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Posted By on May 4, 2019

hi guys and welcome to to these SEMRush webinar it's the first and this series of the same rush toolbox where we'll be talking through the definite to same rush webinar and the CDs of the sorry I'm getting feedback via so it's the faster the series of all the tools that same rush of you know those tons of them and a lot of people have not aware of them so we will begin through all of the tools over the course of the next few months but today I am joined by Kevin and Ed who many of you I'm sure have heard of and so Kevin for anyone who's not a we love who you are can you get them just a little better information about yourself yeah sure and thanks for having you on Craig it's awesome doing this with you so a bit about myself I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I run SEO here at Atlassian at least for now and I also meant for startups and the German accelerator did rather constellation than just SEO it's more about growth user acquisition retention monetization those kind of things perfect so you say Pierre you're running su for at lysine and Fornelli and you're obviously leaving there tomorrow and so obviously I'm not you are what your plans are for the future that anything you can share with us guys who are following you is there anything in the pipeline or you just really see how things pan out yeah so I've been investing for about three years and you know I like what most product projects and with most engagements at some point do you think it's a good time to go so I don't yet have an immediate next plan our next step better set I'm talking to a couple companies looking for to know something down for about March pretty open to what the industry is whether it's b2c b2b pretty flexible about the role I could also see myself brought up a little bit you know venturing not out of SEO completely but make venturing into a much more high level role and overseeing a couple of different things so that's kind of the situation for me and yours to see what's coming in the next two months so I mentioned more opportunities that I was wearing when you do change your kind of direction what you're doing so I'm sure you will and have offers in an opportunities or whatever so P QTC will he end up so you're going to be steamed and San Francisco are you gonna travel a bit so you stayed over there thanks yeah the plan is to stay here in the Bay Area man it's I just spent a little time in Europe and it is it gets really tough when you get spoiled by the Bay Area you know from it from them some of the directions not only from the tech scene here and the companies but also the weather especially when you're from Germany you know I don't think I do about that and just the living standard here the people the food all that kind of stuff so I definitely myself here debate for calm players okay again after that I've never been to San Francisco but obviously been from Scotland it's not too far from Germany so I do feel your pain but like if it's not me and you know it's just that you know I think I'm actually they've been born somewhere thus but each to their own but no it's great to hear that you you stole of the media so at least I'd love to go to and check out and I'm sure about one day but and yeah I'm a because certainly not a bad place to be and but yeah I'm sure I'm sure those there's a lot of opportunity over there you know America as far as I'm concerned there's one of the biggest places for a CEO he'll a you know take and all that kind of stuff so you key us obviously the u.s. is a much better skill and more people so yeah it'll be interesting to see how that pans out but for anyone watching today this is the first in this series but as the last SEMRush webinar of the year and obviously same rush we'll be back in the new year doing all the normal stuff definite webinars and I'll be back with a second in a series on the 10th of January with Don Anderson aim and you know those loads of other webinars lined up so you can obviously take what's have coming up in the new year with same rush but where I think we should probably get started Kevin so what I'll do is I will go first and just get people on overview of the key what magic to what it is what it does and then you can choose what you use the tool for aim and then we'll do some questions and answers so guys if you've got any questions and answer a question you want answered by Kevin out put them to them at the end of the webinar but what I'll do is I'll just start my ceiling just snowed and sure the guys the key word magic to so cities in to that we're gonna focus on is the key word magic too and so I'm just going to run through all the different functions and features that the tool does so it's nice and easy you obviously log into your same rush you scroll down to keyboard analytics open that up and you see the key what magic tool beyond so it's got a nice big search bar all the usual databases I'm in the U key so I'm gonna use the U key as an example and you stickin key what like used cars for example Church and up crops a whole bunch of key words so I'll just talk you through everything that it does here so it's got a whole bunch of keywords there the total volume obviously the average volume of monthly searches for all of those key watches 2.3 million after these difficulties the point 8 name so we'll talk about that in a moment and but that says obviously the key what Matt tulip is always beer together and it's going to show you the volume be can I change keyword difficulty average cost-per-click the competition in score set features and results in syrup so I'll talk you through what all of those mean in a moment but results in syrup and I've start with that one that's a number of URLs displayed for any given key you want that doesn't obviously determine how competitive are you updates that can be set to the 7.2 million and you know competing PG Sophia for that particular sales team and but it doesn't mean it's gonna be the most competitive sales team or whatever it's some things does but it's not always the case and but yet features is obviously the number of self features that appear and missing from results for a given keyword and so what as a CF feature that can be your feature snippets and all that kind of stuff and so that's obviously for and safe features they are the knowledge panel say length reviews and video some of these have more sales features than others and it just a rough idea of what CF features you can go for when good after that keyword competition and this is a score and it's Gavin on a scale of zero to one point zero zero with one point zero zero being the most difficult to rank for less one is 0.07 so according to that score it's not the most outrageously competitive in sales time within your pay-per-click campaigns and the average cost per click a as the can average cost per click you know whether it's a pelham 389 paints or whatever it may be and you can see that there he want difficulty as a scorer that same rush them from one to a hundred and it shows you how difficult it would be to outrank your competitors in and the organic top 20 for any particular keywords so you know you can see here 75 you found imagine as far as I'm concerned there is relatively high and you know 18 all my canned stuff is relatively it's obviously higher so there wouldn't be more difficult and those some others down here and it should be a lot less than that further down the page or follow down on to page 2 but when it comes to used cars is going to be relatively competitive it's not going to be easy to do and due to the volume we use car people and all that kind of stuff and obviously the other part of God here as the entrance of searchers over a 12-month period obviously the the graph remains the same so the king they're trained for the search and it's relatively consistent throughout the and for that sales team and volume is the average amount of monthly searches so for anyone who doesn't know that that's what all these mean but get on to the till itself obviously it's got a hundred and twelve thousand keywords and here but you can obviously felt all that stuff then and you know every is Ford cars you see oh you can click on Ford and the key what magic tool is gonna felt what everything down and just gave you the keywords that relate to Ford's cars in and you can see that the volume here is only 47,000 and it's got all we can I see matrix so you can basically scroll down this list and and you know if you've got a dealership for example all the keywords relating to dealership and crop up so obviously all keywords was there hundred twelve thousand but you can go down here and filter it down to the most relevant keywords to the best miss that you're working with and obviously BMWs and stuff like that we still get a lot of monthly searches in the UK and whether that's you know longtail keywords and that you faint father down here and your BMW faith which is a place in Scotland and only get 70cm cheese but I'm sure there's probably what your whale can after some of those sales teams as well so the key word magic to and does also have advanced photos which you can see so if you open this up you see all these advance fellas now you can include specific keywords here or you can exclude certain key ones there to further filter them the keywords Lester the to provide you f you can also use photos for the average cost-per-click this year volume and and various other things here but what is quite a cool feature is you can filter it down by CF features as well so if you want to go after you know any particular set feature there whether that's a feature snapper snapper or a knowledge panel then you can obviously use this to filter them what keywords have the knowledge panel and stuff like that via and you can go and sign in get that and for your cellphone your client of who evident as you may be working with so the felt apart here is a part that anyone I speak to be they normally doesn't really realize that was there and you know they don't click on or whatever it's quite hard it's not hard to find if you know you've been but you can open that up and so uh a lot of this kind of stuff then further and and obviously that is going to you and what you want to to do the up and but what is quite a cool feature is will and as adding this to the keyword analyzer so you can add certain keywords to the keyword analyzer usually what magic to so just see it's only these two keywords I'm going to use as an example I can add that to keyword analyzer and then I can go to keyword analyzer and what I'm going to do is just click this update matrix first and foremost on both of those keywords and I'll just have that a minute to go through and what I will do away about it's just up vietname tricks is you can send these keywords to other tools Israel so if you have you know you're going to set up your pay-per-click campaigns and with any same rush you and also saying these keywords to your pay-per-click you want to and you can also send it to the possession tracking to aim which you know obviously if you're going to track these possessions for your client so with unless – you can send it to other tools that are within same rush and that's quite a cool feature leaders will but once there's updates what it's basically going to show you as the Train keyword difficulty competition set features and click potential and the talk search engine results for a different keyword so updates those matrix I'm not going to spend too much time waiting for that up because it looks as if it's going family slowly just no but it normally does take a few minutes in to use that so you can put that data from here over to other tools using keyword analyzer this will so you know that as I see the keyword magic – its unique same rush of Norden for having great keyword research in or something I've always been known for as far as you know my personal opinion goes and they have updated their beta piece to something ridiculous like I'm not sure the exact figures so don't hold me accountable but I think it's something like named bogan he wants R&S database and on here Israel which is the biggest around I think you know those other tools out here like a través you know who have 7 billion same rush of getting name berry in here so there's a lot of data in here and it's just you know confer that and and felted and the potential keywords you're gonna use on your campaigns and and you've also got and you feature up here as well which is related so it's gonna show you related keywords into the C key what that you can list a not far aim and it will show you all the best kind of stuff here all these kind of related keywords as well and know you'll also see broad match phrase match the exact match I'm sure many of you if you do pay-per-click will be familiar with what broadly is an exact match means obviously this will give you any variation of your seed keyword in you know enemy author it doesn't matter you know if it's got used cars na which is short from Northern Ireland it could be Northern Ireland used cars or whatever it's just going to pull all of that together and give you this one bunch of you know the volume they are F it's freeze match it gives you the exact keywords that you used in but we can really the author an exact match as only the keyword that you select and so you can again use that to filter things there you know that as well because obviously if you use broad match then you're going to get a lot more keywords and you know you can see the volumes changing down here it's going to show you a lot more keywords and a lot more data that may not be you know it's just going to be more what for you to sift through to felt without the kind of stuff you don't want to use so I would normally use freeze match an exact match and it's also good to have a look at related keywords in because previously in the past what you had to do is go through your competition and check out what keywords they were ranking for but you know using this tool it does all for you so you can just click on really teeth it'll give you other keyword ideas that you may have not thought about or you know even when it comes to secondhand cars for sale and stuff like that you may have not thought about a common misspellings like cars for sale acil not I'm not sure if cars can float on water but you know people are say up to four eight fifty people you know whatever as a month in telling people sorry as aim and that could be ten car sales to someone you know a small business so you can't be admitted to common misspellings or the way people also spell second-hand cars you can be done with a the number and stuff like that as well so that does it all for you which is which is good and so I think the related key wants is play – and aim yeah so that is pretty much the key what magic – and just a generic overview and obviously I don't want to take up the whole show and and it's no time to give Kevin and the opportunity to show us guys what Kevin uses a tool for yeah man actually I could listen to you all day man you have that really cool Scottish accent I don't mind listening off but no I'll share a little bit about how I and how we use the magic tool but thanks for you know for you know introducing us and I've tried to be a bit busy on the YouTube comments so thanks everyone for your questions so that make sure my screen real quick and I'll walk you through a couple of things so Before we jump into the actual tool I wanted to bring up one or two articles from my side real quick just to visualize the flow or the workflow that I use the keyword metric school for so while ago I wrote this article a better approach of research for content marketing and in it I basically flipped the regular approach to cube research around a little bit and instead of starting with a reactive you know list of keywords that you then expand upon or search the volume for I suggest to start with actual problem and in this screenshot right here you see what's a final table with this approach could actually look like and there are a couple of important components so we also find in the SEM rough-hewn magic tool that actually used to come – to do a lot of research for this article by the way so the first one is topic you want to have a general if you basically don't want to optimize for specific queries or keywords anymore as a primary focus you much more want to look at topics and create content that cover each aspect and subtopic of this main topic and then you have these problems and again if you read the article you'll understand how to get to these problems but one of the core aspects are the questions actually obviously Google is a search and people look for questions on search engines but we oftentimes don't do a good enough job in compiling all the important questions of that are related to a topic and this is a really big big feature that I love the mesmeric you would magic tool and then of course you have inquiries and then you have serve features right you're probably aware that things like featured snippets or direct answers catch a lot of attention in the search results and if you rank it in more if you ever have ranked in a featured snippet you know how much traffic and attention that can get you but it's also interesting if you want to understand the user intends behind a certain query now I don't want to lose myself too much in this specific topic I actually want to show you how I use the tool to get to questions topics or features and queries so Craig already showed us how to use the tool so I'll not start from the from the beginning screen actually start at the point after which you've added a keyword and then run it through the search and I worked with a couple of startups and one of the startups has a great product in the text saving space and so when I use that as an example here so obviously the the text the keyword tech savings has a lot of volume but the problem space of text savings is vast I don't know if you ever actually I found taxes in Germany and in the US so I have a little bit of a broader view that most people but in no country is it very pleasant or very easy and so there are lots of different problems that people deal with also according to what's life situation they're in and we'll dive into this a little deeper just a second so first of all I added the text savings keyword I get a lot of good suggestions for keywords that are related and this is the first thing that I want to point out I actually use all three or the first three features of the keyword magic tool the brockman phrase match an exact match all the time and I rotate through them to get the broadest view possible off the keyword or query that I want to rank for so Brad brought match obviously relates to you know far laterz keywords and queries and questions to the actual keyword phrase match on the other hand makes sure to use one to use both words in the phrase or in the query but they don't have to stand right next to each other or be you know in the exact same order and then exact match are all the keywords that you know are expanding on the exact order of words and you probably know this from AdWords campaigns or from from keyword planner so it's probably no news to you but what you might have already seen is that the results vary a little bit and for me it's really helpful to just look at all the three match types and see what keywords are coming up for for the main query that I rank for and so here's how I think about this the exact matches obviously are obviously all the queries that are important to rank for the topic tech savings but under broad net I might find topics that are related to tech savings but night might need their own content or their own article right it might not they might be too broad to cover in a piece of content for tech savings and if you're familiar with content creation models like hub-and-spoke or the topic clusters then we obviously deal with a pillar piece of content for tax savings which is very broad right it's a high-level view maybe an introduction and then there are a couple of other smaller pieces of content that deal with specifics and so for the to you know to research the high-level broad piece of content I use the broad specifics I use exact match I hope that came across a little bit and obviously here at lassen we also create a lot of content this is just one of several microsites that we have on our domain and yeah this is this would be an example for a broad piece of content so it's you can find out under that's not calm slash agile and we have a whole microsite that covers specific topics of ads or like scrum Kanban product management project management retrospective and whatnot and these are what count as the more specific pieces of content the clusters whereas the piece of pillow contents or the hub the hub content is this page right here right introduction I just wanted to give you a tangible example but there is actually more than I get out of the the keyword magic tool so there are two other features that I love to use first of all Craig already hinted and you know the clustering and the categorization of the keywords here on the left side and I think this is actually really important this is not certain that's not just a visualization of you know nice to have things or I don't know inspiration you can actually use it to structure your content and so I love the I think both views are really important I prefer the volume few slightly more obviously the number of keywords you know view shows you how many keywords there are in this specific sub topic or category but I love the volume a bit more because sometimes a single keyword has a very very high volume is therefore much more attractive than others and vice versa so what I look for in this box on the left side are categories that helped me to understand the deeper search intense and situation that users have when they use you know in the space of tech savings so for example when we click when he acts when we expend on plan tech savings plan then the first thing that we see is that there are a couple of categories are really interesting like a college or a deduction or Trump that might not be obvious at first but when you expand another time you'll see that actually in the in the bigger space of tech savings people you know have questions around tech savings while being on college for example and they have a they have a couple of not hyperlocal but somewhat local searches that indicate that tech savings are obviously different per state right leave California with Maryland we've already gone so this is a great segue for me to deepen my research and find more subtopics that I want to address with my products or with my company where if you look at Trump we see that well it's not dead parent but it actually comes back to you no political changes might impact tax savings about which people have questions that become apparent by using this tool right so I really love how this is built and I you know sometimes try to structure the content accordingly right so here's everything you need to know about text saving accounts and interest you know and and fees and rates and all that kind of stuff and then I have another category Misa on my site where I talk about different tech saving plans and how they can affect you and how you can benefit them you know what they mean for your retirement and so on its own so you delve into this whole world without even having looked a single time at the search results and you find a lot of interesting topics that you can cover on your site but also a lot of suggestions for structure and I bet at least to me that a lot of these things are not apparent right because don't want to become too philosophical right but I am in a certain life situation I don't have a family I'm not married not in college anymore you know in ten years but it is hard to sometimes feel the pains and the needs of people in that specific life life situation it loves such tools that just give that just broaden my perspective to create the most relevant content possible and all that and some all they're taken together would then from drastically increase my chance to actually rank for the keyword tech savings if I haven't done so already so these are just a couple of thoughts and best practices that I love to use I love the featured sorry the serve feature integration obviously here we're in the keyword analyzer tool so like I selected a couple of the queries in this list and then I added them to the keyword analyzer and then from here I can group them and I spoke about the topics before and I could then perform another search for example with with the keyword magic tool about something tech savings related right like tech savings plans then it could also add this to my list here on the keyword and vizor and then i would end up with a list of you know very specific highly relevant keywords that I can create content for them and the last thing that I want to touch up on it that I'm done talking he's for the most part other questions so I mentioned before that questions are not only important to answer your content as a whole but also explicitly and I'm saying that because of something like this because of feature and snippets right so if you want to rank for a featured snippet you have to add to answer but first of all you have to write the question down on your page explicitly and you have to answer it within 50 to 70 words I think it's a centered right now at least for most of the featured snippets on this you have a list or a bulleted featured snippet but I just wanted to bring the awareness to questions because they can be such a big traffic driver and it's obviously really easy to find questions with the keyword magic tool lots of these are not apparent to me and lots of these can be clustered on the same page right so when for example people look for how much will the text cut save me or how much will I save for the new tax plan these are very similar questions that I could address on my page and maybe even use that phrasing a couple of times and increase my likelihood to get a featured snippet they're obviously more components to clear snippets you have to be the you know the first five results and your site might need a certain Authority but generally this is a great way to figure out the most important questions and create content for them you could even you know as that sentence drive it a bit further and you could maybe even address these questions and the email campaigns or on social media you know I think SEO here is really just a starting point into a broader conversation with your audience and making use of the information you have here so this is a little segue into or a little introduction into how I use the tool I could probably keep on talking for another hour if I spare you that but if you have any questions I'm more than happy and welcome to answer them or show you how how that works in the tool effie Kevin I get it overview of how you use it to a lot of good details via ahem so I'm sure the audience have picked up a few tips there I'm just getting some of the questions from YouTube just know so we'll go to some questions and answers DAGs if you've got questions put them in the YouTube chat will get Kevin's opinion or our answers to those questions in for the next 25 minutes or so and so the first question is from Annie Tandy so after using the drill downs and including them in our articles how can we then check how the article ranks or changes rank to see if it what yeah I'm happy to answer to any question any sorry that is actually a really good one and I want to show really quickly how that actually works so I'll just remember screen again for just a hot second and then I'll be done here but coming back to the list that I showed earlier where I exported my keywords to the keyword analyzer you can then select them and there's a little button that says sent to other tools and here you can either send them to the PPC or acquisition tracking tool and that is what I talked about earlier right first of all you can keep an eye on your organic position but you can also use this for other channels and this is what again I think is highly relevant and a bit underestimated undervalued in this tool is the transferability – PPC social email and whatnot so yep that's the the feature right there if you have any other questions please just shoot him over about this kill those questions coming through a second fast so we have another question from my florida coastal team can you explain the spreadsheet Gannett example and we say a toothbrush start with a problem how do you approach this yeah right there was an example that I said I picked specifically for the article and again if you want to I can I hope it's okay if I the link in the YouTube section but Barry can read everything in depth if you want to go back to it but the basic idea again is to start so the toothbrush example was just something to make it more tangible and simple to relate to but what I was trying to get to the article is that when you start keyword research and topic research and you start from a problem stand point of view instead of you know just trying to get as many random keywords as possible then the actually issues that people are dealing with become apparent right and in its brush space it could be is an electric toothbrush better than the manual one right or is okay to use your partner's toothbrush right there's all kinds of stuff out there but it does not always become apparent right away and that's why I love to jot down on these problems list them in front of me and then try to structure my content accordingly and I hope that answers your question another ugly answer Kevin and so the next question you mentioned feature snippets and the beam in the top five helps you get feature step is can you just give us some other recommendations as to what else aim would help you clean those positions yeah for sure and I want to say that I think AJ gergich published a great study on the SEMRush SEM rush blog about this where you find lots of great recommendations and I'm happy to look for the link and post it into the YouTube comments or YouTube chat better said but to to boil it down to what I learned from this first of all you want to be in the first 5 positions you want to have the question and the answer explicitly on your page you want to try if this is again a featured paragraph snippet if you will where we have you know concise sentences you want to try to answer that within 50 to 70 words the second rough estimate and then if when it comes down to to lists of course your form it has to be different you have to have bulleted lists whether numbered or on numbered now the the thing is that in a lot of cases you know there is a featured snippet because somebody else is already bringing in the featured snippet right so the best thing you can do in this case if you want featured snippets is to actually look what the content structure of the existing featured snippet looks like and what the core information is in a lot of cases you have something like okay now I gotta think of an example but you have a question and you have an answer that starts with a part of the question right like how do you tech savings and then the answer is you do tech savings by X and then there are a couple more sentences that Google calls and this is your chance where you can differentiate a little bit maybe you put you know the topic into you a greater perspective or maybe you jump into more details maybe you you you show what the subtopics are etcetera etcetera so that's your chance of maybe taking the feature snippet from somebody else and I hope that came across really care feet epic pants again and the next question is someone's actually asking if you learned pleasant because that looks like one of those American audience oops [Laughter] sorry so someone's asking here only two it gives a keyword def quiz score between 1 and a hundreds what figure which you can set are very competitive and also as an effect idea that you can set up it's fairly easy to rank yeah so here's how I think about this in with most of these metrics like backlink strength and and competitiveness and keyword difficulty they usually exist on a bell curve right so most of the content most of the keywords will probably have the average qo difficulty something in the middle right it's probably something between out of the 135 and 75 right so the assume that the amount of keywords with a very high Q difficulty is much lower than those with for example below 80 or so and so it of course depends on how strong your own domain is and how relevant your domain is for the specific keyword right for me this helps me to understand are there strong other sites ranking for that keyword and are there lots of results right it's this kind of a newcomer keyword that might gain a lot more search volume in the future or is it something that has been that that's evergreen for ages right so this is how I think about keyword difficulty and competitiveness in general and then again it depends on where I stand an easy an easy way to understand for yourself if the keyword difficulty is high or not or if it's attainable or not is to look at the keywords to rank for in the top three and then look what keyword difficulties they have and then you can go back and say okay this is a new keyword I wanna rank for it it has a high P word difficulty but I think I can do this it's relevant for myspace or product and then I think you can put that metric a bit easier into context than just looking at the sheer number and then saying okay eighty is manageable and twenty is definitely easy it always depends on where you're coming from perfect now I'm going to be a pain in the backside here and go back to featured snippets and Ross Kumar was asking what is the best place on our website to place these questions for featured snippets yeah that's a great question it is definitely not on an FAQ page I think so there's some that I learned personally having one single page where you collect all the questions and answers usually doesn't work and that is and I make assumptions here that is probably because an FAQ page is too broad in its topical focus so you want to have the feature you want to try to rank for featured snippets on the page that is the most relevant for it and that's you need some article it's usually not a landing page I don't think I've ever seen that but it's usually some some sort of blog articles format and on the page itself it usually doesn't matter much where you answer the question as long as it is in the main content right so obviously some scientific age I don't think anybody would ever do that right I just want to point out here main content is important and then after my experience it doesn't matter much if it's at the bottom or at the top I don't think there's a kind of above the fold bonus for featured snippets and again this is this is my experience and this is how I understand this maybe there's somebody watching and thinking hahaha is actually so wrong we do give higher bonus for about the phone feature incipits but again I don't think so I haven't made that experience so it shouldn't matter as much as addressing that question explicitly perfect hopefully that answers your question so the next question would be when you're selecting keywords for an organic campaign using the keyword magic – if you were also if you also had some budget for paid search would you just use the exact same keywords or how do you do something different yeah so I would use most of the keywords I would not I would be I would try away a little bit from hitting on keywords where I am ranking the featured snippet for because usually those attracts so much attention that they have a negative impact on the click-through rate of PPC campaigns or of of Edwards now that being said I think that there are different user intents and Google shows search results and search feed search features accordingly so if you have if in your keyword research you have a couple of middle of the funnel or transactional keywords right where you look for something like I don't know JIRA versus asana or for comparison's or by JIRA or those kind of you know keywords that have that hint at a transactional intends for those it makes a lot of sense to bid on in PPC and if those those should be part of your keyword research right so that's where I see though overlap of using those keywords also for PPC but again if it is a long tail D question that shows a featured snippet I'll probably not bid on it in PPC again you have to use a bit of common sense if your competitors are bidding heavily on that keyword then you might want to jump in but just something compare the click-through rates for your PPC campaigns on pay on keywords that show a featured snippet and those that don't so that's what ago about that perfect and compact it back to featured snippets him Raj Kumar is asking and I hate doing this typically in sport but he's asking – have you got an example of someone who has a good features snippet is or something you could maybe drop in a YouTube chat for Rostova look at yeah you mean well let's see actually let's do this life we're doing it live the issue is a little bit that Google keeps fluctuating with those featured snippet I'd have to come back to you on this one because a couple of those that I was looking for or not existed anymore all right usually I can tell you what if you catch you on Twitter or something like that I think an – and put your Twitter ID up here so Ross if you want to maybe get a van – oh we are on and it could me be kindly saying over an example at that point on Twitter or whatever I thought cool yeah no problem I mean there are a couple of others from the examples that I used earlier like there's one for how long to save tax returns which is actually good question and the IRS ranks the featured snippet here and the quick answer is three years right super apparently super straightforward apparently relatively black and white and if you have a government institution like there as ranking official snippet then I think your chances of taking that over are relatively low but just go through a couple of questions regarding your regarding the keyword that you're researching for and you'll easily find a couple of features snippets so on the example that I that I that I showed before there were a couple of questions even something like how much will I save with the new tax plan and then yeah you'll find lots of features snippets again it is mostly something that you address with content on your page much less or probably no effect from something like like struck the data schema org and even with backlinks I don't think those have a huge impact however of course you have to rank highly in the first place to be you know to be eligible for featured citizens perfect and so the next question and I'm not sure if this is actually related to featured snippets or just a general question from Alden local how many keywords do you remain recommend targeting pair page maximum and I'm not sure what that's about Suman is really too generic search and I would yeah that's how I would understand the question so my experience is that a single page can rank for thousands of keywords and once again it really depends on you know what your what your basis is in which the domain is if you're somebody like Airbnb for example with obviously a huge domain power then it is fairly easy for you to set up a single page that prints for thousands of keywords I just come to that example because I've used it in the past and I know that everyone be created a whole lot of pages for queries like things to do in San Francisco or things to do in City whatever and those rank for thousands of keywords now again if you just started a young side and it's maybe your oldest little blog or something like that you will probably be much more on the end of 10 to 20 keywords if the page ranks for 50 to 100 I think that's if an blog article ranks for that many keywords I think that's already pretty pretty good and then it of course depends on the how much search all of these keywords have how much relevant traffic comes across ADIZ so that's how I think about that Craig what would you say and I would think a vertically and what yourself you know I'm okay all if there's only so many you know you can look at definite tools and stuff like that you know and after pages that rank for 59 keywords or whatever it may be so you know it's it's one of those questions you know that isn't a specific number you can put on it you know the the you know app put articles only up and only specifically nearly went for two or three keywords but I've not really thought about the long table stuff or whatever and and yeah it's not something that I quote with a specific figured in means and you know I just see what happens it obviously I go back to articles as well and you know add to them and tweak them and stuff like that and I gain more keywords kinky man but obviously that leads me on to the next question very well actually and we are give me a second just to get up again it was a neat Andy who was seen as it recommended to use each key waters are heading in the article or keenly just be included in the copy so obviously as far as I'm concerned you know just included in the copy can something ranked you will as a matter of principle I had to use hey those buddy questions for you Kevin so I'll let you answer no I'm happy you join in on this one I very much agree with you I think it's the most important is in the copy and again Google has become really good at understanding the topical relevance of content and to meaning basically how relevant it's this specific article or landing page for a specific topic and within that topic there are several variations of the query alright so I just mentioned air B&B and the things to do in city pages so for example there as soon as Google has understood hey this is actually the most relevant and best page for people who want to know what they can do in a specific cities it will rank this page for lots of different variations of the query and for that excuse me for that is not necessary to have all these variations in different headings it definitely helps to to look at the user intent right you think about what are people are actually trying to achieve when they get to my page and and give him the best user experience possible and user experiences and often times written text and content right but it can also be a map or it can be a list or something in those regards and then it becomes not that important to have specific keywords and headings even though I generally try to do that but only when it looks that hood and only when it makes sense so it is not a prerequisite anymore yeah I think the key part is keeping it looking natural and not you know just spamming these keywords and all what all your headings but and yeah so another great question so but god I fear a few more questions we'll still get 11 minutes to go so L foregrip and is asking at what point do you identify a topic has been too broad for a single page yeah that's that's fantastic question and to me so usually before so whenever I try to for example rank in a specific topic place space like the tech savings examples that I gave earlier with this startup then I first do the whole research and then I structure that those keywords and that those curries into specific pages now it is there's always going to be one page that is a high level overview right a hot page or a pillar page and that is always gonna be the basis and then it is really about figuring out these subtopics and within sometimes there could be smaller topics as well right so we talked about tech Savings Plans again maybe there could be four there's different problems for people who retire in people who go to college and this is how I look at these things right it's I decide it is too broad for a page when I personally understands that there are too many it targets too many different user groups and too many different intense I want one page for one type of people it could be two as well right but not five different user groups and when when the user intent is clear right so when people want to learn something that's fine when they want to buy or transact something that's a different user intent so it has to be a different page so a couple of factors that are used to kind of segment the keywords that have found in the keyword research and then I decide when the topic is too broad for a page but to be fair this is something that is really hard to just do with sheer numbers you have to have a certain you have to immerse yourself a little bit in the topic space and understand it to a degree to be able to say okay this topic deserves its own page and this one can actually be clustered with another one perfect answer and so Raj Kumar is still firing away with questions so go with another one of Rosie's next and what should be the ideal content length for writing content and for service and locu service area pages as a specific number that you use yes again Craig I'm gonna answer I'm also very curious to hear what you would say for from my part I always look at the top 10 results and see how long their content is and then I try to be slightly longer and not because the keyword length or sorry the content length is actually important but it is much more likely to cover relevant subtopics when the Pete when the content is longer granted you don't have a lot of fluff in your content right if you just try to make it longer for length sake then this is not the right way to go about it but generally I look at the best performing results I looked at how long their content is and then I try to see if I can add more depth and more substance to it but there's of course not this broad number that you can give across every industry or across you know like this magic number I mean personally speaking you know you hear that girls people saying you have to do long form content it's got to be 2,000 words and you hear other people say now 500 is enough and I'm a bit like yourself when I don't actually have a specific figure and my head and what I tend to do and it's probably and I don't even know if I should tell people this but when I write a blog post what I tend to do I'll record the video for it at the start so I'll talk about what are our efforts a video tutorial I'll record there and what I do is I get it transcribed and obviously Matthews are normally like between 5 and 10 minutes long so they're always going to be probably 1,500 to 2,000 watts long and anyway but I think what you're seeing Kevin is obviously you've got more you can get more subheadings more key one send Mia and you know based on definitely you know the longer the content as so I'm a huge fan of I think that long-form content does what certain degree aim but I know people don't always want to read hordes and hordes of text so to capture both always do that vital thing and that's that we had do it so certainly I don't have a figure if I don't hit the 2000 mark or whatever it may be I don't care as long as I've covered off the points that I'm trying to get across and whether that said she told you one key what magic to on anything else then if it's only 750 words so B if I've said everything I need to see I'm not too worried about it so that would be my input from that and but Ross has one other question we it says they are doing well compared to the competitors in terms of backlinks traffic citations but they're so not ranking at the top what should they do is there any suggestions it's very very big question but and lets you hear cut to see on that that is a very broad question but let me try to give you a couple of helpful tips here so one thing that I spent more time doing in the last 12 months maybe is when I don't rank well for a keyword is to really look at competitors but not only in terms of content and backlinks but also in terms of user experience and internal linking so user experience I look at how are their pages designed and layout it is it something like the font size something very simple right anything could contribute to making it as comfortable and easy for people to consume the content right sometimes it's girls like that sometimes the design of a side is very outdated and just looks a bit spammy and that is enough reason for people not to click on it or not to return or to click to bounce right off and then interlinking I think has you know become a really strong lever it always has been but it is one of the few levers that we can still control to a hundred percent and a lot of people underestimate that so if you have a larger site then the largely site the more important certainly can becomes and the more I would you know set up a crawl you can even do that with SEM rush recurring crawls look at the technical errors but also look at how interlinked the page is that you want to rank for a specific keyword and then see you know if maybe you can add an internal link from a very you know a page that gets lots of backlinks to that specific page and see if that maybe move the needle I made lots of good experiences with internal linking so these two users visits from linking are what I can what I want to give you this advice they advise you know I think a lot of people aren't building places just backlinks and stuff but what I would also add to that on top of having seamless things like click-through D as a ranking factor and if that cares for not the top to get multiplexing your nor and if you similar backlinks and all that kind of stuff that can be the part they obviously keeps them up there this way all but obviously you can get massively quite Wenzhou of good ninten winking and all these are looking are things and again say speed your st. may be slower than meals that you've got to feint you and everything and and be these guys but certainly as long as you're at the other theater boats thing you know it's just those faint weeks so that would be you know it's not always a folk backlinks or citations or traffic to your website that are underlying issues and st. Peter Lang can factor collected your needs a ranking factor and Tim a wink in all of these kind of good things are go some way to helping you maybe get that step above your competition and another question to get another question or two n two minutes left the BlackBerry Center the basically asking well you do an example what the keywords do you diagnosis and I'm not sure an example of keymod magic tell her we'll come back to that one okay just Anton's put that in the chat if you can tell us what you mean by an example is it key what magical example or what do you want is to do what jewel diagnosis we'll come back to that one and so we have my Florida coastal team they're asking weather is so important at this point do you have any thoughts or suggestions on leveraging patio yes I well broadly speaking I think video is insanely important I certainly made a huge push for video here in lassen and we're definitely ramping up our efforts I think it is to relate back to the topic of this webinar I think it is really important because some questions can be very well addressed with the video and it could be a webinar like this like how do you you know how to use the keyword magic tool right or how do you find future snippet opportunities or whatever then this webinar would be great answer to that and then sometimes just showing people hands-on is easier than right then writing something down right say one I don't know fix or sink or something then a 30 second video is much much easier and first of all easier to understand faster to consume and and a better result than riding a thousand page article so that's my sense of video sorry families wasn't working near him but I know that's that's another good answer Kevin and that probably is the final question and we didn't actually get the feedback back from the BlackBerry centered on the jewel diagnosis but if you want to maybe ship me up or Kevin up or whatever hopefully we can answer that for you but um thanks again everyone for watching thanks to everyone who put your questions and thank you Kevin for in being my first guest and so it was a pleasure to talk to you and thank you for everyone watching same ratio the yearly enemy and hopefully you'll have a great Christmas and all the best for 2019 from a sale of semrush I'm sure Kevin as well and we will see you next year thank you so much

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