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Assalamu Alaikum! Walaikum Assalam! How was your school today? It was good uncle,
how was your work? It was fine Abu. So have you finished
your homework? Yes uncle. I had finished that
as soon as I reached home Very good Abu So are you ready for the story then? I am Uncle, which story are
you going to tell me today? Inshallah, I will tell you the story of Hazrat
Ammar Ibn Yasir (Rali Allahu Anhu) today. Are you ready? Yes uncle, I am Bismillahirrahmanirrahim The Story of Hazrat Ammar Ibn
Yasir (Rali Allahu Anhu) Hazrat Ammar Ibn Yasir (Rali Allahu Anhu )
was one of the Muhajirun in the history of Islam. Muhajiruns were the first set of
people who got converted into Islam. Ammar ibn Yasir(Rali Allahu Anhu) is considered to be one of the
most loyal and beloved companions of Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam ). He was one of the most reputed
and respected companion. He was the first Muslim to build a mosque
in his own house to worship Allah(Subhanahu wa taala). Ammar Ibn Yasir(Rali Allahu Anhu)
belonged to Banu Makhzum tribe in Arabia. He was born in the same year as the Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) was born. His father’s name was Yasir. He had lost one of his
brothers when he was young. He accompanied his father,
along with his two brothers, when they went searching
for his lost brother. They travelled to
Mecca to find him. After they finished searching for their
lost brother in Mecca, his brothers returned to their homeland. But Yasir chose to stay back in Mecca. Yasir had no house to live in Mecca, so he entered into a covenant with a
rich man named Abu Hudhayfah Yasir agreed to marry his
slave-girl, Sumayyah bint Khayyat. Yasir and Sumayyah lived
happily, and they had two sons. Ammar Ibn Yasir (Rali Allahu Anhu)
was their second son. But He was considered to be the slave of Abu
Hudhayfah as per the custom prevailing in Arabia. Ammar(Rali Allahu Anhu) and his parents
were among the first to convert to Islam. Ammar (Rali Allahu Anhu ) converted to Islam under the direct
influence of Abu Bakr (Rali Allahu Anhu) who was the father in law of Prophet
Muhammad(Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) The situation in Mecca was not favorable
for the Prophet’s followers during those times. The people in Mecca belonged to either of
the two classes- The rich or the poor. The rich persecuted the poor and
subjected them to harsh treatments. The poor people mostly
worked as slaves. They had nothing, not
even their freedom. The rich people controlled the
weak and made them suffer a lot. No one was there to support
the weak and the poor. The most prominent leaders of Mecca
were from the Qurayshi tribe. Qurayshi leaders were traders
and they were very rich. Ammar (Rali Allahu Anhu) and his parents
were the slaves to their master Abu Huzaifa, who was a companion of the Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) After the death of Abu Huzaifa, a rich man named Abu Jahl took
Ammar and his family as his slaves. Abu Jahl later became one of
Islam’s most brutal enemies. When Yasir got converted to Islam, the news
soon reached Abu Jahl, his new master. He was very angry at his servant. He led a group of men from the Quraishi
tribe and went to Yasir’s house. They threw flaming torches on Yasir’s
house and burnt down his house! Yasir and his family were sleeping
when this happened, and when fire caught up, they got up. They saw the that their house
was in flames, and ran out for saving their lives! They were shocked to see the furious
Quraishi men waiting for them outside. The Qurayshis caught them and took
them to a desert outside Mecca. They tortured them without
showing any mercy! Some of the men were laughing while
the family cried out in pain. In spite of all the tortures they were
not ready to give up their new faith. When Abu Jahl found that Yasir and family were not
ready to give up on their love towards prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) he started torturing
them more brutally. He ordered rocks to be put on their chests. They were not able to breathe properly. But, still they kept their
faith close to their heart. It was noon. Abu Jahal and his men left Yasir’s
family in the desert, under the scorching sun. He came back to Mecca. When it was evening, Abu Jahal and his men came back. Abu Jahal was leading the group. There was a long
spear in his hand. He began torturing
them with the spear. He found extreme
happiness in doing so. Due to the severe torture with the spear
Ammar, Yasir and Sumayyah went unconscious The men then showered them
with water to wake them up. When they got up again from
unconsciousness, Abu Jahal started shouting at them. He shouted at Sumayyah and asked her to praise the pagan Gods and
curse their beloved Prophet. Sumayyah was a brave lady. She closed her ears when she
heard what Abu Jahl said. She spat on his face with anger. In extreme anger Abu Jahal raised
his spear high and stabbed her! Sumayyah died that day. Sumayyah ( Rali Allahu Anha) mother of Ammar(Rali Allahu Anhu) became the first martyr in the
history of Islam. Abu Jahl started torturing Ammar (Rali Allahu
Anhu)’s father Yasir and killed him also. He too refused to move away from his faith and loyalty towards his beloved
Prophet (Sallallahu alihi wasallam). Ammar (Rali allahu Anhu) saw what
happened to his parents and he wept. He was really helpless. Abu Jahl started shouting at
Ammar (Rali Allahu Anhu) and threatened him that if he did not
praise the pagan God he will be tortured and killed. Ammar could not endure
that cruel torture. So he reluctantly agreed
to praise the pagan god. After Ammar (Rali Allahu Anhu) started
praising the pagan god, Abu Jahal unchained him and
allowed him to escape. He started his journey to meet the Prophet
Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) He loved the Prophet very much t that he knew Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) will help him to get back to his life. Oh, Allah, I feel really sad
after listening this story. How much he had suffered. He suffered a lot, but that was a life changing
incident in his life. I will tell you some more detailed story of
Ammar(Rali Allahu Anhu) after the lunch. You will come to know why he
is an inspiration to many. Okay, mmm, common let
us have some lunch. Sure uncle.

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  1. Is that where the Shia got taqiya from? This story? What did Muhammad pbuh say about hazrat praising the pagan idols?
    I know that for the most part taqiya is wrong and could be a sin

  2. I am very grateful to Allah SWT gave me tools enough to built a small masjid inside my house in Brazil. I didn't know about this fact into Hazrat AMMAR ibn Yasir (RA). I became really emotional. Thanks a lot! May the Creator protect us all from evil and misguidance.


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