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Posted By on May 18, 2019

hey guys some put this video together to share with you a free SEO tool that I totally love use and my clients find it really super helpful when they're creating blog content and I use it regularly when I'm in research and kind of content strategies for different websites so when you're creating a blog post you want to ensure that there's enough people searching for what you're writing about and sometimes kind of web users can be searching for different things than what it expects so didn't kind of thorough and depth keyword research before you write your blog post that's going to ensure that there's enough people interest in what you're writing about because you don't want to be looking at something a year later and thinking is it not performing well because of speed or because of a whole host of other reasons and it may just be no one is searching for what you're writing about see what I ensure that it's kind of you are targeting it is that there's volume for so there's an awesome free tool there's a Chrome extension so I'm gonna show you how to install it so just go to your Chrome browser opens tab and we're just gonna type in so Chrome extension webstore if you just type in the word keywords and it says top one here called keywords everywhere so the I've already got this installed and but the process will be in added to Chrome you'll have popular email address in you'll then get an email with an API key and you need to add the API key in in this area where it says updates ends and you want to make sure that when you've added the API key you also choose the correct country if you're based in the UK you want to be getting results that are reflective of your geographical location so it's not going to help you to get keywords volume results from the US for example and if you choose global then there be areas where there's got in you know different kind of mix of keywords or different trends like in India or Australia so we want to ensure that this is accurate as possible so popular API in choose the correct country where you're based and you're good to go so what this is going to do in terms of the impact in your search see I was am gonna be let's just put my main keyword and to show you an example so if we type in Manchester wedding photographer what this is going to show underneath what you've typed in it shows that there's a search volume per month of 2400 searches no the CPC that's cost per click so if you were going to run an AdWords campaign or something for this term that M gives you an idea of how much it costs so the more expensive is the more competitive is the competition for this keyword is 0.32 so really if we see zero as not competitive at all and one is like the top level I am a 0.3 it's actually not so bad for Manchester which may surprise a few of you if you're based in Manchester and so that election or your your kind of main keyword in terms of how many searches that are monthly and that's really important because if the Sarah trees are really low it may well be is a you know as I said if you've got a blog post that you think isn't performing it maybe it's performing really well but there's not a lot of search volume so really this data gives you I can a real temperature check in terms of how popular what you're writing about is there is and whether you need to improve the article by including other terms and other keywords that people are searching for which brings me on to the next feature of this in Chrome extension we've got another thing here's related keywords so it shows you what else people are typing in so just manchester photographer 1,300 searches a month chase yo 1300 and so we've got a few other options in here 20 people a month search for a female photographer if you know a team took four sorry guys um and if we looked into what people also search for then there's volume for other search things as well so people are looking for portrait photographers of FA cures for wedding photographer e170 searches a month and so you see there's different things here and if you're right now a blog post and then you may want to include some different terms that have been mentioned than this um so it's really just a gonna help with inspiration when you're when you didn't kind of blog and making sure that you're on the right track with keywords so it's an awesome tool I hope you enjoy using it and um if there's any other SEO questions that you have that you want me to make a little video and I'll feel free to drop me an email and just hit subscribe and and the the channel box there and I hope that's been helped alright Cheers

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  1. Thanks for this Karen! I've installed it so I'll look for some more useful key words now apart from my crap one!


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