SEO Factor 21 How to find Related SEO terms and Related Keywords | SEO Course 2019 Part# 25

Posted By on May 20, 2019

in this lecture you will learn how to find the related terms or related keywords I'm in slash NC or website this URL lets me to directly visit without redirecting to the localized google domain now let me search for android see I get some suggestions such as Android studio Android versions and Android device manager etc now I have got multiple suggestions if I want to write any article on Android device manager then I will click on Android device manager suggestion and if I go below or the bottom of this page I get further narrowed down related keywords for Android device manager such as Android device manager app or Android device manager location history etc I can include these related keywords while writing any article based on Android device manager find my Android phone on the computer is a kind of help tutorial because when I click on it I get other related terms such as find my phone Android without app etc if you provide some solution or a detailed tutorial for this problem if people like your tutorial or the solution for this particular topic such as Find My Phone Android without app then people will automatically look for other solutions on your website for different queries or problems and if they like that too then eventually they will become your subscribers this is how you can build a loyal base of subscribers but when you search for Android by just to Google or on your search bar you should notice that Google automatically redirects you to your localized domain and the search results or related queries that you get would be based on the locality of your IP address since I am in India Google gives me keyword suggestions related to India which would be different from those who are in United States or United Kingdom so if I want to get the related queries based on United States I should go to slash NC or instead of global dot 0 dot I n here NC or stands for no country redirect likewise if you want search queries related to France then go to over for some keywords Google gives the same suggestions across multiple regions not only Google Bing also provides search suggestions or related searches those related searches on Bing need not be the same thing with Google so you get a complete set of different related keywords there for Android related searches from Bing is completely different with google for the keyword best smartphone google gives me these related searches whereas Bing gives me these related searches but the only drawback with Bing is it gives you localized related searches always in Google we could move from Google dot C or dot iearn to whereas in Bing it always gives you localized results however the domain remains as itself so we cannot do anything manually here here comes the suggestions for the keyword smartphone news in Google and the same in Bing so these are some simple tips which you can just do in a few minutes before writing an article based on a particular keyword by covering many related keywords in your article you can easily improve the search relevancy of your article or page for your desired keyword in the next lecture you will learn how to find out the top performing keywords of your website

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