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bernhard laundry television journal of the important
because of the hour brought to you every monday wednesday and friday presentation of the laundry list of what
happened later on laundry the world’s most al-kidwa and with distinguished companions of the world on
its own g remains but the fact that mary introduce our part of it for this
edition of the mounting kosto mister william bradford giri editor of
the american mercury and mister cochran france editor of newsweek magazine our distinguished guests for this
evening is a horrible todd bridges united states senate up on your answer the opinions expressed are necessarily
those of the speaker so to britain as i’m sure there are
jurors will be glad to hear back from the commercial again tonight sir and as republican leader in the united
states senate why have we welcome your views on some
of the current developments now for uh… senator past and in a rather important meeting with
general eisenhower and hear that you’re interested in that and i’d like to tell our viewers just
uh… what you think was the result of that meeting between
uh… general and how intensive care i think it brought together tour of the great factions of the
republican party and uh… i think that uh… there was a
general agreement as a result of the comp i think that that means that role to perform a lot of the way the
eisenhower camdensafe and i think that the differences which
you know that it may have had before as a result of that conferences have been
sort of all that the area of deference between the two was flight and the staff to do it for the effect
conference in or out of would you think this mean any change in
the content of the campaign in high sec if anything it will have a tendency of
the staff to step up the campaign no preference in cleveland perfectly either capital pinpoint the issues uh… that he’s uh… particularly
concerned web and uh… intends to upon a very vigorous type of campaign of
course as uh… republican leader in the senate i know that you yourself have
been uh… very intersted and uh… you making the party now do you foresee sure that uh… by november the fourth you think that
you will have a united republican party ideal yes i do a productive you don’t think that any of the uh…
so-called extreme right factions will hold back uh… from supporting general and more
effectively as you will probably stop laptop five dr that uh… the right and conservative wing of the republican
party has perhaps exemplified by the tap to fraction of the cap leadership uh… role will be such a difference creamy envy left-wing temperatures of the democratic campaign not so they’ll have no difficulty in making that choice they’re there extremely interesting development now a
that kind of course the smashing victory of senator mccarthy uh… in wisconsin now early to tell our viewers there how
you interpret uh… the meaning of that as a surprise i think that uh… from atop this victory wisconsin by sector tremendous mott margin indicates that the people of wisconsin suddenly and awful hardly any objectives which you saw which is to read the
government agents into this country of subversive alum clear suppressor at here is our live project that magnitude
besides that i was not surprised at the back reportedly is a private garden which
product you prelim and mccarthy support crying when during the campaign will be
valuable well i think that as well because i
think people to most people in the country mccarthy
one of the agreed with all of these methods all the defense uh… they agree that uh… mccarthy is
out of a symbol of action the people on action in eliminating the bad influences the subversives from the
government of you know i don’t know if it’s critically of course there you’re
interested in electing republicans to mandates in it now do you think that mccarthy can be
useful outside wisconsin in the election of republicans to the senate yes i think you’d be interested in many
states union hall where we have a republican karen is there any place where he didn’t
welcome i think the only state that i’ve had
i’ve been particularly with the statement coming out of connecticut
recently where one of the candidates for all the some of them that they indicated that
care even can make use of sam and cokie you
regard that as a tactical error on the part of the republicans in connecticut ideal yet would be a similar tactical error
for eisenhower the continued commitment well i think i’ve maar as our character must recognize uh… looked out the victory there and uh…
it should not be sandwich magnitude is there any reason to believe you will i rather think that he will get well senator in our viewers a number of
the mantra know that you yourself have been making the number of uh… trips out into the country and uh… that you are supporting the ticket
actively now uh… what uh… interesting observation do you
have for us from those trips that you’ve been making well i uh… come audio along with the definite feeling on
justin wrote back na from other a lengthy crap uh… that uh… the campaign republican
painstaking out gathering momentum and uh… if it uh… the recent camdensafe picked up to gather momentum
carry forward as i have every reason to believe that as well uh… i think it’s a government is there a difference between the things
that the people you spoken to are interested in and things out in our district since
caroline and i find that particular people were rested and threatened about medicare workers you private
reverend confederate interested in career and uh… sorrow action manipulative railroad very
reluctant actually that are interested in reading delegate glimpses of the government from
all the communist influences but until that they’re very
intersted in and intact if you think that’s one of the major
issue yes i do a lot of literature when they feel that was felt by sometime around then and taxpayers now ineffective because you are of
course there are a yankee in a new england area is everybody in the country
is worried about money that you people are are in a row up ignoring when we are
interested in money we like to see the american dollar work
tomorrow and we’re getting married i was over in canada or the other day and uh… but just an item for eight dollars i gave mister shopkeeper eight dollars and he said thirty two more sense body
god all written left is a much is yours today when i was a shock to me by
because i was brought up the new england faith along the canadian
bought it involvement are my childhood on the canadian dollar for a little bit
come up ten to fifteen frenchman mark in dollar amount of crime that uh… the american dollar selling of
those are not the canadian dollar to perfect shop to make your senator larry
you’ve you have reviewed that in the senate there said something like
nineteen thirty six and he liked your number one and it by the time yes meaning you’ve been there longer than
any other republican uh… and you’re still a relatively young man
i believe now fair itinerant monthly returns null or a
great sense of a republican senate under republican house i think if we have any
friend in this election which i believe we have that we have a untaxed income to capture
both the senate models but then it will be by a small margin look we can capture
believe campaigns in the clinton the house differently from the national campaigns
for about an overall will be that same but there are of the individual
candidates in the respective states well emphasized the looked at your own pacific issue are coming back to your steps uh… you regard yourself as a
conservative in the united states senate now when i came to the east on it to from the government here from new
hampshire up there i was regarded as perot’s regretted unfold most people did i ever got me
ultraconservative argumentative changes that may make you are opposed to the
so-called schoolgirl at all and if there’s anything that makes me sick and
tired of stab uh… democrat from new dealers all around this country thailand of the
republican field and they’ll turn back the pages of uh… tubely docking ages sure undiluted bob and uh… as a matter of fact through republicans generally it
probably song social getting than anything in
your own record that indicates that i guess when i was governor of new
hampshire uh… my faith but while the state of new hampshire was
the first state in the united states to qualify under the federal social
security act we put through the first of this
economic climate insurance law in the country we put through mother’s leg which was a
moment to step in the country and we fed up with us cancer research uh… commission and uh… planets in the capital of the
republican chairman of the social gains local social beings legislations differ
from the democratic well i think that there are uh… that’s
a good point i think the the republicans would like to see cannot everything from within the
federal government we’d like to see the error cooperative venture with my campus was
put in the states local control local operation of cost the federal government only coming into
a fortnight of playing a small part of frost as a republican leader leader organs in
the senate you don’t know of any uh… tendency or your desire on the part of
the republican to repeal any of the major uh… i don’t
know if this makes it more pertaining to any other all right that there may be from changes the that would be found in the right
direction but bowman a torpedo anybody uh… found there are some people
employed and it would be two words state-controlled leading to educate
people with the senator is a final question sir since you are sickness and in the senate
races and her that you referred back to you too big states and which you think the republicans have the best
chance to gain seats in the senate this year i think we have a mexican counterfeiting
to three thousand america uh… played in in now mollen a seat in michigan street in wyoming proceed in new mexico uh… same west virginia mhm seat in kentucky maybe some others and uh… arizona uh… we have a over a fighting chance in arizona and manicure believes that there is an
excellent chance and cooler i can see that where we could capture the senate
by uh… eh to trail for goldman western certain that our viewers that very much appreciate these views from
united thank you for being with us the editorial board for the position of
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advancing good evening allah co-editors for this edition of the
laundry in common school far mister william bradford jewelry editor
of the american mercury mr edgar baker managing editor of
time-life international our distinguished guest for this evening
is the honorable styles bridges united state senator from new hampshire the opinions expressed are necessarily
those of the speakers so it’s a bit easier because it had a
long and distinguished career in the senate and tonight i promise to our audience is
tremendously interested and all that there are over the
president’s seizure of the steel mills i’m sure that we’d like your opinions
tonight sir this is an unprecedented action on the
part of the president said and that you only i’ve been in the son of sam sixteen
years by wednesday that to there has been a great here revulsion from the country on this in the last few days and many issues
since i’ve been in the sand except the core packing schema president
rumsfeld and the removal of general douglas
macarthur by uh… president truman i think going to both of those issues
uh… created a greater her come back from the country but suddenly next to a vote to issues the rescission
of the steel mills from this unprecedented action comes next do you think that the public
is getting manure alice to you sir i’ve heard they are becoming around as they
review of the consequences and the full reading of the city and and do you think
it was there as a as a veteran of the senate do you feel that any grade
constitutional issue is involved that there is just for kate and for the
people’s being arouse ideal now i’ll tell you why mr hill because all of the four we’ve had private property seized by the president
of the united states before in various places all those before that’s been based upon some statutory
fark uh… some basis of law this is the first time the president has ever tracked in such a
step when we haven’t had done the statute
books a pacific war lychee attributed his
action to you’re telling either so what you’re doing our audience that that in your opinion there is no
respected on the books now that would justify the president’s agar damaged well senator one of the practical
alternative wearable whether alternatives lazar another course to
present to the following yes who prevented a damaging staged a
certainly could have uh… invoke the provisions of the top top react but
uh… you know mr baker he has solar few of the top top reactors are prepping
moret for a period of years that i suppose he
uh… hesitated to use that miss simpson’s but
he could invoke the top pot react which would have brought on a wait for
the study of eighty day and then he could attack misstep by asking the attorney general united
states the brain and junction the courts against a strike and then the costly top five reacted and
the uh… we have all the legislation which
would provide for in coming to congress barrier for recourse action well senator now with the president has
in effect fast ball back to congress by sending his message which some people have been
interpreted as a confession of arab uh… united concedes that the final
decision does rests with the congress what what action would you expect to
have to be forthcoming from capitol hill i think that care uh… thursday should be examined very
carefully uh… by the judiciary committee of the
senate which is very uh… along to the
committee of the senate most certainly is a local constitutional approach and arab reaction that’s occurred in the
senate would cheer her dressing room the papers tonight about the labor committee of the senate
going to have no holding hearings are dealing with something which is outside a ship issues involved
in the strike our side issue the fundamental basic issue as the president of the united states
assuming dictatorial powers in my judgment unseating a gradient your bank
said that the prosecution issue is overriding it must be decided first at
least uh… before we decide that who’s right
and who’s wrong in the labor consequences of course what may happen
in a way to the surgeon on these incidentally fumes what you have a uh… the wages uh… they always do you shop for the
dole shop and so on in the uh… that’s right and i have a very different issue would
be with the story may live radiation was
still remaining uh… they acknowledge mister jordan mr baker of the president
of the united states conceded the steel mills uh… he can also by the same terry sees
cattle on the farms in the ranch is you can see is the poultry in the focus is
on the farm he didn’t uh… three private property anywhere because
if you remember when he took the stand uh… and issued this audit he said i am uh… taking this stand by virtue of my
authority a basket in me by the constitution and
the laws of the united states and as part of the united states and commander
themselves he didn’t list anne cooper said before
and a definite law and over again will broad statement which he made which
uh… is over riding issue so you’re saying sir that
this is not enola gay america though versus a labor of management
versus labor controversy it is very definitely more than that uh… when uh… for instance the produce a used the support of the
coal mine para during the war he sees them under a
definite statue which one of the smith calmly act when you say if the railroad he saved
them under the railroad act of nineteen sixty and uh… so when the story of the
montgomery ward plan uh… easy is it uh… based upon me construction actual call an hour uh… we have not always a respectable we have no one was that so you can still
meet on inherent powers as commander in chief of the army navy and to be constructed uh… nest a biker mice to kill anybody should
have done instead accordingly secondary commas in charge of the steel mills at p_s_ two
american energy for the army navy ship website very defensive gross allahabad
in this case an eternity even in the very very few days which elapsed between
the time of the decision union strike the president’s action we lost a half
million tons of steel comparison was based on a very practical
very practical situation a practical threat uh… to the national defense effort and and he cited his inherent powers
which i believe the courts and in a number of occasions in the past in
different situations help with the are inherent dollars uh… of the presidency what are your feeling are there no
powers the president can use in a situation of of this nature with the
national defense may be endangered joi couldn’t vocal we have more of the top
top react as i said eighty days waiting period he could have the vied for the attorney general of the
brain injunctions in the courts mood at the separately says that he can
make a a report to congress and uh… for
action by the congress and ask uh… that no started with plenty of
things for him to do well certain at this is a political year and so what are the political
implications here specifically uh… as a practical politician do you
think that this was smart politics for the president well i i don’t know i think uh…
somewhat question of the president was going to run again to be done it but
uh… uh… he’s apparently not a candidate uh… may i point out also use handicap
for the fact that he’s conducted this section of london war in korea he says this is a preset i think we’re in a war in korea the program has avoided that issue and
joe he couldn’t really talk to the fact that
way or another and a great uh… war he said had to and assume some police lecture are somewhat
on no well now sir where do you think this
this business it is a isn’t overriding issue i mean do
you think that the american public should be gravely concerned in short is
this a step along the road toward a possible dictatorship if you have any
serious yes i don’t believe that there were on the road to dictatorship here
yet but i’m saying that we had we could be starting on the road no
princeton’s and all of these socialistic country where we are trade-up socialism miller and so on there’s no socialist country that has achieved by order of
the ruling power uh… mailings for instance when they go
to maximize the steel mills and uh… uh… great britain they perceive martin
another manner according to the law or the land you’re saying that not even in the
socialistic country says they’ve been so aggressive in action on the flyer you
have to get into the dictatorship dollars where that pair uh… you know the communists will
assist us underground where you see examples of this would you say that this is a step toward possible nationalization of the steel
industry and sudbury eset dot hope not but it could be final power web address
with the fact that it should address mister baker where the call and if we had independent free corpses i
hope we have in some instances certainly it might be in the courts butter in a in any case the final result
would be the banking according to our constitution of the
legislative against the executive process as we understand it is that i
fight between the congress and the president and we very much thank you for
being with us tonight the editorial board for this edition of
the laundry and promised go for it mister william bradford theory and mr edgar baker our distinguished guests with the
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what happened later on lodging world’s most holocaust and lifting off distinguished companion
to the world honored laundry good evening this is ninety nine may i introduce our color that goes for
this edition of the laundry in prosto mister william bradford u_n_ editor of
the american worker m and most of them i have editor of the freemen and contributing
editor of newsweek magazine our distinguished guests was the main is the honorable ourselves bana united
state senator from utah the opinions expressed aren’t necessarily those of the speakers the senator bennett you’ve makes a
vigorous speeches lately about the presidency the steel industry how wonderful and ask you what you think
the principal factor that’s easier now likely to be financially long-range implications and some that
are affecting us already i think the principal long-range
implication will be felt in the continuing study of
the american people of the powers of the president we’re concerned again about uh… whether there are any
limitations on the powers of the president what do you think will be done about
that cases reported to have diet decision and i think if the supreme court should not do it we may expect before preamp to see it proposed amendment to the
constitution which might spell out in the
constitution interpretation given by judge pack you’re saying you’re telling our
audience on that day that in the event the supreme court does
not sustain jets that do you think that there is that
congress within the camp to make it sprang this decision to write
it into the constitution is that correct sir and i think that will happen every
happiness this session of congress which has a short life ahead of it for whether that might
be postponed until nineteen fifty eight as a member of congress and you think
that said congress must soon uh… in effect there specifically
defiantly the inherent power to the president congress has the power and amend the
constitution and the only power to initiate that but
i didn’t read the states have a concurrent power but i think uh… congressman exercise
that pat what you think they have the intention you think that’s the sentiment
of congress of the present time that if the supreme court fails to sustain
judge hides decision that immediately congressman do
something of historic i think your food matter were up for a vote tomorrow both houses would act that way overwhelming we will
have any effect on labor legislation if anything yes i i’m not sure how many of the
effect will be because of course the president has the
taft hartley law he hadn’t used it in this particular case and there many of
us in congress who feel that we shouldn’t have any new labor legislation situation exists until after the
president has used taft-hartley for the long run i would expect some new labor legislation to grow out
of his expiry well along what lines would be a limitation of the right to
strike is that one of the lines of the nineteen eighty seizure experience has shown that there is a limitation of
the right to strike even the union agrees that it will not strike against
the government and judge pirro goldsboro in nineteen
forty eight indicated with the court’s take the position labor may not strike against the ultimate interests of the nation even
though the government isn’t involved and that there be any effort to restrain
industry-wide unions are from try to prevent the growth of these enormous
industry-wide i think that’s a possibility i was interested to discover that when
the sherman law was passed in eighteen ninety unions
were included as well as individuals and corporations specifically included yes
and they have since escape by it well by implication and via direct
amending legislation for one thing uh… immunized so to speak of the
clayton electorate and uh… and revision morris regarding acting outback may be restored answer to you say that there is deep concern in the senate over this
constitutional issue do you believe that the american public is also deeply concerned and i wish there were more deeply
concerned and uh… i have a feeling this may have introduced a new issues in
the forthcoming campaign and i hope the republicans will do what
they can do create a more uis great concern you say
that you wish they were more deeply concerned actually you have you heard
from the public uh… from your mail and otherwise to be rather apathetic it
denied has precios if the public are more concerned about the
immediate effects strike and the seizure and the implications of the price control problem and uh… they’re not aware of the
fundamental constitutional problem there as a practical politicians there why do you think that the american public is not greatly concerns over this
constitutional issue which you regard is so important twelve in the first place many americans feel that all
constitutional problems were settled a hundred and fifty years ago in this
week past the point for a fundamental
problems have to be clean resulted well there’s a difference doesn’t seem
to be reflected in the press you think that there’s a gap between the protest
in the press the present and the feelings of people active suppressed or or call me came out uh… in opposition to the
president’s plan gives me hope that in the months ahead it’s attitude we’ll actually be reflected in the public opinion i’d like to ask what they
have selected this action will be on the control powers on the extension of the
control powers and the kind of control powers if you think gave people in
congress and let the president had and all the facts are already have it so far as the senate is concerned the senate banking and currency
committee has completed its work on the want to extend the president’s power it looked back quickly finished with its work when the
steel seizure half and then it stopped dead and since then it has gone back and
completely revised its proposed law in these interesting respect originally they were to be extent of the
year now it’s eight months originally they didn’t do very much to
the wage stabilization board now as a result of this experience they
practically re well-off acting wage stabilization
borden take away from all the powers that claimed in this
particular decision so they would still have a way
stabilization born that would be fixing wages while they
would be a price control of fixing prices and neither of them would pay
much attention to what the other was doing it seems to be that situation
present without the continued on and i was like i would imagine she will become
more important maybe it would have been carried to the
question is that wages are within the stabilization have nothing to do with union shopper
fringe benefits and its membership will be made up of public
members only and does it have to be confirmed by the senate so we have our hands on the wage they
decided uh… i do you come from the very intersting
stated yourself uh… your governor governor lee has
attracted a great deal of attention then uh… you have a senator that’s up for
reelection this year so i’m sure the relatives would like to
a if u expression try me on the political scene in the mountains states now has the uh… utah delegation uh…
to the republican national convention been selected that was selected homemade i can’t remember the day but it was like
a couple weeks ago in salt lake and it is one hundred percent for senator tech fourteen dog and what’s a situation generally in the
mountain states in the republican party senator taft will have the great majority of the delegates from
the mountain states there have been one or two places where and eisenhower delegate arteries are
slipping overwhelmingly it’s overwhelmingly that
country are you personally supporting such a
test harry have announced my position that
way and do it i’m happy that my state supported me and and census you have uh… says the governor governor lee is
up for reelection and also senator what consumers would you get a verdict for our audience
how utah is likely to go in nineteen fifty two sex is the uh… attitude in utah is that there as
everywhere else there’s a great unrest a great feeling that this is time for
change and i’m sure it’s going to sweet bowl senator walk-ins and governor lee back
into office together with many other republican nominate what do you think the effect is going to
be on the election of ms truman stand on seizure hasn’t enough that carried his party
pretty far over the last with these statements by vice president barkley and secretary told on and so on what’s going
to be the effect on the nomination well i think kidneys made it very difficult for the
middle of the royal democrats for the jefferson jeffersonian democrats to stay with the democratic not only with him as an individual but
with the party kathy says he’s going to match do you think that is selected and the
democratic party this year will have a a new deal around the knee and that they
will run on a own on the new deal platform in the steady a platform that
the president is insisting upon i think there is every every evidence that that will happen the only possible candidate that can save him from that is
senator russell and i’ve got that he’s got power enough to get the nomination you don’t think that it’s likely that a candidate this nominated by both
parties i’d certainly amount in favor of the
one-party system and i hope the republicans don’t
contribute to it and there and and you also think that you’d they
would be best for the country if there is a we’ll debate and a few erased between a vw dealer for delay and they have a conservative republican
i think the american people have been wanting that for twenty years and i hope we have here wisdom to give it to us and as a final question sir since you
come from a great moment state of utah moments of the known to be conservative
in the past uh… is the state leading uh… toward
uh… conservatives are now do you think wal-mart election would indicate a
movement in that direction and i think the nineteen fifty three actions will
ferret out as they say well thank you very much for
being with us tonight the editorial board for this edition not but all jane prosto flaws mister william bradford chile and mr henry has worked our distinguished guests closely on the
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to the world on it on g good evening this is fright night matter and reduced auto editors for this
edition of the mounting prosto mister william bradford chile editor of the american record and mister james h_ r_ problem former united states minnesota our distinguished guests for the
big-name is the although william f_ buckley united states and the fare from
connecticut the opinions expressed unnecessarily
those of the speaker senator then it’s a pleasure to have you
with us a nicer on the crime itself i can heal for our for our viewers would you
identify yourself politically are you a new dealer a supporter of the president
said general i’m a very consistent supporter
of the press that they are differ with him and his advisors in certain major ways i have with senator paul toughest fight
there could be a part of the most administrations and do to get our budget
into balance to cut back on expenditures i have fought subsidies to uh…
agriculture feature the substance of others subsidies the roughly speaking and certainly on
the foreign policy i would describe myself as a supporter of the president’s
your onslaught of sound money and new deal again is that correct i like to think about stuff that they
are those who are thrown off the views that differ they should apply it to me
you believe that having a balanced budget in other words senators that
right thought that was that i have joined
together in recommending not only have cut that seven-and-a-half billion dollars out of the budget mister
cromwell but in trying to close up a tax loopholes maybe to catch them rich
fellows like uh… the crab apples to pick up an articulate a half billion
dollars to bring the cash budget into balance at about ten billion dollars
would do it i’m sure that your is it like a prediction from you sir as to
whether you think the budget is likely to be balanced this year sisterhood is not a chance in
norway it’s going to be out of balance five
billion in a presidential election year you’ll
never get the congress to pass the tax bill which the president recommended
which i would be four and you’re never going to get the congress to make these cuts in
appropriations bills because the pressures of too many people uh… involved i have to spend the money
you remember that cindy four other guys don’t you hold up a joke and into a
young congressman by sun never vote a for a tax bill or against it
appropriately should be ok if you go out that applies that particular advising
the for in an election year isolation now sir i believe that you have ah…
taken a rather strong position on the civil rights program and our jurors are very much interested
in uh… tonight because uh… general eisenhower this week took a very firm stand against it federal civil rights program yes now
what what is your position on civil rights cooperative marginalized and are now
have respect for his judgment that all different him a lot different sharply on this particular question civil rights uh… mister who is a is a problem for
all the people not a problem state-by-state and the reason it’s a problem for all
the people is that our failure in the field of civil rights in power failure
in the field of our racial relations are doing justice to our neeku negro
group another racial minorities stuff out of communist all over the
world thrown back at us and indeed it’s the
most damaging of all the communist propaganda we forget that two-thirds of the peoples
of the world have colored skin and pay after gaining a communist
propaganda hammers and a bit uh… mines of these people uh… that we discriminate within just
we don’t live up to our democratic placements and that’s too important to let
mississippi and alabama decide that’s a problem for all the american people producing share senator that it’s
possible to all of these days krishna fooled by legislation not if it uh… it’s a long slow educational
process mister cromwell but as with all the education you stronger
pack in front of you we have for civil rights legislation up
in the state of connecticut it doesn’t mean that there is the stuff
of discrimination week redirect can’t get rid of it merely by passing laws but when the people of the states a
ticket we stand against if that gets the policy at the state uh… we are going to set up by the
courts and commissions uh… we have a case in the state right
fell against a labor union for refusing to permit negroes to join and it’s the first case of its kind in
the country and it’s a fine thing for the people of
our state to get the education that’s involved in that case when i’d like to
see the abuse that the american people not have before them on this general eisenhower i believe he’s taken
a rare the firm stand against federal action in the civil rights matter absolutely i read his administrator
nolte there no qualifying clauses that he’s he simply against it uh… senator taft has certain
qualifying poses uh… senate if you fall bird who’s been on
this program now if you had believe sir are almost
completely on the other side from from general eisenhower if you believe in
federal action i’m not so either with any southern delegates i’m not a
candidate for the presidency fell out of my long experience in uh…
foreign policy mister who we are represented the united states
of aid international conferences as a delegate of this country i’ve talked to the people of other countries who sent delegates there
and this is jocelyn elders all the time and not only by the rush naturally by the indians by others i told on the floor of the senate uh…
last ah… martha is putting a mccarran immigration bill the study of nurses the story of missus clinton the meeting
in japan in nineteen thirty seven we saw the proc flags break out all over japan it was the anniversary of our exclusion
act on receptivity twelve cents of the people of japan not one of you is fifty
come into the united states japan went in the morning all historians agree that our exclusion
act against the japanese i can be one of the major factors that
led to the attack on pearl harbor so i give that is a quick illustration to
show how important uh… actions in this field is from the
standpoint of all our people so if you are a member of the senate next year uh… he had not yet when you’re a
member of the must be accompanied applies your constituents can depend on
you to try to overcome the traditional southern opposition to uh… to federal legislation in this field
sisterhood connecticut secre literate state that they didn’t know that i agree
with you i would never chance to go back to the senate senator would like a few words you use
your own this uh… on your activities and they have mutual
security program the money that we are sending to europe now i believe if you have uh… have been the responsible for an
amendment to that program not just what are you trying to do with that amendment so i’ll try to combat communism in
europe and the strength in the hands of our administrative officers who are fighting communism of course the
basic purpose of the mutual security act is to fight communism and to prepare
ourselves to fight communism if we come throws open uh… outbreak of hostility
and specifically how will your how will your program health in combat
in communism in europe for my president that mattel’s mister harriman and his
associates the administrators of this act to spend these vast sums of money to six
billion four hundred million dollar under discussion insects raises to discourage the great european monopolies and cartels
furniture hold back production and hamstring uh… productivity which is the very
thing we’re trying to encourage and in the second place to discourage
the communist labor unions and to encourage the development of the kind of
free labor unions really fighting for the welfare of the workers of the time
we have here in the united states senator increasing prepare great many
people don’t realize the difference between the way business is conducted
here in the united states to actually run and the way it’s conducted in europe i wonder if you would think it was a
little uh… discussion about uh… the difference
between competitive business in the united states and monopoly business or
cocktail business has returned in europe throughout the bait you put your finger
mister kahwar right on the basic difference the basic difference uh… and attitudes of the american people
accords right back at two eighteen ninety when we passed the sherman
antitrust act there isn’t any antitrust legislation in
europe it all our laws out mr jeffery crop there’s a lot of the
columnist but the thing wonderfully ready once said we put a man in the house of lords in
england for the very thing in the united states for which you put in innocence in penitentiary carlos a you can’t combine and mary’s monopolized fixed markets fixed prices control production failed to put in new machinery and eliminate competition all over europe trip european businessman is changing exactly
the opposite viewpoints and every european country iran in a
business sense abiding the cartels and the monopoly what do you think the
chances are of a changing the european point of view on that changing the
europe and businessman witnesses then it changed as you point out that makes the
gap between the european in the business communities psychologically in american business
community much greater the atlantic ocean it will take two years oddly enough the best chance right now i
think c germany center then take a break it up in
germany they sell for breaking it up throughout much of the really
interesting audience of course i understand that you
are up for reelection in connecticut and quite frankly i believe the
republicans think that they have a chance to win your seat this year israel uh… now what was pretty that now you
are expected area and vigorous campaign uh… assume in connecticut it’s certainly a vigorous campaign that
mister perot because uh… the status on compact uh… highly literate politically um… then feels much money spent in
connecticut by the republicans in the expectation that i think he will
not be are vulnerable sectors who can’t be successfully dislodged i don’t like that topic that is that if the thought of it perhaps you’ll be sure that was there
for me now i a m physician shirt you take nationally in mid-may inmates race between the democrats and
republicans if you endorsed any anything any
candidate for the presidency away in connecticut have endorsed my
senior colleague on the plan i believe that the uh… democrats there
too much sense uh… tomorrow morning to campus groups
with whom we can’t wait uh… you know uh… hahaha uh… i live therefore predict a
democratic victory though i i agree with you there are some democratic candidates now in the field with whom we can’t win center so there is a tie-up between the
candidates at the anticipated victoria that on the first to admit i’m sure that i have here is very much
appreciate your views tonight show and thank you for being with all
congratulate you on the quality of these programs the editorial board for this edition of
the mounting promised those laws mister william bradford chile and mister
james h_ r_ cromwell our distinguished guests closely on over
with him at that time united state senator from connecticut confronting the manufacturer of an
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night long gene good evening this is david rocks tonight the launching promised school
turns away from the man-made problems of the world to an examination of spiritual values a subject in keeping with the holiday
season to help you find the truth father john shea c_s_ speed editor of catholic world reverend dr william rosenblum rabbi temple israel of the city of new
york reverend dr robert j mccracken pastor of riverside church father charles holographic saint john’s
church in the village our moderator is mister william bradford
leary the promised group yourself now satisfied
all of the material requirements for christmas and tonight we’d like to explore some of their spiritual yearning and now up on the grant if our average viewer tonight for their
stories spiritual gift for christmas what gives do you think would be hard to miss i think that men this year we are
looking for security a security which is based on upon
material factors but the security which is based upon god
the creator was the ultimate security from him i think men want a peace that can only be found as exemplified in the season and the
christ child in the manger and piece of the price reconcile and thirdly i think men are
looking for moral forty-two and stamina in a time when men are not recognizing
always moral values soooooo security troops in morro stamina now were rabbi rosenbloom has been said that this is a nervous
ajun aspirin age and uh… beijing non-serb worked with you well for two hour beavers and some from these tensions at that time let’s not do what i a also her but i
think is analyzing a dramatist wrote taneja heartache and headache a great
many tensions in all areas and the phrase asked for an
aids is a very angeles eloquent description on the
negative side i believe is a positive awareness about
the station that people generally want to do
something about is an aspiring it is part of the
american slang deals and i think our presence here tonight exemplifies what the formula would be
flown to improve conditions because the religions of the world we
represent some of them having that keeping spiritual idealism on values that will make for peace in the from the
world and i think if we can get together no more constructive program i believe
that’s one of the great hopes for the future a public hearing the infant christ has been cool a symbol of weakness and now in these days of means to meet
the challenges of our time do you think that we needed to move twelve twelve with the infant christ is
lord a symbol of human weakness about the same time i believe that uh…
he is a symbol of uh… divine power are not only divine physical or a firmly
believe that it’s gonna be created this from the moon stars of asbestos townsend says that the swings were like a trend that has at
its worst but uh… more importantly he is a
professor of infinite mohawk and i do firmly believe that uh… uh… his city dixon’s law giver must be
old buddy and any ruler roulette users who violate the natural
law established by god must go down to destruction leprosy price contributed to the concept
of human dignity vault soulful and p constantly emphasized the dignity of
the human person means teachings being consulted with uh… video-harp scoring might say the skull
on the streets of review of jerusalem balked at the same time he shortly
reference or for the souls of those persons and i think that uh… that their dignity as fathers in his
teaching has come down to austin has been operated in the magnet caught in
the bill of rights but more importantly i’d say that the
fact of the incarnation has uh… given western thinking anne and awareness of the dignity of man and the fact two adult children chronic himself a
newman a jury the uh… became one of us in order that
we might be adopted into the family of god and i think that uh… the fact of the
incarnation the fact of the broke the ball and christmas has ah… given to uh… what’s important for you plo awareness of the dignity of human person and not this christmas and there’s a
christmas nineteen fifty two prabhu for the future wall we think it does lol
hope provided we have humility netsolmail someone said that arrogance
is the key people of art and that’s very true and i think there’s no surprise to uh…
the yield on home and adoration of the incident uh… doctor mccracken most of us are familiar with professor
to engage the u_n_ of the human procession creeping up the mountain side rather
laboriously and their periods in human history when
the perception seems to make progress and other periods when it seems to be in
confusion and retreat now how do you feel soon christmas
nineteen fifty two do you think that we are they are perception at this plant is
making progress so that perhaps we are so confused maybe in retreat i know mister show you how i would like
to feel i would like to think that we were making distinct hariharan disposed to avoid generalize issues because while twenty certainly made when i had a
professor of history who use to st louis never generalize seeing it making a generalization at the same time i i think it’s an
contest the bluebird that things are going from bad to worse
and the lives criminal minded or they fight club created in nineteen fourteen when war broke out lights are going out all over europe yet try on christmas eve nineteen fifty
two i’m not without hope costs at all christianity is an optimistic religion founded on uh… provisionally pessimistic view man exclaim and realizes his predicament feels neat and except their point of course the
christmas particularly significant inasmuch as it means that man doesn’t lift a work
of his themselves which will not only friends she represented here the principal judeo-christian please is it true that today’s date on alerted great danger that time and the danger of the all-powerful state
the danger of communism on the the the only thing that is the
principled intervention i would say that there’s a deepening
understanding of the on that hopefully uh… restaurant of the problem presented to us by soviet
communism bull i would they want to read deeply conscious to problems closer to
home and of the danger of home so decadence from within point i might add that twenty brings out uh… pomegranate do you feel hopeful as an individual for
the human perception in nineteen fifty two thank you very much because i think that the realization that faces ultimately the the basis of seeking for security and peace and most eminent that many awakening is going to have a profound effect upon oversight in his words i have because i think men
are realizing now it isn’t waiting holdings in june for us to have hope for free government there and i wouldn’t is it necessary for us to have must be
inhale fades and all in order to support free government i think well i think we have seen that
there is no freedom because every single dictator what we
have in the past those in recent years and those are in
palma some of the first things they tried to
do my fourth in between seceded states out of the lives of
people and i think you find in the democratic
countries like iran while there are some tensions and
difficulties and disappointment somewhere on the great situation so there’s always the swelling up off
the face of god their faith and light puzzle to real
purpose and i think they simply go together bothers her and you mentioned
the great documents magnetron earn declaration isn’t noble work shit from command of
man do you think that those could have
sprung only from and well very definitely when the very home to upload concise religious principles and is that you did the when the dreaded
totalitarianism his over all of us is it true that all totalitarian
governments problem sounds must first destroyed even attempt to destroy if any dot mccracken is that from relative high idle no destroy she’s about to leave this all
the states in the media the leader of principle chastened involved seems to go but do you think uh… or whether you
think you know post-soviet well the totalitarian concept even believe in the all-powerful state was not run room here it is a uh… of
christianity christians the idea that the individual man
considered himself important bloodline written to be free homeowner enemy the outlook for nineteen fifty three uh… do all of you believe that uh… that there is a any any realization on the part of the
american people have a need for morphing into a proper balance between
thinking reasoning financial thank you liane blossoming dogs in churches in their way
of life and returns home to the idea is
installed anything to perhaps more more americans will will go to church for
instance in the next twenty-four hours ended last year well certainly the tightening of the
religious element in the christmas celebrations this year was that than women throughout europe appreciate
these expressions from you and thank you very much for being with us very distinguished guests all belong to
impose corpus evening world copper john feur m c_ s_p_ editor of the catholic world reverend dr william rosenbloom rabbi of
temple israel of the city of new york reverend dr robert j mccracken pastor of riverside church product charles hologram of saint john’s church in the village them operator for the special holiday
programme was mister william bradford hwy they problem out but i think that gift
of great preppy profound one-day randhir trio ismael
properly solve for the long email throughout the world no other name on a
lot characters like that the fed long jeans the world’s most on it well manuel program prizes and for the eight
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issues of the uh… brought to you every monday wednesday and friday presentation oven on jane what’s not
watch company maker of plunging the world’s most on a
block and whatnot distinguished companion to
the world ahmed laundry good evening that the strike that may i introduce our collateral for this
edition of the monthly incomes co larry let’s uh… from the c_b_s_
television news dot and august texture chief editorial
writer for the new york herald tribune our distinguished guests for this
evening as sir alexander graham governor general of hong kong most of this is a company with the name
hong kong is that with that british crown colony
itself because of the korean war and those charges that the island of
hong kong was furnishing communist china with the
seniors of war well british and american troops were fighting the chinese
communist on the other side in korea but our guest tonight who is governor
all that strategic atlanta knows the story so i don’t know how much illegal trader was going on with the chinese communist
well british and american troops were
actually fighting the communists in korea well that’s where i’m saying that would be to quote performer american consul general in
hong kong who said coming up trickle give substantiation of that and make
these parts hong kong has la really carried out the
towns on the united nations embargo on trade in strategical semi strategic
guards with china part of the hong kong itself produces
nothing nothing whatever that communist china now for all the communist china wants
from hong kong has to come from other countries fucks and other countries will not export to
hong kong unless they are satisfied that those grows up teaching value are not going to be
passed on to come in this china if those countries want to export to
communist china the goods will bypass hong kong them
directly arrive hong kong because the payoff afraid other controls and the
panel does that hong kong imposes on such form of
illegal train sags and they’ve had a large massive
uh… of legal trade going on now between hong
kong and china homes have been greatly reduced as a result of the circumstances ambience of the matter is that yes in
both cases that might be a little bit of logical look homecoming has as its natural trading partner as a result of of the united nations
embargo and also on the terms and conditions with chinese communists in
podunk trade event with our country the trade has dropped today considerably on trade now has tripled since the
imposition of the embargo has dropped by one-third which naturally has had a very
serious effect on the economy of the culinary and the livelihood of its people uh…
or what happened uh… so it’s and it’s a untitled all its trade with china
because china is not a peace-loving country even upset promos now if i might uh… kicked the ball
mcentee rumors through some of my house here effect on hong kong on commonest child difficult hong kong out of the effect on hong kong would be
very serious indeed because hong kong is not self-supporting foodstuffs rose in the food stamps taking the overall picture we get about haha food from communist
china notably and notably fresh vegetables and then hong kong would have to be
supplied from overseas and since the distances are very great either from
britain or frustrated or america it would be quite a problem though so it ended now the where is it if it anytime a chinese communist let’s
do it get hong kong they could me stop you out there i don’t know if it if you if it came to
that uh… that is really wall and when it’s warm and we would be
appropriate and uh… since the free world controls
the seas it would be possible and i’m quite sure would be done to continue to
supply hong kong with all the food stuff that is needed to carry on the fight for freedom hong
kong was that overcome by the japanese early in the second world war and event that is quite correct hong
kong was okay on how how the day and if surrendered to the overwhelming
force of the japanese on christmas day but we have to remember live in that
time the japanese and control not only of the seed but also the
apparatus today we have control growth of the sea and of the application so you
really have a panel a defensible island i certainly do i do not pose myself as a
military expert i am quoting the opinion of the highest
militia charges uh… without mentioning any names also
in the united states facilities nl valuable is hot dogs with
the world is a uh… naval base is that does that outweigh its economic
importance as the naval base i should say it’s not
very great at the moment because from the british pond view there is the
file and more up to date naval base and
single call which is only fifteen hundred miles turf fifteen hundred miles away that is not
the real importance of hong kong today well uh… so i can do is uh… hong kong ever threatened by
the chinese communist today to make uh… gestures dangerous justice in your
direction well i’ve got to use polite languages charles butler sometimes impolite noises about this but
it has not farther than that played a little bit making a major part of their propaganda
to educate continuing the hong kong grinnell no that is eased off
considering they did in the early days and they work accusing hongkong of all sorts of uh… crime as an annex which is amongst those
being a screwed of american imperialism loose a little bit what are your relations with the chinese
on the main another hostile or new conduct business on the uh… polite
collect correct basis or is achieved as friendly
feeling the official relationship is mailed we
have no official relationships whatever i would describe it the attitude of the chinese communists towards hong kong as one of hostility but mainly other passive rather than all
the naked nature well then did you up prove uh… of the visit of the uh… labor the former labor prime minister of
britain to uh… baking penitentiary well value-added marilyn red hot potato
uh… himself but uh… americana potatoes sellout even take the tough part i thought that visit was unfortunate so we do that go ahead sister identified to change the subject what is life like now inside the island of hong kong there i think a great number of refugees
of commitment amid try their of economic conditions
depressed is living intolerable about take that question by staging a
backward living is certainly tolerable and the
reserve a remarkable and degree of confidence we are very overcrowded and i’m show you appreciate that when i
tell you that on the liberation of the column by the
british pacific fleet in august nineteen forty five the
population was half a million today it is true and a half millions and our trade has dropped by one at the way the people of hong kong
carry-over under such difficult conditions i think israeli most
remarkable facilities and i take it that most of the people in hong kong are
chinese i’d like to ask you other a friendly to
the communist regime org to the and sisters even it’s almost a originator when i see original that means nineteen
forty nine when the communists overran for the whole of china then they were inclined to be friendly
to the new regime which of the communist regime they
didn’t men see it in its true colors but and they are now disillusioned and that was well demonstrated last
october went on the respective national days of
the communists the first of october and of the nationalists on the tenth of
october the display of flags on the tenth of october was tremendous greater
than i’ve ever seen a purple as tigar secular come to uh… to hong kong knowing he has not come to hong kong at
any time whatever well so do the our ticket that nevertheless in this uh… flood of refugees if you had originally
they must have been some uh… chinese communist agents some sort of a fifth column there is any danger that hong kong might
be entirely supported by the chinese communists and might wake up one morning at find us as
a prisoner i say that the danger of that is about
mail admitted their some agents do sleep in but we know would be main communist leaders are in
the car and uh… accurate we would if we wanted to pick them up uh… we prefer to keep them about
ground rather than have them underground on the net result and an unnatural on carnival access to the free world as
well as the great britain itself they’re definitely they’re definitely well instead is a uh… the communists
in regina talking about increasing trade now now
that the is a seventeen eva well they certainly are aris alright
rhonda great propaganda line intelligent businessman one fall far although they would like to see
legitimate trade in non embargoed goods with china increasing what is the value
then of hong kong is again phase to get information from behind the so-called bamboo curtain
boyish figure i think it’s a it’s it’s the best of all
places for that because i did it nastiest could you say in hong kong that you can read the
temperature of the world in regard to warranties in asia and you get some idea of how the chinese feel about this from out of that would be a good night that i would say in the trustees all wall are not many great well let’s wishful thinking on our are
really working hard to say meet other is the chances of the chinese uh… making for the war against hong
kong against hong kong action tampa’s
juncture thank you very much is the most edited
at nite session for three months the opinions expressed on the daunting
com let’s go for those of the speaker the editorial board for this edition of
the lunging cosco clause burial assailant and august extra our distinguished guests closer alexander graham from
governor-general of hong kong the autorads accuracy and reliability
take on a new one the true meaning when applied to a daunting watch apology and watch brings priceless peace
of mind for knows where one stands with time all
the time for almost a century lunging has made
watches which by observatory measurements have consistently been
equal or superior inaccuracy to the highest achievement sab each decade further proof is found in this fact among the finest waters of the world
only launching watches have been honored with ten world fairground prizes and
twenty eight filled out yet though don’t gene is one of the
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of the equation nam and produce awful editors for this
edition of the launching promised edward p morgan and larry leseur both from the c_b_s_ television news dot our distinguished guest for this evening his third level jet permanent representative of the united
kingdom delegation to the united nations it’s a good one we’re glad to welcome you back to crime
has gone particularly at a time when i when the
united nations general assembly is moving into the area of decisions on
korea itself of course no news for you sir that uh… nevertheless many americans have become
what we might call disenchanted with the whole korean business and at the outset of this special
assembly session of are greeted with headlines of differences uh… among the
houses of cousins between us the police in the
americans uh… can you straighten this out a
little bit on that sir before we get into the main discussion well this question differences it may be
a legitimate to discuss them but i i i i just think this is not set
but we don’t know about to agree after one of the position you are the most uh… powerful
individual nation but leave and we asked a great power and we offer them or i would be my guilt
at the center of the commonwealth which comprises lenovo i think a quarter of the population would not and therefore if we agree uh… that hopefully well in my view
sick uh… and and uh… that recently we
must agree that there was no alternative we’ve got to agree but again if we ought to agree is not a good day just calling also each
other means logo and a lot just announcing this is a
pieces it’s no good are just announcing it
wasn’t journalists or whatever is said by as some people in great britain
doesn’t help at all with the thing is look we all are always seven you ought
to be what does that mean that means that
uh… as democracy as both of us we have a rub on to express the majority of
people in our country’s and quite back to life a bit and if we do have expressed majority
opinion in our government’s it it’s no you know point in thinking that it’s the
end of the world and uh… terrible happening at we’ve got to get agreement
as a result of the expression of do this expression of opinion and their fault sometimes obviously had uh… one government has got to differ to do is another government allies there
is no partnership not in the far east of course we wouldn’t dispute that you after your enormous sacrifices
and career have got to use a a major interest in the forties but nevertheless
i suggest we who’ve also made sacrifices into other commitments quite
considerable we have alright to express our point of view when we don’t see why
our opinion should not at least it out so that when they get down two specific
questions the united states strongly opposes the
participation of india a british commonwealth nation in this
korean political conference that follows the armistice sometime next fall all
this fall now could use did you get a statewide the uh… united kingdom’s pollution is
on the participation of india in this political conference on korea yes i
worked that across means that we must explained
to us what general position is and we think that uh… in the first
place united nations passport a great victory and repelling aggression and
pushing back the aggressively came from intending to back which is not the only
old mission decision western vino uh… in a terrible situation with a
central role threatening celebrity and diplomatic and interrupted it diplomats
are grabber that brings up a point right there around that it seems to me is
quite important to americans and that is that we have been taught in school uh… and this in a general life that
when you go into a game or into a war you’re supposed to win it a lot of people think that there has
been no victory in career that we haven’t won it but it seems to be bothering i don’t
agree i think we have one and so far the games being played we
won’t be repelled aggression but what is not having a field mission
water on objectives no i think the dollar detective skills and ahsan
objectives of the site and i’m sure that’s been set on both
sides of what is the objective the objective is the unification by peaceful
means that is on objective well if you will
not wall because we’re not going to go on with this war having one of wilkey
sent out to do what is the the procedure dad usual
glendale unified riyadh by peaceful means of a bit by peaceful means
peaceful means mean it means by talking by negotiation bartels got its name but you don’t have to go station it was
great and the best possible way as a sailor’s get uh… into the negotiation antibody who
can effect uh… one way or another affect definite
lead the situation in korea and have an effect on the peaceful
unification that is why we support the indians and
indeed the russians veterans also question who doesn’t go see asian eyes
closed the united states for example is
strongly opposed to the invitation to a soviet russia participate in this political conference
on korea as a member of the united nations side how do you feel about that well we get ah… uh… we think is still under the strict
interpretation article sixteen it’s true that two sides one of those who fought on both sides on
one side really koreans in the north korea and the communist chinese on
the other sixteen nations and the strict
interpretation of my time as the two sides that may be so he wouldn’t dispute but if you want to have a successful
negotiations with peaceful duplication grip that popular to get in some other people
too and we think the general assembly of the
petty right to recommend and recommend because of recommends must be accepted
by you the chinese this you can recommend that other states we have a great interesting russia but
that’s what’s the point of going to be sent well you don’t think that letter
should be exposed as a apartment fictitious role as a neutral
in korea bear no responsibility and to actually sit on the aggressor side of
this political conference i didn’t say she was a a neutral and career that she had little to do the needful
does not find but i think that presence is necessary
if you want to get his head solution by peaceful means adolescent lesser grade
what would you say sir that one of the things that might be bothering americans at this point
particularly is that there there are frayed that a a what might be called a round table with
groceries and uh… would be one of appeasement of
this and that uh… out of discussion they might lose something no i don’t
think so at all what is appeasement uh… appeasement i suppose is doing
something dishonorable in order to secure solutions something that you
wouldn’t agree to our model on the grounds that would be appeasement went into
negotiation or not compelled to accept in it and uh… dishonorable and you realize made snowfall moves none
of us would agree to anything disarm anti-japanese that there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have
been into negotiation despite another thing the decision is
not appeasement when you get uh… projecting beyond
this immediate united nations assembly meeting and into
the political conference that is very said come sometime this fall uh… what are the mechanics are as you
see it as they’re going to be uh… an agreement uh… a majority agreement on
a piece uh… document or will it be uh… matter of an axis between britain the united states and western
allies on one side in china and russia on the other moslem get into negotiation i hope we
shop into the question of the anybody
imposing their will in may the resolution which racial shortly
discussed in the united nations name dob that they shouldn’t be any question of
uh… majority view preventing how can a majority of you prevail uh… you save uh… solution is not
acceptable to you or indeed that the other side it can’t be imposed and that was laid down every country
participating in the indian negotiations fish are not the bombed except by an
incision except by john concerned that applies to you whose does one have to make the in dubious inference from that sir that
there is a great possibility that there will be in agreement with this rock
along with the divided korea as we have with the divided germany guess is that
possible you know he’s my shouldn’t roger
submission who knows what may happen control was again when you think that the korean
peace conference to take place this fall should be strictly limited to the
question of the unification of korea orchard go into other questions in the
far east well i think uh… certainly to start
off with the question of korean that’s what led down the aisle
mississippi would love to have the right to profit now if there is any progress on that and
if tank too big it considers possible if
that should be in a disposition to to discuss other questions in the far east
left of the job either in the context of this uh… particular negotiation or in
some other uh… that is possible island extended that i think certainly ought to
concentrate on korea best trying to be my preference i quite agree with that and then i think if they find anything
out of the question do you think possibly go into them was a good and i guess you question
about regina uh… her majesty’s government recognizes red china and
uh… is my understanding that your government would also like to see regina admitted and united nations we recognize regina because we think we’re joined in the
government of china and uh… you mean the communists and
government intriguing we think it is the government of china constantly well fortunately or a person there i don’t get into the model question
until uh… myself we never have we think that the two years actually it people who are government china now
that’s always said nothing else massey question if the regina were admitted to
the united nations invent think that they would do it then
the defense britain and i don’t know that whether they were
well they they were was a change in chinese representation
in the united nations would depend on it and can be in the united nations we will never happen i don’t live with
and have some extent on on how the chinese behavior needs
negotiations and other things that brings this producer grab on to a final
question most of our experts agree that three overriding communist strategy is
one to try to divide the allies what’s the british reading uh… on that effort
as of now well i think i think the soviet
strategies unbounded to develop the island’s and to trying to make nato australia and divide awesome you have
separate someone objective boxset let them know that present in
this conference or not is another question despite audible and a six five
hundred since they were not present in this negotiation they would invite
you and ask for more suggestions they were thank you very much sir good word
for being with us on gone to school the opinions that you’ve heard our
speakers expressed tonight an entirely their own the editorial board for this edition of
the loan gene promise bill clause edward the login and larry let’s uh…
both love the c_b_s_t_v_ new stuff our distinguished guests cross-examined jet permanent representative of the united
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