Shenseea boxx her friend Faith mmoyan my thoughts

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what one people will be back with another updates about TV boy oh boy well people hit me up and saying are but all the females in my community you know a couple feet most about see we need to talk about this you want to hear your views our Guang Shan she and her friend I think offer a nice car her name is faith feat moyen if I'm not mistaken feed meiyan feed Morgan or something like that alright yes she Encino friend got a little altercation she was at this party this Riverside party beach party something like that live in a best life enjoying herself and all these things and just like that chaos Cynthia and her friend all right feed my aunt went at it and she and Co like put hands on her I guess put a slap on her a box whatever the case may be and I'm like we wish and see you know my chance here would look like an angel she and she who look like she won't boss a grape in a fruit for right shin she will look like she won't harm off ly are telling me SH and see I put hands on our friend feed my boy this looks sticky this looks sticky let me tell you I was Sydney and I'm saying why would she ain't seen no French arm you know feed my getting an altercation why would she want to slap our friend or box our friend you know so to speak and I'm like wait wait wait wait is it a man is it money is it what is it what is it can't worry about TV I'm trying to find out what is it that make sense your Putin's and his girl because I know it no komotini in the media since you haven't spoke upon it you know and people are trying to find out what's the reason for this chance you're putting hands on our friend feed man I'm like wait so you know I try to get some pieces are going to have to feed my own page try to get some pieces of bridges private so look her up lock her up and so she also have a fan page so I thought you were kid that's how I got the photos and the photo that you guys seen with the the mark on her it seems like she got a bruise on our lip or something like that therefore I got that one from the daydream website all right because they post it and I'm like wow so she actually said she'll allegedly I'm gonna say allegedly slapped this girl but I want to know how come she got a mark on our label with the in a little catfight in a little scuffle because people over there daydream I bash enchancia saying well Oh Shaanxi we reach you but this is wrong girl you need to go file a report and collect your coins payback people are saying yo we reach and see about this we do we not promoting arm when they say the best thing people over there bitching see about Minar like that was a Chelsea around for this whatever the case may be Chelsea should not be putting hands on people out here like that and I'm like man but their friends so is that it's something that caused this and I about to be trying to get down to the nitty-gritty to find out what what really caused this why would chance you want to put hands on her friend so people if you know the comments section feel free to fill me in alright if it was day at the party and you want her body to get a full scoop on this story link me Instagram Harbottle underscore TV and Instagram and let me chop it up in the DMS but let's talk about these people Shen's here out here putting hands on people allegedly a mercy allegedly out here putting their hands on people and I'm like chance here at first I can't believe it I'm no chance here – she took cute you're too pretty to be fighting I don't think she and C want you know scars or anything on those face or on their body day but for the people I'm I said no mush and she just give you a one-load bucks um I mean and that was it and I'm like really so with no scuffle no cat fight you know car people usually when people get a box nobody you know but just don't take a box or a slap like that you know I mean unless unless you know I don't know she and she got security she had security around her you know she had her entourage around her so so there's you know uh faith morning just had to take her box and just keep moving because you know the fact that the entourage they could have got more you know more more more physical and you know hey you know at the end of the day is really not a good look because I'm not you know I'm not supporting this but you know it is what it is and the stories out there a lot of people want to hear Shen si si side of the story a lot of people want to hear a friend fit my side of the story to find out what's really going down and as of right now I'm just giving you guys the optical allegedly she and she lay hands on her friend fiat money is not you know chance here I haven't came out and said anything and I'm sure she might you know a lot of people like I said a bastion she's getting over there and a dream I think she is gonna have to come out and give the people you know some kind of you know update or you know let people have no just you know filling the people him or fill in the blanks and was born a everybody speculating right now why as to why she's here would put hands on her friend and like I said usually when things like this happen it could be money it could be a man it could be just rumors you know I'm saying people shred it spirit spreading rumors Kabir – ends here is moving up in our career and but my people just you know boy it could be a bugger thing we just speculated to hear but like I say if you guys know what it is fill me in the comment section link me on Instagram like I said I part TV and this you know let's talk about this but right now I'm just giving you guys update any more information you know develop from this story I'll be free I'll be glad to you know bring it and freely share it with you guys on my platform and let you guys you know keep you guys updated on what's going on with this story but as of right now you know that's just it you know it says – and she put hands on our friend faith my in and they got into a little altercation the girls he seemed a dream put up the video a photo and it looked like she have a bruise or a scar on her face don't know if that's from the incident it look it's it appears you know and I don't know it looked like a nail it could be a nail mark like I guess we shouldn't see it you know did slap the girl allegedly you know allegedly slap the arm her friend feed my and maybe one of her nails maybe she bent her finger one of the nail you know Kathy FEMA know these al-qahtani News or you know I don't know if is a ring but it looked like she got them you know a little bruise on her face or something like that so you know a lot of people tell them to get a file a police report and you know try to collect some change you know she and see is up there right now don't try it you know to blow this over you know you know they saying don't blow this up you know don't let it get out of proportion just go file a police report you know she ain't see it up there no she got a lot of bread people over here to get your change ping this is PD and I love these things what you guys think in the comments section let me know what you guys think in the comment section feel free to like share hit that subscribe button and I'm saying I want you subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell people but this one is it's too early for this that's really it's like too early you know it's way too early in the morning for this this chance here hello friend feed my a mixer but the people I love the mix up and then we'll have area so Harbor TV you know I have to deliver it to my viewers subscribers cuz the fee at least the females them you know they want oh my god but as a right now a doctor guar nothing develop out of the story it no charges were pressed nothing like that but everybody is just speculating why go I wish NC and our friend feat Mayan you understand like I said if I get any more information I'll be glad to bring it to you guys and update you guys on what wha more than that hey bless upon herself people be safe out there enjoy the rest of the Tuesday morning all right this is the early morning update so people why is this well it's just funny but it's not funny at the same time because putting your hands on people and you know domestic violence is not something you know to joke about and I you know our body that do not you know I do not endorse that or neither am i pushing it but it is what it is I'm just here reporting giving you guys the updates on the story all right people let's open itself I'm out

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  1. It ain’t a Jamaican thing it’s a You owe me money or talking shit I’m coming for you !! Periodt

  2. A gal chicken fight Shen a Jamaican a so we stay!!!hard ball tv honorable Portia Simpson did tell a jlp to meet her outside!! it's a Jamaican thing!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


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