Saitama vs GOD! A Threat Stronger Than Saitama in One Punch Man by A Fan [Part 2]

okay guys so hopefully you guys watched our last video on one punch man worst God yes guys you're doing part two to this now and which animated yeah right so we're doing part two now let's see what's going on this is fan-made credit to those that have translated this from the ready I think I think is ready one punch man so basically left or right here and sake ma just walked away please get in here Santa my think is coated so did oh shit the guns just when you saitama's power for the first time oh are you guys alright I accidentally used too much strength juice now I'm fine oh shit oh he's going oh he's got a slammin it can't be even after such a blow it's still alive ah sensei such a powerful knife um but even black holes can all kill a god alright cuz they said he travels near a black hole yeah go to other planet yeah oh look at that he's gonna he's going for another wave oh my what is exploding oh my god cuz I told you I told you how learning would explode if this beside this item was alive huh guess I was lucky I didn't go all the way to the core I'm gonna have to buy another costume or truth Crystal Cave temperature at Pt poor thousand degrees my my this is Kenan he's already put site numbers I got clear now don't go to a man he's a god he just you know what you basically have to cool the earth and you should be melted by now but you know almost like the cool he says I didn't go to Hue diet nephew but we don't know we don't know we might you might just be able to live that should I get a little more serious serious right now oh shit no reaction shots oh my god so god is increased to size even more the size of a city but even four dimensional beings cannot defeat me along the multiverse there are gods of high even higher dimension with powers you cannot even begin to comprehend so he's saying he's a son handling of another god yeah look for him you must be made dot oh don't you a new Alex a mountain man is I see 1 1 0 1 so he's acting like scientific evidences introduced I like this is actually you knows about this am you know universe in scientific attempts oh look so beautiful that's all oh wow so he's displaying how minuscule the planet Earth isn't nice like them as nothing did I do duck so it's right like over here yeah for him you are may exhaust and then he zooms out and just keep zooming out what this god is just beyond he's actually God's probably lack of two months in existing in the shadows holy shit don't work follow the describe the destruction of three-dimensional creatures is quite simple oh because he's full five my dimension of him some one method is to decompose all organic matter did this integration into one dimensional matter as commanded by the God's judgment Judgment Day is coming masu black being the Luke Santa you know the time is whoa you just blows nuclear blast I could just talk to the sky this is uh yes so he's bringing a nuclear bomb dimensional pals from to have to eat I think you broke the space-time continuum with this yeah everyone's perky for Vicki's in a since when they should have felt all that was beautiful the earthquake or something I why this isn't correct in thinking about side some all right now yeah because people ship Saitama with Vicki or I'm tatsumaki how can I get to join the British girl she's still thinking about her in a nothing honey nothing it's this hey hey where are you and it's also mock you won't talk like that to your sisters yes I'm getting a strange feeling oh she looks kinda chill today so Buki sure we like to make me worried looking for is going to be tedious I may as well take a walk uh what's happening well this sink is now psycho was the last super so without belay that we leave on punch man he be she said all the simple to make three-dimensional matter into one dimensional so what he did he I do some next magic trick Air Command on the moon in the sky and then every match is probably certain incidents what is happening oh shit and she's turning to dust – oh this Susan starboard sponsorship for Starbucks guys yeah yeah we want some cup from that it's decide for tonight some fans I'm just going on a date oh my god does it blast is across among unknown cliff ha ha ha ha are you going to take this oh that's right blast that's meant to be blast oh my god and this there's enough there's enough sake there's not enough sake yeah everyone's turning to dust this king oh this is so much cool man yeah is so the oldest class heroes are dying he's taking all their lives in a psycho monster so yeah ha ha I need to stop this guy as soon as possible catgut don't just stand there waiting to die you still have that stone right can that stop him tell me quickly right now how could I forget something so important if the users don't send him to the cosmic abyss it may be able to kill him it just may be able to obstruct him the rest is up to you oh my god what's wrong man yeah no because now he's found his purpose you say he won he might be a hero she was happening here is you know what you doing Oh free that stunner him oh my god nice is it oh my god you just threw that masa riders this car means nothing to the come yes item was gonna come no he's gonna distract him to the Catwoman can use the stones – all right this is just a destruction how was the he knows he can't be in this guy Oh finder he food also you sploded the oldest choreography sick he's exploded the rocks nice using the rocks to get to it yeah this is sick I like that good have fun daughter comes out yeah and that's that shot ascending gods their fists no I think he's a seer he's sinners he's ascended and all mine he made an apron i sending goods there cuz i got the cord yeah yeah yeah he pacifically made this one for him his family's fabulous fine yeah look at that million punches of one go it's not no no it's not gonna do nothing to discuss no effect yes we can hear you transform is it the same or something I can't move neither God the God needs telekinesis right oh my god oh yeah it's got energy beam through the block no I didn't punch her home he was referring earlier time oh wait you did punch I was happy once more oh my gosh yeah he's preparing that I gonna night flying I need to focus on my breathing with both willpower and strength I should be able to break free that's one of those technique oh shit oh no could it get could it get away in time for all we did no no could I just barely – it's so amazing this is not real I know we keep saying that because itself get a carton of eggs benedict with cosmic it's like that literal one punch man longer oh my god it's back here are that acrobatics daughter keeps trying man he's still trying I like orange orange time stop oh yeah you're done you're done come on finish what you need you against that this time you won't be able to run and that cycle are gonna come now you reckon yeah he has to save him Oh what don't tell me all about say there's no black oh my god earthquake I'm feeling a bunch of tremors I'll think about her when I get to the surface look at this what is going on there Frank oh okay he still saitama's meditating like his Superman in the core of the earth and is your the magma where is he mad he's it no harm if judge and jump up all my voice where justice jumping bugs and jump all the way back to the surface of the yeah and fighting that will save God on this expense kidding language Oh goddess of my dark form I survived Wow oh my god II shot guys but it's all blood spot it's a ripped in the eyes Christ will turn out for the chorus strong blood is pouring endlessly from your wounds have you grown weary of my level came afterwards this time for games is over the time for games is over oh my god looks like a beast again night no good or not that person is far stronger than you listen up before I fight him again I will not fool so he's saying sighs oh my god excited we can beat this guy oh you're right you're right so that she can with its tongue so she wants to send him back to another dimension as we look at the planets gone man I take this shit he's doing some next movement using that I told you the bum ya bum who's training a bum oh my god this is so fucking so uh I know I kept seeing it I'm saying the same shit but it's like this is why everyone for standing by ascending gods they of this is doing again oh shit is that girl just weakened him we put about fuck their dimensions down inside of it yeah laughing oh what the dimension sighted do not man damn insects oh I meant nothing to me but look what you took him what in some blonko oh my god oh no wait I think Jenna knows in the fourth dimension the pulse the powerful still was nullified on all things what's got so P my reckoning what they gonna do they know did you really think that I'm oh my god the power over time this too is in the domain of the gods time and space is merely a construct space is simply the distance between two particles and through the change in position we have time that's true the universe can be said to be be e so minerals can be said to be the atomic motion of my words accent interacting with each other dude this one would never do this how you make it more simple yeah hey one is like you try to break the pot the quadruple sign to me make him more you know understand this is a single point in space the lowest possible dimension on this guy's six teaching of science one dimensional space lent adding a point to the side of this point and connecting it we're in straight line makes 2d neither as a length so that's a one-dimensional that's two-dimensional man this dimension we have length and 2d space if such a Co so it's if such a creature existed it would have it would be flat like a playing card they cannot fully perceive their existence of PD creatures all right yeah obviously so because we weaken ten to five fourth dimension of people to be Weaver this is beyond our comprehension that's not some people doing Spurs in gyms and stuff like that they are in a different dimension 9:40 and they can see us because like you can see Trudy they can see freely that the third dimension is where we live in in this dimension we can proceed things in 2d and first dimension however we cannot proceed those of more dimension I'm saying being of lesser dimensions cannot perceive those who have dimensions however those from a higher dimension can see the dimension this what yeah fourth dimension space is simple if only one timeline exist for example Saitama started off a bit of a child and grew up into the ad room where he greens incredible power so yeah I can see that crow that's pretty cool okay wait second so what what is he saying he's saying all of this the dog to the god right he's expending what you got the lesser beings we've got golf 3d and his entity that you're learning why he's evil yeah no we were just trying to guide the mere nothing's nothing that's really I need to spend a couple of time right yeah so if the 2d Saitama appears on a plane of white paper I'm going from point A to B the quickest way is to travel from A to B in a straight line however with the help of 3d creatures the paper can be rolled up and a means B this is one also explained with science fiction you guys are basically is explained in two television blows and stuff like that this is a good illustration it's a beautiful month the fifth sixth and seventh higher dimensions time and space become increasingly complicated beings of higher dimension communicate those of lower dimensions here make sense it doesn't make sense Oh this woman this so-called young to knit you shall die always go to the strong consumed the weak you know you will die by my hand bitch she's dead wrong she then this is the fate of the universe Catwoman confront ya must be must move look at that he did some math about to save up oh there's some love story right in order for the weak to become strong they must experience loss that's what knowledge is says we do iya ya with pain people understand each other a new pain you know you reason what possible reason could you possibly have caused excite destruction why goddess why life is such as yourselves are lesser beings then life such as yourselves a lot less of being the ones such as I in order for the evolution to occur life must try we are reached we are simply inducing evolution in upon the universe by removing lesser life-forms well that's what people believe that aliens came to earth yeah why would he can't communicate with humans like us because they advanced to a level where they can do interstellar dimensional travel I've never be a humans are trash don't mean look at them these guys fight over FPS I'll tell you why that's BS here honestly even though someone left the new and we come at a enslave us no but the strangers Louis people and that's not me it's understanding beyond they would have something Sheila yeah yeah it all is the other a being which has greater I'm you know greater level of thinking they were no thing about mcslade meanness off like that they could then beyond that now they know they knew like you said they don't mention they know they can you know that I think so very improperly enslave us for our resources no I'm thinking if they're so great you dick making resources are your children the final battle the fate that earth is where don't tell me it's over dudu turn no way look again at that dot that's here that's home that's us on it everyone you love everyone you know everyone you ever heard of every human being who ever was lived out their lives the aggregate of our joy and suffering thousands of confident religions ideologies and economic doctrines even every hunter and forager every hero and coward every creator and destroyer of civilization every King and peasant every young couple in love every mother and child inventor and Explorer every teacher of Mara disappeared I know that mañana ran away every girl politician every superstar every Supreme Leader every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam called saga oh my god 128 kilo meters below the surface so Saitama coming up coming up Wow never takes time you use the right amount of force to break the cross it will take a bit longer to get back to the surface so it's gotta then adieu God is gonna die now there has been too long since I last felt such excitement do not worry I will Oh Saitama genus has to someone God is a good way ecology Stein he's going on another course the planet is exploded garage is telling us shit did I block it it would anybody detective he blew his arms off his dad huh blast loser he gave his body back to him I was having a flashback xanga fastball causing a ruckus isn't a good reason to kill someone it's possible girl made a attack oh so this is the past am I about to die who is this a dream all that just now was it just a dream also he's thinking about Saitama all the people that affected his life Saitama bombed all these people is this another of God's power thinking back I've done some weird stuff say self-reflecting event event on such immediately download usually the coroner's report stop it don't hurt mr. oh that's the kid died again in season TV a book a book of hero's cuz he treats the kid surprisingly really well it's not really duck not really this is basically it wants to be he support the marks for the one the reason why he wants to support a monster because it was all the time Tomas was losing in the shows he was a man and always defeated he reserved the heroes Olivia it's not fair mr. saved my life he's a hero the quiet guy I don't want you to die don't cry the big sister big strong about the world is cool no one's going to help us to save you that's what mom said I mean sorry blossom tea tossing okay got it so what is that he said yeah when he was a in the past I remember a number length remember Z for support me Wow you know the kid I'm feeling Celestin mister you my is tisha Sosa my god guys don't worry I'll protect you if there is enough oh good is that the God God on Gino Sade oh that's a good ending so how would you mean is ready I think the boys not read and he's just like I you know visual the girls feeling and speaking of the boy and he realized exactly Oh Saitama final final item was back to the surface no tricks and nothing oh my god he has to take a seriously now yesterday serious yes a new serious a great job series consecutive punches series everything hostile plants explicitly chapter father this is some litt shit right here I actually I like this man I want I prefer to the original because I want to discredit original but this is evening they could possibly end like this anyway guys let us know if there's like if the next chapter comes out let us know so we can you know keep following off of it and if you have anything you want us to react to or do let us know your comments or DM us and we'll see you guys next time