SMITE – God Reveal – Olorun, Ruler of the Heavens

Posted By on June 23, 2019

well – the smite God reveal for all Aaron ruler of the heavens I am Oh Lorna god of the sky ruler of the heavens I said the stars in the sky I breathed life into humanity all that is beneath the stars is under my protection and though I choose to rule from afar you know me and I am your king Ola runs passive is touch of fate upon reaching 150 magical power from items Ola run gains critical hit chance for his basic attacks more magical power will give Ola run higher crit chance up to a cap Allah runs first ability is focused light Ola run charges an orb of pure energy for up to two seconds before firing it in front of him the longer he charges the further the projectile goes stopping on enemy gods this ability can also critically hit Ola runs second ability is overflowing divinity Ola run powers up and gains attack speed every successful attack on an enemy during the buff provides his inner Sun with energy during the buff or for four seconds after Olerud can refire this ability to conjure the Sun to damage enemies in an area Ola runs third ability is consecration Ola run extends the light within himself knocking back damaging and slowing enemies allies including Ola run himself are bathed in light and gain a heal over time for every Ally healed Ola run gains extra protections Ola runs ultimate is sanctified filled Ola run brings forth a load amore and alofi who travel outwards creating a large area of divine energy that distorts the flow of time within all enemies caught in the area are negatively affected by the time-dilation attacking casting and even animating more slowly Ola run himself benefits from the sanctified field in a similar way the strength of the divine field also impacts the effect of buffs debuffs projectiles and deployables as Ola run it is important to keep good spacing between yourself and your enemy as your main defense mechanism is consecration keeping enemies at a distance and utilizing the buff and area damage of overflowing divinity is key thanks for watching the smite God reveal for Olerud ruler of the heavens

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  1. I seriously like the direction hirez goes with every caster mage they release for smite. Too bad my pc does not allow me to play smite. I really miss this game ..

  2. Olorun is probably the closest thing we will get to having THE God in this game. He serves a similar purpose as a creator and observer deity, combined with some native Yoruba concepts. He's an interesting new character.

  3. congratulations for these new gods that come out every time but I was playing smite and I noticed that they lack a god for their diamond skin is kumbhakarna please can change it so that all the gods are in diamond


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