Silent But Winning?

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Hello and welcome to another one of my
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I completely disagree. So with that said, let me turn my attention to this week’s
topic which is a continued discussion on first Peter, chapter 3, specifically this
week I want to focus in on verses 1 & 2. I’d like to address the question, “Does
first Peter, chapter 3, verses 1 & 2 teach that Christian wives have the power to
save their husbands?” So let’s take a look at the verse, or I should say the verses.
It says, “In the same way, wives be subject to your own husbands. Then even
if some are disobedient to the word, they will be won over without a word by the
way you live when they see your pure and reverent conduct.” So let’s break it down.
The first thing I want to do is actually take a look at this word in the original
Greek that is being rendered here in English as disobedient. Most commentators
that I have looked up have said that this is exclusively in reference to
non-believers in that the ancient church were mostly converts, there were plenty
of unequally yoked believers. And that this is how a believing wife is to
handle her unbelieving husband. But is that what is being conveyed in the
original Greek? Well first of all, I’m gonna cross-reference this with the
whole council of the word of God. And I’m gonna say no. This absolutely does apply
to believers as much as it applies to unbelievers. When we’re talking about the
disobedient, Romans, chapter 3, verse 10 says that “there is no one righteous” no
“not even one.” And this is actually a reference to Ecclesiastes 7:20 which
says, “For there is not one truly righteous person on the earth who
continually does good and never sins.” So when we’re talking about the disobedient,
we are talking about the disobedient. We’re not talking about believers and
non-believers; we all sin. So that’s who we’re talking about. This word
disobedient in the Greek is apeitheó and I apologize if I am mispronouncing that.
According to the Strong’s Concordance, it says that this is to disbelieve
willfully. In Thayers Greek Lexicon it says that apeitheó means not to allow
oneself to be persuaded and a word study says “literally refused to be persuaded
by the Lord.” So built into this Greek word apeitheó is the idea that the
disobedient has already heard the truth and refuses to accept it.
So this disobedient person in first Peter, chapter 3:1 is not a person
rebelling out of ignorance, but willfulness. Therefore apeitheó assumes
that the word of truth has already been spoken and preached. So that means that
first Peter, chapter 3, verses 1 and 2 are not precluding women from speaking to
their husbands. And this is consistent with the rest of the word of God. Romans,
chapter 10, verse 17 says, “consequently faith comes from what is HEARD and what
is heard comes through the preached word of Christ.” This is also corroborated by
Matthew, chapter 18, verses 15 and 17 where it says, “If your brother sins, go
and show him his fault when the two of you are alone. If he LISTENS to you, you
have won (or you have regained) your brother. but if he does not LISTEN, take
one or two others with you so that at the testimony of two or three witnesses
every matter may be established. If he refuses to LISTEN to them,
tell it to the church. If he refuses to LISTEN to the church, treat him like a
Gentile or a tax collector.” So one other example that I want to appeal to that is
built into this concept that the disobedient need to HEAR the word of
truth is a case study in 2nd Samuel, chapter 12, verses 7 through 13. This is
where you’re gonna see David abused his God-given authority as king to coerce
Bathsheba into committing adultery. This is something that people today are
finally starting to openly recognize as rape since refusing a king means that you
would forfeit your life and possibly the lives of your family. So I just wanted to
say that as a side note that it is important to recognize what the actual
sin is because it’s glossed over. We can somehow accept that David is a murderer,
but we can’t accept that he’s a rapist. But moving on, to cover up Bathsheba’s
resulting pregnancy from this incident, David set up her husband
Uriah (who was clearly one of his most loyal soldiers), he set him up to be
murdered. And after all of that disobedience by a man of God, David was
not won over by the silent submission of any of his six wives who were faithful
and who were conducting themselves faithfully and reverently towards him. He
was won over by the words that he HEARD from the Prophet Nathan. now as a side
note, I do want to say, just to be fair, there is one possible exception of
reverent conduct from one of his wives in an isolated incident of self-
righteous scorn that was expressed by David’s third wife Michal in 2nd Samuel
6:20. And I just want to address this briefly as a tangent because this is
something that has been wrongly interpreted in books like Love and
Respect. Michal’s words of disrespect were towards God and not
David, whose life she previously saved in first Samuel chapter 19 verses 11 and 12.
Her scorn at David’s willingness to publicly humiliate himself by being
scantily clad and nothing but a white linen ephod (which apparently is a
priestly outer garment) as he danced to celebrate the symbolic return of God’s
presence to Jerusalem with the return of the Ark to the to the city, it
revealed that she idolized her position as royalty. She found her value in that
and not in God which is why God punished her for these words by denying her the
honor of being a royal mother in verse 23. Now that being said, it’s also clear
to me as a former wife, that when Michal said that “he has exposed himself today
for his servants slave girls the way a vulgar fool might do,” that she was
jealous of the sex slave concubines that were in attendance and able to see David
without his royal attire. The fact that she placed her value in her position
above those slave girls as royalty made their presence at this vulnerable moment
of worship all the more offensive to her idolatry. But if she wasn’t pure towards
David, then she most certainly would not have still been one of his wives. But
even if we take her out of consideration, despite Deuteronomy 17:17
explicitly forbidding it, David still had five other silent pure reverent wives to
come home to after his evil deeds with Bathsheba, Uriah and his fellow soldiers
that helped facilitate David’s murderous plot under the coercive power of
an abusive King. David was only won over back to the Lord by the words of Nathan,
not the silent submission behavior of his wives. So it’s clear from all of
these cross references in Scripture that truth must be spoken to
win over and convict anyone of sin. And that’s because Romans, chapter 10:17 and
James, chapter 2, verse 17 are true. And I’m gonna combine them here very quickly.
It says faith comes from hearing and faith without works is dead. Okay, so let’s move
on to another portion of this statement back from first Peter, chapter 3, verse 1.
It says they WILL BE won over. So is this a guarantee from God that if X, then Y? If
wives will do this, they can count on this result? Well it turns out that this
is actually a textual variant. And while the majority of English renderings say
that your husband MAY BE won over, some say that he WILL BE won over. so which is
the correct transmission of the text? now I want to take a moment, because I’ve
encountered people online. Anyone who is scared that acknowledging textual
variants would mean that you’d think that the Bible is not the inerrant Word
of God, I want to remind you that some 600 years before Christ, in Jeremiah 8:8
it’s documented that scribes were twisting the Word of God with their pens.
So this is why it’s good to look at multiple original language manuscripts
to identify these variances and examine them to see which one is correct. Now
generally we’re gonna give priority to the oldest manuscript because it has the
least possibility of being manipulated over time. But since Jeremiah openly
declares that twisting predates anything that was written in the New Testamen, we
also have to give priority to what is consistent with the whole counsel of God.
So in looking to the whole counsel of the Word of God, can we see clearly if a
wayward husband MAY BE or WILL BE won over by a wife’s silent submission? the
answer is yes. And the Bible is clear that all may be won to Christ, but not
all will be. And I’ll give you a little bit more
substantiation for this. If you take a look at the crucifixion of Jesus, you’re
not gonna find a better example of the silent submission or pure and reverent
conduct that was on display in Jesus on the cross. Yet Jesus’s behavior did not
win over everyone from the sin of unbelief. We can see this with clarity in
a case study of the two thieves that were crucified alongside Jesus in Luke,
chapter 23, verses 39 through 43. While one was talking down to Jesus and
demanding that The Christ save all three of them from death, the other accepted
Jesus as king of heaven and humbly asked Jesus to remember him when Jesus entered
his kingdom. Jesus responded to him by saying, “I tell you the truth, today you
will be with me in paradise.” And the you here is singular. It’s not plural. So only
one of those thieves was going to see Jesus that day in paradise. So Jesus’s ultimate act of silent
submission and pure reverent behavior resulted in one hard heart being changed
and the other not. So if Jesus, who preached the truth to the point that He
was crucified for it and submitted Himself to betrayal and a torturous death
did not win over everyone who witnessed it, what makes us think that the conduct
of wives should have any more power?! Proverbs 20:12 declares that, “the
EAR that hears and the EYE that sees, the Lord has made them both.” Not a wife.
Ezekiel, chapter 11:19 says, “I will give them one heart and I will put a new
spirit within them I will remove the hearts of stone from their bodies and I
will give them tender hearts.” And most importantly, when Jesus completed His
atoning work on the cross, He proclaimed in John 19:30 that “it is
finished.” It’s simply not within the power of anyone to grant eyes to see or
replace a heart of stone or attempt to add to the finished work of Christ. A
husband MAY BE convicted of his sin and won over to repentance when he has
#1: HEARD the truth and has SEEN the truth of God being lived out. But
only God has the power to make eyes that see and ears that hear. So there is no
systematic formulaic algorithm for marriage that guarantees winning results
and the thieves on the crosses are proof of it.
Reverent behavior towards God is something else that I want to talk about
because this passage is not talking about reverent behavior towards your
husband so to speak, although it includes that. It’s talking about reverent
behavior towards God which includes boundaries and more on that next week. I
thank you guys very very much for your time. I hope that this information
blesses you and that it convicts those that are misusing the word of God to
twist marriage into idolatry. I hope and I pray that this information does help
set people free that are being oppressed by the twisting of Scripture and I hope
it helps convict those that are twisting scripture to their own detriment. Because
when we do this, it turns first Peter, chapter 3 into a systematic formula of
marriage idolatry which does damage to both men and women. So with that being
said, I want to thank you guys very much for your time and I hope that you have a
great week. God bless!

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  2. is there a way I can direct my comments only to you? I asked you the question, did you realize what you did!? I wasn't trying to attack you, I was just shocked, I apologize if I came across as attacking you. Lets start over. I will be addressing this video formally but it may take a little time. I have known for sometime that the Lord wants me to go on YOU tube, just have lacked the confidence to do so. I am motivated, but you got me even more-so. I am very zealous for the truth. And feel I have a good foundation. But please forgive me for any misunderstanding of intention or style of speaking or any insensitivity! That was not my intention. Blessings on your continued study of the word! For it is the truth that will set us free!


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