Sam Harris: Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace

Posted By on May 23, 2019

for a TV the world is thinking I want to talk about Islam for a moment because I think we are wise to be concerned about it as you know I'm concerned about religion in general but I think we're wise to differentiate specific religious beliefs and we are I think quite encumbered by political correctness and just frank confusion on this front one problem is that we have this one word religion which names this truly diverse spectrum of fascinations and ideological commitments and religion is is a nearly useless term it's a term like sports now there are sports like badminton and there are sports like like Thai boxing ok and they have almost nothing in common apart from breathing there are sports that are just synonymous with the risk of physical injury or even death I mean there's sports that are just synonymous with violence now if you get injured playing badminton you're just embarrassed we're we're facing a problem at this moment though there is there is I'm happy to say a religion of peace in this world but it's not Islam okay to call Islam a religion of peace as we hear ceaselessly reiterated is completely delusional now Jainism actually is a religion of peace if Jainism is a that the core principle of Jainism is non-violence Gandhi God has non-violence from the James the crazier you get as a Jain the less we have to worry about you it is this is Jain extremists are actually they are they are paralyzed by their pacifism Jain extremists just they can't take their eyes off the ground when they walk lest they step on an ant they filter every sip of water through cheesecloth lest they swallow and their thereby kill a bug I mean needless to say they're they're vegetarian so the problem to notice the problem is not religious extremism okay because extremism is not a problem if your core beliefs are truly nonviolent the problem isn't fundamentalism which we often hear this said these are euphemisms I mean the only problem with Islamic fundamentalism are the fundamentals of Islam now we have mullah omar and Osama bin Laden and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed these guys agree about the nature of reality and how to live within it and the problem is they are giving a very plausible version of the faith these Osama bin Laden is not the Reverend Jim Jones of the Muslim world it would be wonderful if he were but the problem is he is giving an a truly straightforward version of Islam and you really have to be an acrobat to figure out how he's distorting the faith now if he were if these guys were James or Buddhists or Amish or Quakers it would be it would be patently obvious how they were distorting their religion I mean in fact their behavior would be unintelligible okay it is not obvious by the light of Islam and that this is just a fact we have to speak honestly about and no one should be speaking more honestly about this and more volubly about this than moderate muslims moderate muslims have to find some way to grapple with this fact but but to say that Osama bin Laden is David Koresh is just a lie and and it's it's it's a dangerous lie at this point

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  1. First of all the religions that worship the same "God of Abraham" in order of creation and use of the Old Testament are…

    Sikh – 7000 years ago (the guys with the turbans CREATED and were the first to use the Old Testament)

    Judaism – 5000 years ago – The Torah is the Old Testament

    Acropic Christians (Ethiopia) – 4600 years ago – Our oldest Churches carved from stone

    Christians – 2300 years ago

    Islam – 1900 years ago – Quran books are the Tawra (Torah or the Law aka Old Testament) revealed to (Moses), the Zabur (Psalms) revealed to (David), the Injil (the Gospel) revealed to Isa (Jesus) The 9th century Vatican removed the Jesus text from the bible.

    Christians Muslims & Jews ALL believe in the return of Jesus Christ

    Christians Muslims & Jews ALL worship the same God of Abraham

    Please stop letting fake Christians program you with their satanic distortions

  2. I have been told more than once that the burqa is a symbol for the respect Islam has for women. That raping the infidel woman is God's instruction… #endislam

  3. ISLAM IS NOT A RACE. Islam is a belief system that revolves around violence, rape, and the slaughter of the infidel. That's you. End Islam.

  4. All u atheists r so salty and are just denying the fact that Islam is the right religion. This man talks about a couple bad Muslim people acting like we follow them or some shit. No we are against people like osama bin Ladin and terrorist groups like isis. Just like Christian people that shoot schools up, rape, murder, etc. there are also fucked up people that don’t follow the religion of Islam but claim they are Muslim. It is all a test from God and you guys are all failing it. All of you need to know what Islam really is and learn the true definition. You guys are listening to a dumb fuckin atheist. The definition of an atheist is a stubborn person who has never experienced true love for this life and doesn’t believe in God. I advise some of you to go speak to a Muslim person and you will really get to know how peaceful and correct Islam is. Some of you will get it but a lot of you will deny this it.

  5. these people are not even Muslims. they never follow the 5 pillars of Islam. I'm Muslim and Osama bin Laden is from Israel. they kill people in Arab countries like Syria, Palestine, and Egypt.these counties are Muslims and are peaceful.

  6. It is a shame to see that when you search up Islam these videos show up. Please do not bother replying, just read what it is that I have to say.

    It is likely that a majority of you have not read the Quran or else you would have known this is all False. In Islam we are taught to respect other religions and people in general. All of these “terrorists” are just avoiding the name of Allah and it truly sickens me. Yes, Islam has some bad people, but doesn’t all religions? We should be focusing on the good pats of religion rather than highlighting the negatives. Please look up even a small translation of part of the Quran and see for yourselves that we are a religion of peace not hatred ❤️

  7. Just stop promoting this Islam as a religion by their hosts and saviour the Infidels, , they will soon come out with a new version of Quran devoid of violence.

  8. Christians praying, for their victims , eyes closed , the Arabian death cult( Islam) doing recee . how did they get the funding? By the oil wealth created by the Christians and non Muslims which they misuse for promoting despicable Jihadism and primitive morality.

  9. Guys see for yourself the abomination of the horrible facts about the Islam atrocities Media is hiding from us.

  10. Not only God is uncreated but souls and matter are also uncreated. These 3 basic elements or entities, of the universe viz God, souls and matter, are beginningless and eternal. We souls are not created by God. We were simply there, just like the other 2 entities. God creates the universe from matter, out of love, in order for souls to have a medium to experience the impermanence of matter, and ultimately seek and realise or merge in him. We souls, therefore have a choice between God (spiritual wealth) and matter (materialism). We can only feel his existence from within us. He is within the core or nucleus of each and every soul or consciousness, waiting to be awakened from within, to realise him. God, therefore lovingly guides every soul towards him through evolution of the soul over many, many lifetimes. No one, no tiny puny being can 'own' or 'defend' the universal infinite super-consciousness present everywhere and who is within everyone. Love all, Serve all because God is within everyone. Why fight? Why bomb? Why kill?


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