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Uthman bin Affan (Radi Allahu Anhu) was born seven years after the
Holy Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam). He belonged to the Omayyad
branch of the Quraish tribe. The Umayyads were the most
influential clan of the Quraish, they were the strongest and wealthiest, and Uthman was their “golden child”,
and the most beloved. He was well liked by everyone in his clan
due to his good manners and shyness. Like his predecessor Omar ibn Al Khattab, Uthman was able to read and write. This was an unusual skill
in pre Islamic Arabia. He became a successful trader
and cloth merchant. Throughout his life he was known as a kind,
generous man and even before his conversion to Islam he would freely give money
to help those in need. He and Abu Bakr
were close friends, and it was Abu Bakr who
brought him to Islam when he was thirty-four years of age. Uthman formed a very close
relationship with Prophet Muhammad, and he gained intricate knowledge
about the religion of Islam. He narrated 146 traditions directly
from the Prophet himself and was one of the few people who were
able to write down Quran Some years later he married the
Prophet’s second daughter, Ruqayya. In spite of his wealth and position, his relatives subjected him to torture because he had embraced Islam, and he was forced to
emigrate to Abyssinia. Some time later he returned to Mecca but soon migrated to Medina
with the other Muslims. In Medina, water was scarce and control of
the wells was tightly held by several men. Because he was a skilful
trader and negotiator, Uthman set about trying to procure
a well for the use of the Muslims. He negotiated a price
for half a well; he would have control one day and
the other owner the next day. However, Uthman gave his
water to the Muslims freely, so nobody wanted to pay for the
water on the alternate days. The original owner of the well had no choice but to sell his half
of the well to Uthman who nevertheless paid a fair price for it. He continued to allow the water
to be used freely by all and never reminded the people
of his charity. He was humble and modest In Medina his business again
began to flourish and he regained his former prosperity. Uthman’s generosity had no limits. On various occasions he spent a
great portion of his wealth for the
welfare of the Muslims, for charity and for equipping
the Muslim armies. That is why he came to be known
as ‘Ghani’ meaning ‘Generous.’ His wife, Ruqayya was seriously ill just before the Battle of Badr and he was excused by the
Prophet (Sallallahu aliahi wasallam) from participating in the battle. The illness of Ruqayya proved fatal, leaving him deeply grieved. The Prophet was moved and offered him the
hand of another of his daughters, Kulthum Because he had the high privilege of having
two daughters of the Prophet as wives Uthman was known as
‘The Possessor of the Two Lights. Uthman participated in the
Battles of Uhud and the Trench. After the encounter of the Trench, the Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam)
determined to perform Hajj, sent Uthman as his emissary
to the Quraish in Mecca. But the Quraish detained him and
started negotiating with the Prophet. The episode ended with a treaty
with the Meccans known as the Treaty of Hudaibiya. The portrait we have of Uthman is
of an unassuming, honest, mild,generous and very kindly man, noted especially for his modesty
and his piety. He often spent part of the
night in prayer, fasted every second or third day, performed Hajj every year, and looked after the needy of the
whole community. In spite of his wealth, he lived very simply and slept on bare sand
in the courtyard of the Prophet’s mosque. Uthman (Rali Allahu Anhu) knew the
Qur’an from memory and had an intimate knowledge of the context
and circumstances relating to each verse. During Uthman’s rule the characteristics
of Abu Bakr’s and Umar’s caliphates impartial justice for all, mild and humane policies, striving in the path of God, and the expansion of Islam – continued. Uthman’s realm extended
in the west to Morocco, in the east to Afghanistan, in the north to Armenia and Azerbaijan. During his caliphate a navy was organized, administrative divisions of the
state were revised, and many public projects were
expanded and completed. Uthman sent prominent Companions of the
Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) as his personal deputies to
various provinces to scrutinize the conduct of officials and
the condition of the people. His most notable contribution
to the religion of God was the compilation of a complete and
authoritative text of the Qur’an. A large number of copies of this text were made and distributed all over
the Muslim world. Uthman’s Caliphate
lasted for twelve years. The first six years were marked by
internal peace and tranquillity. But during the second half of his
caliphate a rebellion arose. The Jews and others, taking advantage of
dissatisfaction among the people, began conspiring against the Caliph. They started airing their complaints
and grievances in the public. They gained so much sympathy that it became
difficult to distinguish friend from foe. It may seem surprising that a
ruler of such vast territories, whose armies were matchless, was
unable to deal with these rebels. If Uthman had wished, the rebellion could have been crushed
at the very moment it began. But he was reluctant to be the first
to shed the blood of Muslims, however rebellious they might be. He preferred to reason with them, to
persuade them with kindness and generosity. He well remembered
hearing the Prophet say, “Once the sword is unsheathed
among my followers, it will not be sheathed
until the Last Day.” The rebels demanded that he resign
and quit from the post of Caliph. Even some of the other
Companions advised him to do so. He would gladly have followed
this course of action, but again he was bound by a solemn
pledge he had given to the Prophet. “Perhaps God will clothe you
with a shirt, Uthman” the Prophet had told him once, “and if the people want you to take it off, do not take it off with them.” One day the rebels surrounded his house and
they were planning to attack and kill him. It was then that Uthman said
to a well-wisher, “God’s Messenger made a covenant with me and I shall show endurance in
adhering to it.” After a long siege, the rebels broke into
Uthman’s house and murdered him. When the first assassin’s sword struck
Uthman, he was reciting the verse, “Verily, God sufficeth thee; He is the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing” Uthman breathed his last on the
afternoon of Friday, 17 Dhul Hijja, 35 A.H.(after Hijra) He was eighty-four years old. His love for God and his Messenger kept him both strong and humble in the
face of old age and extreme difficulties.

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