SEO Factor 17 Have a sneak look on the top ranking keywords of competitors! | SEO Course Part# 19

Posted By on May 19, 2019

in this lecture you will learn how to have a snake look on the top ranking keywords of your competitors in the previous lecture we have seen how to find the similar websites or the competitors the website you are going to build or to the niche in which you have decided to create your website in this lecture before showing you how to find the top ranking keywords of your competitors first I will walk you through the entire process of how I'm going to find my competitors they're similar websites and then the top keywords of all those similar websites because this will help you to replicate this competitor analysis process while you create your website as I said in the previous lecture let's assume this scenario I am going to create a website on smartphone news reviews and gadget news that is some kind of techie stuffs so I have searched in Google for top smartphone websites the first result itself is a link containing a list of top smartphone web sites but I can't take that list for my use because you may not get such a link with a list of competitors on your search so let me find my list by myself let me move on to the next search results phone Reena gadgets now trusted reviews and pocket now I know these websites very well as I often read them pocket now is a famous website for an ROI Hoyas windows blackberry baubles reviews news etc the same goes for phone re not to trusted reviews publicist reviews for many electronic items including smartphones let's assume that I know only these websites in this niche that is smartphone news and reviews so how can I find similar websites to these four websites like I said in the previous lecture let's go to the best tool straight away that is similar web there I'm going to enter the URL of these four websites gadgets now trusted reviews PocketNow and phone arena you see the global rank for pocket now is approximately fifty thousand whereas all of those are in the range of 3,000 to 5,000 while choosing a competitor don't choose a website that's in hundred or thousand ranks because they might write about a lot of things such as entertainment gadgets politics signs and many things they could have got a domain authority of unreachable amount you cannot target the key words of such competitors at first so I recommend you to choose a competing website of global rank from 20,000 to 50,000 Alexa rank or similar webs global rank now let me see the competitors of under competitors and similarity I have got Engadget phone arena TechnoBuffalo phone dog pan right central etc let me click all these thumbnails and open them in separate tabs among these sites in gadget Android Central and phone arena has got a global rank less than 5,000 and category rank less than hundred which is too competitive to target for a newer website on the other hand smartphone mag Pocket gear and Pocket PC thoughts have ranks much higher than 1 million which means they have too low traffic to target so skipping these websites our list becomes TechnoBuffalo phonedog and bright hand now let me move on to TechnoBuffalo which has got around that in 9000 global rank let's go to competitors almost the list is same with Engadget pocket now Android Central etc excluding them I get gotta be mobile calm and slash gear here comes the competitors of phonedog which has got around 100,000 global rank if you follow this course that is if you understand and implement every SEO factor that's discussed here then you too can attain a global rank of 100,000 within a span of 3 to 5 months yes of course you can get it and what would be your traffic once you reach this rank you would be getting anything around 4,000 to 5,000 daily unique visitors under that circumstances you should reach this 100,000 rank in Alexa or similar webs global rank now let me resume this process excluding high competitive and low traffic sites I get the list as phone scoop demon news Phandroid and phone egg similarly I get the following list from bright hands competitors the gadget extremely calm and fierce wireless comm while shortlisting use your own restriction on ranking I restricted myself from around 5,000 to 500,000 rank websites you can also choose the same or increase or decrease the range based on the availability of competitors in your niche just look for 10 competitors in your niche to start finding the top keywords in my case I have shortlisted 12 competitors including TechnoBuffalo phone dog and bright hand more the competitors more the organic keywords you will get to target for however it also involves more work for you to do so far I have demonstrated you how to find your competitors and their similar websites so let's continue the process of finding their top keywords in the next lecture

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