The Catholic Church NEEDS Better Marketing!

Posted By on October 15, 2019

Marketing the Catholic Church is
something that is incredibly depressing to me. A lot of Christian churches I
see are doing a much better job of it I’m not sure what the exact catalyst is
or the reason for why the Catholic Church struggles so much to market. I
don’t know if it’s a fear of like being like manipulative or something. This is
the reality and no other point in the history of mankind has the church been
able to reach the kind of audience that it can at this point in time. Things like
social media, things like YouTube, just digital outlets and channels of any kind,
email, anything can reach so many more people with a impactful and profound
message than ever before in the history of mankind. The church grew organically
from a tiny little bubble to the entire world at one point without any of this
digital technology and we at this point in time can’t figure out how to use any
of these tools to dramatically increase our ability to evangelize the world we
have a message that is worth sharing Christian churches are doing a better
job of this but their message is not the same. Their message is not the Catholic
message. Even for current Catholics the ability to reach them, to share and to
bolster their faith with them it’s a profound opportunity that is being
missed because of our unwillingness to utilize and leverage technology that is
available right now we complain all the time about how Facebook is destroying
the world and how people are wasting hours upon hours on YouTube or on social
media of some kind. What better way to fix the problem than to inundate those
same channels with the the gospel, with the good news. Marketing in the Catholic
Church is and should be one of the number one ways to evangelize it’s a
it’s an amazing tool and not just to your group of people. On Facebook maybe
we’re friends with all of our own people and so we’re just putting messages up for other Catholics. Use the digital world—churches, diocese, the whole
church at large, the Catholic Church at large needs to be strongly investing in
digital technology for evangelization they need to have comprehensive social
media strategies and teams they need to be creating compelling video content
these are the things that organizations are doing in the world right now to grow
their brand to make a lot of money these exact same tools can be used to reach
massive audiences with the most important message they can possibly hear:
the Catholic faith. The gospel of Jesus Christ. How is it possible that as the
largest organization of religious believers in the world the Catholic
Church how is it possible that we are not using these technologies effectively
we still look like we’re from the 90s we’re still building HTML websites and
putting up really really poorly created and poorly crafted videos and media this
is unacceptable as the Catholic Church as members of the Catholic Church we owe
it to ourselves we owe it to the world we owe it to God as evangelizers to
utilize the tools that are available to bring the message of Jesus into the

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