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hello friends welcome to tfc media planet leaf according to our histories and holy books our hindu dharma has higher priority when compared to other but the famous and holy Shakti Peetha mostly represents our hindu dharma and also they are responsible for our hindu dharma development and also help every hindu to follow their prayers Shakti Peetha are symbol of god and represent holy spirit in devotes these holy places are formed by the body parts of Goddess Parvati Devi but it is surprising there is Lord Shiva and Parvati’s Boisterousness in this Shakti Peetha
formation by this video i am giving the information about the Shakti Peetha formation and how many number of Shakti Peetha
are there and also the importance of Hindu dharma with Shakti Peetha and also where are those are there and also the importance of Hindu dharma with Shakti Peetha in the story we have discussed that the post Embodiment of paravti is sati her body parts formed as Shakti Peetha the three daughters born from Lord Brahma right fingers are wives to daksha they have 50 daughters in those daughter paravti
Embodiment sati loved Lord Shiva and wanted to marry him but her father abused Lord Shiva badly and didn’t her and he even don’t want her daughter to have a good opinion on him and didn’t agree to marry him but sati devi Contempt his father and married Lord Shiva so Daksha stopped having any contact with Sati and Shiva later she attended a Yagam in Daksha home along with Shiva but Daksha abused both of them and sati felt so insulted for her husband shame she can’t tolerate the shame and in among of all the people she jumped into fire with insult lord Shiva became so anger at that situation and along with the sati’s bead body he stopped the Yagnam performed by Daksha all the goddess go am pray Lord Vishnu because that Yagam is started for the welfare of the people and then Vishnu turned the dead body into pieces so those parts fell on different places and turned as Shakti Peetha’s these Shakti Peetha’s turned into holy places for devotess especially to Tantra saints in every Shakti Peetha Parvathi is worshiped as Dakṣayaṇi and Shiva is worshiped as bhiraya this is fact story about the Shakti Peetha’s so say there are 108 ,51,52 but only 18 Shakti Peetha are known as asta dasa Shakti Peetha’s and worshiped mostly by the devotes and offered great prayers if u go through these asta dasa no.1 santari mandir this located at east srilanka at trinkona if u see through the history in ancient days it is said rouge rakshasa try to harras parvati so she attacked him he asked for a boon to stay in his kingdom so she turned as santari and became a idol in srilanka but later ravana troubled sita so paravti left the srilanka this sanatari temple is the first and most powerful temple in all Shakti Peetha no. 2 is Kanchi Kamakshi in kanchi puram the goddess is prayed as kamakshi kanchi Kamakshi is in the lift of ashta-desa-Shakti Peetha,s in kanchi the navel of the parvati turned into Shakti Peetha according to the history it is said that lord shiva married kamakshi for her devotion towards him this temple is in tamilnadu at kanchepuram near to madras no.3 srunkala devi temple it is located in west bengal this goddess is said as the goddess who fulfill all the desires of devotess in 3rd ages it is said a saint married a king,s daughter and developed those Shakti Peetha,s in different forms no.4 chamundeswari in hindu goddess this goddess is said as god of anger she is one of the 81 army of durga devi and also a powerful goddess her name is formed by the two rouges chanda and manda who were killed by her she is resembled as kalika devi and also paravti devi she is mostly worshiped by the indians in middile regions in vindhya mountains it is situated in karanatka and worshiped by puja’s no.5 jogulamba it is situated near thungabadra river and resembles like varanasi idol and is also named as north kaasi it is situated in telangana in jogulamba district no.6 bramarambika temple in this Shakti Peetha goddess is worshiped along with god mallikarjuna this temple is located in srisailam at andhra pradesh this is of the Shakti Peetha mingled along with jothirlingam no.7 maha lakshmi Shakti Peetha it is located in maharastra at pulhapur this is made from one of the precious stone and in every year the races of the sun fall on the foot of the god idol and attract the devotes and make them happy no.8 yeka verika in this Shakti Peetha goddess is worshiped as renuka mata this temple is located in maharastra we can also worship this goddess by the holy place shirdi if we go through all these asta-desa Shakti Peetha’s there are some other ujayini mahankali in Madhyapradesh, purhitika in andhra pradesh, girija in orrisa state, draksharamam in andhrapradesh are some of the famous Shakti Peetha along with these Shakti Peetha from 18 km from gowhati there is a kamarupa Shakti Peetha is famous and held some celebrations in every year prayaga madhaveswari Shakti Peetha in alhabad, vishnawi Shakti Peetha in himachal pradesh, gaya mangal gowri Shakti Peetha in assam varanasi vishalakshi, saraswathi Shakti Peetha in jammu -kashmir along with all Shakti Peetha beacme a holy places to devotes so friends this is the information i am giving you about the asta desa Shakti Peetha to know more interesting facts please subscribe to our channel planet leaf

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