Social Orders and Creation Stories: Crash Course World Mythology #5

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Hi I’m Mike Rugnetta, this is Crashcourse
Mythology and today, rather than focus on how the earth and what’s around it was created,
we’re going to look specifically at what’s on it, more specifically people, and even
more specifically, men and women. People. Also the occasional animal. No, not you Thoth. You’re a god with an animal head, it’s
different. Anyway, we’re going to see how myths explain
our origins and our relationships with each other, or at least how they try to explain
them. It’s couples therapy, myth style. INTRO
Myths don’t usually incorporate contemporary ideas of gender fluidity, although sometimes
they do–Tireisias, ancient seer, I’m looking at you. As we’ve seen from the Chinese and Zoroastrian
creation stories, myths often tend to focus on dualities, or binaries, and one of the
key ones we find is a distinction between men and women. And this binary opposition frequently sets
women as subordinate to men, at least on earth. In the heavens, it’s a little bit more complicated,
as it tends to be. Let’s start with a story that is probably
well known to many of our viewers: the creation of man and woman from the Bible. Close readers of the Book of Genesis will
know that there are two or even three creation stories in it, which, according to Biblical
scholars reflects different writing traditions. We’re going to focus on the second one,
found in Genesis 2. As we join our story, God has already created
the the earth and the heavens and man to till the earth, because as we established last
time: Gods don’t like weeding. Unlike the first version of creation in Genesis,
man is created near the very beginning, which suggests that he’s actually pretty important
in the grand scheme of things. But apparently one man wasn’t enough for
all that Edenic gardening. Genesis 2 verse 21 begins:
So the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man, and while he slept took one
his ribs and closed up its place with flesh: and with the rib the Lord God had taken from
the man he made into a woman and brought her to the man. Then the man said, This is the bone of my bones and flesh of
my flesh, she should be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore a man leaves his father and his
mother and cleaves to his wife and they become one flesh. Here we see an early justification for men
being superior to women and it’s kind of based on bad word play. In the rest of the Genesis story, one of the
things that marks man’s dominion over other creatures is that he is given the power to
name them, just as he is permitted to name woman here. The word play here also works in the original
Hebrew, where the word for man is “ish” and the word for woman is “isha” Get it! She was taken out of man and so even her name
is taken out of man. Yup. It’s Hilarious. Just ask Gelos, Greek god of laughter. Yeah, tough crowd. This passage also explains marriage — although
only between a man and a woman — and describes a social order in which men leave their parents’
household when they marry to have their own homes. Whether this describes a family structure
that already existed or was written in order to encourage such a family structure, we can’t
say for certain, but it’s likely that this was an after-the-fact description. Providing a rationalization for what people
encounter in their daily lives is an important function of myths. The Bible goes on to refine the “natural”
relationship between men and women and not in an especially fun or feminist way. After they eat the fruit from the tree of
knowledge, God is miffed and he punishes them. To the woman he said,
I will greatly multiply your pain in childbearing; In pain you should bring forth children,
Yet your desire shall be for your husband, And he shall rule over you. And to Adam he said,
Because you have listened to the voice of your wife,
And you have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you,
“You shall not eat of it,” cursed is the ground because of you;
in toil you shall eat of it all the days of your life;
thorns and thistles it shall bring forth to you;
and you shall eat the plants of the field. In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread
Till you return to the ground, For out of it you were taken;
You are dust, and to dust you shall return. There’s just a lot going on here. One way to interpret this is that it provides
justification for man’s dominance over women as a punishment for what one woman did in
disobeying god. The first punishments directly affect the
experiences of women, causing the pain of childbirth and desire for a husband that shall
“rule over” her, establishing a patriarchal order that really caught on. Men are punished too, by having to work hard
in order to eat, toiling at bringing food out of the ground. More gardening. And what is the reward for all this hard work? Death. And returning to the ground. Not even dental benefits. Worse yet, as far as solidifying male-dominance
goes, all of this is because man listened to the voice of his wife. So that sets a pretty nasty precedent. Greek mythology creates a similar rationale
for misogyny with the story of Pandora. Even before she opened the jar bringing sorrows
to all the world, Zeus made her as a punishme nt for Prometheus who stole fire and gave
it to the humans. This is in addition to having his liver eaten
by an eagle for all of eternity. According to Hesiod she would be, “Another
gift to men, an evil thing for their delight.”[1] Hermes endowed Pandora with “lies and persuasive
words and cunning ways.”[2] And probably also, like, the absolute perfect shade of
lipstick, but before we agree to this image of women as conniving and untrustworthy, let’s
pause to remember that it’s Hermes, a male god and one of the great misogynists of the
ancient world, who bestows these qualities on Pandora, so this is a dude’s hateful
vision of women. Anyway, Zeus gave Pandora as a gift to Prometheus’s
brother Epimetheus, who accepted her, even though Prometheus had told him to never accept
a gift from Zeus. Maybe Zeus gifted lots of socks. According to Hesiod, here’s what happened:
Before this time men lived upon the earth Apart from sorrow and from painful work,
Free from disease, which brings the Death-gods in. But now the woman opened up the cask,
And scattered pains and evils among men. Inside the cask’s hard walls remained one
thing, Hope, only, which did not fly through the
door. The lid stopped her, but all the others flew,
Thousands of troubles wandering the earth.[3] Unfortunately, this concept that a social
order of male dominance and female subordination resulting from women acting out of turn, is
not unique to the Biblical or the Greek tradition. We find a similar story in Japan, just without
an evil serpent or an all powerful death chest. Let’s go to the Thoughtbubble. 1.One Japanese creation myth starts with a
young, not fully formed earth that looks something like a jellyfish. 2.Three invisible gods came into existence
in Takamagahara, the High Plains of Heaven. These three gods, called kami, were led by
the Lord of the Center of Heaven, Amanominakanushi-no-kami, After them were seven more generations of
“heavenly” gods, 3.followed finally by the primal couple Izanagi and his wife Izanami,
who was also his sister. 4.Izanagi and Izanami were commanded by the
gods to solidify the drifting land, so they went to the Floating Bridge of Heaven and
stirred the soupy liquid below with a spear. Drops congealed on the tip of the spear, and
formed the island of Onogoro, the first dry land. 5.The Primal Couple went down to Onogoro and
built a heavenly pillar. Then they decided to procreate
Izanagi asked his sister how her body was formed and she told him that there was an
unfinished part between her legs. He replied that between his legs was an excess
and perhaps the two should join there. They devised a marriage ritual whereby each
would walk around the pillar, and when they met they would exchange compliments and have
intercourse. 6.A child was born, but it was a deformed
leech-child called Hiruko. Its parents put Hiruko in a boat and set it
out to sea. The gods determined that the reason that the
first child was born deformed was that Izanami had spoken first. 7.Izanami and Izanagi returned to the heavenly
pillar in Onogoro and repeated the ritual, only this time Izanagi spoke first. In due time, Izanami gave birth to an abundant
number of children, islands, gods and goddesses.[4] Thank you, Thoughtbubble. This rationale established male precedence
and female subservience in Japan. Not only does this myth explain Japanese gender
inequality, it also may explain an ancient Japanese ritual in which the birth of a first
child was celebrated by putting a clay figurine into a reed boat and floating it away.[5]
There is often a strong connection between myths and rituals. Many creation stories begin with the idea
that human beings are immortal until something or someone intrudes. Biblical humans were immortal until Adam and
Eve ate from the tree of knowledge, for example. It was human error that brought death into
the world. Oops. So we see another theme emerging here. The Biblical, Japanese, and Greek explanations
place the blame for human toil, pain, disease on women. It’s a pernicious idea, and it’s one that
has had profound consequences for gender relations. Perhaps what we are seeing is a justification
for a system in which men feel it is their right to rule over women, and find stories
to tell to support it. After all, there is no logical reason why
women should be blamed. Men make mistakes, too. We’re gonna get to Phaeton, and that time
he almost burned down the entire Earth, eventually. Thanks for watching, see you next time. Crash Course Mythology is filmed in the Chad
and Stacy Emigholz Studio in Indianapolis, Indiana, and was made with the help of all
these nice people. ________________
[1] Quoted in Thury, E.M. & Devinny, M.K. Introduction to Mythology: Contemporary Approaches
to Classical and World Myths. 4th ed. Oxford U. Press. 2016. P. 43. [2] Ibid
[3] Ibid p. 44 [4] This version of the myth is adapted from
Littleton, C. Scott, World Mythology: The Illustrated Guide. Willis, Roy (General editor) Oxford U. Press. 2006 pp. 112-113
[5] ibid.

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  1. You know that eve and Adam chose together to eat the fruit so they could follow one of the commandments to bare children. If they chose to not eat the fruit they would still break the other commandment.

  2. Modern interpretations of Adam and eve’s relationship messes it up and makes it seem wrong. But they were created as equal partners with different jobs. Kinda like yin and yan

  3. Karen Armstrong's work suggests that women might have initiated the practice of horticulture that eventually developed into agriculture. She suggests that initially women grew gardens on migration paths but eventually population pressures and other possible factors that we dont know about led to groups choosing to settle down and farm on a larger scale. This meant a decline in life expectancy and quality of life due to poorer diet. Also farming was back breaking labor intensive work giving men a greater role. Also more and more labor was required to work the fields so women's reproductive rights were subordinated the the system. I have often wondered if this is the reason behind the sexist orgin stories. They all seem consistent in their blame of women in the endless toil of cultivating the land, which would give the men a moral stick to beat women into submission over the last ten thousand years and establish patriarchy. Just an interesting thought.

  4. I'm certainly no expert on anthropology, but it would seem to me the logical explanation for patriarchal/misogynist behavior is the naturally developed roles of human society as part of our basal instincts and out of necessity of survival. Women bore the children, they had to stay home, so they became the nurturers. Meanwhile, men hunted, they brought home the food, they became the warriors. I don't think it should take much thought to then deduce that testosterone favoring power and strength with estrogen favoring care and kindness further naturalized basic instinctual assumptions that developed into culture with the rise of civilization. Circumstance, geography, too many hallucinogenic drugs, commerce of goods and ideas between societies, as well as potentially malicious intent at times all likely contributed further. Not all societies and myths developed explicitly patriarchal cultures resulting in subservient women to dominant men and plenty have stories relatively equally showing good and evil males and females. However, built on the natural instinct of human nature and our own biology, male as the dominant and female as the submissive becomes (rather clearly IMO) an obvious evolution as we developed philosophy, religion, spirituality, and civil law.

    Only now can we recognize the inherent immaturity of such things because of how far we've advanced as a species and how safely capable we are to break from our natural base instincts and truly think on the human condition. They were once a necessity, an absolute necessity. Now, and really only recently (last century or so), they have become a burden. Without the necessity of gender roles for our survival today they have become archaic and worthless. You don't even need lactating breasts to care for an infant, we've got formula and other alternatives now, so literally every possible gender role can be flipped on its head with the male at home and the woman being the "warrior", i.e. the breadwinner. Now we're all just human beings with the freedom to choose what role we most desire, or simply share them more equally.

    It's easy to look back on our past with disdain and contempt, but it's also important to try and understand why we got that way. It made sense. It just got abused. Now that have the power to change we shouldn't look back on it all so vengefully or we'll have learned nothing. Look back with an open mind and to the future with a hopeful heart and the lessons of our past will be well learned.

  5. Perhaps what we're seeing is men finding reasons to justify their rule over women. Or perhaps there is something more to a similar story being shared across cultures, and across the globe. There are a lot of similarities across a lot of different mythologies.

  6. I thought the pandora's box story was about how women came between men and caused rifts and pains as they fought for the women and ignored terrible things in an attempt just to obtain/be with women. Which isn't exactly wrong, it is just kind of 1 side of the story since the same happens to women, but it would be pretty difficult to make a story for both ways.

  7. I'm a fan of these videos, but I believe you could do just fine without going out of your way to deride these ancient stories for being paternalistic and 'sexist'. It's not like the people who are coming to watch these videos are hypersensetive, and they're probably not stupid either. These stories are thousands of years old, much of it is outdated — we get it.

  8. Wow. The deformed baby was born because woman spoke first. Nothing to do with incest. Gotta love that hetero-normative male narrative.

  9. So men in the past were so bad at proving a point to their wives that they had to write a story about why women should not argue with them?

  10. I think your reading too much into the patriarchy issue. Hard to put the safe spot civilised 2018 social view on small tribes tens of thousands of years ago who were just trying to survive. Why also question the 'so called' notion of natural heterosexual relationship as a social construct? Wouldn't evolution and procreation prove that already? Silly things to add to ancient myths. Sounds more like you have an agenda of opinion more than teaching us much like a college professor would do these days. Would rather the non bias view. Maybe the stories tell us back then that when women got into leadership of tribes drama followed leaving the peaceful old days behind- like when you get married😂😂

  11. Ok so men ruled the earth but god gave man a gift women so men should own it like a child owns a toy.

  12. In [the original version of the bible in – ] Hebrew you can see that it's actually not Adam's RIB the piece of flesh and bones that god took from him in order to create Eve, but his SIDE.
    (Explanation and proof : the word is צלע (şelaġ or "tzelah" in different ), which usually means rib in modern Hebrew, but in biblical Hebrew (and also sometimes in modern Hebrew) it means side.
    that's a huge difference.
    It also makes what Adam said after that much more sensible: "bone of my bones And flesh of my flesh"?! a rib is a bone, so it should've been: "bone of my bones" or at most: "bone of my bones and flesh of my bones" (because according to the belief that she came from his rib – her flesh also came from his rib which means that it came out of his rib, which again is his bone).).

    Another thing is that in Hebrew, "Ish" and "Isha" is completely different from its equivalent in English.
    In English, the word "woman" isn't the feminine form of man ("maness" like princess and ), but instead is the combination of the words "womb" + "man", means that a woman is simply a man with a womb.
    In Hebrew, however, "Isha" is the feminine form of "Ish", means that man and woman are different genders of the human species.

    Those two differences makes the meaning of the bible totally different from how they presented it here.
    there is no subordination of women, nor comparison of women to animals.

    about the english version of the bible, I don't know.

  13. Huh, I took that biblical story differently. Men are essentially punished to a life of hard labour. He might have rule over women but the women are not required to work. In agricultural societies, men are effectively slaves of women by day. Women are only slaved at night.

  14. Dude, Eve was not fully to blame here. How could you forgot the snake! He's the evil one! God tells Adam not to eat of The Tree of Knowledge but when Adam tells Eve he says to not even touch it or she'll die instantly. Then the snake gets her near the tree, makes her touch it and when she doesn't die says she might as well eat of its fruit as Adam was clearly wrong. And he's right! Sort of, I mean, the snake just gave her huge grounds for doubt. She eats of its fruit and when she gains knowledge wants to share it with Adam. He eats a fruit of the tree as well. When God later asks him what happened Adam says: "The Woman YOU gave me did this." Then God gets mad at how Adam is trying to shift the blame when already in the dog house.

    Sure Eve is mostly to blame and deserved a double punishment, but the snake convinced her to do the evil and Adam made room for the mistake in the first place. And tried to run from his mistakes. Eve is, was and never had been characterized as 'evil'. Just human.

  15. I get this strange feeling that most of these myths promote a male dominating society because it was the man who went out hunting and fighting while women mostly stayed home and took care of the home front. This is just a working theory from a gut feeling.

  16. In all fairness, in the Biblical story of Adam and Eve, it had nothing to do with the fact that she was a woman. Yes, she happened to eat of the fruit first, but the point was that they BOTH knew the consequences of eating the fruit, and when they ate the fruit they both received the punishment they knew was coming, regardless of their gender. It firmly blames Satan for tricking them both into eating the fruit and the account goes on to establish a way of fixing the sin of both Adam and Eve had done by prophesying Satans removal. If God had just blamed "woman" for death, he wouldn't have punished Adam too, and he wouldn't have prophesied the destruction of Satan for tricking them.

  17. Some examples of femme fatales or evil/villainous female characters:

    The goddess Inanna/Ishtar who is rejected by Gilgamesh in Mesopotamian mythology.

    The goddess Anath who is rejected by Aqhat in Ugaritic Canaanite mythology.

    The female character Pagat who seduces and gets drunk the male character Yatpan (and possibly kills him too, since this part of the story is missing) in Ugaritic Canaanite mythology.

    Judith who decapitates the drunken Holofernes in Jewish mythology.

    Eve who tempts Adam with the forbidden fruit in Biblical mythology.

    Delilah who betrays Samson in Biblical mythology.

    Jezebel who incites her husband King Ahab of Israel to abandon the worship of Yahweh in Biblical mythology.

    The Python snake-daughter of the earth goddess Gaia being killed by the god Apollo in Greek mythology.

    The snake-woman monster Medusa being killed by the hero Perseus in Greek mythology.

    The goddess Morrigan who is rejected by the hero Cuchulain in Irish mythology.

    Blodeuwedd who rejected her intended husband Lleu Llaw Gyffes for another man named Gronw Pebyr in Welsh mythology.

  18. I'm gonna say something i bet has been commented a thousand times

  19. The Childbearing pain is only so great because in Eden there were no urinary stone disease and no Trimegeal Neuralgia…. both of them are referred as being worse than the pain of childbearing

  20. Traditional Islam interpretation, Christianity and Judaism are more or less same about the first creation of human. But, when you get rid of all the traditional interpretations and pre-acceptances about Islam, and you start to re-learn God's religion barely from Quran, you can really surprise. Because there is a quite different story about creation. For example; 6/98 says; God created all of you from the "nefsin vâhıdetin". Than in 7/189 says; from this same "nefsin vahidetin" God created a mate for the human. Traditional understanding says "nefsin vâhıdetin" means Adam. But it does not! Literally most suitable meaning is "the one single living thing". So the man and woman had been created from the same origin, not from each other.

    Moreover, according to the Qur'an, Adam and his wife believed the devil together (7/20-22). After that, they both asked for forgiveness but they were banished and they paid for what they did together. Since, there is no ontological difference between man and woman Quran does not say "woman should bow down to man". Instead, it says; to be rewarded they both need bow down to God (16/97) I know, this is the opposite of the traditional Islam but i think Quran is kind of trying to fix the basic misunderstandings about woman.

    There is one more interesting thing about the creation in Quran. Before the "nefsin vahidetin" stage, God has formed us from the "earth" soil plus the "earth" water, not from the "heavenly" clay. it is the "earth" clay. How do i know? Because 11/61 says "God has produced you from the earth and settled you in it". Also 20/53-54 mentions from the earth surface and then in 20/55 God says "from that soil We created you, and into it We will return you". Additionally, before the creation of human God says to the angels, "Indeed, I will make upon the earth a successive authority (2/30)".

    However, did God create us in the earth and take to the Paradise and then banish to the earth again? Well, i think No!. In Quran the word "cennet" is used in two meaning, one of them is eternal Paradise and the second literal meaning is "a safe garden (18/35)". So the first humans had been banished from the safe garden where they were created, and spread around the world(30/20). This meaining is more suitable because the Paradise that Quran mention, comes after the doomsday prepared for the willed beings who deserve it (5/119). Also, there is no test in the Paradise between good and evil because there is no evil in there (56/25). And there is no exit from the Paradise once you get in there, it is eternal (15/48).

    Just one more thing, when God mentions about the creation, there is always a process. For example; in 29/20 says "Travel through the land and observe how God began creation" and in 76/1 says "Has there not been over human a long period of time, when he was nothing to be mentioned?" or in 71/17 it says "And God has caused you to grow from the earth, a [progressive] growth" . It sounds like the evolution. That is crazy!

  21. The Bible “created a rational for misogyny”? No, MISENTERPRETERS did that Michael! And they’re in the minority!!! Why are you afraid to misinterpret eastern religions and Islam but not Judeo-Christianity? After rewatching some of these videos it’s very sickening how you demean men, women and Christianity the way you have. You’re an educater and you of all people should know better.

  22. Wow, I've always loved Mythology and have always read about greek, egyptian and norse mythologies, but Crash Course World Mythology is SO interesting, it's totally different from anything I've ever read or seen, as in how it approaches the theme. I'm totally in love with this series (and Mike too).
    I really like how Christian Mythology is told here, I have never read the bible or heard about most of these stories

  23. Honestly, and I swear I'm not being biased, most people misunderstand the bible, it shouldn't be taken as light as fables. These are historic records.

  24. Also, in Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism, G-d is one, but expresses Himself in different ways. Note that this is perception-based and not reality based, like the Christian Trinity. The initial split in perception is between the Male and Female perceptions, and we call him a He, as right now the Masculine perception is dominant, later both perceptions will be co-equal in the eyes of people.

  25. My only issue with this video- which is awesomely informative, as is every Crash Course episode (great job guys!)- is that it blatantly judges the mythologies through one very contemporary interpretation of morality. In essence, it is doing the same thing it rags on these myths for: applying a system of morality to all of culture, everyone's culture. This is cool if you're a gender studies student, because gender studies isn't scientific… at all. But if you're making a kind of anthropological case study, like most of these great little vids are, it's just tacky and puritanical. That's the funny thing about "contemporary" gender equality: it's an imposing of one culture's morality on all the world and all of history… it's so puritanical it goes further than Christian puritanism by imposing one system of morality not only on current societies but all of history, too. And, it's just distracting having little gnomish and pleasantly genderless Mike R continuously apologizing for the myths. Like, we can judge these myths on our own bud, you don't need to cowtow to the gender studies folks every five seconds. In other episodes Crash Course is really good about being open to interpretation, but this is just cringe worthy here.

  26. Also, I'd say that the social order of women being "subservient" to men is only confusing or amoral to people who don't open their eyes to the obvious. In both hunter gatherer and agrarian societies, men were typically in charge of war. They died on the battlefield while women took care of the children and the home. As Judge Holden once said, "War is god." I personally hate war, but it has always and probably always will be the primary motor of human civilization… ehem… Ragnarok, anyone? … so, it is only reasonable that a species whose only real god is war should place men in charge of the family unit. That is, until they are mowed down in machine gun fire. Then mom's in charge. So, in my opinion, if the West wants true gender equality, eliminate war. Until Aries is slain gender equality will always exist. That, or we can feed both genders equally into the jaws of war. But that sounds shitty. okay peace out, sorry for long opinion drop, I'm just caffeinated up

  27. … Can't help but hear "Inducing a deep sleep and taking a rib" as an allegory to "Tranquilizing and taking a DNA sample". "Ribs" could have been the simplified expression to describe chromosome to the ancient people who haven't even established the concept of biology yet, and could have been alluding to X chromosome being taken from the first male and duplicated into XX pair to produce a female specimen. Hmm… fascinating. >):^]

  28. Well in hebrew we use the ha suffix to differ between the genders.
    woman isha is ish (man) + ha, ha means god in hebrew. the story tells that she got the extra ha because women are creators and therefore are closer to god.

  29. I am sure that the reason women are subjugated, stoned to death, granted less rights etc. in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan is because they are Christian nations. lolololol You conveniently left Islam out of this …..

  30. I came here for the myths, not ideology. Shame. Looking at history through an ideological lenses is dangerous. Worse is sharing that under the guise of fact. Atheistic arrogance is not a moral virtue.

  31. You should have brought up the part when said a man will leave his mother. If they were created by God Neither had a mother and or would have known what a mother was right?

  32. Until 7:19 I felt weird and cringey for me to watch with all those misogynist gods,
    but at 7:46 I had gotten used to the stories and deduced where this story is going and was like "this is where the women tells, 'Please fix my plumbing' " and she approximately said the same thing 🤣😂

  33. … I'm not hating on the video I really do quite like these a lot, and this guy does a great job… But I am not sure how I feel about him putting the creation story of my religion into a video titled "creation myths" I would really appreciate if they just stuck to creation myths of ancient cultures that don't have religions that still believe in them today.

  34. blah. I was enjoying this series until you started giving overly generalised lectures about gender inequality – most of which is just assertion without evidence. Myth is not the only reason for gender inequality. Nor is it fair to suggest that the creators of these myths had the intention of ensuring gender inequality in the future. There are other interpretations as to why women would be (in the minds of our archaic ancestors) subservient to men other than the reasons you are giving.

  35. And this is why Africa is superior. May I remind you that Osiris dies like 5 minutes into the story! Isis rules. Girl power. End of story.

  36. The biblical account didn't blame Eve, it blamed Adam for obeying eve over god. Eve was deceived by the serpent and was (almost) innocent in the account but Adam purposely went against gods command. The patriarchy stuff always bugs me because it's more of a biological consequence than a scheme by men to oppress women or something. The dominant alpha types rise to the top of hierarchy's and males with testosterone and more dominant personality traits are more often the ones leading. Back in early human history before modern technology, woman had to care for the household and kids, they had no option to work (for the most part) but men were providers, fought wars and hunted and protected civilization. Everything was a struggle and men and women worked together to survive the best they could and certain social orders came out of that, some of which were unfair to women and some unfair to men.

  37. Important side note: They didn't eat from a Tree of Knowledge. It was the Tree of "Knowledge of Good and Evil"

  38. These people just can't help themselves. They're so thoroughly SOAKED in Feminism and Social Justice they can't not mention it. There are hours upon hours of analysis that can be made about this topic…this video is 10 minutes long, and he's COMPELLED to levy a feminist critique. Because nothing is more important than pointing out Sexism and Racism. NOTHING. Here's a thought…I know it's HERESY, but maybe…just maybe…Sexism and Racism aren't worth pointing out at every single opportunity. Maybe there's more to this stuff than Racism and Sexism.

  39. Come on, it's not that "women are evil", it's simply an analogy about the power women have over men.
    Yes, their society was mainly male dominant, but these myths say way more about women having power over men, which they should be aware of, than male superiority (Aside from the japanese one, I guess).
    Let's not cast misogyni into everything we see from outdated times, specialy because it was supposed to be just the mythology. As if anyone needs a lesson in feminism in the middle of a "history class".

  40. I would like to point out that in the Adam and Eve story, there evil serpent Satan was left out. Eve was naive and didn't know not to listen to the serpent and Adam was absent and therefore unable to help his naive wife to make the right choice.

  41. It stinks there have to be so many warrant statements on active religions, and can't call out the myths as they are. Fast forward 3,000 years a new one will be formed and some current ones will take the shelf alongside the Greeks and Egyptians

  42. The thing with Christianity though is that although the woman is supposed to submit to the man, the man is also supposed to serve the woman and better her life, leading to a good balance.

  43. There were two trees, the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. Hashem commanded that Adam and Eve leave the Garden less they eat from the tree of life and live forever, read it! Eve coming from Adam has nothing at all to do with superiority, but everything to do with man and woman being related. We see that the Nazis killed Jews because they were perceived as non-human or inferior to the aryan race. Yet the Nazis treated their own kind like gods.

    Naming the animals has nothing to do with power but everything to do with becoming responsible for the world. He took care of the garden and also had to become familiar with each animal because later God would seperate the animals as clean and unclean. As we see, before the flood man was not given permission to eat animals and yet as the animals approached Noah they were classified as clean and unclean. In the past God accepted certain sacrifices from the righteous on the alter and not others. Such as Cain's sacrifice. In the kabbalah it is explained that no two sacrifice should be mixed. Cain offered grain offerings which were acceptable by God but we find at other times when he presented other sacrifices they were not accepted. The jealousy between Cain and Able wasn't just God accepted Able's sacrifice and not his, but Cain disqualified his sacrifice. He returned to bring his regular offerings but tried to cheat God by giving Him less or through his wicked deeds. So God did not respond to his prayers and his field was cursed. I think he added honey (the Torah says not to add honey to the alter to the Israelites) to bribe God, and he was aroused with passion to murder his brother. Don't take anything I've said as true until you have verified it in the Talmud or other classical-authoritative Jewish sources (NOT Wikipedia or secular websites).

    I can tell from your tone of sarcasm and mannerisms you are homosexual and really hate the Bible so you thought you would make videos out of hatred to distort the Jewish teachings of the Bible and their interpretation.

    There is no punishment of women. Women without rights and the law to protect them are treated like slaves/prostitutes/property etc. This is because women are vulnerable like children. The woman is naturally weaker than men and so the Torah says because of her sin, her natural function shall be snare for her. Children are a blessing but she is cursed to suffer child rearing. Women have slow, long pregnancies but most animals are quick to reproduce. Animals therefore have an advantage over human beings. In hindsight every curse still has a positive blessing behind it. We need animals to outnumber us so there is food and clothing and so on. One of the curses of the Torah for vain oaths is that dangerous animals multiply and kill human beings such as spiders, scorpians and snakes.

    I could go on but you are mind is set like concrete. You don't want to learn but tell others what to believe and insult their religions as myths. That is my shpil on this video.

    I am an Orthodox Jew.

  44. It’s not quite true, what this episode was saying about Eve taking all the blame for sin and death. See Romans 5:12:
    “… sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned.”

    So Adam takes the blame for sin, even though Eve was the first to eat the fruit. It didn’t help that he ate the fruit too rather than telling her off for disobeying God, which explains the “since you listened to your wife” comment.

    But yes, much of the Bible has been used hurtfully to oppress, condemn, and destroy. But I’d say that’s humanity’s fault rather than God’s

  45. These stories are not literal, they have deep meaning. (see Maps of Meaning)

    In the hebrew and greek stories, woman are actually charged with the movement toward building civilization. Before then, people were tribal with small population; free from disease and need for food because of abundance. (see Blue Zones)

  46. If really adam and eve existed trough hearsay from their children till now we would all know of our origins and how "god"is.

  47. You keep saying "in this story it says men are superior and should rule over women"
    But it never actually said that even in your own video…
    thats how you saw it, it said they are different.

  48. This whole episode was you taking stories way out of context to push an agenda that was never true to begin with.


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