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Welcome, bienvenidos, this is Roxana for Metamorphosis
Rox, we don’t make videos you want to watch, we make videos you need to watch if you want
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if you are one of my regulars, thank you so much for coming back. It has been a while since we tried our hand
at another roxspiracy so let’s jump right in. Tre9 and Teonna Lee are Christians. She sings, he is her mentor, and her dad. Teonna looks familiar? Maybe if I show you another picture, you might
recognize her. Yes, Teonna is known as the member of the
TeaSquad called Earf Muva. You see Teonna had a great idea for a video,
where she could have explored the bias in the drama community. She could have talked about all of us, not
just the people she chose, and the fans, also she could have included Spill, Here for the
Tea, Karina Kabboom, Sanders Kennedy and all the big channels. She could have made a comparison about how
just like tv shows and networks like CNN, Fox, TNC, Entertainment Tonight, E Network
and ESPN have their biases in favor of some people and against others. She could have given us tips on how to navigate
the waters when we watch these channels and how, in the end, we should make sure that
we don’t let any one channel dictate our opinions or perceptions of any one person. Instead, Miss Muva decided to say that these
people should not be trusted and instead of providing evidence, proceeded to spend 19
minutes talking about people’s looks, racism, colorism, age and past as if any of that had
any bearing on whether or not they can do the job. In a historical moment where some youtubers
want to delete drama channels entirely, she decided to gaslight an entire group of people,
while also chastising their viewers because they had the gall to like Nick Snider and
her friend Marcos, who are polar opposites in every possible way. Side note, this is exactly what you should
do if you want to have a complete picture of any situation, watch channels that disagree
on their perceptions of the topic. And why is this a conspiracy theory you may
ask? Because I have often said on this channel,
some people love scandals for views and this girl is no exception. You see, miss Muva, is the daughter, as I
mentioned before, of Bobby “Tre9” Herring, a Christian rapper and producer from the Houston
Texas area. He is also the founder of Eyes on Me Incorporated,
which runs programs to help at risk youth….at risk youth, isn’t that an irony. Why, you may ask, do I think that is an irony? Because one of the things that miss Muva decided
to focus on was the fact that Nick Snider was a model and now was a drama channel as
if that was a bad thing. She later decided to make jabs at his past,
a past that he has spoken about candidly and included drug use. He was a young kid modeling and got addicted. He was exactly the kind of kid that Bobby
Herring claims he wants to help. Is that before or after you and your daughter
judge these young kids for the hardships they have been through life? So going back to the conspiracy theory. When Petty Paige was sent evidence that Earf
Muva and Teonna Lee were the same person, the accusations flew that Paige was doxxing
Teonna. Now, I’m working on a video where I explain
what doxxing really is and the impact it has on the people that have been doxxed. All I will say here is that Paige did not
dox anyone, as Teonna herself clearly stated on her Twitter account today. So of course, as soon as I noticed that this
career as a singer just started, I went looking at her father’s company and guess what I
discovered? That Tre9 just released a new production at
the end of August. So, do we think this is a publicity stunt
to shine a light on her career and promote his record? I don’t know. As you are about to hear, this man of God,
whose daughter just created a 19 minute video full of hate and judgment, was more than happy
to get any publicity because, any publicity is good publicity. Let’s watch. “I grace all videos that charge me to be
part of the illuminati, or anything else that is said about me, you know why? Because, my reputation and my work speaks
for itself. (Periodt) So do whatever you want to do (Periodt)
good publicity (laughter) is bad, this is how you say it, if (what) is all publicity
is good publicity (is good publicity periodt). “ Now, let me start by saying that I was born
and raised in religion. I know there are good christians and bad christians. I will also say that a lot of people claim
to be christians because that is the niche they find themselves in and they have the
gift of convincing people to release their hard earned dollars in favor of any ministry. I don’t know Tre9 or Teonna Lee, and to
paraphrase her and her now infamous video “I don;t know you, all I can go by is what
you post on social media” And to quote her directly, God don’t like
ugly. People who will do anything for views and
sales are not exactly beautiful on the inside. As far as the statements she made on her video,
keep thinking that because you are black, you are not as racist as the people you complain
about. Keep thinking that people are too old to do
something, because you are in your 20s at the moment. Some day you will be Tre9s age, or mine, and
realize that we are still pretty young. Keep talking about how Ali should speak to
you when she is as pretty as you. Don’t think for a second I did not see your
ignorant comment about Paige not understanding what racism is like in America because you
seem to think there was no slavery in Europe. Sad but true that some people, when they are
trying to make the case for their race often forget that their experience is unique to
them and has absolutely nothing to do with the experiences of other people not only in
their own country but in other countries as well. Before you and your friends decide to pat
yourselves on the back claiming to be educated black women, you might want to show how educated
you really are and actually listen to the experiences of all other people of color everywhere
in the world. You might actually discover that what you
know is very little and what you are actually doing is discrediting other people’s experiences
because they decided not to react the way you do. So this is probably the part of the video
where you are thinking, but Rox, by making this video, you are playing right into their
hands and giving them free publicity. My answer to you is this:
I had to speak up on this particular conspiracy because I don’t care what your religious
beliefs are, just like with youtubers, you have a right to see the truth of how people
behave and then make your own decisions. Now, do we think this whole thing was a publicity
stunt? Did she have a good idea that went south because
she could not control her disdain for people that are doing well in the community? Is she jealous of the content creators she
criticized? Let me know in the comments section below
and as always, don’t forget to click the bell when you subscribe so that you are notified
when I release a new video. Bye.

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  1. Well said, Rox. I watched Paige's video and was so angered at how this lil troll wannabe made her feel. I hadn't seen her video at that point but did come across it today and am simply astounded (once again) by what some people will do for views, and not caring how they present themselves or that the majority of the feedback they are getting is negative…but relishing in it, apparently. 🤯 I will never understand that.

  2. She sounded insanely jealous to me…and I wish I wouldn’t have wasted that 20 minutes on her😑I can’t resist using the word asshatery for her.

  3. I’m backing out of the video after the “educated black woman,” comment, there’s a reason why most girls and women of color state it. Due to how we are racially typecast as ghetto trash with x amount of children and baby daddies. The fact that in some schools we make up 5 % of the graduating class. When I’ve been spit on and told to go back to my mud hut – I really don’t think you understand the nuances here. I understand you’re displeased with this young lady btw how old is she?

  4. Very interesting conspiracy! To be honest, I won’t put it past them. It could very well be a publicity stunt cos they seemed so happy about the views and that comment about any publicity being good publicity had my eyebrows raised for sure.

  5. Always great video but it definitely sounds like she is after fame or money. That's so messed up because of people like her nobody wants to give anymore to church's. They think they are ALL a scam and it's sad.


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