The Aghori: An ancient religion with dark rituals

Posted By on May 23, 2019

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  1. OMG seriously? That is one of the filthiest things I've ever seen on this Earth. Why some people in the comment section said it's okay?

  2. Different people all over the world have different customs. But there's a certain portion we consider as taboo. Taboo practices are present in every society. We are normal people and then there are people who are beyond that. Nobody has the right to take the name of the country and insult it's citizens. First be educated about the facts.

  3. 99.99% of hindus are not single percent like cannibal or promote shit like that….. So shame on you man to actually dont showing the true phase of hinduism … Ofcourse we can understand u need something sensational to show but thats not fair

  4. oh my God what a dirty and filthy religion
    i have never seen this much dirty that drink you urine and be religious
    The true religions are Christianity Judaism and Islam
    better to follow these modern and clean religion than this

  5. yes it's weird and cranky but neither dark nor ostentatious

    As far as aghori is concerned, there are so many ways to liberation, one being "aghori sadhana". Aghoris are doing what they want to who are we as individuals to judge 🤷. Unfortunately we are a overtly populated country now . Earlier they were happy with themselves doing whatever they want to but then we are all over the place now demonizing them.

    I remember seeing man vs wild back in my childhood and he used to drink his pee in the morning so all the nutrients in his urine goes back to him. It was gross but practical

    Hindustan is a place where we embrace all and reject none, get a life guys and leave them alone for their path is arduous and we are nobody to judge

  6. "Why is the world so obsessed with India’s caste system?"
    Get your facts checked CNN!! 😑

    We are talking about 2017(when this video came). Grow up guys it's 2017.
    Let's talk a bit about caste system that does not exist anymore anywhere in the country.

    Some history first :

    1 :The Maratha king Shivaji was regarded as a low-caste in the beginning who, after his victory over many kingdoms, proclaimed himself as a Kshatriya(a Warrior) with support from liberal Brahmins,Says M.N. Srinivas, the well-known sociologist.

    2 :The famous mathematician Aryabhata was himself a non-Brahmin and yet he had Namboodri Brahmins studying under him. Even today, there are hundreds of Brahmins engaged in cleaning toilets in India.

    3: Also Varna!=caste system
    Caste is jaati which is small disadvantaged groups
    "Brahmins" by "occupation" were priests were revered but were not the richest, the merchants called "vaishyas" (as aforementioned because of occupation) were richest.
    It can be argued that India has put together the world’s biggest affirmative action plan called “Reservations” to help the historically disadvantaged castes. With reserved slots in government schools and colleges, positions in government services and seats in electoral constituencies, there has been a massive effort to be inclusive. Whether the effort has yielded results or has resulted in a “reverse caste system” is something that needs to be examined.

  7. Unfortunately these people are can't even called human. In Hinduism these aghori are devil form human.if you read ancient text you will find that these people were used to create problem from those who were good. Thank god such people are remain disconnected from society

  8. Only a moran will think these are hindus. Santan dharma aka Hinduism is the worlds first religion. WE TOLD THE WORLD ABOUT GOD BEFORE YOU FOUND THE WORD "GOD" IN THE DICTIONARY GOOGLE IT. No where in our scriptures is this behaviour acceptable ! These tribes have no following.

    Lets see what the hindu scriptures say !

    The body is cleansed by water, the internal organ is purified by truthfulness, the individual soul by sacred learning and austerities, and the intellect by (true) knowledge. Manu Smriti (1.109)

    No scripture says eat a human these people are lost in the drugs and Alchohol nothing more. Now lets all do some YOGA and keep believing in KARMA 🇮🇳😂

  9. Guys claiming these people are monsters have never read Allen Ginsberg's works. Understand their philosophy

  10. Aghori is community living in jungles. And they are very less in turms of numbers. Real India is far ahead than your imagination.

  11. This video shows which local India also unaware. A very few Indian know about Aghori and all this think.

    And caste system is there but todays generation is against this system.
    Untouchably is almost gone. Rarely It may find in interior rural area.

    Today India has send satellites to mars in first attempt with lowest cost. India destroy Satellite in sky. India has world record for successfully sending 104 setalites in single attempt.

  12. These people are pure satanic! You cant call them humans! They need to be delivered from their evil acts!

  13. idc this is disgusting, the only positive is the groups of indians who are taking the good ideals from the aghoris but otherwise disgusting

  14. This is why you dont let outsiders explain your belief systems because theyll tell it with their own twist on it


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