Search Engine Optimization Tips: How to Do Organic Keyword Research for Google (a Beginner's Guide)

Posted By on May 6, 2019

before you can get traffic from Google you need a first figure out what keywords should you try to get traffic from if you don't know the right keywords then you don't know what to ring for or what to buy ads for and if you get irrelevant traffic you're not going to get any sales and you're just going to be wasting your time and money today I'm going to teach you how to do keyword research in less than 60 seconds it's really simple the first step go to SEM rush com type in your main competitor then scroll down you'll see top paid keywords when you see that that's a list of all the keywords that they're paying money for if someone is continually paying money for a keyword it means that it's driving them traffic and more importantly sales that's how you should determine what keywords to target now don't just depend on one competitor go into SEM rush and type in your top three main competitors if you don't have direct competitors typing your top three indirect competitors see what main keywords that they're paying a dollar score and what's driving them their traffic and those are the keywords you should be going after if you notice that your top three competitors are going after the same key term it'll tell you that those are the terms you should be targeting because if one two and three people are bidding on the same terms that means they all can't be buffoons that term must be making them money

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  1. As I saw in your other videos, I tried UberSuggest… And loved this… It's awesome… And most of all, it is free

  2. Hi Neil, it seems like the top paid keyword is not working for me. It only shows top Organic keywords for my top competitors.

  3. I want to start listicles blog and write about different things. How can I target the keywords which will actually allow me to get traffic? I want to build a blog similar to and

    Any suggestions will be really useful. SEM rush is a great tool but it's not free so I can't really see these websites targeted keywords.

    Thanks in advance and looking for your sincere reply.

  4. I run a Hollywood celebrity blog. What's the best way to find keywords for my upcoming content? Can you provide any link to a specific guide? Or this method will work for celebrity blog too? SEM rush and ahrefs are paid, any free method? If nothing beats them both then I'll pay for them. But if there's an alternative or link to a better guide, please tell.


  5. Just discovered this marketer. Excellent videos. Apparently SEM Rush is better for competition intelligence and Ahrefs better for backlinking initiatives. I would like to know how SimilarWeb fits in all this.
    Do you have a course, as well?

  6. Sir any other alternative to Google Trends for Free Research?
    I've seen the SERPS Tool but doesn't work well in India.

    I'm a student and can't afford anything over the Hosting and Domain Registration Costs for now, and am using

  7. Neil, you're the man who shares SEO techniques like a Charm! Well, Neil keep up going like a rocket ba…bye…


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