SEO Factor 20 ,4 SEO Tools to Convert Broad keywords into Topic Suggestions | Part #24

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in this lecture you will learn about for SEO tools to convert broad keywords into subtopics or topic suggestions the first tool that we are going to discuss is uber suggest and the URL ease ubersuggest dot IO or Neil Patel Khan / Oba suggest as per our test scenario that is I'm going to build or setup a smartphone news or reviews website so let's assume that I am interested in writing some articles or posts regarding Android but I don't know what to do or what to write about Android in such case if I search for such broad keywords in uber suggest you have the option to choose whether you're targeting the hole with traffic or just images or YouTube etc also you can geographically target a particular country when you click on lookup button you will be provided with a list of keywords that are Auto suggested by Google although it's not necessary to uncheck keyword planner I'm going to uncheck it as it may give me a lot of distantly related keyword searches which I don't want also let me sort these results by search volume in descending order now let me explain how this works by just taking these three keywords that is Android one Android phones and Android find my form let's try searching Android on Google and the auto suggestions or Android Android software and Android Wikipedia but uber so just gave me a different set of keyword lists it's because Google's Auto suggestions or based on mostly searched related keywords whereas uber Hajus sorts the list either alphabetically or based on the criteria we choose moreover when we search on Google directly we get personalized auto suggestions based on our locations so it can vary all together for one broad keyword like Android uber so just gives you a list of 189 keywords so whenever I see some interesting keywords or some keywords on topics which I already know I can make a note of it and include them as subtopics in my main article let me sort them your search volume in descending order and note the keywords that are having competition less than 0.2 zero so as android one or android screenshot also mouse over the trend icon and check if the search trend is continuing for the keywords you choose if the trend is dropping like in case of android Oreo you should avoid picking such keywords but don't take these competition numbers for their face value validate your sort listed keywords again we are Google Trends or keyword planner because keywords like Android Redick and even Android in not have such a low competition values the main purpose of this tool is to find Google Auto suggestions the t's related keywords or related homes to your main keywords so this is how you can get content ideas or topic ideas to write on your website the second tool that we are going to see now is keyword tool dot IO this tool gives you 708 keywords for the same term Android I'm using the free version only also targeting is same that is and United States to know the search volume or cost per click you need to buy the pro version but to just get the keywords free version is enough to get a list of keywords you can just copy all of them and paste in an Excel spreadsheet you cannot export these keywords directly by using any of these copy all button you just need to manually select them and paste to Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet that you use let's come to the third tool s Evo book comm we are going to use keyword tool of SEO book to access this tool you need to register a free account to do that click on join free enter your email address and enter a user name click on climb your free tools button after registering your free account login into SEO book and then come to keyword tool to access keyword tool go to SEO book comm then tools and click keyword tool the difference between ubersuggest keyword tool dot io and SEO books keyword tool is that this tool gives you a completely different set of keywords but it also gives you the monthly searches daily searches Google well as Bing traffic and several other details let's see them one by one the first feature that I like is you can export to cs3 and you can use it for your later analyzation or research etc this is how the CSV looks let's close it for now when you scroll down it also provides you the Google Trends data for the broad keyword you have entered provided you have checked the option to display Google Trends data while entering the keyword in the previous page this is same as the details that we saw on Google Trends that is the top and rising keywords the fourth tool that we are going to see in this lecture is same Russ we have discussed this tool in various other part of this course too but that's for checking backlink and checking competitors keywords in those two situations we type the URL of a site let me type and draw it in this text box and click start now like I said earlier it may ask you to login if you haven't created your free account yet create one and login to same Russ in this lecture we are going to use keyword analytics tool in this same Russ you just need to come to sim res and click on keyword analytics overview you will get the volume the number of results etc actually the number of results says you how much competition you have for a particular keyword like Google Trends you also get country-wise or language-wise distribution and the trend which is calculated by Simran you also get the top five free match keywords related keywords on other languages and the top 20 pages for the search term you can also view the mobile traffic for any particular keyword in Semra still sees the special feature which you don't have in any other tools that we have discussed earlier in the next lecture you'll learn how to find the related terms or related keywords

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