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so what are your thoughts on religion only got religion Oh God religion you had to ask this is pretty simple I'm an atheist I'm God I don't live in the devil all this all can dog together I don't even daisies or goddess it anything hey holidays Easter as doll nothing no I don't say that God doesn't exist I said I don't believe it there's a difference I don't preach I go around saying shit and put people down where everyone really that's fine just don't put your shit damn I thought you know I mean I got my eggs is I don't know I don't show issues matter with you I was a shaped my life I haven't prayed one time that my bipolar was so stop it's bullshit I wouldn't pray anymore and I wanted to church this is my breakdown in 1993 you know a journal III go to church regularly every since Sunday when I was nervous anxiety I was nervous I always get just a little anxiety big time maybe any kind mr. Church you know everyone's a you're this close everybody this is the Caesar where's fucked up so my mama said mom look this is not happening I have his ID you know probably got diagnosed I had some Imam in the church I can't do anything I cannot do it yeah I'm sorry and knowing that I had my poet anxiety on this so that they realized that maybe it wasn't how big a bunch of people so they allowed to mean tonight I was done but I see I think I've always been a an atheist I've never had a true belief in any I really have an out of the church I was just going through the motions as they say I don't honestly think I've ever had a real actual belief and and stuff and I'm a good person I'm a nice person I have morals I would mean because oh my god I was talking okay that you have you can't be a minute morals and you feel God you can be nice no how does that work I make it my own morals I'm a nice person like I said I don't need Jesus or wherever it is to model myself after I am and I'm already am a good person I don't mean any of that stuff why not that that'd be good person this bullshit so you worked retail how was that yeah so anyway I was being interviewed later by my doppelganger he's the interview me so let's see why the question was would ever work retail was other questions yeah so hard retail yes random rush it's a very first job ever was a hardware store in my own town let's just say I was I quit fired quit where was I it was bullshit my parents are gonna force me you like a job you couldn't get a job why why does he do anything a job why I did my thing Oh sense you have anxiety and um I have issues so then just don't work let's see I'm gonna get a miscibility but in May long story short I start working at everyday designs my first real job I'm a part-time seasonal and that would probably year and then Michael's worth at the other Michael's says they're remodeling mouths or the other mangoes for about two weeks dinging I got hard at Target when I first 685 an hour that was over four years in general retail as a cashier it was absolute fucking bullshit because Residex I will never happier ever again I don't care whether that in a box in the street I wanted there a cashier again it was out still horseshit motherfuckers are the Dex they don't care about your feelings they don't care about anything I was advised a stupid shit and shit on you that's what customers do off of there and I quit there that's not working even though they're all made 12 I wasn't done 12750 an hour I can't pass that up eat with five raisins are y'all making $9.50 so it's causing a fire but that's pretty different lately so I would hire there to have three kernels so stressed then I went to I went to the hospital I said it won't work again don't weekenders don't know one here's your work or your job I said to have a mental house was run a week my boss covered me at the job and I almost got a fire but they gave me a second chance so I took it and I won't hurt my ass off the next year didn't miss a single day I didn't know how to say anything the whole year arrays and the UNT dogs of stuff then I still it was our customer service know people are whenever something goes wrong the first place for anybody goes my department – y'all scream at me that's that and where does that why is that my serrated why is it ready I'm gonna fuck you yeah that was that quit there until the SIG's about three years and I moved down to the city me be the man Whitman girlfriend that's not a heart of the story and I had similar I was in here but it was a shit so hey visibility for the same time so I'll come full circle do you take any psychiatric medication one of the courses was do I take any psychiatric medication if anybody seen my videos this is probably yeah oh I take em again I have been diagnosed with bipolar search anxiety or agoraphobia general anxiety disorder when is it when extreme paranoia I think sometimes like watching me or follow me constantly it's hard to go out my arms there's also a reason why my disability I can't work because I get some free of stress and by ponies I think that was so extreme that's a hermit of words what kind of vehicle do you drive the model make yeah I've never a 2001 Chevy Malibu LS it's got a hundred twenty-eight thousand miles on but I thanks in the back you said the car is about 16 years old this year and it only has a hundred twenty it doesn't mom but that's actually not bad considering for the year and how old it is the stuff of course been fixed up I felt I'm gonna get to it without a lot of money into it is into Ribera but I mean it right now is pretty good boy yeah it was pretty damn good the last birthday it was a pressure how it was for the power steering I was about 12 hours parasail food with straw early then returned to a man which are most of them want someone I had about 20 miles and see what kind of no pets do you own bonus question pets yes I have three cou cats skill jingles and so on Luna Luna the newest she does feature a female feline but the good zoom element effects so they can to get her and we think she's knocked up to her sighs I'll push so she might might be with with kittens not sure I'll find out with a win soon

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