The Bloody Spread of Islam

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Hi everyone and welcome.
This is The Apostate Prophet It is nowadays a problematic thing to speak about how Islam spread which is why I love doing it In the West, this talk is often
considered offensive and sensitive because it could inspire Islamophobic sentiments Many modern Muslim circles
try to clear the name of Islam and try to make it something that it is not Other simply don’t want to talk about it Why bother talking about the spread of Islam when we can continuously talk
about the Transatlantic slave trade? which was smaller than the Arab slave trade and the Crusades, which were
a response to the spread of Islam It is a historical fact
that Islam spread violently and wherever we look,
we can only confirm this Islam started here
and spread to so many different lands even to Spain, Italy and the Balkans
before it was kicked out It ruled India for centuries A population that wasn’t
interested in converting at all And Islam was carried by large empires in history
that had one clear mission Conquer the world and spread Islam Looking at Muhammad’s history.
The whole picture is very messy The problem is that basically all sources about
this part of history are Islamic sources and history is written by the victor;
The Muslims Yet. Even that history tells us things that wouldn’t put Islam in a good position As far as we know Muhammad was tolerated for
a while with his new religion that he proposed to the people of Mecca When he became more disrespectful
to the idols of the polytheists and their traditions, and insisted
more on converting to his religion He was increasingly threatened
and later an ambush was planned on him and he had to flee together with his believers
or from somewhere reportedly persecuted they fled to Medina which was north of Mecca The interesting part here is that Muhammad
didn’t just settle down in Medina and start a new life with his believers from here where he would just spread the Islamic religion
and peacefully invite people to Islam Muhammad quickly became a warlord He was quick in gathering forces Initially among those who traveled with him to Medina known as The Muhajirun; the immigrants they made several unsuccessful caravan raid
against the Meccan polytheists After a few empty expeditions, one little group
that he sent to watch a Meccan caravan attacked the caravan, killed and
captured traitors, and took the booty This was made in a sacred month
where fighting was not allowed by Arabian tradition Instead of making things right
Muhammad justified the attack and a Quran verse was supposedly revealed in which Allah Himself was defending the attackers They ask you concerning fighting in the sacred months say fighting therein is a great sin But averting from the way of Allah and disbelief in Him and preventing access to Masjid al-Haram The Kaaba and the expulsion of its people there from
are a greater evil in the sight of Allah and fitnah is greater than killing and they will continue to fight you until they turn you back from your religion if they are able What the Quran does here is basically to excuse the Muslim aggression against the Arab pagans Because the pagans previously prevented the Muslims from praying and relocating to The Kaaba Notice Islam’s first move is not to calm down To forgive those who persecuted them to forgive those who didn’t know to spread the religion by setting an example Being peaceful and inviting people
to Islam in a nice way It is to attack the pagans take their land and subjugate them because the land they hold belongs
to Allah and the Muslims Due to this aggression by Muhammad a large conflict started and this conflict went on until Muhammad invaded Mecca secured The Kaaba destroyed the idols and all temples
of the polytheists in Arabia banned pagans from coming near The Kaaba,
went on fighting the rest of them Until everyone was killed or converted to Islam and this is how Islam was established
as the religion of Arabia Victory tasted so good,
Muhammad needed more. He was addicted.
At the time these conflicts happened The Quran’s language became increasingly hostile
not only against the pagans but also against Jews
who vastly rejected Muhammad and Christians in the Quran verse,
the Quran instructs Muslims to fight all those who don’t believe
in Allah and Muhammad and to subjugate them and forcibly take protection money from them
if they don’t convert or die After that Islam quickly became an empire A religion and an empire These empires were known as Caliphates where the state is not only ruled by
someone approved by the religious leader like in the Christian world The head of the Empire was also the head of the religion The Khalif or The Caliph This caliph had the obligation
to use the forces of the Empire to conquer and subjugate other nations
in order to spread Islam When other nations were subjugated The Christians and Jews were forced to pay protection money to the Islamic state Thereby they could go on practicing their religion, but their religious freedoms were heavily curbed Other minorities especially black Africans
in Africa were usually enslaved Regardless of age or gender When zoroastrians, hindus and buddhists were subjugated in high numbers Those were also suppressed and forced to pay protection money in exchange for their lives Now, Muslims like to say that there is no compulsion in Islam that you can’t forcibly convert someone to Islam.
I want to make a distinction here Individuals weren’t forcibly converted to islam and that they had a sword held to their head and they had to make a choice
between converting and dying Although historians agree that this happened here and there as well What happened is that islam conquered nations subjugated them, limited their rights
and continuously humiliated them in order to push conversion Minority religions weren’t allowed to build any more temples propagate their religion, celebrate
and practice their religion loudly they had to acknowledge Islam’s superiority Islamic supremacy and they could lose their protection if they offended islam in any way The protection money taken from Infidels was collected in ways that would heavily humiliate the non-believer and humiliation is its purpose according to the Quran When you live under Islam and see that Muslims are superior and they live great lives And that Islam is going to rule you
and they are much stronger it is probably a good idea to convert to Islam and if you won’t, your children probably will
or their children, or their children until your community converts to Islam and disappears. This is how the Islamic conversion happens This is how Islam conquered and people became Muslims If we want to roughly look at the world
and where Islam went Islam was spread to Arabia
mostly by Muhammad’s campaigns It was spread to the Middle East,
the eastern part of North Africa and Persia Through invasions under the Rashidun Caliphate which is the Caliphate led by the four companions of Muhammad, after he died It was spread through wars
to the west of North Africa to Spain, to India and Central Asia By the Ulmayyad Caliphate At that time Muslims even attacked Frankia. Today’s France and were gladly unsuccessful In some regions like parts of Central Asia The religion was spread by conversion to some Turkic tribes for example that were impressed by Islam and then joined the religious forces to fight and spread Islam to others and to their own people In Africa, traiders were introduced to Islam although much of the conversion came due to the power of Islamic empires Islam was spread to Italy by conquest
and later gladly kicked out To Anatolia; today’s Turkey by Turkic empires To the balkans and up north the Caucasus by The Ottomans Throughout these 1400 years The Islamic empires were constantly at war
with the European Christian world these massive invasions by Muslims into Christian land sent shockwaves through the West The Crusades were answers to calls for help by Christians to unite and to stop these invaders Christians were used to being attacked by Muslims that turned out to be more threatening than Vikings the term Islamophobia was initially used
to describe the fear of a real or perceived threat of Islam as a political force because that’s how it was for so long Later, this term became corrupted and turned into a synonym for racism by self-hating softies There is one case that Muslims just love to mention whenever you bring up the bloody spread of Islam Southeast Asia In Southeast Asia, Indonesia Islam spread through
Muslim traders and Sufi Orders that would frequently visit the region They made good trading connections and converted some important people to Islam who then by controlling large communities
spread Islam to others Southeast Asia is pretty much the only place where Islam wasn’t established through invading forces Many modern Muslim apologists or moderate
Muslims love to mention Indonesia because they know that’s the only thing they can bring up in response. Other than that, almost everywhere
Islam appeared through invasions by empires that carried the threatening banner of Islam and most nations that are Muslims today
are Muslims because they were conquered invaded, subjugated, humiliated forcibly converted,
pushed into converting to Islam Not only that they convert to Islam their cultures were also heavily damaged
and in many cases completely eradicated and replaced by Arab culture, including language and alphabets see it could have just happened a different way Muslims could have peacefully invited the world to Islam and people could have peacefully converted if Islam had been so peaceful and so beautiful Why did Islam need to be forced into everyone’s life by an endless campaign of conquests? Why did Islam need to be an empire? Why is Islam a religion that started as a military force? Violently conquered and changed so many cultures and was only stopped because the West’s prevailed Enforced Islam to be tamed
by international laws and pressure Why did Islam have to eradicate cultures can people in the 21st century really believe
that everyone is supposed to have a single culture Islamic culture which is why the cultures of so many nations were eradicated I’m not saying that it is anything unique to Islam That the religion was spread by the sword and that Muslims engaged in centuries
of bloody conquests I’m also not saying we can single out Islam
and blame it for violence in the past Violence and conquests were common in the past. That’s how things went.
That’s how we learned. Many cultures, ideas, religions,
even great ideas spread that way that was part of our history,
our evolution What I’m saying is that most Muslims believe in Islam now because it was spread by the sword Not because it was so convincing So attractive Not because millions of people in such a huge extent heard of this religion and thought: “Hey, let’s convert to this!” What I’m saying is that Islam didn’t just spread by the sword like any other idea Islam was spread by the sword because Islam orders its followers
to spread it by the sword and to fight the infidel What I’m saying is that Muhammad explicitly said that he was commanded by his God
to fight the people until they testify that none can be worshipped but Allah and that he is Allah’s Messenger What I’m saying is that Islam is not
misunderstood and not peaceful it never brought peace
only the sword And the sentiment of Islamophobia originally anxiety and rejection of everything that is Islam because Islam was an invading force that came through empires
and it attacked over and over again was justified and probably still is justified because Islam stopped invading
countries not too long ago and not voluntarily and many among the followers of Islam
think and hope that this is only temporary Islam should not be downplayed and whitewashed and taken lightly Islam is not misunderstood Islam does not preach tolerance Islam is not a religion of peace. Thanks for watching If you like this video Don’t forget to like to subscribe and to share Most of my videos are not monetized So you can watch them without ads if you want to support my cause you can support me on Patreon
or on I appreciate all your support so much In the future, I should go more into
how specific cultures converted to Islam I’ll be back very soon. Have a great day And stay away from Islam

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  1. One of your more impelling and powerful posts. I stumbled across your vlog and have become a fan and subscriber. Will share – more people need to see this in the west

  2. People don’t really talk about this. Everyone acts like Europe is uniquely evil but this is the “Saltwater Fallacy.” The idea that in order to colonize you must cross a large body of water. Arabs, Russians, Turks, and even Americans were also colonizers! They did the exact same thing only they didn’t cross an ocean

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  5. Akhirah (Hereafter) You filthy Ex Muslims will burn in jahannam forever. Allah says in holy Qur'an "The Unbelievers will be led to Hell in crowd: until, when they arrive, there, its gates will be opened. And its keepers will say, "Did not apostles come to you from among yourselves, rehearsing to you the Signs of your Lord, and warning you of the Meeting of This Day of yours?" The answer will be: "True: but the Decree of Punishment has been proved true against the Unbelievers!" (Surah Az-Zumar, 71)

  6. Islam is the biggest scam ever executed……
    Something is fishy regarding the birth of Islam …..
    Some powerful and very resourceful enterprise or organization was behind it from the beginning….And that entity is evil…..Like a cult…..
    Who was khatijah n her cousin who guided Muhammad from the beginning…..And told him that the spirit he encountered in the cave was an angel…..angel don't choke especially Gabriel……As written in the old n new testaments….Both khatijah n her cousin knew very well bcs of their Catholic background…
    Angel don't work that way….They come in a peaceful manner so that not to frightened the person they were told to send messages…..
    How come Muhammad so scared to the point of wanted to commit suicide ??? I suspect the demonic spirit was Ibliss …..
    That spirit should be very ugly…..
    Let's talk about logic here…..
    With Muhammad IQ which is considered as low.and broke..(not to offend, from his actions n attitude )
    He won't be able to go very far…..
    Khatijah and her cousin ….Were the two very important person behind Muhammad especially her cousin….He was the special advisor….Or in modern term
    " HANDLER" …..
    Both of them were from a Catholic sect….. those who worship Satan.
    Without the fund n guidance from both of them…. Muhammad was nothing…..That's why after Khatijah's cousin died….. Muhammad inspiration gone…..
    Money play an important part in the spread of their influenced. No money no talk…..
    I think there should be some secret documents as proof of this scam hidden somewhere in the Vatican vault…..To be discovered…..SOON!!!!
    The Quran of today is not the original one…..In fact there was nvr an original Quran …….
    The hadith was burn by Abu Bakar….
    And the Quran by Umar …..
    Maybe too embarrassed to be exposed n pass down …….
    Quran of today is a compilation of few author almost more than 200 years later…..Even after they burn and rewrite the entire Quran and hadith…..You still find it very ridiculous with today 21st century advancement in science and medical knowledge ……
    Drinking camel urine ?
    Flat earth ?
    The sun set in a muddy water ?
    The sperm can survive for 40 – 50 days ?
    Women hv sperm ???
    Just to name a few…….
    Islam fit the characteristics of a cult …..Where the supreme leader always hv many special privileges as in the case of Muhammad……
    CAN hv more than 10 wives n slaves for sex …..
    Muhammad took one fifth n the best booty from a successful raid…..And many more……
    Islam is not a religion…It is a cult.
    Whoever leave Islam – dead sentence !!!!
    If this is not a definition of a secret society….Then what is it ???
    You tell me……Logic and facts with common sense ……..

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    These Muslims tried everything to destroy us but still Hindus stand up for their pride and self-respect and never become third rate Arab convert.

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    Pray to God and simply ask; God, if Jesus is the true King, show me!!!! Amen

    BECAUSE THERE CAN ONLY BE 1 TRUE GOD, 1 TRUE MESSIAH. I already know it is HIM because before I knew Him I was into new age, Buddhism, Hindu, …and much more and life just was not fulfilling. I was about to commit suicide.
    But JESUS saved me. I found the true answer.
    May this enlighten you and those in search of the Truth.
    GOD BLESS 🙏🙏🙏



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  24. As Christopher Hitchen points out the Quran was written by 7th or 8th-century people for warlords that needing something to help keep their soldiers and those they conquered under control. Hence the Quran was created. What I find amazing is a book written by 7th or 8th-century individuals who continues to bamboozle people from the twenty-first century into believing the Quran word verbatim from God. I don't believe for one second that God thinks like a 7th or 8th-century individual.

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  33. A truly brilliant historical showing of the spread of islam throughout the centuries. A wake up call that needs to be shared! Will do on Twitter!! Great video!!

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