Soaking Prayer: Blessing over Kids

Posted By on October 4, 2019

the Lord gave me this prayer as we come
into the season of our children returning to school or beginning school
again this year to just cover them under his protection so may this prayer bless
you and encourage you and cover your children during this time and season of
their life father in the name of Jesus I confess your word this day over my
children as they pursue their education and training in college I pray Lord God
that you watch over them that you keep them I pray that you effectively work in
them giving them the power to please you and the desire to please you for this is
the greatest calling just to live for you
I pray right now Lord that they are the head in whatever they pursue and not the
tail I pray that they are above in morals in behavior in academics and
everything else they pursue and never beneath I pray father God that they will
find favor with other students that they will find favor with their teachers that
they will find favor with the administration and the staff that they
will find favor with the bus driver or anyone who’s providing transportation
lord I thank you that they will continue to follow your teachings your
instructions what God in a world that is filled with pressure they will continue
to do what is right in a world where immorality is cool in a world where
doing the wrong is right I pray Lord God that they hide your words in there Mart
that they won’t thin against you that they will not fall into temptation Lord
and if they do we know that you will pull them out Lord I pray that when they
are presented with an opportunity to stand up for what’s right that they
choose the high road that they have wisdom that they have understanding
I pray Lord God that they are not intimidated because of their beliefs
that they are not prey to bullies that they do not fall into the trickery of
the enemy Lord God but that they are led by you and they hear from the Holy
Spirit and listen to your leading father thank you for giving our children and
appreciation for education that they’re not forced to go to school that they’re
not forced to learn but that they understand it is a blessing to have the
system a free system for all help them to understand that you are the source of
all knowledge that you are the beginning of all knowledge I pray that they have
an appetite to learn I pray that they work hard that they do their best on
every assignment every task I pray father God that they have abundant
supply supplies that are overflowing that they have enough to share with
others I pray Lord God that their thoughts are expanded and their mind is
enhanced as they learn the concepts in the classroom that they grasp on to them
really quickly and that they retain the information and make it practical
knowledge Lord God Thank You Lord God that they are growing
in wisdom as we pray right now and believe your word Lord God that their
knowledge is increasing I will not stop praying for them Lord God as this is
just the beginning the best is yet to come
I pray Lord God that they bear much fruit in all that they do that whatever
they put their hands to prosper that whatever they put their hands to expand
that whatever they put their hands to increases that they are blessing to
others in the classroom I thank you Lord that our children have divine protection
that they are protected Lord God by your angels that they are protected when they
get on the bus or get in the car that they are protected when they come into
the school campus or God that they are protected in the classrooms that they
are protected on the field trips or God on field learning experiences lord thank
you for Allah God that they dwell in the secret place of the Most High according
to Psalms 91 and that they put their trust in you that no matter what’s going
on in the classroom on the campus throughout the day that they know that
they can run to you because you are a refuge and those who run to you are safe
you are a strong tower I pray Lord gather they are rooted and grounded in
your love that they will not be led astray by the philosophies in the text
books by the teachings Lord God on the campuses
that is contrary to your truth Lord God I pray Lord God that you are their
shield and their buckler that they confess that you are their Lord and
Master every day I pray that you protect them from attacks and threats or God
that may come in any shape or form thank you once again Lord God that your angels
protect them and that you have assigned to them angels to accompany them to be
their companion to defend them to preserve them in all of their ways of
obedience and service to you our children are established in your love
they know that you love them and that you want the best for them that their
faithfulness will be rewarded I pray father God that love that you have for
them drives out all fears Lord God I pray that the teachers
we’ll be fair that the teachers will be inspirational in a positive way that the
teachers will encourage them to learn that the teachers will have integrity
that they will do the job they’ve been called to do what God give their
teachers understanding hearts give them patience give them wisdom in order that
they may walk in a humbleness in kindness like God I pray father God that
you be with them throughout every single moment of their day that you give them
the wisdom that they need I thank you Lord God that you watch over your word
once again I say you watch over your word to perform it I thank you Lord God
that our children abide in you that they remain stable under the shadow of the
Almighty whose power no one can withstand I pray that they say you are
their refuge and their fortress and that no evil shall come near them
no illness or God that cannot be cured will come near them no viruses or
infections or God that cannot be cured Lord God will come near them you will
protect them because we know that you give your angels special charge over
them to defend them and preserve them in those angels surround them all day long
every day even when there during evil when they’re in their quiet time or
during the lunch breaks lord god father god you are in who I trust you keep
their feet from being caught in traps Lord God you keep them from falling into
conspiracies or God you keep them Lord God from being victims to deadly pranks
and hurtful pranks or God you give them safety Lord God I pray that you will
always watch over them as they study in their study groups as they travel to
campus help them to make it to class on time every day
helped them to sleep at a decent hour Lord God so that they are alert so that
they are able to understand because sleep is so important and many times
they are caught up in games or God in party and they forget Lord God help them
to be mindful surround them more God with other individuals who will be good
mentors who will be excellent role models who will help them be accountable
father god I pray Lord Jesus that you just give your angels once again charge
over each and every one of them that all of them want God are just covered under
your blood no harm will come to them no one is out of control
none of them are making unwise decision even when those unwise thoughts come
their mentors are there in the nick of time
led by the Holy Spirit to be Lord God that person who will help them remain
accountable what God I pray Lord all right now that they are
leaders in their classes that they do not follow wrong teaching or the wrong
crowd but they are upright and they stand up for what’s right Lord God I
pray right now that their future is blessed that Lord God they are raised to
become men and women of God that they choose your path I pray Lord God that
they commit themselves to serving you following you and trusting in your
promises Lord God I say right now that your ways
are God be their ways for your ways are higher than our ways so I turn the
burden of thinking about them of raising them of worrying about them to you I
cast my care upon you because I know that you care for me I will do Lord God
as the word commands us to do that we will teach our children in the word that
my child will be upon my heart and mind so that I guide them in the right path
helped me to know and recall every day that your grace is sufficient to
overcome my inabilities my lack my weaknesses bored our children are
obedient they honor the teachers they honor the leaders or God they prosper in
all that they do they Lord God are the role models and
leaders they advanced in their classes and in their studies they are blessed Oh
God with opportunities in every corner Lord God grants and scholarships are
coming their way for their college education Lord God you are doing the
exceedingly abundantly Lord God beyond what we can expect or imagine father God
we thank you for all things we thank you Lord God for this blessing to half
children we thank you that their inheritance prosperous or God we thank
you for all things we thank you for favor as they come in and go out in the
classroom on the school bus in every aspect of
their education throughout this year we thank you Lord in Jesus name

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  1. THANK YOU!!! You BLESSED me and my children with your prayer of FAITH, POWER and TRUTH! Your prayers are super similar to mine over my 3 sons…Definitely a MOTHER'S HEART…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’œโคGOD BLESS YOU๐Ÿ˜‡

  2. Amen and Amen. Thanks for this lovely all encompassing prayer. Blessings to you and all viewing and using it to declare share and bless.

  3. Thank you. I have scoured YouTube to find the words which fit the desire for my prayer over my son . This is it! God bless you for taking the time to share such a wonderful needed prayer.

  4. Am trying to write it down so that I can carry the copy recite the Prayer anytime I wanted.
    Thank you very much.

  5. I pray your full protection over my children and grandchildren dear lord in everything they do, in your sweet name my lord Jesus!

  6. I Stand in Full Agreement with this Prayer And Declare And DEGREE THIS over MY Children
    Michael L.Reimer Jr.
    And Nikko A.Reyes
    Alleneaha D.M.A King
    In Jesus Name……

  7. Please pray my son with a learning disability. Will learn how to read and write.he crys because he can't read and write well.i work with him on reading and writing
    Let him obtain information. Amen

  8. In Jesus' Holy Name, bless my 3 adult children as they pursue their education, careers, Godly spouses and of course order each of their steps that only You receive the ultimate "glory!" Favor follows them wherever they are, in all that their hands touch, prosper them in every endeavor! As a Christian mom, I rededicate back to You for Your service!

  9. I stand in the gap for my children and totally agree with this divine prayers and decree them upon my children's lives and declare that it is fullfilled in every area of their lives in Jesus mighty name Amen. Thank God for answered prayers receive all the glory and honour Hallelujah.

  10. Please pray for me to have a family and me to be a mother and to have lot of kids thank you lord jesus bless my body soul and life and all the happness in the world


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