The Amazing Power Of Belief And Expectation!

everyone is exactly ms christen mentor and today i wanted to share with you i wanted to talk about the basics you know we've been talking about in the past about some dynamics of our physical reality talked about plasma you know and then i got a lot of great feedback on that and i really really challenge you to check out and understand that there are different layers to reality there are different sub levels they're different it it's it's so dynamic and so diverse the reality that you exist in and we also talked about water and when you really think about it when you really think about it it's so easy to say that the reality around us affects us but no it's it's totally opposite and those who are new to this work just coming onto the channel guys I just want you to know that you are more powerful than your reality because your reality is all the same energy and it's being perceived by you perceived by you we talked about the dynamics of working with your higher-self that alignment process very very key and very very important so what I wanted to talk about and what I wanted to get back to and it was really inspired through a session that I had a few days ago he's really getting back to the basics I've covered this before but I really wanted to touch really touch on this again because a lot of times we really have to really disassociate ourselves from our reality really step back and say well what is the reality what do I want you know what what is my reality okay and you can create a reality in which way that you want any reality that you desire you can create it you have the power to create your own reality because you have the power to think the thoughts that you desire everything is thought everything begins here it begins with vibration okay it begins in the unseen in the non-physical and then is expressed into the physical or manifested so that you can see it taste it touch it smell it hear it so you can choose any reality that you desire because you can think the thoughts that you desire you have that free will you have the free will to think the thoughts that you want to think period your free will it's a blessing but you also have end rather also have the free will to think thoughts separate from your higher self that's the co-creative process and if you are thinking thoughts that are negative in nature that are not based in value and your worthiness and your joy and your happiness you can think those thoughts as long as you desire you can and Law of Attraction will gather the momentum but it will manifest in believe me guys you don't want to think those thoughts because ultimately everyone wants happiness and joy so I want to talk about belief and expectation are real quick okay you can think any thought that you want to think therefore you can create any belief that you want to create it doesn't matter people think doesn't matter what people say doesn't matter where you go what you do you can create a belief because you can think the thoughts so everything that you see in your reality or someone else's reality it's just a belief it's just thoughts that they keep on thinking whether it be their physical body whether it be their self-image whether it be if a person feels like they're overweight or underweight right whether it be you know poverty consciousness or abundant consciousness thinking in abundance money factors relationships you know it's all diverse because you have the free will we have the free will to think the thoughts that we choose to think you know one can impose knowledge upon us but you have the ability and say well do I want to absorb that knowledge and then disseminate it and create wisdom or do I choose to not paying attention so you have that free will so belief and expectation a belief that's only a thought that you keep thinking so in and I received a lot of messages about this and it's quite alright because a lot of people come in new to the channel or new to this work new to law of attraction work these are these are dynamics not just law of attraction but dynamics of alignment you know that's why I wrote that book it's just an equation it's a it's an equation that has to be performed in order to achieve the result better so belief it's only a thought you keep thinking in the expectation if you can think the thought and create a belief with the momentum of law of attraction then it has to be reality it's coming from formless into form from non-physical thought vibration co-creating with your higher self into physical where you can see it taste it touch it smell it and hear it so if you have the belief so strong within you that it creates an expectation there is nothing that you cannot live there's in essence there's nothing that you can't be do or have so as you go about your day think about it you can create anything that you desire because you get to perceive the reality and you get to think the thoughts therefore you create the beliefs and when you create a strong powerful belief long enough there is an expectation and an expectation when you have that belief in expectation on the same frequency and same alignment because your higher self knows that anything is possible your higher self knows that all you gotta do is create it and higher self will guide you there okay that's for another video but what I wanted to specifically talk about was belief in expectation so when you get your belief in your expectation in alignment with each other you can create anything anything you know this is 2018 and we're moving right along there's nothing that you cannot be do or have in 2018 there's nothing it only takes a little over a minute of pure thought to get momentum going and all you have to do is cultivate the momentum once you get it going so I challenge you to really think about that to really look into changing your beliefs if you don't like something that you're perceiving your reality change a belief think a new thought gain the momentum bridge it create a new belief God don't care what people say of what people think I've been doing this for years I create my reality now I'll co-create with them you have to really think about that distinction you do co-create a reality with others but you also cooker into your reality whether you're ourself I only focus on my herself and if you know if I fall off the fall by the wayside I picked myself back up and I say well that's not the right if a negative manifestation occurred then I'm thinking the wrong thoughts so then you shifted you walk away you create a new belief so I challenge you create new beliefs to the point to the point where you create such a high expectation that anything is possible whether it be money relationships health anything and everything you are the creator so hope everyone has an awesome day be inspired and we'll see