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what's up everyone it's Tom here from tools with Tom comm really excited to be talking to you all today because I want to take you through one of the best ways that you can do keyword research and it's with a relatively new tool that SEM Raj brought out last year called the SEO keyword magic tool now what this tool allows you to do is put in a input a keyword into the search and then be provided with an extensive list of words that relate to that keyword categorize for you up into different niches and then also for each word given you really deep keyword analysis on what is going on so this is just so powerful for being able to essentially find out where they're going to be opportunities in a certain area for you and see where you can actually go to create either content or new pages on your website it pulls everything into one really nifty report you can put in up to 1 million keywords at a time depending on how competitive and how popular the keyword is that you're searching for and so it essentially allows you to do what a lot of other keyword research tools do through multiple processes all in one spot so I'll show you how it gets it works just to get started though I want to show you where it is so if you are in your SEM rush account you can see you have a menu here on the left if you go and click on keyword analytics you can see down at the very bottom there's the new tool it's still in beta at this stage but it's the SEO keyword magic click on that one and you'll get to the same page that I'm on now just let that load for a moment okay and this is where you'll start out so the first thing that you can look to do from here is choose the database in which you want to be targeting so you really want to make sure that you have something that's relevant for you the US Canada Brazil it's got a bunch of the American countries European countries it's got India and Australia as well I'm sure they're going to start to add more of these as the tool rolls out of beta as well but let's get started by just using the United States as our example and what I'm going to begin with doing in here is we need to put in a Kiwi in here that's going to be relevant to us and something where we're going to work out where additional opportunities lie as well so let's take a very open key word and why don't we say something like breakfast so put breakfast into here and you can see that the number of keywords is pretty substantial we've got a hundred and nine thousand one hundred and ninety-four keywords and overall there's a total monthly search volume so how many searches are taking place for all these words each month is 12 million with an average difficulty of the 5% so with an average difficulty of 35% chances are there's going to be some opportunities in here to be able to find really great keywords for both niches and for content depending on which Avenue we're taking so to begin with you can see that on the left here it's actually going through and it categorizes all the different words so if I then click on ideas you'll be able to see that it provided me with all of the different key words that relate to breakfast ideas so why this is so effective is if you are starting out you could say all right maybe I want to start a new website called breakfast ideas calm if that were to be the case or automatically you would already have a great suite of words then you could go out and create content for new pages for on the web site which makes life a hell of a lot easier versus having to find all of these ones individually through different keyword research through the keyword planner and other spaces as well so what you can do in each of these reports is to begin with your given with your monthly search volume for each of the keywords then you have your keyword difficulty so the keyword difficulty just if we're wanting to know what that exactly is essentially it's a combination of both on-page SEO so relating to the content the architecture and all of the on-page content on your actual website and the off page content so essentially the off-page factors relating to how many backlinks all of the search engine results have for this particular word and so what SEM Rush does is it has a look at the current top ten spots and says okay how difficult is it going to be to rank all this word based on how good these guys are doing both on-page and off-page in relation to the keyword that I'm looking at so you can see for breakfast lady is the keyword difficulty is ninety percent it is relatively high so this is probably one that you don't really want to look at targeting over here in CPC you can see how much advertisers are willing to pay in the red in relation to cost per click and this is usually a really great indicator of the quality of the keyword how valuable that keyword is going to be to advertisers generally relates to how much money you can also make if you're setting up adsense on your site getting people through to your site and then this is roughly how high the quality of traffic is for these particular keywords so then we also have competition so the competitive density and so what the competitive density relates to is how many other advertisers are competing on this word and also we can see in here the SERP features which is really useful for being able to work out okay are there any big Rich Snippets you know position zero knowledge graphs other videos being shown other Wikipedia links are there images which there are in this particular example and then the last thing you can do is just even click on the SERP the search engine result page and have a look what's going on so essentially what sem rush does is it takes a snapshot of the page and so once this loads you'll be able to see all the different content that is on the page one of breakfast ideas here we go so you can see here this is all the content they found you can see that they've got this one here the search feature of the images and there also be some videos yep it also be some videos later down here's one here as part of those search engine result pages okay so this all sounds well and good but if you're really purely just looking for opportunities based on a broader see keyword I'm going to show you how to do that so the first step that you would want to be doing is if you start with all keywords so if you start relatively broad let's start to put in a couple of filters to work out where the best opportunities are going to lie for me it's the first thing that I'm wanting to do is generally I'm wanting to look at a larger word count the reason being it tends to be easier to rank for keywords that have two or more words as part of the overall phrase and so I'm not sure if this is really just purely in relation to that one word can match a ton of different content on the web generally one word is going to be a lot more competitive as well because there are a lot more essentially websites that relate to that one word so wherever we can extend out that word count we should book two so I'm going to put in here as a minimum of two words so you can see that that's now removed a bunch of my results and we've only got results in there that have two words included in them the other thing I want to do is say I'm looking to start a new niche website purely from scratch where I want at least a foul and keyword searches a month on my base keyword so what I would doing here is put in 1000 as my volume now that I've got that in there I've removed a great deal of keywords we're down to 963 and now I've got all the ones that have 1,000 or more searches if I want to continue to filter down another error you might want to filter down is on keyword difficulty so when it comes to keyword difficulty when keywords essentially have 80 or more percent keyword difficulty they're generally going to be relatively hard to rank for you're going to need to do a lot more in the way of off page SEO to compete with them with the bigger players out there and the more established players so let's just start by putting in 75 as our keyword difficulty and after I put that in here the other thing that I'm going to want to put in you can see that there's a few blank results in here as well you tend to get these occasionally with the SEM rush reports and the blank ones they don't necessarily mean that the keyword is either high competitive or low competitive it just unfortunately it doesn't really give you an indication of either so what I like to do is just to remove these ones entirely to begin with so I'm just going to put in here keyword difficulty one to 75 which will weed out those opportunities and now we're only left with as you can see here a list of only 152 words so now we've got a really refined list of keywords that we might then want to go after the next thing I can do is I can sort them based on a range of different factors at the moment it's currently sorting on the volume of the keyword but what I can also do is sort on the keyword difficulty so if I click on this table here it seems to have updated its supplement for that one back there we go okay so now we're sorting currently by the lowest keyword difficulty with a thousand monthly searches and two or more words so what we're starting to find in here is that there's a lot of location-based searches so I can see things like bread and backless Utah bed and breakfast Austin let's continue down and see what else is involved in here and see if there's any good opportunities that pop out for us lots of bed and breakfasts lots of location specific searches okay so over here I can see that there's this one here there's there's two here that look relatively interesting one being whole xxx breakfast and one being breakfast catering now breakfast catering you can see has a keyword difficulty of 63 so relatively low and it's got a very high cost per click of six dollars and forty cents now there's probably a few more factors that you want to look into around this one but automatically this looks like a relatively good opportunity so if I click on that particular keyword what sem rush will then provide is a bit of a keyword overview so we'll go back into one of the reports you probably a little bit more familiar with in showing how many searches the word gets a month the number of searches related keywords and then also one of the current top positions for this particular keyword so we can essentially run through this as many times as we see fit in our way to finding what we're looking for so I can find for example say I wanted to start a website that's more about our cool new breakfast ideas and recipes you can see that there's one here for paleo breakfast casserole with a keyway difficulty of 68% which could again be a really interesting opportunity to trial out again it's got a very high cost per click it's just a matter of going through and selecting the ones that you want to do so once you've gone through and found the keywords that you would like let's just say I'm happy with this entire list the other thing that you can do that's really useful is the ability to export that to excel so I can click on export to excel S and in a moment that will then yep you can see that I've got my excel file here open that one up and I've got all of my keywords now all in here so I can have a look at them through the spreadsheet and I can potentially look to import them into another type of keyword analysis tool that I might want to use as well depending on which route we want to go down but this has already given me a really great overview of everything I'm going to need in terms of volume keyword difficulty and cost per click so guys that's essentially it for today I really recommend having a bit of a play with the tool try and find something that you're passionate about and then see how far it can take you you know no matter what you put in if I put in you know for example coffee and put in a keyword difficulty have a bit of a play work out where the best opportunities are going to lie start to write a few of these down and then work out hey can I actually build a website about this is this going to give me enough content and something in mind where not only can I create a website the people loving that I get that gets hits but can also make some money from it and is it going to be a good source of high quality traffic so that's it for today guys if you have any questions just let me know email me Tom at tools with Tom comm make sure you subscribe and I will see you soon

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