SMITE – God Reveal – Arthur, Wielder of Excalibur

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welcome to the smite God reveal for King Arthur wielder of Excalibur long has the legend been told of a great battle king who rose to deliver peace to lands riven by war by his hand was the bloodshed ceased and all its people's united under his reign and with his knights he ventured out to safeguard with steel all that he had sworn to protect but in his absence the hope he had brought began to fray and others even the king's own kindred sought the power to rule for themselves a betrayal most cold threatening to turn all that he held dear upon his return the King beheld what had become of his realm and people he was their Guardian and he wore that both above all others the battle raged thundering Fair Camelot as surely as the King's Own bloodline in the end but at a cost in stone blood and soul in its wake the King sets out upon a new journey for Avalon has called to him and Arthur shall answer each time King Arthur deals damage to an enemy God with an ability he will gain a stack of stedfast each stack provides percentage damage mitigation and increases how quickly he can build his meter King Arthur can have up to four stacks additionally King Arthur does not benefit from attack speed if King Arthur buys attack speed a small portion of it will be converted into increasing how quickly he can build his meter King Arthur works differently than other gods in smite when Arthur uses any of his abilities he enters a combo stance while in his combo stands he loses access to his standard abilities and can use one of three combo abilities after using a combo ability he will return to a standard stance when playing King Arthur you will constantly be cycling between using standard abilities or combo abilities his ultimate follows different rules which we will discuss after showing off this standard and combo abilities King Arthur's first ability is overhead slash King Arthur slashes his sword overhead with such force it creates a crescent slash of energy that travels forward enemies in melee range will be hit both by the overhead attack and the Crescent slash taking additional damage King Arthur's first combo ability is hamstrung King Arthur swipes forward in a cone targeting the opponent's legs enemies hit by the Swiper damaged and crippled for a short duration King Arthur's second ability is battle stop King Arthur stomps the ground with immense force damaging and slowing enemies within a close range of King Arthur King Arthur's second combo ability is uppercut King Arthur rushes forward stopping on first contact with an enemy God at the end of this charge King Arthur unleashes a strong uppercut with Excalibur launching and damaging any enemy gods directly in front of him King Arthur's third ability is twin cleave King Arthur strikes twice with Excalibur while charging forward enemies hit by the stability will have both of their protections reduced this reduction can stack with itself King Arthur's third combo ability is bladestorm King Arthur swings Excalibur with great force charging forward and dealing damage to targets within range multiple times after five strikes King Arthur will wind up a final heavy strike that deals heavy damage King Arthur's ultimate ability changes based on how much energy King Arthur has managed to generate at 35 energy King Arthur can use thundering strike King Arthur hops forward a short distance while winding up a heavy jab that hits a long range in front of him enemies hit by this ability are stunned for a short duration at 80 energy King Arthur can use Excalibur's fury King Arthur charges forward a short distance if King Arthur hits an enemy god that target is launched into the air and barrage by multiple slashes from King Arthur after six strikes King Arthur unleashes a final attack that launches the target back to the ground dealing heavy damage in the area the target lands when in standard stance begin with twin cleave to close the distance to your target while shredding some of their protections next use uppercut launching the target into the air before they land use overhead slash on the target benefiting from both the protection shred from twin cleave and setting up the double hit from an overhead slash win in combo stance start with hamstrung this will lock your opponent from using a movement skill to flee follow this up with twin cleave to shred their protections and then use blade storm unleashing a large amount of attacks on a target that cannot leave away King Arthur's ultimate does not change the stance he is in and King Arthur can build up to 100 energy allowing him to build some extra energy to use thundering strike quickly after X calibers wrath when in combo stands at 100 energy and with four stacks of steadfast use Excalibur's wrath on a target right as they land follow up with hamstrung into battle stomp into upper cut through landing these three abilities King Arthur will have generated enough energy to use thundering strike learning combinations and having a deep understanding of King Arthur's options can allow you to lock down enemies for a significant amount of time to start King Arthur will want to put a point into twin cleave this will allow King Arthur to clear more effectively and pressure opponents who get too close next a point into overhead slash will further help his ability to clear and pressure his opponents whether they are near or far a single point in battle stomp will allow Arthur to peel for himself or set up his other abilities more easily from there follow the following ability priority thundering strike overhead slash twin cleave and finally battle stop King Arthur performs best when he can engage and disrupt an enemy team heavy protection will keep him alive and make him difficult to peel from while high amounts of cooldown reduction will allow him access to his wide range of abilities begin with warriors blessing boots and healing potions the additional sustain and protections from warriors blessing and healing potions will keep King Arthur alive since he has no built-in self-sustained pick up warrior tabi to increase his ability to chase and deal damage and start working towards gladiators shield with access to six abilities on demand this item helps him stay alive and gives him the extra cooldown reduction he needs breastplate of Valor continues that goal giving him a much larger 20% cooldown reduction Oni hunters garb is a great follow-up item to balance out King Arthur's protections and giving him bonus damage mitigation for doing what he wants to do getting into the middle of the enemy team finish up his item build with bulwark of hope and mantle of discord for additional tankiness and to get the full 40% cooldown reduction thanks for watching the smite God revealed for King Arthur wielder of Excalibur you

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  1. this is probably the best hero u have created… from looks to animations, kit, gameplay, fun… damn straight 10/10

  2. blonde hair blue eyed King Arthur… wow. Also skipped the part in his lore about sleeping with his sister, and having a bastard child. Saw the Lore for Merlin should have really played of the Part Demon thing, a very bad knockoff of the Invoker from Dota2. Also Arthur was never a god.

  3. 1.He is no God.
    2.You made him way to strong.
    3.When are you gonna nerf him?
    4.if 3 never happens i want my money back xD seriously such a broken character shouldnt be in that game

  4. I love how she just spoke about him being special and different while I zoned out because it was too complicated

    Remember when the passives where something special to the character ?

  5. I am kind of disappointed they made Arthur just a guy with a sword. He has a lot of other magic weapons and armor they could've used for his moveset

  6. Litterally the lamest character to ever be released. I hate this God. I don't have trouble Fighting him. I hate how spammy he is. Like his ultimate is a 20sec cool down.

  7. Please include Indian Mythology and also South East asian myths, like Philippine Mythology to smite gods. Also Japanese Mythology and Native Australian gods as well as New Zealand they also have gods there before the Dutch settlers arrived

  8. But

    Why not add more to other existing pantheons first

    Polynesian, voodoo, and slavic

    They only have 1 god in their place-

  9. To all those who claim that stories about King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are "boring." I direct you to this video, listen well to the narration and dare tell me modern audiences would not be captivated by Arthur

  10. For the love of god, can some1 count how many times she said "King Arthur" during this video… With all due respect, you sound like first-grader reading his homework!


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