SEO Factor 19 How to Collect top organic keywords of a specific landing page | Part # 23

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in this lecture you will learn how to use Google Adwords Keyword planner tool to collect the top keywords of specific landing page go to slash keyword planner on your browser and sign in into google if you're logging into Adwords for the first time then you will be asked your email address and your website but pay attention here you should not give these details to access keyword planner directly you need to click on skip the guided tour now you will be taken to another page where you'll be asked your email country timezone and currency choose them appropriately and click Save and continue button now you can go to tools in the menu bar and select keyword planner to access this tool directly if you don't follow this procedure then you might have to create your first AdWords advertisement and you need to give your payment information too before accessing keyword planner tool to avoid this hassle follow the procedure that said earlier once you have entered into keyword planner tool click on search for new keywords using a phrase website or category first let's enter right-hand calm under your landing page and then click get ideas if keyword planner saw some error or no keywords then make sure you have entered the full URL of the website along with trouble W and HTTP or HTTPS then move into keyword ideas the thing is this Google AdWords tool doesn't consider all of the pages on bright hand com it just extracts the keywords from the homepage or the exact landing page of the URL you give here so these are the keywords that are related to the homepage of the website bright Han com you can also see several high-volume average monthly search keywords like best phone plants iPhone 4s battery etc these keywords have an average monthly searches so for around ten thousand two hundred thousand but the competition is very high and you cannot compete for such broad keywords with high competition so let's sort list all those keywords which have got low competition with a reasonable volume I recommend doing this only for websites that are starting out if you have already got a website with a significant amount of backlinks or domain Authority then you can start with keywords having medium competition the short list low competition keywords click on keyword filters on the Left panel and choose low competition then select save now we have got all the keywords which have got only low competition also you should be rational the days if the competition is slow it's because the average monthly searches are low so now you should sort these keywords by average monthly searches in the descending order we need only those keywords with competition low to zero as well as average monthly searches of at least thousand but by default Google will offer you the total list of keywords one legal from which you can't remove those keywords that you don't want for example you can delete all the keywords which have got average monthly searches less than thousand to download this keyword list click on download button you can either save them to Google Drive or you can download them as Excel comma separated value that is CSV format we have got around six hundred and fifty one keywords in this excel seat let me format it as a table to easily remove the unwanted data now click on the competition column go to number filters and select less than in the dialog box enter 0.2 and click OK now click on average monthly searches column and uncheck all the ranges below thousand and click OK now we are left with twenty one keywords mostly the resulting keywords would be long tail keywords there are several advantages in using keyword planner compared to the earlier method one time consumption is less that is instead of collecting the keywords from four different SEO tools you're getting keywords from a single tool to keyword planner allows you to download the entire keyword list into Excel CSV format so it's easier to sort list the keywords based on different criterias three above all keyword planner is a free tool from Google itself so you get unlimited list of keywords not just the top five or top ten and they are all updated as well as recent for the lost benefit is that the entire process of keyword research ends here you never need to validate the key you how collected nor you need to convert them from broad to longtail keywords which is not the case with the previous technique using Simran's spyfu similar web and Alexa tools after learning all these advantages of keyword planner tool you might ask me why I have suggested the previous techniques involving a lengthy process and premium SEO tools well there's a reason for that and I have mentioned it in the beginning of this lecture itself keyword planner tool analyzes the content of the exact landing page you have given and not all the pages in the domain here we have got the keywords related to the homepage of right hand commonly and not the entire website so keyword planner is best suited when you want to find the low competition top organic keywords of a best performing article or the homepage of a website if you repeat the process that we have done in this lecture for five to ten other competitor websites you will get around 100 to 200 low competition top organic keywords you can use these keywords directly without validation while writing articles or polls or news or reviews based on them the tools that we have seen till now are the most essential tools for keyword planning in your new website but I wish to show you some other SEO tools for keyword research which you can use based on your preference in the next lecture you will learn to convert broad keywords into subtopics or topic suggestions

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