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in this lecture we are going to make a list of competitors top organic keywords first let's start with similar click on the search icon on the floating toolbar skip the websites own brand name keywords if any such as right hand or gotta be mobile and then sought list all the other keywords such as decrypt or Excel 3.1 arms charger versus 2.4 amps charger best phone for microsoft office etc add them to our previous shortlist of keywords from sim hrus in the same spreadsheet now let's move on to gotta be mobile go to search icon you can see the keywords as iOS 11.1 iPhone SC to iOS 7.1.2 + 1 + 5 t cases let's add these keywords – oh these are not long tail keywords they are new at the time of recording this video if a keyword is new then it means not many websites or writing about it which means the competition is low you should act forced to add highly relevant content on these keywords in your website to capture users who are searching for these keywords in Google so far we have used SEMRush and similar web tools to extract top organic keywords from bright hand calm and gotta be mobile calm you can also use some other tools such as spyfu and alexa to extract further more keywords but generally these tools give diminishing returns which means the quantity and the quality of keywords that you from these two tools doesn't worth the effort you put then why I introduced you to these two tools in some cases you might not be able to find enough competitor websites in those cases you can use spyfu and alexa to extract a few more organic keywords with the limited number of competitors you have arrived it now I'm going to quickly walk you through the keyword collection process from phonedog comm in all four SEO tools first let's start with sim hrus let me enter phonedog calm and wait for the information to load now let me view full report under top organic keywords in this list we cannot use brand name keywords of this website such as phone dog or phone space dog or phone dog comm excluding that we have also got some high competition keywords such as t mobile phones and compared cell phone plants skipping these keywords we get only a few birthday keywords such as Boost Mobile news or reviews and Cricket Wireless reviews so I am going to use a different strategy here let me find a different set of keywords by sorting it based on volume from high to low now we need to have an eye on the competition values – it should be less than 0.3 zero so based on these factors we get keywords such as my very zone pac-man the teeth anniversary and text now without space now let me copy these five keywords in the excel seat once done let's move on to the next see bottle similar web skipping the website name and outdated keywords we get razor phone one plus Phi T and Samsung Galaxy j7 skypro essential form let me copy these keywords to to the excel seat now we are going to move to the less important SEO tools in terms of top organic keywords alone because spyfu is the best user-friendly tool to find competitors and Alexa is the best tool to find the global ranking of a website but when it comes to keyword research these two or not as good as same race or similar web moving to spyfu enter the website name and press Enter key on keyboard then scroll down to top keywords and click view all organic keywords like similar web you get five keywords sorted based on click value per month in descending order you need to look for keywords with monthly searches more than 5,000 and ranking difficulty less than 30 if you don't get any keyword falling into that criteria then look for keywords with monthly searches greater than thousand and ranking difficulty less than 25 even after this I cannot find any keywords from phonedog website in spyfu if you find any in your niche or from your competitor website then copy it to excel seat and move on to the next tool that is Alexa come to and scroll down to browse top sites here enter the website and press Enter key let me enter phone dot-com unclick find scroll down to find top keywords from search engines Alex also displays the top five organic keywords only take the keywords which you haven't added already and copy it to the excel sheet after looking at the keywords you might wonder Alexa seems to be a worth a tool for keywords then why are you mentioned it as not so earthy tool well actually the keyword list stands good for websites it has a global ranking close to 100 thousand or less with the increase in global ranking of a competitor website beyond 100 thousand the keyword list is updated not so frequently so you can rely on for top keywords from competitor websites whose global ranking is less than 200 thousand and not more than that so we have got around 30 top organic keywords from three competitor websites using three SEO tools such as similar web sim hrus and Alexa in this manner if you look for around 10 competitor websites you can easily collect up to 100 top organic keywords don't worry we are not going to write articles on each one of them we need to validate these keywords and then you will sort list them from 30 to 40 keywords which are in trend now and which will give you a decent traffic in the near future this process is called keyword validation we will do this using Google Trends in the next lecture while starting or creating a new website you can start writing articles on these resulting keywords with highly SEO optimized content to quickly rank on the front page of Google if your article or news is highly relevant to the keyword you're targeting then users will spend more time on your site the bounce rate will get reduced and your ranking will improve further and stay on top for a long time until your competitor rights have much better content than yours in the next lecture you will learn how to use Google Trends to validate keywords

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