito sure fucking delicious by Kurt Fox comic go to get the chicken burrito yeah no good thing at the chicken burrito of it and it's just but now the margaritas were super strong yeah the margaritas will fuck you up yeah and so we went to go there my wife and I and there would Paul I'm like I got the secret entrances in the back in the alley I go in the back in the alley that's where like this is the outside lounge there's valet parking there there's like sir that's a 45-minute wait like what 45 minutes so we didn't end up going yeah it's busy there yeah that's where professional zone everybody else goes to the standard that wants to mingle if you want to get fucked up yeah and see the devil you gotta get out compadre and meet crazy women and the way this is doing blow it makes itself still but can't get your order of food because the way the forgot he's in the back cut the gram and when he comes me he's fucking sweating the guy playing the guitar was the coke salesman so he would come to the table and you throw money into the hole and he would pop his arm and a coke rock will fall out and he goes it was crazy I've seen them carry out who's the big time director now that did pop for a cantina I seen him carry him out of there like somebody had punched him with a hammer like two Mexicans had him around there Sheldon they would just drag him they took the keys out of his pocket just drove in the front seat that's how crazy I've seen that place yeah I mean when we were there this is 85 86 it really it was just like our Clubhouse like el compadre across the street when we had enough money to go or so he said we'll take you over to el compadre but yeah it wasn't we could just walk in then yes you know in the daytime it's wide open you can't afford cocaine so I didn't know if the waiters are at the cocaine was coaching horses still there was there at that time two blocks up I don't know in curse on we didn't wander up you just stayed behind the guitar Santa sunset green you know to me yeah all that yeah daddy's was down the block yeah we filthy fucking Denny's answer it's the it's that rest of my roma aroma now it's not Denny's anymore no what do I know a cross had a guitar center that way its yeah he was a filthy Danny yeah but it's 99-cent breakfast yes it was no no it wasn't filthy as the sense of the food I was in a like late night one night some crack hooker just sat next to me it's not playing with my hair that type of yeah oh yeah like we're eating breakfast somebody just sits next day and says do you want to date that type of fucking dirty it was dirty in there oh yeah pee if you can't handle like you got it you already knew what you're getting yourself into I'm sure but if you uh yet nineteen I knew I was what I was getting myself into it was wow it was culture shock and outlay like none of that kind of stuff shocked me with the crack hooker like I moved my second apartment when I moved on up to it like a $260 apartment I moved up to Franklin and El Cerrito so now I'm out from behind I'm out of the cockroach building really bad cockroach problem like I got used to cockroaches crawling over you at night you get used to you got to sleep right you get used to whatever your environment is you turn the light on and get up with your la weekly try to like you know W thousand you know I got it but you got used to so I moved to this building without as many cockroaches and this is 80 whatever five or six and um sly still knows about me i this Disgaea helps me move into my apartment he lives next door to mine he goes what are you moving in hop you move it and it's this guitar player guy who became a really good friend help help me right he showed me open e tuning and i wrote it's so easy like that minute westart keen he was kind of connected to our band from that moment on till he passed away but he goes yeah man it's life stone was upstairs I grew up to sign the family stone but that was music of that the flavored my youth I was in playing in our house James gangs like the time stone look what do you mean he lives and this shit like JC he's got hookers and he's selling crack and stuff and that's why that was my first aha moment like I just thought signing the family like Sly Stone would be living off in some fancy mansion somewhere you know and that was a good lesson I of course ran into him he ducked into my apartment one time to take a hit of crack somebody was after him I'm like okay he gave me a demo tape one time and I wish I knew where that was it was a lot of us just crazy music but some of it was amazing I'm going down rabbit hole here rabbit hole say I'm sorry no no it's great but I'm like oh wow so Sly Stone that's here like what happened yeah crack that's what happen in that case but I don't know I was getting at what would the which is topological order before all right type of discharge it must be kind of crazy cuz when you move it like I've been here for eight years in LA and to most people that's nothing and it feels like not that much time but then when you look back at what you did you like oh shit like a lot of stuff has happened and to think about you like you you're talking about like your how you go back and forth between Seattle and I lay down and then hearing about a two hundred dollar month apartment where you got used to cockroaches much yeah just blows it blows my mind it's like wow so yeah well you went through when you're starting is crazy man I got impetigo I thought I'd because I had my piece-of-shit car I always had to work on the engine like you know I remember replacing a master cylinder I didn't know you had to keep the things under pressure master cylinders your brake thing you have to keep the hoses under pressure so I pull out I go to the junkyard find a master cylinder the match is mine right cost me 30 bucks I'm gonna bring it back I'm gonna take out the old master cylinder and put in the new one that's for your brakes right but the hoses and the brake fluid you have to keep under so I take this thing out at all this brake fluid goes flying so then you have to find remember those books on your your car's right remember your car is yellow you guys see all the fucking equipment that's needed and what's what it cost and it'll tell you what you gotta do like you gotta keep things under pressure and if you've lost the pressure you got to do this whole thing my point – that is not how to fix a master cylinder 71 goddamn maverick it's uh it said I thought I like I rubbed up on battery acid like at the battery too many times I started getting these like what seemed like battery burns all over me and it was I met some woman and her dad was a doctor and he said okay get battery acid burns on it like it's like I'm my waistline like you use you know whatever was baby powder something's tried dad it got worse she's like oh you should buy go to free clinic or so her dad was a pharmacist that's what it was it's all coming back to me now I put the impetigo out of my fucking brain and but I go you get when you're extremely dirty I go this free clinic and I've been keeping myself clean you know but my apartment was fucking dirty like you couldn't clean the felt out of this fucking place and in impetigo it's like I think third-world babies get it's this like bacteria so I got empat I go for that first apartment wasn't battery acid burns and then to you was it exciting to be in Hollywood even though you were in that shitty apartment like who's that North Ridge was that's like they like it it's like the Sun I got they put yeah yeah like what were you like super excited to be there I'm like okay I'm in Hollywood it wasn't like the movie I wasn't in Hollywood for the movies I wasn't in Hollywood for I didn't know what fancy stuff was I didn't grow up with fancy stuff so all of that was out of my head like those you didn't go up in the hills because that was fancy stuff up there might as well not even go look at it I was here for one reason that was I was a lifer in music and I was there to find my band you know so having my own apartment was yes much better than live in my car yeah yeah you have any doubts at that time look any doubts about going to see Alan you always could get a job at Roy whatever's and cook no I couldn't yeah I couldn't come back with you know my tail between my proverbial legs you know what I mean I had to do it and I'm I you know people have asked me like what do you tell young musician I mean if you I couldn't breathe if I wasn't doing music and I tell anybody young if you if it makes it hard for you to breathe to not do music then you're doing the right thing you know if you've got some back-up plan this isn't gonna work it's not gonna work if you got okay I didn't have an option for college and have an option for things you know which was that I wasn't morning that wasn't like I didn't know any different none of my other brothers and sisters had the option either they went into Vietnam they wouldn't yeah whatever so no I was totally dead setting that I was sure of myself and with what talent I had I knew at least knew out of like spot other talent I think was and I saw Axl when when is he said acts I booked starting this band with my friend Axl they've come out from Indiana so I knew they were in it too they had no backup plan you wanted to find those people and like Axl man I saw that guy it got super intense and met Axl grew a mouth we started playing and we got slashing and Steven in and that was it the moment we played our first and you rehearse tree behind gardener that we finally got that sock back to the room we're in Silverlake yeah and then we got that spot which I think that spot was like 300 bucks a month or four out of bucks a month but no bathroom no kitchen no just storage just to pull go in there and lock yourself in and play and live yeah Wally's yeah at certain times all of us our gears that we built we went to a construction site installed some lumber and built flew in the joyed the place wasn't much goodness no no no I know those garage yeah built a little loft above our ramps like a sleeping loft just tremendous what was the first time you saw any successful Guns N'Roses when did you feel you were on the right fucking path um well that was we just kept writing songs at that point and playing little gigs three people you know 5 and the 3 people was like Westar Keane his girlfriend and the guy that's you know our buddy who has a big enough card progeria but we started we just kept writing songs and playing more and more acts was super he's like he's super driven guy he just had a bigger um world view or our band like he's like work that we're going this is gonna be our next step in the next step and like okay that sounds amazing I don't know we're just writing songs in our shitty little place and but we started drawing more and more people and getting better gigs and it was so like to us like it didn't it happened over we made like a mailing list we had that we did all this stuff to like push our band we'd go after fans you know like keep on them get their address mail and pliers so you know get the money for poachers poachers stamps and all you do is fold up the flyer tape the top put a stamp in their address and mail it to but uh we toured we made you know we got signed to Geffen on the stipulation we could I hope we had all artistic you know last word on everything nobody could touch our music that we could we would pick the producer would pick the mix we did everything pick the singles all of that so that was a good fee wasn't success necessarily yet and we toured for a year and a half on the record opening for everybody you know like seven people coming to see your band and we started to break in in UK and that was a great feeling over there go ahead and play we went and played the marquee which is tiny and then the next time we played we sold out Hammersmith Odeon which is a big theater and that's quite a jump so that was maybe the first time I felt like oh we saw up the Hammersmith Odeon and we were going over to Japan Australia Australia and getting some sub moment there in the u.s. was such a big market really commercial you know it's like roxette's Madonna Whitesnake with that big record that we were nothing like leopard has a big album Def Leppard 8687 yeah you guys released in 88 correct 87 87 yes Emma maybe seven or something I think it was of June of 87 when the album took a long time to catch on if you thought we came out in 88 cuz it took a year and a half it took because I got sentenced in 88 and by that time you guys were off and running right everybody knows the fuck dungeon roses oh yeah I bumped into I bumped into slash when I first moved here I had a couple was a pseudo comedy club on Sunset and st. much when I saw him again at The Comedy Store didn't say much then I got on a plane with Rogen to go to Vegas 98 maybe and I saw him on the fucking flight with us I didn't say nothing I went to a hotel that night I have insomnia I had no weed in Vegas no money I was broke and I said let me just go for a walk and I saw slash there's a kind of a game convention or hmm a comic book or something to do with something you know and he was at the bar and I that's when I said he's by himself let me go up to him to ask and I'm told I remember going you know I loved your albums but what really happened with Axl and you know he could have told me to go fuck myself and he goes you're a comedian radical yeah it was a you hungry right now are you I go yeah I'm a long time you gonna remember these times so when you get successful you can look at this and see that you did the work that's all that counts I want you to remember that you did the work you know that you put in the hours I'm not resonated with me yeah this day it resonates a lot and from what you're telling me it seems like the guys that you got very lucky because the guys you in the bandwidth had the same dream you had or even more powerful that lifts you that's gotta be lifting yes the lines of ice and the year will no be playing the hammerschmidt whatever the fucking you're like how much dope did you do last night but then you go home and you like maybe he's got a point yeah you know somebody asked me about this and I've never fortune maybe I don't know if luck if there's luck involved you put in there the work you put in the 20-hour days you know day after day we were hurt twice a day we were all in like we didn't have hobbies we didn't have other things that were outside it was all about the band and you were like a family that yeah yeah you guys just not together fuck chicks together do drugs together starve together all of that put everything one into a pot that's that that's it that's a big thing to learn in life yeah we were separate from from we felt separate from everybody else in in Southern California not just LA and we were like this little gang you know protected each other but did all that stuff and so you know we I think we wrote the right so we're really super hard on ourselves but what's writing we wanted the best thing you know you got your you get your feelings hurt a lot in a band situation you're not a solo artist right this is like everybody's wanting to make that song the best so that riff that you just brought in you just something in your band just like side comment that sucks you know and you're moving on you got you can't you got to grow a thick skin and and serve like the song and serve the band and so when our kind of number was up it wasn't a lucky break we had just done all the work and you know maybe fortunate that that the timing of our songs the subject matter struck a chord with the rest of when it finally got out struck a chord with the rest of the rock world you know the kids our age these were we were it was finally kind of like a truthful voice of what was really going on in life kind of like the NWA record was a couple years later you know so I think that was it you know but we were all super driven like we would have done anything for the band was a weird that you found like it sounds like these people were the first people that you met in LA like to me it would seem that you would go through like five six different bands before you know I was I played I was playing with other people in Seattle Bernal age in LA okay I I was you know I was meeting a lot of people / wasn't the only person I found okay I just like you like opened it up saw him and went to K nur's and that was it no there was no real idol time in my life you know I'd work finally got a job in Hollywood so I was playing music all the time but this was the thing once I think once it was axel Izzy we started playing together it wasn't slashing Steven at first it was it two other guys / – Steven Wilbur Traci guns no Traci guns and this guy Rob Gardner when guns first okay right and we'd book is in that book this is kind of punk rock tour because I was used to doing this this West Coast I knew other Club guys in the crash houses where we could crash ships all done we had a guy who would drive our gear we got a u-haul trailer and and that that was kind of the like shit-or-get-off-the-pot moment for for guns in the history our history Traci and Rob but just like a bad but I'd never done like a tour and like didn't put these are punk rock tours then we're not like exactly new were you're gonna sleep that night you didn't know exactly how you're gonna eat but I'd done it so many times there is he an expert like okay let's go we got gigs let's go and those two guys Robin and Tracy just right but basically last minute like we're not gonna do it that just sounds too you know winging it and to me that was normal like ice no these were normal things you did it's what you do and and that was I want to cancel in this to work man and that's when we got together with slash and Steven but more than that I'm what we got together with those two guys it was the first three chords we played it was like oh that was the best move ever made and we were off to the races when did that tour well we only made the first gig which was in Seattle a car broke down in Bakersfield so we hitchhiked the five of us to Seattle you know that's right we hitchhiked picked all five of you up 1,100 miles with a sect thousand miles we were eating onions out of the onion field and like Bakersfield and we had 37 dollars all right between us so we went to the truck stop and there was a trucker there God was tweaking out of his mind on crank he said so we need a ride we're going to Seattle because I'm going to Medford how much money guys guys DeLorean yeah I miss money yet we got 37 bucks I give me a 37 bucks and I'll take you to Medford and the guy was we all got in the cab you know like safer like our guitars and the guy did he got us too he dropped us off at one point in Sacramento was like a hundred and ten degrees man and we're at there like the Capitol building on the lawn there's water fountains and stuff and the trucker takes off for like he's dumping us here man but he I think he just went to go get more crank and sure enough he came back around got us like an hour to God's to Medford we hitchhiked we've got one ride from Medford on the 405 you know Mexican guy with his little pickup but we got all got in the back and it was rubbing the tires he's like I'm sorry you guys he took us like five miles his back tires were smoking I'm sorry you guys.i it's gonna ruin my truck I wish you the best of luck and then these uh so we're out there you know now we're north of Medford somewhere and we're hitchhiking and that this this pickup truck a real one like a regular sized pickup truck with a cap in the back these two women in their 30s so they were old to us they said you guys were you going yeah he said we're going to Portland we could take you that far but this point I'm like okay I'm thinking I can call friend in Seattle come down to Portland to get us and we're get in the back of these this girl's pickup I'm just like that corrugated back you know cab but they had a window up to the front and they said you guys they said look we passed you guys and then we turned around and came back guy you because we used to hitchhike we're hippie girls nobody pick us up because the way we loves and we just did that to you we passed you and then we talked and we said we just passed people that well I got so we passed them for the same reason because they don't look you know they look different and they they're really sweet I I wish I would have remembered their names because they you guys hungry starving okay we're gonna stop and get some gas but you guys some sandwiches just come on in the store with us we got some beer you know she's just like angels picked us up and at that gas station that called collect and my friend Donner in Seattle I said man we're on a mission to check in since Bakersfield can you come get us in Portland he's like I'll do that and not only that I'll throw you guys a party when you get to stay out of like nobody's ever seen so we get to Portland there's Donner he picks us up these women drops off good luck guys you know never got the truckers name he was so tweaked down on meth I don't know we got Seattle there was like this house parties beyond house parties though as barbecue and you know bows and checks everything and it's like got a welcome my new friends you know see how like this is our band especially after that hitchhiking trip we were a band yeah like don't fuck around with us it's over yeah the gig we played and see how we are geared didn't make it cuz the car broke down so we borrowed the fastbacks gear who we're open up for a band I used to play and play drums in there was nobody there we sucked but didn't matter at that point didn't matter what songs were you doing that you remember I know you remember you were fucking genius well we were to it like we had jungle we had those shit yeah we had and we were playing like we have a new box set that came out last year and it has all these Sound City demos we did and that kind of gives you get an indication of what we were playing it like Heartbreak Hotel by almost like the speeded-up version reckless life off of our first EP nice place don't play rock and roll but Rose Tattoo we're playing covers but we had our own song we had a good grip by that point like eight or nine songs we played it probably don't cry jungle of course now in Seattle like 2000 people said they've been at that gig that first game we played well there was only actually three people there we sucked I'm glad people were at that show but that was uh and we got back to LA we couldn't do the rest of the tour because the guy with had the car with the u-haul and our gear the car never got fixed he was trying to get it fixed our hopes where he get it fixed meet us in Seattle would be able to do Portland Eugene Sacramento San Francisco but we never did but we made Seattle and we made our way back we did our a show somewhere when we got back because we had an ally gang at the end of the this tour and might have been at the troubadour I might've been opening on a Monday night for two other bands you know that's where you start there and we did it man we came back like changed people thing kind of any United pan and how long then you have to recognize don't cry you already had don't cry then why didn't you put that on appetite gradually yeah there was some songs from before I mean there was Axl started November rain he had this like thing all the way back then he had this PN like any time with things we didn't have piano right so any time we'd get around a piano he'd start playing this thing and he had like this this melody he might add in words but yeah when you don't have a piano like how you gonna develop a song and he did over the those like four or five years he developed by the time we made the Aleutians record he had this whole thing but there was bits and pieces to all kinds of songs we just sat on that I'm stood in that lived in that little room and just wrote song so don't cry yeah I was why didn't we put it out on appetite think probably sweet child but I took precedence I don't think we child's a remake right well you guys wrote that originally we wrote that we wrote okay yeah there was some loss I thought was a remake but no no I thought I had for some reason I just thought oh well fucking did it oh yes ice water that's who we Billy yeah yeah yeah listen Tom the ID on the plane the secular third Sheryl Crow my favorite mistake that out put it on that one that's what we just did it like an app for a soundtrack for some movie I remember getting the license request okay I think that's the first time so he made remade I was like ninety-four writer 98 was a 98 I had what I know my time you have so many like listen man you're why I wanted the gays you're not like most musicians her musician has their own path you do something that I believe in a lot I forget who said it now McCart are one of those guys and moving to air in the area with excellence you know you like you just said it earlier even though you were hanging out with slash and those guys you were hanging out with other guys too Oh like you've always been when did you cut out I mean you know in 1991 cons was the biggest sound in the world you know use Your Illusion one of the two came out November they hit and it's something like that mainly if you say so yeah yeah like wanted to and Burton I broke rice and I do a podcast about a year and a half ago and we went off on a guns like I didn't know Bert like guns Bert Kreischer do you know that comedian him and I just went off like we started playing videos like it wasn't even a podcast it was like yo I'm TV raps we just kept playing you know don't cry and all that use Your Illusion stuff we got so many fucking emails because a lot of people don't you know a lot of the young kids they didn't listen to that shit right you know they listen to that they listen to something else we got nobody hits I mean I loved MTV and even that you guys put those videos out you just flipped MTV they were like fucking ballads like a short movie it's like you know don't crime what was the other one November rain rain rain fucking beautiful I mean you guys just took videos and flip them now your first solo out was 93 yeah was it yeah 93 you're right right right the tail end so I was basically making demos really like for the next guns record or whatever but I I was a drummer right so I played drums on the record and I played bass and I play guitar I got some guest people come in but we were traveling on that illusions tour was was massive and I took a little solace like God out of the fray of the tour by going like getting little studios in Dallas or wherever the hell I recorded that record I was I was pretty out of it but I made wrote those songs and and I want him but led to to the next and some of that Gavin said we just put out a songwriter at the end of the solutions to her and you know if I were to look at myself then from where I am now I would said no you're gonna go get clean which did eventually happen to me so went out and toured straight after the two and a half years of illusions oh I had a band got a band together and we went out to back to Europe open up with scorpions on a big like tour did a bunch of our own shows did some LA I did some us dates we were set to go to Australia I think and the gigs were doing really well you know what Japan came back we were supposed to Australia and something like I was I just woke up on day I just bought my house in Seattle like finally back home on this is it man I finally got the house like in the neighborhood we used to steal cars from you know like the other side of the tracks I got a house tab we lived on the other side of the tracks but I the other side of the tracks for me was like this neighborhood on the water like with big houses and I was able to get this house there this house on the lake you know at least you still boats and cars and everything from the statehood and I got this house and I had like a bed my managers got me a big-screen TV back when they were huge so the box for that TV came in was my couch in this house like he's just sit on it right and he make it a couch and you know and I woke up one day and I had like what I thought was like a sharp kind of gasps pain and I've I'd rolled over like trying to get it out and of gasping it's just spread across my like whole midsection and drop down into like my right top of my quad and was everywhere and I couldn't I moved again and it spread like over across the rest of my intestines and I knew something was really wrong and I couldn't reach over to the I had a phone next to the bed and I couldn't reach good every movement just hurt it was like dull knives pouring into me and I couldn't reach the phone to call 9-1-1 and I just lay down I'm like what this is it whatever is wrong had no idea was wrong but then is it it's over you know that was kind of thinking that day would come she wasn't sure when and a lot of thoughts came to my head then like man part of my whole dream wasn't like when I was 16 17 and 18 saw my friends getting strung out like that wasn't part of my dream like becoming this bad it was just to play music was all the things I just told you about like moving to LA finding your band doing that thing being able to like hitchhike 1,100 miles and being aware and write the songs and do the stuff and do the work and here I was I couldn't reach the fucking phone next to my bed and my best friend and he's still my best friend we've been best friends since we were three he came out I heard him downstairs he came to my car was in the garage so he knew I was home my keys my wallet were downstairs so I'm here I'm like where are you man well he comes up the stairs and he sees me on the bed say oh fuck finally happened I was bad for a few years before that so he got me to uh there was a doctor like two blocks from my house an office but and this doctor his dad had birthed all of us kids so it's the doctors son had become a doctor go to the doctor's office and answer I couldn't talk right I could barely move like and even the car ride just getting down from my bedroom extremely extremely painful it took me in the docs office there was nobody in there the doctor came you know okay well how much is what's he been doing like what's his in sick I don't know you know it was like I wasn't there they were having this conversation I couldn't talk shot me up with two shots of Demerol I knew what that should do it didn't do shit and so they took Andy got me to Northwest Hospital doctor said you'll get him there faster than the ambulance if we call him I go now I'll meet you guys there and they got me into I mean I could I took me into the emergency room I was laying on the ground I couldn't move and they got me in and shut me up morphine and all kinds of stuff did it my doctor arrived they did have ultrasound they didn't know what's going on but he had an idea like I was alcohols if drugs and was checked my heart my pancreas it had expanded the size of a football burst so it was all the like the UH the enzymes that digest your food were on the outside so it was just eating up you know the outside intestines and stomach and quad muscles that's why I felt it down there and so what they do you know I mean it was very beyond serious at that point um my doctor they were gonna go in and take part of it out I'd be on dialysis at best if I didn't you know die of shock from the pain at first right I'm hearing all this stuff going I signed the guide the surgeon comes and I signed the thing I'm like just I told the guys to just kill me I can't take this like I'm on morphine now I'm starting to have withdrawals from alcohol right so they give me a Librium and the other arm right because you could die from alcohol withdrawals right this is all all fresh news to me as it's going down the pancreas bursts sizable football there's enzymes on the it's eating and they're gonna stay open up your stomach so let's team out to relieve some of the pain before you die you know okay but I just told the surgeon but just just kill me man I mean there's nothing left for me and they didn't so I've spent a night there like ice chips had Librium in one arm with the button right and I'd had a morphine in the other arm with a putt buttons on both of its just pressed the buttons continuously and the ice chips are I'm in intensive care so there's always somebody there and they did an ultrasound before the surgery and my pancreas is actually kind of come down back down and my doc said we're gonna wait the surgery and just kept me on ice chips and the bedroom in the morphine and checked again didn't I ultrasound that night it kept coming down and my doctor by the next day they did another ultrasound he goes okay listen man I want you to hear me you've been given a second chance don't fucking waste it and I stayed in the hospital for about 14 days that hospital they moved me out of intensive care after about five days they took the buttons away but sucks you know and then I went but I mean my mom had Parkinson's I told you have eight kids my family my mom was much older than me but to see your mom in a wheelchair you know with Parkinson's crying because her son's got tubes running I just you know it's like levitated above the bed and I'm looking at her and looking at me and look but the order of things is wrong here I should be taking care of her you know you failed you fuck up you know you fucking moron so that was my calling you know like I was saying okay you've you're off booze you know even though I had things in my arms I'm get you off booze you off cocaine you off all the other drugs like this is your chance like the doctors voice reverberating around my head don't fuck up don't fuck it up you've been given a second chance and seen my mom and all of that and it really changed everything man for me and I came out of hospital they had a rehab for me to go to them I'm done I am done I didn't know how to live you know but that was a long time ago now you know to recall that it now it's starting to seem like a long time ago maybe ten years ago it wasn't that long ago but now because I think I'm you know eventually I met my wife like I went got into martial arts after that after the rehab no rehab I was I had to come back down to LA from Seattle I didn't know how to even buy fucking grocery sober driving my car was like are you kidding me all you smelled was brake pads because I was like so fucking tan so I was I was on the brakes and and going into a grocery stores like here on the acid you know hearing the voice come out of the thing cuz you're so sober you're not used to it and crumpled up like dollar bill sweaty all the time I was riding mountain bike with my jeans on you know because I had to do something and somebody introduced me to sensei Benny I was going down the North Hollywood goals I was doing everything riding my mountain bike then I'll go to Gold's did not a workout got some guy said there's a trainer there you know he can help you figure out how to work out this guy who was like okay then I said you know I've got some issues my pancreas just burst a sec all right I worked out there for about a month and I saw this kickboxers it's got Danny come in it was a professional kickboxer and he was doing all the stuff on the look on his face and all I'm like I want with that guy and somebody took me two doors down to the back of sensei Benny's dojo houses champions and there was since a Benny in the book he could see right through me all the way down to my car and I started talking he goes uh because you want to you want up you want to be part of this this this is a fighter's gym and and you do you'll do what I say you'll work hard and there's not gonna be a lot of conversations here you show me you work hard you can stay so I just man I was in that dojo two times a day I just wanted whatever I saw and since I've been his eyes that knowledge and that depth in there they didn't seem to be freaking out because they were on alcohol and drugs and they had a calm about him and and I stayed in that dojo I stayed close to that dojo for two years straight you know two days no touring at that time no nothing where was guns at this point mama this is 94 and 95 I didn't think I could play music again I thought you know when you get sober that's that the misnomer right that's what I kept that's why I didn't quit coke for all those right yeah you're not gonna be fun you know you're all crazy yeah I'm probably talking too much for this fucking podcast but no I love this all right but yes take host that dojo and I got us start getting honest like myself which is a turn of events you know to be deeply honest with yourself when and you do simple things like you come home to your answering a machine like those calls you wouldn't return I was returning every call I was making my bed I wasn't leaving dishes in the in the sink right I was like keeping my house clean washing my clothes so you to overcome addiction you have to get your character yeah your character comes into question a lot we didn't want to overcome an addiction yeah same thing happen to me yeah same thing happened that's what comes back is that character that you fucking shot away so all away and drank away that little guy yeah well it's you and him when achieving and him alone you'll throw the cigarette out the window on Laurel Canyon regardless of what you'll throw McDonald's fucking soda out the window you'll litter you'll do little things that cuz guys like you and I always do the big things yeah it was little things we stopped doing that what amazing right it's the little things I tell people on this podcast I don't give a fuck about your big accomplishments give me ten little ones and that's bigger then I started being polite to my wife I started all these things I mean you went through a couple divorces so you can write it off today where they were both before before yeah yeah it's it's just the things you see and then you are around martial arts which is that brings character back quick when you have three or four gold albums but at the end of class you're mopping down the max you are mopping down you're mopping down them good no no those fighters need help I was I didn't care I didn't give a fuck ya didn't give a fuck didn't give a fuck no but I finally you know so I've worked out I've learned his step jab step jab you know defense diva jumping rope doing all this stuff my body started really start to change and I was riding my mouth lock I'm doing everything I'm like I said like 50 pounds of just booze weight you know in this very short amount five months it just fell off and when you're in hitting bags and jumping rope and and carrying a dude upstairs you know you know we're gonna do that 50 times okay you know you just you've got to drop the dojos no a/c in there there's upstairs the upstairs is the golden room right it's all about 115 up there and your your your spawn on the floor not in the ring yet not allowed in the ring yet you haven't earned the ring yet you know you do your stuff up here but that that moment when sensei said you ready for the ring to it's today and there's PD Cunningham up there getting ready for a fight in Paris and if anybody knows Sugarfoot Cunningham yeah he was the best in the world middleweight fight the best in the world period at that point 95 needs sparring partners get in PT Cunningham axe kick left his shoulder act to the right I couldn't jab I couldn't punch you know he's just I had headgear on he's just banging the crap cake a little punch and I'm just trying to move trying to give him some work I know that's what I'm supposed to do and I did a couple rounds with him and just beat the hell and he said oh you tell your friends you did two rounds with the world champion like okay I didn't do him very well lost almond I call it I got beat up I get beat up every time I got a kick boxing that's part of the little things yeah it's little things because that getting beat up make you more humble yeah on the outside yeah I got really humble you get really fucking yeah and you're thankful for everything when did you decide to go back to school alright so well okay so I met my wife so I I did start playing music and and Steve Jones one of my heroes from Sex Pistols had been sober for a couple of years and and Shannon had just died and there was this benefit for Shannon's wife and little brand-new daughter right and he said Steve called me Steve gentle my hair I uh uh you want to play show with me at the at the Viper Room we're gonna raise some money for the Steve Jones all right I don't Steve I don't know if I can play music up so but I know you're sober mean I've just I've heard that's why I'm calling you because you can play it's gonna be okay and Steve just Steve Jones telling me it's gonna be okay so I went down and rehearsed with Steve and John Taylor from Duran Duran and and so on Matt so I got the set together and I could play at the rehearsal place just fine playing guitar in this thing right now bass playing guitar but I'd learned to play guitar all my guitarist for Steve Jones like now he's gonna see like any Jeeves I think at that point used to people like a lot of people cop Steve Jones guitar licks and so we played this gag man I was scared and I had you know sensei and all the stuff in my head I was like chest up you know head up you know it's okay but it's like getting in the ring it's okay like you're alright you've done all the work and I got on the stage played to show people said I played better than ever perhaps people thought I had like plastic surgery and like because I'd look so different you know all these rumors Jonesy so I got people thought you got a facelift and I was like oh what and but I could play and we started playing gigs and it's called neurotic outsiders and and so now it's like 96 I didn't know how to be like with a woman I didn't that was kind of far off my radar I was reading books at home but working out I was like a monk you know but that this I was out on this tour and this guy from two Astra magazine I was in Detroit he's like hey man I know you've been like sober for a couple years you know like you had a bad time with women and he goes but it's just girl I grew up with she just moved to LA I'm gonna like put you guys on a blind date like you got to be good to god I've known you since 86 I've known her since she was a kid yeah and she's a model but she's like just moved from Paris New York back down to LA and like I don't know if I want to get into that world you know like I my world is so simple right now because her world she's like you she's from Bowling Green Ohio she really didn't get mixed up in all the cocaine in the Molly where all that stuff she's really and he put her on the phone we got to my room went up to my room called her on the phone and she sounded like one of my sisters so I'm really calm really I talked to her a few times on the phone through the rest of the tour and she came and picked me up at the Burbank Airport I flew from Phoenix to Burbank cuz I'll just pick you up what she didn't tell me she want me to know where she lived because she thought I was a you know I could potential creep right and never know you know she was totally right so she picked me up at the airport and it was Susan's my wife you know and this this woman like this one before TSA and all that so she met me at the plane she was all dressed up I'm wearing like sweatpants and a wife beater and tennis shoes and she looks amazing and I'm like oh crap all right so I'm eight listen can we go to my house just so I can at least change like we can't kind of dinner with ya I just thought she was gonna pick me up and we go get some simple thing but she was dressed to the nines and she was the sweetest girl on that first date she was just like the girl I talked to on the phone and she was really nervous you know I found out okay she was uh she's Susan Holmes like it John Taylor like I knew because John Taylor from Duran Duran was in our band Iraq Outsiders he was way more into the fashion world than I ever knew anything about he's like man this girl you'd show me pictures of her like this is my dream girl and it was Susan Susan and like I know who you are I actually know I've seen pictures of John Taylor's got a big Russia she's like oh that's sweet but she was just as met Susan and we kind of not been apart since that first date night so I we you know I kind of had like tell her like my story you know and eventually not that night but over the next couple months you know I said you know I've been married a couple times and I was to die alcoholic and drug addicts you know I was knew I was gonna die and I was kind set for it and almost happened it didn't know I do you see I go to Sao Joao all the time that's my thing and I might miss mount bike this is gonna be my thing and by the way I just got Sonic's tickets for like 21 games courtside I hope you like basketball because I'm that that was I mean that was me making it was being able to get courtside tickets you know 95 96 socks come on fuck yeah come on and she was got amping shit that was cock yeah can't that rain man yeah the rain man yeah the gloves her see Hawkins see Hawkins Jesus Christ yeah we I mean what a team that was and uh yeah any how are you doing that you know we could we could spend an hour on the team I'm taking a lot of you guys time but uh Susan I then she got pregnant with great I was now I'm sticking about school like I want it I need to I've been reading all these books I knew I'd made money I didn't know how to ask about I'm talk about my money I was kind of first to money I would really like I didn't ever get into music to make money but then again I true since I've been a and stuff in in angling in the ring and defense and fight your opponent fights you and redirect and all of this stuff I I was learning about my own life as well right take control of things you can take control of and my money was one thing and I didn't know how to ask the questions so I started taking some business classes and I got myself into see out of you eventually so it's real long into their business school so I was G I went to Seattle you about GED right and I taken a couple business classes and I said write your check you know I want to go to business school they said you can't come here with it what kind of moron are you you know like you have to so I had to go to Community College across the street it's Seattle Central and they told me what classes to take and they say good all A's and maybe what's you and I did I got all the A's and then they said okay that's cool do it again told me what classes to take I did it again and got all a eights and then they said we read admissions essay what and yeah I don't know ask somebody and so I asked my friend Dave dieter who was in presidents the United States of America those guys all went to Ivy League schools I known Dave since we were kids like they wanted an essay for me and what I say you know like what's it kind of essay – I ran my story you guys know telling me your home tell them your thing tell him you your panco six vote tell me your alcohol tell me you'd move to LA tell him you had this dream telling the dream went astray for a while timing you do martial arts tell them you met you wipe done you got a little baby tell me you're in Guns N'Roses it's give me a whole story tell him the truth so I wrote this thing and it was fucking gnarly well but they accepted me in and yeah went to business school see how you albers school business go Redhawks and and really my life was getting just so much better day by day with Susan that we had grace and I mean so we had may two daughters who are now 18 and 21 so being able to be there and be present and grow every day I tried to at least you know learn something new or be open-minded to an idea and not be a closed-minded cocksucker cocksucker it's fun that you went to business school you did not ask for money but I think that the Sly Stone thing stayed with him oh I think that that was on the back of your mind that you did not want to end up like fucking Sly Stone of course you guys sold I don't know how many millions of fucking records worldwide you want to know what six-year fucking talk yeah you know there's got to be a dollar somewhere yeah I mean I knew I didn't know I didn't know his hands were in it that was the thing you know I didn't know what a stock or a bond but I was too ashamed to admit I didn't know what those but then I when I would business school I really found out like most of us don't know what those things are what interest rates really mean and how they why they affect things and what risk what investment actually means you know what is a portfolio that's a fancy fucking word you know what does that mean to me an investment portfolio so I just took man I took a from the very beginning accounting into finance into you know macro economics micro we can all of that stuff that you take and I really I moved you know business managers I said okay I I sort was able to start reading our financial statements and nobody really ripped us off per se you know but there was it was time for something new for me to start fresh and I knew what I was talking about as far as financial statements went at this point and I moved CPAs and started fresh and you thought of a company well that was later on much later on but you thought of a company to pay some musicians could sign with you or comedians or whether yeah everything it was a more of an educational I started writing for during the financial crisis I was writing for the Seattle Weekly I started writing um and an editor at Playboy Tim Moore who had edited like Norman Mailer Hunter has Thompson all the stuff it's like you would be perfect for this financial column I know your business school like just tell people in plain language what's going on so I started this this column is a weekly column at playboy calm got a lot of feedback people are freaking out you know people are like something everything in their 401k like everybody was freaking out and I was just you know I kind of gave people the history of the stock market in plain language if something would come up that week and in the news like these mortgage-backed you know is mortgage mortgage backed equities that were never selling what does that actually mean so I'd break that down what does a mortgage back equity what does equity mean you know what does a mortgage mean so I break these things down and that started getting a lot I could start getting calls a lot of friends like hey could you help me out with my money I'm too Maris to ask or you know what we all are unless you go to fucking Business School I'm like do you have to go to business school to actually like know what you're talking about this ridiculous should be easier than this so I was thinking of just writing a book of like a simple like that we could all need this is what a stock is let's start there here's what a bond is I had one of you books not the business one now not hitting your agent bird level no I'm one of the books because he sent me he's a book agent he sent me a copy of your book the first one was called it's so easy in other lies the second one about your kids you're both kind of yeah there's one called how to be a man another illusion no no it's that one all right so it's the one you said before kind of black cover ish yeah I still got it at the house was weak is what I want looking for it I have over a thousand books in that fucking house so I couldn't find you yeah no I try to read as much as I can that's all you got but it's weird that so you went to business school you know you do all this stuff him now you realize you could play music yeah so Velvet Revolver we started that drama and that thing did really well and now you know we were all fairly clear head have got Scott Weiland he got sober and and the first record and you know that was really a we knew how to handle ourselves business-wise – we're all you know all that pretty much solves at the dojo you know it was like we are 40 and you know kicking ass is like we're you know again we're on that kind of where guns was when we are living in the shitty garage because people doubted us I was Gossett too dirty they're just gummy – right never lyrics or about drugs and shit nah we got that and it revolving now it flash forward 20 years or something either to hold you know they're not in touch with what's going on they play rock and roll it's never so we just like blasted this this record and kind of the whole mindset of that record of that band was like we're gonna go out and slay you know and it did well you know it did it did really well this point I'm you know Susan's now seeing them like the rock world Nestle said things slashes god mother's name miss Susan Susan Susan little hippie glasses okay I must I must know her there you go but I don't know where I'm getting to but um no but Susan got to see now it's you seeing like then things kind of started going sideways above her office and drugs and some things and some outside influences and things and Susan's like whoa this world's fucking weird and she just wrote a novel she just came out she took her nine years to write it she worked so hard on this thing but it came out a couple of weeks ago and it's kind of I read pieces of it as she was writing it but she wouldn't let me read it until she had like the final draft and she's like and she took all of her experiences from her modeling world and then the kind of like that first thing into the rock world I made this 90s novel that's pretty genius like I'm like I know you got that story from sort of you know but but my point to that is her like us having two little girls and there's like rock and roll like hardcore we're touring up hard and a lot and we learned how to be a family like on the road and how long I can be gone and not gone if it gets past 12 days it gets weird you know this I'll come home for a day now the girls have grown we've kind of passed that we've been through all these cycles together as parents like raising our kids on the road they've now been able to they traveled the world like eight times you know they got that edge extra education of being world citizens like seeing this other cultures other things going on but you know also raising our kids through this social media age so it kind of came in right when they're like seven and ten like oh shit how do you do this you know cyber bullying all that stuff but I think from traveling the world we've got we've got guns back together it's like stronger and or purer than it ever was like getting slash and Axl really like again like being on stage of them like show me what hard work and being badass is is about it like instills like that that old thing like how fucking hard we worked and we never phone it in it's never like a thing it's always real but very interesting we got this like we got our like the Brotherhood's back together you know and it gives me this sort of really sense of calm and we're about my girls are now all date you know whatever they were they were they're gonna be good right I've got college covered for him like made a 529 be for both my girls two in Business College Business School so girls you get to go to college right like that's what I didn't have you want something better for your kids right okay you know like guns this thing started things sort of change on the news before we went out like October November December and I got sucked in and I'm read a lot of books I read a lot of history books I'm watching the news I'm gonna suck down these rabbit holes of these panels they're yelling each other and this they're talking about huge divide this is 2015 I'm like wow this really interesting was divided but I start to fall into it and when we start rehearsing for the the guns tour and I'm starting to follow people like on Twitter I'm going down the wrong rabbit and very unmeet thing to do my wife honey goes you've watched a lot of news and you're gettin kind of caught up in this and you should probably stop watching it is you know and I made this purposeful switch right when we started that tour in April of 2016 I turned off all the news I shut my my home screen was no longer Yahoo you know and I muted all the I started following people on the news so I could I was watching the panel member this guy and I knew that like they were yelling each other Newt that was all to sell ads I know what the cable news is about you know we all know let's go if you read a book or five you know it's like it's a commercial vehicle right I went to business school I know what they're doing so these panels yelling each other must keep people on on the channel longer right divide divide all this stuff's going on let so I turn it all off and I mute all the people I'm following on Twitter and I don't even look really a Twitter I post like sound check picture sound chicken you know it San Antonio and suddenly I'm out seeing what I do on tour what's that we didn't talk about on tour since I've been sober I go out and see the things that I read about in history books and I've seen so much on this planet because of that and I talked what what happens when you go out and see go to Little Bighorn let's say you're talking to park rangers you're talking to people when you go but the alligator guy in Louisiana on the airboat you know you're talking about a mark the alligators like marshmallows who knew and then he told me in the marshes disappearing I was supposed to go down this way but it's cut off now and he told me about how quickly the marshes are disappearing and all of these things I was doing like every other day all around the world nobody talked about a divide nobody talked and I didn't feel a divine and I wasn't watching the news and I wasn't doing so I didn't have these influences and I'm going around the world and I see the woman with the full head covering and Kuala Lumpur what the devil horns up rocking it we're playing these gigs where there's gatherings of you know tens of thousands of people per gig and nobody asks for you vote for when they come in this show no it gives up five bullshit yeah hey I call the news right Lionel white people they just lie the wife scaring wiping whether it's the whether they petrified yeah normal American you know last night 70 75 million people are in danger tornadoes and they show Iowa and there's nobody standing around what fucking 75 million tell me that you hit New York well a the news is there to scare white people I've said this fee is really gentrified why people they buy into the news no and then they go on social media and they spew that shut and they make it bigger than what it really is and at the end of the day it doesn't affect who Duff McKagan we saw how the Joey Diaz art the end it doesn't really doubt ideas still have to get up tweet fucking feed this kid taking a school it doesn't matter all that it's unnecessary noise going into your head that'll keep you up at night for no reason it has no effect on your income there's no effect on how you don't make an income because you still gotta get up and stand on line and still put your pants on one leg at a time yeah so I just lost all this political talk but there's infatuated our country all a story is whether you want to hear it or not cuz it's whether you want to hear them that's right the first 10 minutes of the news are going after the president and the cabinet and it's all something that does not affect you at all it doesn't it does not affect your income or anything zero it's just to scare you and petrify you and shit on your head before you leave the fucking house if you watch the Morning News you're getting shit on your fucking head before you leave the house whether it's the baby where they found in a dumpster or the parents that you know rip the kid out of the lady in Chicago I feel bad as a human being but it has nothing to do with him but so if you go from politics to lady who got her baby ripped out of her fucking pussy to the Chinese guy who got beat up on United you're leaving the house fucking this is what's in your mind while you're driving it's doubting who you are as a human being and doubt you yeah it makes you go wash every thousand somebody's gonna stick a finger up their ass for it my baby out back at me all these fucking things that have nothing and that's why I don't even get involved that shit I told my wife as much as I love my wife I got come in this house again I CMC SMBC on I throw the fucking TV out the fucking no more TV as you know why not go to kiss it affects you my wife gets very affected by I see her at dinner I see when people come over she's from fucking Tennessee you know she's from the mountains of Tennessee the biggest thing she ever saw was a fucking rattlesnake whatever the fuck they do up in Tennessee right I can see it heart affected her ooh and it affects a lot of people that way I can walk into rooms now and definitely see who know who watch the news and just because I I got sucked down it to I and I knew I was getting sucked is the weirdest sensation like you know you're getting sucked down a rabbit hole like I'm on all three cable news networks I'm following people like you're smarter than this but it was a rabbit hole that maybe I got sucked down I always choose to believe I get said things happen for a reason and when I turned it all off and I and I got to experience the world and I was reading books out on the road I wrote read JD Vance's hillbilly ology I read um Sarah Kandahar's view from the flyover country I read the rise and fall of the Third Reich I read educated I read the grant biography I've drawn chair notes grant Macy but when you when you read these things and I was kind of noticing taking stock of like any positive change that's happened ever like on this planet from all the history I read it's not night I mean it's not King it's not a queen it's not a war maker it's not a president like I played in punk rock bands and we were railing against the lobbyists in 1980 you know like we knew the man wasn't like the current president these things they're so fluid they happen they go away it's and we'll be pissed about something else in two years I guarantee you something completely other other than what we're pissed about today I guarantee you this is history that's what happens but I did notice like the small differences that we make like in Seattle you can't help but see the homelessness I wrote a song called cold outside about like walking fast with the keys in the hand like getting in your car and getting the fuck out and maybe it's just maybe it's your fear of like I grew up with Depression era our parents right they grew up in the depression your fear of like your only two bad moves away from being their self is that what you're scared enough and in the Oviatt crisis and these things which is a real fucking thing you and I grew up with drugs we know like if the drug companies get involved shit all bets are off because that's coming that's coming used legit through the you know I went to a a meeting at VA in Seattle and I had to wade through the line long line to the pharmacy to get to the meeting and these kids I've climbed mountains with these kids their kids man listen miss and a leg just got back from Afghanistan Marine they're 2120 it's not there get them hooked on drugs and stuff you know Marines there's so many suicides they don't talk about these these kids I've gotten to meet and now hang out with the climb mountains and do stuff don't you got to go to a me any meaning out of be a check this out so I did I went to and you got to wade through all the people you know I'm really waiting to pick up two prescriptions and like so I I figured out like these little ways to make things better in my life and it's like to those little things we were talking about that making your bad boat for me it's maybe okay I'm gonna go into the jungle in Seattle and meet some people maybe get rid of that at fear of the others and maybe I could do something one more step from that maybe I can get some things involved like you know and that's one I wrote a record while I was on the road and it was gonna be a big just a new one that's yeah maybe it's gonna be my 31st May 31st right and the name of the tenderness but that's the name of the ow yeah are you doing something on this out that I respect totally cuz you and I discussed this before we both have paper routes yeah we both know what it is to save a couple dollars for Saturday because you and Nicky foot are gonna walk two miles to the fucking record store yeah and you're gonna buy I could take the 71 bus I could take the 71 bus and I'm struck by the clash live in London or whatever think it is yeah and then we get then you go I don't know if I want Sex Pistols I'm gonna get hard second out whatever the fuck that is a because that 10 bucks oh yeah if you had 10 bucks you're lucky there maybe was eight now I see years ago I did a movie and I'm I sent me CD DVDs to the house and I opened up the DVD box and there was nothing and explained the movie and it came to me what happened to the record industry hmm thank you and I would go to the record stores he you would buy now I would buy one and then we go to your house and port the liner notes read the while ago I'm an event hailing 108 or you knew where that record was made you know produced it and one hotel they stay there on the road yeah you want to thank the holiday ends or the Hilton's fucking Four Seasons you knew and now you buy a CD and it's not a laugh I see that if you get tenderness it comes with a book yeah yeah like you know you you on your website you've all four different packages for it like you could just buy the album and you got like a sword or something my sauce I'm clear but then you have a package that has like the book CD that's tremendous that your people want to get yeah that's what people want again and I think Brian your manager sent me the liner notes and what gave me the inspiration to write all these songs and whatnot guess what that's what people want to see again I think people would go through the change again I don't think we're doing this all fucking day but everybody you see I went to New York last week at the ferry nine people on the dock it's crazy isn't it all nine or fucking looking at something your New York City has changed because people are always on their phones but I don't know about you my mother when I got there from Cube my mother said keep your little you look heads on a fucking swivel your heads on a swivel because you don't know what's gonna happen yeah me and me you're getting going my pocket one time for a phone and if I use the phone I walk over to the side and I watch because they come up to me people just walking with the head down I can't fucking it just killed crazy fucking kills me yeah now this drug you did you do this out in which shooter all right so I wrote the songs I was going to write a third book like they had all these ideas I was having these experiences which I'm just telling you about you know and I start writing these little passages and I had acoustic guitar on the road with me which I always do and in that rare moment that I'm in my hotel because IMO is out seeing something I was reading my word document I'm one of the subjects I was I was writing about and I had my guitar in my hand and I started playing a couple chords to what I written in came up with the first song which is it's not too late which is the second song on the record and I thought I make this sort of this austere record which I've wanted to make for 27 years very toned down musical record I put these words this record may be what I'm thinking about which is a concept of of healing of tenderness of doing something for yourself and maybe just your next-door neighbor like we did like after 9/11 you know how we all kind of closed in and like checked on your neighbors and you had to grocery store and somebody stumbled you're like okay remember that there was no bill we asked who you voted for then do you remember that yes nobody gave a fuck we were just taking care of each other the hurricane and Houston hurricane and we just took care of people like JJ Watt raised that pick to him like I'm in I like you as a football player like okay how about this and he people were taking care of each other the fires here in California the one that they portrayed on the news before I left on this tour was this divided fucked-up place and this is the gun G&R 12 yes and in it and I discovered it's not that at all and and in this song this this album reflects those discoveries I think in in a while I offer yeah I wrote a whole like 3500 word thing I said along with the with the record that kind of explains a lot of things about the record and my my worldview there's not a lot of me in the record it's it's we and I hope to bring them more people make people more aware it's just like it's okay to turn off the news is okay it's just a fucking reach out to your fellow man – put your phone in your fucking car leave it there yeah so take the phone in the kickboxing gym you know I dunno I dunno I leave it in the fucking car I dunno today I took the phone I took it from the car let's see if anybody had called and was gonna run away that whatever yeah and I went into the school when I finished I had my hand wraps and everything in there I try to remove myself from this fuck on the road now there's no social media when I go on the road I have an iPad but it just has a Netflix and I have my writing app no more social media on that yeah on the road there's no Facebook I have Twitter on the phone I want a life Facebook on the phone I took a chance between 1 and 2 right cuz I was suffering from the same thing yeah I could feel it I could feel it I don't want to go for I want to enjoy life I want to enjoy life on my terms not reading about on a fucking Twitter yeah I see these people who constantly every time I check Twitter I see six or seven people or constantly on all day and it breaks my fucking heart I had a stop last weekend went after a girl cuz she lives in Thailand and she's always talking about how Thailand is so beautiful and she had like nine tweets in a row that had nothing to do with Thailand and I want other personal message and I go if Thailand is so beautiful why you fucking tweeting so much I had a Colorado that like why you tweet so in Thailand is this fucking land that you say about you should be sucking dick and throwing cakes for Jesus out there getting coconut oil rubbed on your titties instead of being on fucking Twitter all day and on social media all of that but anyway that's my view on it why I don't disagree you're starting a tower you're starting the tour may 30th yeah Beauty is it goes back I want to ask you why why are you starting in Philly is there a particular reason there really isn't I wanted to get to DC and hopefully go to Walter Reed and me and shooter go in and play for some of the dudes people out there so the first day that might be too much so we're starting in Philly it's a great rock town you know as far as every band usually starts two three I thought it was to get it out of the way if you want this brushes thrown at you because it freely I don't give a fuck yeah they had in football they had the only stadium with the court downstairs that's how many people would get arrested right yes that is that's how crazy it was I don't know if the new stadium has a jail underneath but that just goes to show you know if you look at those old videos from Bill burr when he went to Philly and they heckled them and they threw shit Adam so I once I saw this I go is that why a CDC started the back and black tour and freely if you check it out July 31st 1980 it was in frilly and then they went to the Palladium on August 1st or something like that but I saw a lot of schedules that they will open up in Philly I know why they open up in Philly and after the built birthday because you want to get that shit over with if they gonna throw bottles at you you want to get a little group with the first night just so well yeah I don't know man I'm with shooter shooter producer record I had the good fortune of us crossing paths at the end of my writing writing the songs for this and he really bought into the whole idea that I had and really mate took it from there to the next level he is a next level type of guy and and now his band played on the record his band is gonna be my band with shooter in it for this tour we're starting in Philly where I don't know why I've always had a good time in film I me too I love Philly I just kept saying why do fuckin people start in Philly and then when I saw the bill burr bombing like people throwing things out of me should I go oh yeah that's why I put that together with the football and kick boxes we're tough guy yeah we can take a bottle or two you know but yeah but I you know DC but we want to do some other cool things if we can when we can and then you're back here on the 13th and you know I'm going you're going good I'm going like I'm going to see I was supposed to go see Michael Shanklin okay 14th of May I really really wanted to go I business I've had the baby I've been living like a fucking pussy how old is your baby six and I'm 56 yeah so I've been living like a real pussy and I was psyched about going to see Michael at the trooper go over the cocaine was a couple weeks ago was the April 14th or something April 15 but I had to start a movie that day and I missed out Michael Shanklin when I was going over your web page last night I saw you're gonna be in LA and I go that'll be my first show to break my cherry because that was showing years I stopped going to show yeah come to the show man yeah it's it's a that night we're actually gonna have the the horn section because it's my brother who lives here in LA and the same horn section my brother Matt now eat which brother taught me how to play the bass first now which brothers that was my agents teacher in high school that's all shit ya know he's hot he's been a music teacher for the fact you went to visit him when I've got out my agent said he just one day brought nothing and tough talk or something like that he played the ukulele my brother's a legend out there yeah you won the mr. Holland's Opus Award look best music teacher in the country you know you can only win it once he won early but he also played horns on all the gun stuff early their first EP moved the city live and let die that that horns and piccolo the piccolo is his wife by an applet Dan on it but Luke Danna JIT so the suicide horn section is what we called him so they they played on this record and they're actually gonna play with us on the song you play at the end don't look behind you they'll come out at the end of our set and play which would be a special moment for me my mom got to see my brother and I we opened for the stones and 89a Coliseum down here in LA flew my mom down and her two sons were up on this suicide horn section played with us that night my mom got to see that I want you to miss your mom though yeah yeah so uh so my brother be there that night in El Rey will be a good show but all of them I'm looking forward to playing Nashville with this with shooter and that band would be different it's gonna be a different world for me you know like a lot of this this stuff I'm getting played on outlaw country and Americana stations which is something I've never been exposed to I didn't intentionally make it outlaw country or Americana record this just as austere songs that wrote and and shooter took it to the next level and I'm some I'm to being exposed to some cool stuff I gotta tell you when I listened to the album I was writing in my office I was doing various things but I feel like the fortune long I was like I like you I really genuinely like you as a human being because we were the same like we you like variety yeah you know I expected to hear fucking devils cry and get without fire and it was just this beautiful these beautiful words you know in the midst of all this gun stuff like we're we are playing loud rock where we are I'm where I'm supposed to be back you know in as far as loud rock and roll goes and we we do it and we do it right and for me to come out with like a hard rock record in between tours would make no sense not to me and I wouldn't have a reason to do it this was gonna be a book of observations it became a album of observations and Stewart doesn't doesn't even it's not even the same you know music classifications anything Guns N'Roses does is it's off the beaten track that's why I'm not afraid to take the chance you know like if fans want to come along great if some are like this is too mellow that's fine too but I think you've matured and you're fans of matured I think I was 1987-88 yeah that's a long fucking journey you know that's 32 something years no not only did you grow you hope that they grow and they got off the drugs like we all did yeah I'm the seeing you guys at some award party like I'm not seeing you live I was watching on TV I don't know if it's MTV or the Grammys you guys were fucked up yeah I mean fucked up I was cheering for you don't get me wrong yes you were scaring white people like that you were scaring people like must have been like who the fuck he had that on had the long hair fucking crazy bro that was just Tuesday night no it's not the same you know specialist what's the website where they can find the to add a ticket all of the album from it stuff online duck online yeah very interesting I like the video that you put up there cool and you have your lawyer guys getting interviewed you really give the fan a way to look into your mind most guys don't give a fuck about that and you have you look beautiful I tell you I have evolved I was watching the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night I still haven't touched Def Leppard on that it's on HBO and I put it on I tell you who killed with that Hall of Fame day the cure did you watch I haven't watched it yet the fucking cure destroyed that joint but the singer looked like a fat woman he still had the blue eyeshadow on he had his hair like somebody pulled it for an hour you know the thing about you is you've evolved and I think slash is everybody involved you know for years we heard Axl was done look he came back man a great job and then Oakland helped that ac/dc for a little while you know and and the way he did that was like amazing he's like you guys don't mind I'm gonna go try out they need it a hand here and I was like yeah we know like bon Scott's his all-time is like like dude you know you don't have to really try a CDC buddy he was really nervous I'm gonna go try out and just see if they got a couple months it fits in with our touring perfect and and this last hair like hey you got the gig but he went to Atlanta and tried out quote-unquote and got the gig and uh yeah he was a I saw him twice on that tour but flew to London to see him and flew to Cleveland to see that was he phenomenas great phenomenal easy peasy it's just what I think what it did for for him you know like we got to know Angus through that you know I guess now come out and play with us punch times and that was I think that thing as a when you're 14 or 15 it when he was 14 or 15 man one day if I ever got to be in ac/dc you know you with a broom and he finally got to do it amazing stuff whenever you want to come on you have a family after the tour I really want thank you back on the podcast I want you to talk about what happened on the tour and where your feelings are that you're a bright fucking guy you're a genius you got a family here on the church brother I appreciate I'll be there on the 13th it opens up with Philadelphia on the 30th moves to DC on the 31st then you got Boston on the first of June New York City on the fucking 30 is taking a night off and living in LA I would write the whole fucking schedule down but I'd rather them go yeah to your website sure I said you're always welcome here don't forget my dates June 1st at the Ice House June 7th and New Orleans and June 8th at the Tabernacle theater and Atlanta Georgia I want to thank you I want to thank the mother fuckin christ-killer but most importantly I 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this over the years I love you motherfuckers Lee kick this motherfucking meal