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what's up everybody are you out there are you ready it's time to get up get motivated and get inspired that's right it's time to get up get motivated and get inspired welcome to the show and I'm glad you guys are here to see something so wonderful something so just positive and just love feel that's all I want to give up that's all I'm gonna be doing the best of my capabilities let's give our nothing but inspiration motivation and the positivity baby that's what's up that's what's gonna win that's what's gonna win trust me okay so happy Father's Day off dear to all the fathers I kind of want y'all to pay a little closer attention you know it's your day and also I want to kind of see if I can tell you this this message is a little bit towards all but it's for everybody everybody needs motivation but since this Father's Day I want to kind of touch on the fathers I did have a Father's Day to y'all that before to be on one with myself one day check so little brief intro so you're probably wondering who I am well I go by mr. motivator and we get back to I came to where I'm at and what I want to do a little later but uh no different than y'all know just like something maybe even worse maybe please 100 self we get back to talk a little later now it touches on self-love okay so you see our self love can tie into belief and they can put on this Oh song and dance self-love belief self love belief next on go hand-in-hand one in front of the other one after the UH and they just didn't bring each other together I'm gonna show you got starts okay so you start self-love I understand how important this is self-love I want you to know I want to touch on this is a very intricate and important or your core belief system not rational your core belief system now that's what's inside your whore but I'm changing it because the core and that's it's you so a core belief system you're believing in you system I want you to wake in it because when you believe in yourself guess what you're believing in yourself exactly so now you can start to feel things changing you can start to walk with a little more pep in your step you can start to move confidently and that's a big key because you don't really love yourself that you're not really too confident you get what I'm saying if you're down on yourself all the time how are you confident that you can do anything okay so when I always get together come on self-love I believe and you just bring them together where they're gonna be the best of friends because all I don't want to do is compliment each other so the latest gonna sit there ya know I really think you can do it you know I really do someone's you're going out to him do it man you no no no self-love so now it's up to you stop that you hey do I really love myself enough to trust the belief I have in myself to get out there and do it do that's a big question a lot of people don't do myself rhetorical my sounds simple but yet that seems like some of the hardest thing people have to do out there love thyself believe in yourself some people love other people and family more than they love thyself to where they letting other people walk all over and just have no blatant just we go no regards for them you just all disregard they just you don't mean anything to them but yet still you love that person when you love yourself because when you're allowing them to treat you like you're nothing when you are something God created says you're something you're great you gotta dig deep you gotta believe that you gotta want it you gotta get up get out do whatever it is whatever dreams you chasing that's what I want you to do guess when you bring self love it's like a loving yourself and loving yourself and loving yourself so now you feeling good okay I love myself I'm okay I'm alright person I'm a good person I might not be the best nobody's perfect but you're you're you're a good person you believe do you believe and you need to because you can bring that together self love and belief and it's going igniting you it's gonna spark something into you flaming you depth once it is released you gonna set the world on fire you and it's hard to blade you probably take a little old me well think about how all the people that you you tribute to being world-class athletes your most sought after entertainers but they had to believe in yourself even if it's just somebody believing in them first huh yeah somebody else can believe in you more than you you don't even see it so you take out of it and now so and this is gonna bring out so much because now you but now is goals dreams accomplishment these are things you put in funny and now with this new self-love is reinforced because you probably already do you love yourself how about the belief okay see now so now with the belief you got all the way up now you believe in yourself now you have to trust yourself that's today huh okay a lot of people say that they say yeah I trust you trust you to do this but then you got somebody come they looking over your shoulder to make sure you did it right mm-hmm I mean you know everybody want the job doing right but you said you trust it to do it so with that trust you should have just walked away so that's what I want you to do trust yourself and get out your own way not yeah that's right get out your own way so Trust is new self loved this new believed in person trust that they have your best interests at heart because now all it takes is to competence to put that first foot forward to get towards whatever dream or dreams you were chasing and I don't matter how minut they might seem to me or anybody else what matters is how big they are to you and how much they gonna inspire you to get up and get out there and do something so self love it's important people start loving yourself because I was can you love anybody else and not to me that's the goal one

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