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Posted By on May 14, 2019

on one of our last social Snippets we talked about blogs and how they are important to your website conceptually but how will they help you in practice an important topic when we talk about search engine optimization is keywords you're probably already familiar with keywords even if you don't use the terminology you see every time you enter a phrase of words in the search engines to look for something that you're interested in you're using keywords what you need to do is try and figure out what keywords are people going to use to find you and your business on the web once you have identified the keywords that you hope to rank for you will want to incorporate them into the pages and blog posts that you create that way when the search engines crawl your website the presence of those keywords a few times will signal to the search engines that is what your website is about you may want to think about including your keywords in your post titles their URLs and in the first paragraph of your content anything more may be viewed as keyword stuffing and is frowned upon by the search engines you will also want to do some research on your keywords to see how competitive they are to rank for and what type of search traffic do they get there are a number of websites that can help you with your research including Google Adwords Keyword planner uber suggests or paid options like Moz keyword explorer or SEM Russia's keyword research your optimal keywords will be ones that have a lot of traffic but are still competitive enough that you stand a chance to rank for remember the search engine results page one only shows a limited number of spots which a lot of people could be pursuing the more competitive a keyword is the more of a challenge it will be for you to rank on page one our question of the week what software tool did you use in doing your keyword research leave us your answers in our comment section please consider subscribing to our channel so you do not miss one of our future social snippet videos you

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