Supply and Demand for Keywords & Content Marketing, Brought to you by Earned and Bought

Posted By on May 16, 2019

again it's Ralph from ur number calm but I just wanted to kind of talk a little bit about supply and demand when it comes to Google so essentially how it works is there's a search volume for specific keywords so if you want to find out the search volume go use Google Keyword planner and choose your area enter your keywords find the search volume so that's that's the demand for certain keywords now supply you can find out the supply using all in search so what you do is you go into Google and in order to find out how many pages are indexed for that specific keyword that search volume keyword what you do is you type in all in search no spaces dog dog parentheses or on up parentheses what are they called I don't know the quotation thing whatever quotations and then you type in whatever keyword you're going for and it'll tell you how many pages pages that show up and using that you can find out what the search volume is the demand and then you can find out what the supply is so that's kind of how supply and demand works when it comes to content marketing I just thought I'd let you notice that you know Joe

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