(Sahaja Yoga) 1980-0926 Advice on Prayer (Subtitles)

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Now, the best way would be to pray. Prayer is very great thing for
sahaja yogis. Pray with your heart. First of all, you must ask for strength
from Mother. “Give me strength so that I be genuine,
I won’t deceive myself.” You are deceiving yourselves,
morning till evening. “Give me strength that I face myself and say it with my heart that I try
to improve myself.” Because these are defects which are
not your own, they are outside. If they fall off, you’ll feel all right,
you’ll be perfect. Now, then you should ask for
forgiveness, pray for forgiveness. There should be prayer, said that,
“Forgive me because I have been ignorant, I did not know what to do, I have done
mistakes – so You please forgive me.” That is the first thing one has to ask,
is the forgiveness. Then second thing you ask for is,
“Give me a sweet tongue. A method by which I become
communicative with others, others respect me, they like me,
they like my presence. Give me strength. Give me love,
give me that beauty of culture, beauty of understanding that everybody
loves me, wants me.” Ask for that. In the prayer you ask that, “Oh Lord,
give me the sense of security of my Spirit, so that I do not feel insecure, by which
I trouble others, or get angry. Give me sense of my own dignity,
so that I do not feel that I am belittled or somebody
has littled me.” If you are at a higher position
nobody can belittle you. It’s only you belittled by your
foolishness and doubtfulness. Ask for strength that, “Give me
my witness-state, give me satisfaction.” Ask from
Me satisfaction. “Let me feel my satisfaction from
what I have. Whatever I have, whatever I eat,
everything, take out my attention away from
all these things.” You know that your attention
is in the stomach, and those who are very much
interested in food will get liver, in any case,
whatever you may try. “In anything like this, wherever
my attention is going, please give me strength to pull it
back. Chittanirodh. Teach me how to avoid things
that tempt me, that take away my attention, take away my thoughts. Give me
witness-state by which I see the whole drama. Let me never spite others
and criticize others. Let me see my mistakes,
not others. Let me see why people are not
happy with me. Give me strength to have a very
sweet tongue and a sweet nature so that others like my company,
they enjoy my company. Let me be like a flower and not
like a thorn.” You have to pray. All these prayers
are going to help you. Then ask for the greatest prayer
which reduces wrath that, “Please keep me away from ego that gives me ideas that I’m superior
to others, I’m better than others, or in any way it takes away
my meekness and my humility. Give me natural humility by which I can
penetrate into the hearts of people.” Just you have to bend your head
and you go up to your heart. You have to bend your head. Just to bend your head and there is
your heart where resides the Spirit. Be with it. If you are any way
hurting your ego, or you are hurting somebody’s ego –
it’s just the same. You’ll behave in the same manner,
in the same egoistical manner. So try to understand that these things
have to go away. The best is to pray and ask for help. Prayer is a very big thing, but with
your heart pray that, “God give us strength and that growth that we can please our Mother
sometimes. We want to please our Mother,
we want to see Her happy.” The only thing that will really give
Me happiness is that the way I love you, you love
each other.

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