Sunni v. Shia: Iran’s strategy | IN 60 SECONDS

Posted By on January 5, 2020

The oldest division in the Muslim world is
the Sunni-Shiite split. Downplaying its ecumenical approach towards
spreading the Islamic revolution, Tehran has now embraced Shiite supremacy. And Sunnis and Shiites—from Lebanon to Afghanistan,
Syria to Yemen—are nearly equal in number. Iran has tens of thousands of foreign Shiites
under the command of the Revolutionary Guard. Never in modern history have we seen a Muslim
state—not the pan-Arabists of yesteryear or the ever-proselytizing Saudis—deploy such
expeditionary forces into battle. Iranian Islamist imperialism, backed up by
the ambitions and firepower of Vladimir Putin’s Russia, now dominates the northern Middle
East. It’s only a matter of time before Tehran aims
its convulsive intentions towards the Shiites of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. United Nation’s conventional arms restrictions
against Iran come off in 2020; the nuclear deal’s restraints start falling in
2023. An Iranian Islamist hegemon is rising and
the United States is just watching. For a deeper understanding of the Iranian clerical regime’s quest to dominate the Middle East, see the link to the book “Rise of the Revisionists” in the description below. Also, let us know what other topics you’d like AEI scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and be sure to like and subscribe for more research and videos from AEI.

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  1. Your assertion that the number of Shi’a has reached that of the Sunnis is terribly inaccurate. If you’re just adding up populations over cherry picked middle eastern countries then you got a problem.

    That’s like trying to say Chicago is 95% white. Did you not feel like counting the west and south side?

  2. The us couldn't be further from "just watching". We heavily support Saudi Arabia and Israel, two huge enemies of Iran. And Israel has nukes. If you wanna talk about "just watching", let's talk about the atrocities committed by the us-backed Saudi forces. Or maybe let's talk about how Israel has been oppressing Palestinians for decades. Either this channel is filled with whole incompetent journalists, or it's bought by the establishment to spread. Propaganda. Either way, disgusting.

  3. I followed your channel for Dr CHS, now, most of your numbers have been hitting inaccurate in your video and many others.

    You're trying to make a biased point, not to demonstrate accurate numbers and make the audience to make their own inferences.

    #FakeNews agenda so we can buy your pathetic ill-informed books

  4. what is this video, Sucking off Saudis and the Israeli agenda. I liked this channel because it told the truth no matter what, nor just follow the line.

  5. Reuel Gerecht you did a good job for only having a minute, one of the reasons I love AEI videos but you know the conflict needs more time to be discussed. Sunni v. Shia must go back to the reasons of the split 1st b4 they do anything else.

  6. 0:45 "It's only a matter of time before Iran aims it's convulsive intentions towards the Shia of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia." Good!! Why is it a bad thing to have some self-determination in those theocratic salafist fckholes?

  7. Wish Iran would return to the religion of their ancestors, for a smart people, I do not understated why they follow religion founded by crazy red headed Arab.

  8. Iran is the US and Israel usefull idiot. Someone who is able to read between the lines will see How the US and Israel are playing both sides: the Iranian regime & the Al Saud regime. The ground is being prepared for a big confrontation between Iran + shia militias + shia people vs Arab sunni regimes and their forces. Overall the sunni arabs & sunni Kurds are not involved in this mess but they are the ones dying unfortunately

  9. Geez, who else keeps an expeditionary force with tens of thousands of soldiers? Some country located on a distant continent?

  10. Sunni is the real teaching of Islam.. Wahabi, shia are wrong.. They are not true muslims.. You can see where shia governs, there will be blood and war.. They can kill anyone including they own brothers, sunni..
    Wahabi, shia, you will know that you are wrong eventually
    Your ignorance blinds you from the truth..

  11. USA "s EVIL PROPAGANDA to divide muslim ummah but already ISRAEL USA SAUDI have been exposed and humiliated in IRAQ SYRIA and 2006 war

  12. The biggest myth we constantly hear is that Iraq is majority Shia. Among the Arabs of Iraq that is true, but if we add the Kurds and the Turkmen of Iraq to the Sunni Arab number, then Sunnis become a majority.

  13. This video gets one thing wrong. He called the followers of Khameini (Shites who support Iran and their revolutionary guard) Muslims. They are not Muslims because the Iranian leadership reject certain aspect of Islam.

  14. Shias and Sunnis are Alhamdulillah brothers who love and respect eachother, people like you are out there who just preach fitna


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